Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hertz speaks to its Hoboken Corner Cars customers

A number of readers have noted this communication from Hertz on the Hoboken Corner Cars program:

Dear Corner Cars Member,
You may have heard about the recent deliberations at the Hoboken City Council meeting on the status of the Corner Cars program provided by Connect by Hertz.  We want to reassure you that the Corner Cars program is alive and well and there has been no impact to Connect's service.  Connect is working with the Department of Transportation to educate Council members on the program's benefits and we are urging council members to support an ordinance establishing designated Corner Cars locations throughout the City. 

Hoboken's Corner Cars program has been a success, with approximately 1,000 members after only 6 months.  Corner Cars is taking cars off Hoboken's streets with its "Surrender Your Permit" program which provides a package of incentives, valued at more than $500, to residents who give up their parking permit.  To date, more than 45 residents have given up their parking permit and are living a "car-free" lifestyle!  

If you're interested in learning more, or to voice your opinion, we suggest you write your Council person (http://www.hobokennj.org/council/).  As always, we welcome your feedback, questions, and comments; please feel free to contact the Connect by Hertz Member Care Center at 877-654-4400, the City Department of Parking and Transportation at 201-653-1919, or your local Connect representative, Michael Reid at 203-738-9540. 

We sincerely appreciate your membership and hope we can provide you with many more hours of happy driving.

The Connect by Hertz Team
White Connect By Hertz
Connect Car Alone

NJ Transit takes Hoboken, part deux

Tonight the short noticed meeting right on the back of the holiday season sees the next stage of the NJ Transit vs. Hoboken saga with a meeting tonight in the Hoboken Terminal's waiting room.

17 or 26 stories, what's the difference?  NJ Transit doesn't say what's next, not yet.  Does this building look like a centerpiece or a subsidiary to more and larger towers?

The last meeting produced a big community turnout and a singular voice of concern from the community.  NJ Transit officials made a game show of it waiting until  the end before revealing the prize: a building in the twenty plus story range with little detail or how it fits into their plan for development in the larger area of its transit yard.

Tonight at 7:00, Hoboken gets sprung on part deux.  It should be interesting as they attempt to chip away at big development resistance in town.

We've all seen this act before.

Photo: courtesy the Hoboken Journal