Thursday, December 16, 2010

BREAKING: Mayor Zimmer vetoes elimination of $25 user fee

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer applies her first veto from roman brice on Vimeo.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer today issued her first veto in a press conference at the Multi-Center earlier this afternoon. The veto reinstates the existing $25 usage fee for children's activities run by the City of Hoboken. Wednesday night the City Council voted 5-3 to eliminate the fee it had supported unanimously 8-0 earlier this year.

Talking Ed Note: Anyone who had doubts about the seriousness of Mayor Zimmer's true fiscal responsibility need not look any further. She's defined what it means to be a budget hawk. Others who apply the label to themselves with no supporting evidence are mere pretenders.

The mayor emphasized concern about following the law regarding the Corner Cars ordinance voted down for the third consecutive time on first reading by the Council of No Four plus Councilman Nino Giacchi.

In addition, the mayor expressed disappointment in the friendly amendment proposed by Councilman Ravi Bhalla on making any future changes in the Council leadership. Councilman Ravi Bhalla noted his disappointment the friendly amendment was voted down without explanation.

Both Council members Carol Marsh and Ravi Bhalla resigned their positions as President and Vice President respectively.  It's clear it's a form of protest the friendly amendment dismissed reveals a most undemocratic and less than friendly mentality of the new 'majority' is not appreciated.

The video is complete and unedited. It is available for use by legitimate video outlets with credit to MSV.

There is the sound of a horse about 2:15 into the video.  For those concerned, I can assure you it wasn't this horsey.

Let's all go to the hop (but not in the cold)


The City of Hoboken is providing residents with another free and convenient option to track the location of the Hop and senior shuttle. Residents can now call 201-293-8958 from their phone, and the current location of the buses will be automatically announced to them.

The Hop buses and senior shuttle are equipped with GPS technology, and in addition to the new phone-based system, residents can track their location in real-time on the Hop website, or by texting "bus redhop", "bus bluehop", or "bus greenhop" to 41411 from their cell phone. 

"I’m very glad that the text message service we provide receives nearly 60,000 requests for shuttle bus locations every month, but I hope this new option is also useful to residents who aren't as comfortable with or don't have access to newer technology," said MayorDawn Zimmer. "As part of our efforts to tackle transportation and parking challenges, we're trying to make alternative transportation options more convenient and easier to use for everyone."

This new service is being provided free of charge to the City of Hoboken by ParkingMapper, a Hoboken-based company founded by several recent graduates from Stevens Institute of Technology. ParkingMapper currently runs the tracking system on The Hop, where residents can locate the buses on the City’s website, through text messages, and now by phone.

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Finale on responsibility on behalf of the taxpayer

Last night Hoboken got a glimpse on what is to come with the new 'majority,' - the five members who have assumed control with the installation of Tim Occhipinti on the City Council.

Fiscal responsibility was the first victim on the paltry recreation fee.  The public was told by the Council of No Four (Russo, Mason, Castellano, Occhipinti) plus Nino Giacchi there is really no need for a $25 fee for recreation, they said the taxpayers should pick up the whole tab.

Councilman Nino Giacchi - resolute for the Council of No increasing the taxpayer burden
Not so when it comes to State of NJ law re: parking ordinance for the Corner Cars program
Families who can't afford the $25 usage fee for each activity are covered by the existing policy of the Zimmer Administration ensuring that children's parents who truly can't afford it are able to have their kids participate.

MSV made a spontaneous trip to the mic to first correct an error the revenue cost to the city was in the range of $20,000.  Several speakers made the point it was only $20,000 and it was necessary to clear up the mistake as written here earlier.

The true cost to the Hoboken taxpayer to allow every kid in Hoboken free recreation is $32,000.

Those fees are actually helpful to Director Leo Pellegrini to expand and run the program.  He made an impassioned and fact based argument to retain the reasonable cost to parents who can most afford to do so.

The Council of No Four rejected facts and common sense entirely.  Councilman Nino Giacchi weighed in with the giveaway, one that out of town children will also burden the taxpayers of Hoboken.

In the end, it's going to cost taxpayers more than $32,000.

Also of note, the Corner Cars parking ordinance as required by NJ law was for the THIRD TIME in a row, voted down by the Council of No Four along with Councilman Nino Giacchi.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla gave rousing comments pointing out the flagrant hypocrisy of the continued inconsistency and violation of state law with the latest rejection of Corner Cars.  (Video to come.)

Law, who needs to obey the law.  It's more fun to be reckless with legal jeopardy to the City, especially when you are playing politics.

The residents of Corner Cars need to take note and spread the word.  This is what happens when you let people pay up to six-hundred 'campaign workers' in the fourth ward election and buy a swing seat.

If the will of the people isn't respected, don't count on that showing in the City Council now.  As far as they are concerned, they bought a majority and the public, especially the taxpayers be damned.

More to come.

Related: Hoboken Patch is first up with a story on the Council of No Four rejection of fiscal responsibility with a nominal recreation fee:

If you wonder why there's no public comments highlighted in the story, wonder not.  Other than some Mason411 operatives, the public didn't show up to argue on behalf of repealing the nominal cost of recreation in Hoboken.

Katie Colaneri weighed in for the Jersey Journal:

(Comments here are now open.  Sorry for the delay.)

Throwing down in the cage for a good cause

Charity Wrestling Match

Saturday, December 18, 2010 5:00pm - 11:00pm

Hoboken High School will host an evening of wrestling wherein professional wrestlers from East Coast Professional Wrestling will conduct a charity wrestling match to be held at Hoboken High School on the evening of Saturday, December 18, 2010 from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.   Proceeds from the event, after costs are covered, will be donated to Hoboken High School. 

Tickets ($20 ringside, $15 general admission) are available at Hoboken High School's Main Office, as well as the School Store.  In addition, tickets may be purchased at Mr. Wrap's (8th and Garden, Hoboken) Luca Brasi's Deli (1st and Park, Hoboken) and online at (973-402-9599).
Highlights include: 

Cage match: Tony Fiore VS Dan Mandini
Tito Santana VS La Parka USA with Donnie Diamond
ECPW Heavyweight Championship Match: Champion Jeff Coleman VS Brolly
ECPW Tag Team Championship Match: Champions Red Hot Russ & The Jersey Devil VS Little Tony Moose & Marquez
ECPW Television Championship Match: Champion C. K. Kross VS Crazy Ivan
ECPW Light-Heavyweight Championship 3-Way: Champion Merengue Warrior VS Timothy Plazma VS Nick Napoleon
Gino Caruso VS Tony Meyers
Rob Vegas VS Mike Donovan
Andrew Anderson VS The Dark Shadow
Plus a 20-Man Battle Royal!