Saturday, December 31, 2011

Room 84 fundraiser event raises over $5,000 for Hoboken 1st and Jackson fire victims

The fundraiser at Room 84 Friday night for the fire victims at 1st and Jackson proved a rousing success raising over $5,000.  All told the effort has raised about $6,000,  a fine effort considering the event was sandwiched between Christmas and New Year's.

The fundraiser held for the four Hoboken women was a big success last night seen here with Room 84 club owner Joe Branco (c), Rory Chadwick (l) and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

Rory Chadwick, the local business owner who spearheaded the effort said, "It was a real 'feel good' night.  We were able to give the women all the money last night too and they each have another $1000 coming from an anonymous donor whose check is coming."

Chadwick emphasized the community spirit adding, "Hoboken is indeed a magical place filled with so many great souls.  It's the little things like this where we all come together to help others in need that make the mile square city such an awesome place."

The four women arrived at the event with about 100 people in attendance and were extremely gracious expressing their strong appreciation for the community support.  Hoboken Housing Authority Director Carmelo Garcia has been working on finding local places for the women and announced the search for new residences was successful so they will be staying in Hoboken.

A MSV reader submitted this photo of the devastating fire at 1st and Jackson Street.  The community continues to pull together to aid the four Hoboken women who lost everything in the fire.

Talking Ed Note: Not only have people and local businesses come together to reach out and help but local media came together and pitched in as well.  Alan Skontra of Hoboken Patch was a volunteer along with reporter Stephanie Musat and Hobokenite radio producer Lauren Raye who works for the Elvis Duran show on Z100.

MSV is looking to do more to aid these women and kick off 2012 and will work with local business owner Rory Chadwick who spearheaded the effort on behalf of the four Hoboken residents.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hoboken Fire Victims event at Room 84 set for Friday night

Room 84 is anticipating a large turnout for the charity event scheduled from 6-9 tomorrow night with dozens of items set for auction and raffle including an autographed photo of Derek Jeter, a signed puck by NJ Devils Martin Brodeur with tickets to the NY Knicks and NJ Devils too.

Room 84 is anticipating a full house for Friday's event to aid the Hoboken women who lost everything in the fire at 1st and Jackson St.

Food is being donated by The Turtle Club, Balbo's Pizza, Giovanni's and La Bella Torte Dessert Truck.

Come on out between 6:00 and 9:00 and show your community support for the victims of the fire at 1st and Jackson.

Hoboken Batman is attending and will be posing for photos and signing autographs for the cause too.

The silent auction should kick off around 8:30 with raffle prizes going throughout the event.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Trampling the Old Guard's corruption

For the corrupt Old Guard and yes we're aware that's an oxymoron of hyperbolic proportion since they don't like to think of themselves as corrupt but merely entitled to the spoils (and quarters) of the political system, the slumber is almost over in public terms as Los Federales will be making Hoboken their special domain in 2012.

The warm up phase is about complete and Patrick Ricciardi's opening act and his colossal mistake in thinking he could funnel the entire confidential contents of the mayor's office to "the Hub" among others is about to pay dividends and untold riches - just not what they had in mind.

As self-delusion runs deep within the Old Guard and their political operatives, it's going to come as quite a shock to see their world turned upside down, much as the trampling horses bearing down on these guys in this scene from "Warhorse."

For others, getting over the shock will be vastly less difficult.  The discussions with their lawyers and "negotiations" with the US Attorneys Office in Newark coincide with keeping up appearances that all is well as they attempt to retain the reins of power and point the finger at others in the hopes their status quo won't change.

Don't bet on it.  The Feds are in charge and are not your Hudson County friends who turn a blind eye to your criminality and attend your self-congratulatory celebrations where you trade awards with each other on Columbus Day as Man or Woman of the Year.  This even as you collectively worked to literally bankrupt Hoboken and see the hospital closed in the most craven act in memory since the arson of the 70s and 80s.

Your time is nigh.

2012 is on tap as Hoboken Year of the Feds

Talking Ed Note: As this war horse went to print, the latest Hoboken revelation from Grafix Avenger's deep throat has returned from a long hiatus since the Feds struck City Hall last spring heaping heavy insights on the Old Guard being put on ice.  

Uvula notes:

Cant comment to much at all about who may or may not get indicted.  Too many folks talking over each other and about each other and no one trusts anyone too much these days. Folks are starting to look after themselves first. You haven’t seen the Russo Civic Association reopen anywhere have you? 

Read the whole article:

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas...

to you and yours!

from Da Horsey

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Mayor Dawn Zimmer on John Corea: 'I demoted him and cut his salary'

In an interview early Friday afternoon, Mayor Dawn Zimmer spoke at length about her coming into City Hall as mayor in the summer of 2009 and inheriting the Director of Parking John Corea who pled guilty last Friday to taking $600,000 in Hoboken parking meter quarters.

Mayor Zimmer discussed the process she undertook as Acting Mayor regarding that troubled department.  "When I came on board, one of my first actions was to move John Corea to another department and to lower his salary."

A story on Hoboken Now confirms the mayor's account noting John Corea was offered a job in the Department of Environment Services with a big reduction in salary: from $114,265 to $50,000.  Corea was not happy with the new mayor's action.  He's quoted at the time saying, "It's not fair...I don't believe I should be punished."

Although he wanted to work things out with the new Acting Mayor, it didn't turn out that way.  While Mayor Zimmer admitted there were conversation with Corea, it didn't stop her from taking action.  "His salary was lowered within legal guidelines according to civil service."

That directly led to Corea's departure as an employee of Hoboken.  "The end result was he chose to resign," the mayor stated.

Focusing on her policy to not sit on situations where the lawbreaking is in question, the mayor said, "If you have any evidence you turn it over to law enforcement and let them do its work," adding, "The authorities acted on that evidence."

For Corea's role in the massive looting of the Hoboken parking meters, the NJ Attorney General's office has recommended a sentence of eight years with no less than serving three before any consideration of parole.

John Corea is scheduled for sentencing in February.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer in her City Hall office

Talking Ed Note: Has anyone else noticed that Corea's replacement Ian Sacs has been treated like a criminal by Councilman Michael Russo since taking over from Corea, but the real criminal was given support in what can only be described as a coverup by the Russo clan?

While Council members Michael Russo and Terry Castellano tried to cover up the revelation they stumbled upon, both tried to stop its progress with the City Council probing the matter and saying "it's been cleared up."

It will be cleared up in February at Corea's sentencing.

MSV's comparative calculations which are not scientific show well over $900,000 disappeared from the Hoboken Parking Utility but as Eric Kurta says, "It was a cash business.  It may never be clear how much money was taken."

Mayor Zimmer: on corruption, Hoboken fire fundraiser, and more

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces:

Share This: 
Dear Friends,
We’ve made some great strides for our City, and seen our community come together to support one another. 
I write to share some news and wish all of you and your families a very happy holiday season!
Right: National Guard helps us during Hurricane Irene.
  Happy holidays & thank you to our troops at home and abroad!
Addressing Corruption:
Former director John Corea pled guilty to stealing $600,000 in quarters from our Parking Utility. This case demonstrates that the process for holding people accountable for their actions really can work.  
As soon as I became acting mayor I moved Mr. Corea to another Dept., and lowered his salary.  As a result, he immediately resigned.  I also provided the authorities with access to the Parking Utility records and the results of an external audit. I urge all of you to watch the video below so that you understand why this matter, which was discovered in 2007, was not addressed until I became Acting Mayor in 2009.  

The short excerpted video shows Councilman Russo and Councilwoman Castellano first questioning the missing money at one meeting, and then at the next meeting coordinating with John Corea, the man responsible for the theft, to explain that the matter had been a “mistake” that had been “cleared up” warranting no further investigation.
Fundraiser for fire victims
on First Street/update:
Four young women were displaced and lost everything as a a result of the recent fire.  Our community has come together to support them with a fundraiser December 30th at Room 84. I especially want to thank Rory Chadwick of Midtown Authentic for taking the initiative to organize this event, and Joe Branco for hosting it.

My office is still trying to help find an apartment through the Housing Authority and other sources for two of the young women.
Please email if you have suggestions. The 97 Jackson street property owner has been advised that he needs to demolish the remaining structure and clean up and fence in his property immediately. If he fails to do so the City will take thenecessary steps to ensure that this is taken care of.

Donations can be made through a paypal account with Jake Stuiver (I have known him for years, and thank him for taking the initiative to help others in our community).
Capital investment bond passes!
Thank you to Councilpersons Bhalla, Castellano, Cunningham, Giattino, Marsh, and Mello for passing a  bond for desperately needed repairs to our Police and Fire stations, technology upgrades, and equipment.
I want to particularly thank Councilwoman Castellano forchanging her mind and providing the necessary 6th vote, after repeatedly opposing the bond  in the past.  This is the 4th time I have asked the Council for this over the last year. 
Bonding for capital expenses such as these is the only fair and responsible way to finance projects that will provide benefits to Hoboken’s residents not just this year but for years to come. 

The rusted equipment shown in the pictures linked to below was placed
in front of City Hall Wed. night to
provide the Council and public with
the chance to understand firsthand
the extent to which our infrastructure has been permitted to decay and why these improvements are so critical
to maintaining and improving our quality of life.
On a personal note, I am glad to report that my dad is home from a major surgery, so we are looking forward to heading to New Hampshire (not Vermont!)  to celebrate the holidays with them. 
Arch Liston will be the go to guy while I am away.
The skier in me wants snow, as long as the storm misses Hoboken!
Please try and stop by the fundraiser, Friday, Dec. 30. 
Wishing you all the best in the New Year! 


City: Park & Shop till you drop

City of Hoboken announces:

City Hall/Parking Utility Holiday Closure & Parking Enforcement Information

City Hall will be closed on December 23 & 26.

The Parking Utility is closed through December 26. Street sweeping and permit parking rules will not be enforced during that time, but will resume on December 27.

Parking meters will not be enforced through January 2, 2012.

Special Guest Interview

Like most, MSV is winding down for the holidays but there's one special interview this week that's been delayed due to time constraints but it should be wrapped up this morning with a feature to follow.

Check back shortly as we round the corner into 2012.  Does that sound funny to you too?
Here we are well into the second decade of the 21st century but we're still discussing corruption like it's 1952.

Talking Ed Note:  Before most head off on holiday travels, MSV would like to wish the FBI - the Boys of Summer and their families the most Merry Christmas and best through the holidays along with their devoted colleagues in the US Attorneys Office and of course our fine Attorney General Paula Dow and her team.

Thank you kindly for your service to our city, state and Republic.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

City: How to aid Hoboken fire victims; notice to owner to demolish building at Jackson and 1st Street

City of Hoboken announces:

Opportunities For Residents To Assist Recent Fire Victims

On December 17, a fire at a building the corner of Jackson Street and 1st Street displaced five female residents.

Local businesses and residents have organized a benefit event to help raise money and collect needed items for the displaced residents. Residents or local businesses who want to contribute prizes towards the silent auction can contact Rory Chadwick at 201-589-9832 For event details, visit:

There are also several drop off locations where residents can leave clothing (sizes 0 to 10), shoes (sizes 7 to 9.5), sundries, electronics, and other items:

·         The Wicked Wolf, 120 Sinatra Drive
·         Hudson Family Chiropractic, 51 Newark St Suite #203
·         H-Mag - 80 River St Penthouse North
·         Midtown Authentic - 728 Washington St Basement
·         The Clinton Social – 700 Clinton St
·         The Madison Bar & Grill – 1316 Washington St

The owner of the building at corner of Jackson Street and 1st Street has been noticed that they must demolish the building. If the owner does not comply, the City will pursue all options to protect the public safety and quality of life interests of the community.

Quarters Lunchtime Special: How much money really was looted?

Discussion revolving around the looting of the Hoboken Parking Utility often quotes different figures as the players all had their take.  The figures on the mob connected south Jersey arcade firm are different than former Director John Corea's end.

The general consensus is that it was into seven figures, about $1.1 million.  But here's a chart you can see the strange dips in revenue over a three year period.  One commenter noted towns are able to forecast meter revenue so closely it can be sold as a reliable security.  In Hoboken, that wasn't the case under John Corea.  How he was able to slip under the net for so long is in itself a subject worth further investigation.

MSV understands law enforcement is not done doing so.

The resistance on the City Council to probing it further was mainly a battle between Councilman Peter Cunningham and Councilman Michael Russo.  Cunningham's famous quote, "there's money going out the back door" was countered by Russo repeatedly saying the council had no authority to look into the matter.  What was he hiding?

Here's a chart on the meter revenue, courtesy of the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta:

This chart illustrates the looting going on month by month in the Hoboken Parking Utility under John Corea. Note that November and December 2007 were months where repayments were made after the discovery was made and an agreement to pay back part of the missing funds.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reversal of fortune: $3 million bond ordinance for police, fire and environmental services finally passes

The City Council reversed its earlier rejections of bonding for police, fire infrastructure along with replacing aged environmental services equipment in passing a $3 million bond request in a 6-1 vote.

Outside City Hall Environmental Services equipment stood with signs such as this one noting its ancient origin.  Councilwoman Castellano complained bitterly that an unnamed person stood before the council saying the group was being excluded from deserved support in previous bond ordinance votes.  She along with Mason, Occhipinti, and Russo voted down a similar bond effort twice in recent months although they indicated they would vote yes separately for the police department.

Two earlier requests were rejected with environmental services being singled out for rejection in the legislation presented comprehensively by the Administration for improvement to police and fire facilities and antiquated environmental services equipment.  Council members Tim Occhipinti and Beth Mason were absent and previously voted down the bond along with Terry Castellano and Michael Russo although Occhipinti would arrive later after the vote passed.

Councilwoman Castellano changed her earlier no votes providing the required sixth vote needed for the bond's passage.

Sponsor Councilman Peter Cunningham noted, "It's a phenomenal time to bond with the low rates."

Council President Ravi Bhalla called a five minute break for members to inspect the environmental services equipment but Council members Russo and Castellano remained on the dais throughout.  Instead they stayed huddling with Michele "Five bucks a tow" Russo and Police Chief Falco.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano confers with Ed Drishti, the senior police officers union rep and Michele Russo while Police Chief Anthony Falco speaks with Councilman Michael Russo during the five minute break called to view the aged Environmental Services equipment.

Talking Ed Note: A senior institutional source outside City Hall expressed optimism on the vote earlier.  Their optimism proved correct.

The food truck ordinance was revised and brought back after two public meetings for first reading by Councilwoman Jen Giattino and easily passed 6-1.  

Councilman Michael Russo sponsored an ordinance for senior discounts at the midtown garage passed unanimously on first reading.

A Christmas HPU quarters ode to the Old Guard

This Christmas poem brought to you courtesy of the Bard of Hoboken

Any rational person knows, 
what the Old Guard did, 
divvy it up, 
and split the bid. 

Once the collections discrepancy was found, 
did the prior Administration report it on up? 
No, they kept it in the family, 
An old guard cover up. 

Obstruction of justice, 
Conspiracy to defraud, 
The scope of this skullduggery, 
is much more broad. 

The story shouldn't end here, 
and it is true that Correa was corrupt with a scowl, 
but did corporate counsel appropriately handle appropriately? 
it seems things were handled quite foul. 

So will we see investigative reporting 
finally coming out of Hoboken Patch?, 
Or will we have to wait as long as that follow up on Ma Russo, 
or the end of a Cricket match? 

I seems the corruption in Hoboken will never end, 
and that the taxpayers villains are recruiting new public scammers, 
so the only true way to end it, 
is to lock them all up in the slammer. 

On Paula, on Attorney General, Onward FBI, 
Its time the crooks got locked up and the taxpayers say bye bye!

City Council 2011 Finale tonight at 7:00

We're days from Christmas and already begun Hanukkah with this meeting tonight the finale to the 2011 council calendar.  On the agenda is a first reading for a revised food truck policy and there's revamped changes on the 911 emergency service so people are not routed to Jersey City instead of Hoboken's hospital - Hoboken University Medical Center.

Will it be a subdued meeting run in an almost normal fashion by Hoboken standards or will the year end with more obstructionist tactics from the overthrown Beth Russo hydra?

Of more intrigue, is this the final formation of the City Council you will not see last through 2012?

Here's the full resolutions list for tonight's meeting:
City of Hoboken announces:


The City has commissioned the professional landscape architect Imbiano Quigley (IQ) to design the parks at 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove. Based on input from two earlier community meetings, IQ has developed four preliminary conceptual designs for the parks. Residents can view the four designs at

The design concepts are also on display in the lobby of City Hall through early January, alongside the design ideas of a studio class of graduate students in the Landscape Architecture program at City College in New York.

The concepts demonstrate a variety of active and passive park features.  As residents review these designs, they are asked to consider mixing and matching elements from the various concepts, as opposed to choosing one concept over another. This is an opportunity for the community to think broadly about which elements will make for the best park to meet the present and future needs of this area and Hoboken as a whole.

The public can submit feedback on the preliminary design concepts by emailing or through the comment box in the lobby of City Hall. City Hall is typically open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00pm but will be closed on Friday, December 23rd and Monday, December 26th.

A final conceptual plan, which may incorporate features from various preliminary concepts, will be developed and presented for additional feedback at a public meeting to be held in late January. The time and location for the meeting will be announced at later date.

Get the latest Hoboken news:
Email | Text |Website | Facebook | Twitter | RSS

Talking Ed Note: MSV has included several of the four designs available at the link above.  The public will have input on any mix for the final design approved. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sign of the Times: Hoboken corruption past meets present

Before the parking meter looting was caught, several years ago a junket to Israel was had with fun for all and in this case you didn't hear the Old Guard questioning the professional development or the justification for it unlike current Director Ian Sacs who never hears the end of it about a professional transportation conference he attended for engineers.

Of course that was then and this is now and that's the way the Old Guard plays the game.

John Corea (l) and Patrick Ricciardi (in red shirt) smile for the camera on a junket to Israel with the Israeli based parking garage company Unitronics.  The more things change....
Talking Ed Note: There's some superb background at Grafix Avenger on the motivations for taking out the successful current Director of Transportation and Parking Ian Sacs and it has everything to do with keeping a train of quarters moving everywhere but the Hoboken Parking Utility.

Councilman Michael Russo appeared to be acting on a personal vendetta so often would he attack Director Sacs with the hope perhaps to get him to give in and resign.

No such luck.  Instead the Director has moved consistently to improve all phases of transportation and parking in Hoboken, eliminating inconsistent enforcement against council members, the police, the connected and their families while making improvements where possible.

Councilwoman Beth Mason has carried the Old Guard water also making attacks on Director Sacs for his attending a professional conference that was hosted in Vancouver.  (The Director doesn't choose the city but they act like he did.)

Do you think MORTe (Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry Castellano) will attack John Corea the all but convicted and sentenced looter of Hoboken taxpayers for seven figures?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Terry Castellano on the missing HPU million: "It's been cleared up"

In the famous words of Councilwoman Terry Castellano from this January 2008 City Council meeting on the missing million bucks from the Hoboken Parking Utility, "it's been cleared up," spoken not once, not twice but three times in this famous estevens video gem.

Not to be outdone, Councilman Michael Russo attributes the missing million to a math error what he calls his "mistake."  Yes it was a mistake councilman, and not your last.

Nothing to see here, move along says the Russo clan.

Well Castellano is finally right in the end.  Indeed it has been cleared up.
Thanks Terry!

Talking Ed Note: It's a fitting irony that when Beth Mason and her ex-pornographer pal Perry Klaussen from Hoboken411 tried to make Hoboken parking an issue during the busiest shopping season of the year, the NJ Attorney General announces a final conclusion to the Hoboken Parking meter theft case. Oh how sweet it is!

Bonus Coverage: The original investigative report brought to you from 2008 by Eric Kurta, the Wiley Coyote under his pen name estevens on the HPU:

Missing Money at HPU –
Parking Meter Collections Company Owner Has History of Mob Ties

In December of 2005, Hoboken awarded no-bid contracts to United Textile Fabricators of Toms River for parking meter coin collection and counting. The city’s FY2007 audit, performed by Garbarini & Co., noted that collections had decreased dramatically during the contract term with United.

In November of 2007, the City amended its meter coin collection procedures. United now collects from the meters and deposit directly into a depository in the name of the City of Hoboken Parking Utility. United had been previously taking the coins to their place of business in Toms River and depositing the funds in their accounts.

On December 4, 2007, the City engaged Garbarini & Co. to audit the books and records of United to determine the correct amount of meter collections not turned over to the City.

At the City Council budget hearing on December 6th, Councilman Michael Russo stated that it looked like a million dollars in revenue was missing from parking meter collections. At the December 19th meeting, a chastened Russo stated that his statement was in error and that he had made a miscalculation. (See transcript below)
Parking Utility Director John Corea asserted that an internal audit had found a negligible discrepancy and that an external firm (Garbarini, presumably?) would audit and confirm his findings. To the best of my knowledge, that audit report has not yet been made public. Despite Russo’s reversal and Corea’s assurances, a source suggests that monies were missing and that a few hundred thousand dollars will be returned to the city by United.

Here’s where it gets interesting: United Textile Fabricators, which manufactures a variety of arcade games (and administers our meter collections), is owned by Brian Petaccio, who plead guilty in 1991 to charges of racketeering in connection with an illegal gambling operation. Petaccio was then a director and vice-president of Grayhound Electronics, also in Toms River, which manufactured video gambling machines and was believed to be controlled by the Bruno-Scarfo crime family of Philadelphia. The family distributed illegal video slot and poker machines in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and was negotiating with crime families in New York, Nevada, and Massachusetts to market the machines nationwide. Also pleading guilty were Grayhound’s former chairman, Carmen J. Ricci, and Alan Cifelli, a representative of Grayhound’s distributor, B&C Enterprizes, and known associate in the Bruno-Scarfo family.

B&C would “market” Grayhound’s wares to bar and store owners willing to take the risk in return for the substantial revenue the machines would provide. Ricci, who was also Petaccio’s father-in-law, would often approach owners known to have financial difficulties, advance them some money, put in a few regular video games, and then replace them with the gambling machines if the owner was having trouble earning enough money to pay him back.

The owners of establishments with the illegal gaming machines would usually keep half the revenue. Cifelli would pick up the other half, taking it to the Grayhound offices. Half of that money would in turn be turned over as “tribute” to Nicodermo Scarfo, Jr., whose father, a former boss of the Bruno-Scarfo crime family, was serving a 55-year sentence for extortion, racketeering, and murder charges.

Petaccio now has his own company - – which has been collecting cash from our parking meters for the last two years. Draw your own conclusions. 

Transcription follows at the jump:

Taking a moment to aid Hoboken fire victims

Here's another way you can help the the people who lost everything in last weekend's fire.

You can Paypal any amount sending funds to Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner Jake Stuiver who is assisting local businessman Rory Chadwick.  His paypal account to send a donation is

Saturday's fire left Hoboken residents homeless losing everything.
Paypal is another way people can help.

Photo courtesy: The Jersey Journal/

Mayor's statement on the passing of former Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons

The Office of the Mayor announces:

Statement by Mayor Zimmer on the Passing of Maurice Fitzgibbons

I learned this morning that Maurice Fitzgibbons passed away. On behalf of the City of Hoboken, I express my condolences to his family and friends. Maurice served the City of Hoboken for many years on the Board of Chosen Freeholders. He was a strong advocate of the arts, with a long history of service to our community. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Maurice Fitzgibbons at a 2010 BoE meeting

Talking Ed Note: MSV believes Maurice Fitzgibbons was 57 at the time of his passing last night.
No political comments are permitted in the comments section of this story.  

Services for Maurice Fitzgibbons:
Wednesday from 3-8 PM at Lawton Turso Funeral Home located at 633 Washington St. in Hoboken.  The Hoboken Elks Lodge will be performing a service at 7PM on Wednesday to honor his memory.

Hobokenites in support of weekend fire victims meeting tonight

An update on local residents working to aid the six residents burned out last weekend:

If you could help spread the word that we are having a volunteers meeting at the office of H-mag magazine located at 80 River Street, Penthouse North this evening at 5pm.  We are calling upon local residents, business owners, politicians etc  that would like to help with a variety of needed duties to help those displaced by the tragic fire at 97 Jackson Street this past Saturday.

The meeting is open to anyone and the more volunteers we can get, the more we can do to help those in our community that have suffered from this tragic event.  Interested parties can email or for more information.

Rory Chadwick

Now WPIX TV news takes a shot at Hoboken parking signs

The old saying TV a vast wasteland holds true for local TV news if yet another "expose" on Hoboken Parking signs is any evidence.  Now WPIX decides to make "news" and reveal the massive confusion of almost decade old parking signs and policies.

Of the people the TV crew decides to put on air, there's problems right out of the gate.  One woman claims of hearing a car parked in front of Rite Aid for "five minutes" by her friend and was towed.  There are two stores in Hoboken and one has a parking lot of its own.  What do you think the odds are that this woman's story is true?  Do you think Magee Hickey verified any of the woman's claim or did she just think it "sounds good" for TV?

Besides, unless this person parked their car in the middle of traffic, it's hard to believe it would have been towed unless Michele Russo is running a tow service in town no one knows about.

The best interviewee though is the man who has solved the sign problem with an unintentionally funny solution.  You have to love the sheer inanity of a TV news crew filming a guy with a solution to the sign "problem" saying "make them bigger."

That's what they sent a news crew to Hoboken to do.  Find people to say dumb things about parking.  At the end of the clip, the less than genuine Magee Hickey ends her lazy report saying, "I hope we're parked legally" as the camera shows a vehicle sitting square in a yellow marked sidewalk.

Too bad they didn't tow the car.  How much would it cost citywide to make the signs "bigger?"  You just have to laugh at the utter stupidity - of local TV news.  This is more up their alley, yes it's entertainment but considering the almost decade old signs, it's not news.

 Talking Ed Note: Will we be seeing a Beth Mason - Michael Russo co-sponsored proposed ordinance to make the signs bigger this Wednesday and a Hoboken411 post to follow proclaiming it the eighth wonder of the world?

Looks like the Hoboken411 political operation with Beth Mason isn't working out too hot does it?