Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Jersey Sting returns to Hoboken

The authors of "The Jersey Sting" appeared at the Hoboken Public Library to a crowd of about 50 people including Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner.

The initial presentation covered several different aspects highlighted in the book and then turned into a Q&A session before a book signing.

The broadcast runs close to 90 minutes. MSV did lose the first five minutes due to a software issue.
It begins with opening remarks by author Ted Sherman of the Star Ledger.

The Jersey Sting: 'The boys are back in town'

Back in 2009, the fed's sting in New Jersey led to a new book on the case, Operation Bid Rig and included a short blurb on one Hoboken councilman named Mike Russo no one knew anything about.  The series of events led to a raging corruption controversy today leading into the May 10th citywide council elections.  The authors come back to the scene of "the crime" for a return engagement today.

The award winning journalists, authors of "The Jersey Sting," are back in Hoboken for a two hour discussion with Q&A this afternoon at the Hoboken Public Library from 2-4. The authors Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin last appeared in Hoboken at the scene of an earlier crime, The Malibu Diner where ex-mayor and the now imprisoned Peter Cammarano took thousands of dollars in return for promises of approving developer project commitments.
Good government and 1st ward reform candidate Eric Kurta gets a keepsake of 'The Jersey Sting" signed by authors Ted Sherman (l) and Josh Margolin during their midweek appearance at The Malibu Diner.

The brouhaha resulting in a series of stories appearing here on MSV led to friction between the award winning writers and Councilman Mike Russo who stated in a number of less than candid remarks he had straightened out FBI informant Solomon Dwek.

When the actual video of the FBI surveillance tapes were released, the truth proved to be otherwise and far worse than anyone thought - far beyond the short blurbs of Mike Russo and Solomon Dwek in the book.

Talking Ed Note: In addition to the book signing the big question is will Councilman Mike Russo appear to make an apology.  His claim anyone who says he accepted a bribe were "liars" backfired.

When MSV went back to the authors seeking additional comment, the series of stories here led to the release of the FBI surveillance tapes backing up the contention of "The Jersey Sting," authors.

Leonard Luizzi on Mike Russo Bribe Tapes: 'Maybe he was joking'

In an interview Lenny Luizzi makes some interesting comments surrounding corruption on the specific case of Councilman Mike Russo and the bribery tapes.  Mr. Luizzi the city historian claims he watched the tape and Mike Russo did nothing wrong and did not make any promises just discussed accepting a donation, and there's nothing wrong with accepting donations.

In the actual tape, Mike Russo provides the name of his campaign committee for $5,000 to be laundered into it with the promise that more is to follow.  The individual contribution limit for campaign donations is actually $2,600 not $10,000 plus.  (Just in case you didn't know Mr. Luizzi.)

It's a fascinating divide between the expectations of Hoboken people in the 21st century and the acceptance of the old, dark ways. The cultural divide here is huge as Lenny Luizzi concludes, "I don't think Michael did anything wrong." 

The reporter for Hudson County to her credit, puts out the question.  You have to see Mr. Luizzi's response to believe it.  The corruption question comes at the 2:00 minute mark.

Mcgato: you don't need a math doctorate to know Hoboken411 is a zero

Commenter mcgato has some keen mathematical insights on local crime although it doesn't appear too complex regarding the analysis of year over year on crime statistics in town.  The crime commenter buff writes:

I saw that Hate411 put up a misleading story once again about the crime stats just released by Dawn Zimmer on the city website.  As a statistician with a PhD in stats, I want to punch the wifflebrain that "sent" in that letter.  Since the police reorg occurred last October, let's just compare year over year changes since then:

Month-Year Percent Change from Previous Year of Total Crimes Reported
Oct-10: 4.3% (increase from 94 to 98)
Nov-10: -19.8% (decrease from 86 to 69)
Dec-10: 0% (no change from 100 to 100)
Jan-11: -11.5% (decrease from 96 to 85)
Feb-11: 4.2% (increase from 71 to 74)
Mar-11: -5.0% (decrease from 101 to 96)
Total: -5.0% (decrease from 548 to 522)

If you check out the letter and the data, you can see why they used the numbers that they do.  What month in the data set has the fewest crime? March of 2008 with 57.  What month has the most?  August of 2008 with 166.  I'll take cherry picking for $400, Alex.

Talking Ed Note: MSV wouldn't know what's going on with Hoboken411's constant diatribe of hate but readers like mcgato keep us laughing from time to time.

MSV is pleased to post submissions from readers and commenters.  If you'd like to submit a story for publication, just send it to  Please include your name and contact information.  Although you may have an option to post under a pseudonym, there's also the option of a guest of the stable piece with a photo if you choose.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Grafix Avenger source: A hit (job) is a hit but this one left fingerprints

Once again Grafix Avenger is dishing deep dare doings of things that go bump in the night from her anonymous source and this time it's getting into rough waters on the hit job run by Hoboken411, the website in service to all smear jobs for Beth Mason.

In today's eyeball episode, the anonymous orb reveals the financial information of 2nd ward council candidate Tom Greaney is so ancient, there's nothing available publicly, not even a smidgen unless someone is motivated enough to go through legal channels and make a request.

GA's source eyeball is hinting at some big revelations on the Mason411 Tom Greaney hit job.

Does anyone know if either of the Mason411 boys Perry Klaussen or Lane Bajardi recently became lawyers?  That leaves a real legal professional unknown for the moment who processed the information request to a court.

Unrelated, Beth Mason's husband happens to be a partner in a bankruptcy firm.  When the identity of the lawyer who went to court to obtain Tom Greaney's personal financial information from a decade and a half ago comes out, and it appears it is now only a matter of time, what ties to the Mason family will come with it?

Talking Ed Note: Personal aside to Beth Mason, why don't you just tell us what you did?

Grafix Avenger's latest:

Which one of these does not fit?

Take a look at a recent chart of Hoboken council candidates and their ELEC report filings:

Elec Report Update 2011 Ward Races
Ward Candidate 1/15/11 29 Day 11 day   48  Hours  48  Hours
1 Eric Kurta N/A Yes
1 *Theresa Castellano N/A Yes
2 *Beth Mason N/A NO
2 Tom Greaney Yes Yes
2 Franz Paetzold N/A Yes
3 *Michael Russo N/A Yes
3 Greg Lincoln N/A Yes
4 *Tim Occipinti Yes Yes
4 Rami Pinchevsky N/A Yes
5 *Peter Cunningham Yes Yes
5 Perry Belfiore NO NO
5 Scott Delea N/A Yes
5 Lenny Luizzi NO NO
6 *Nino Giacchi Yes Yes
6 Jen Giattino Yes Yes

* indicated incumbent

The important column for the moment is to see who is complying with the basic reporting requirement in a New Jersey election.  The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission is charged with posting the candidates submitted financial information of their respective campaigns.

The important column here is the second showing the 29 day report due two weeks ago.  As you can see, all the Reform candidates are complying but on the other side of the equation, there's some problems.

5th ward candidates Lenny Luizzi and Perry Belfiore have not provided their reports.  Mr. Luizzi as a first time candidate may be not clear in doing so.

Perry Belfiore is a special case as he's had some history of not meeting this requirement in a timely manner in the past and his early filings for the BoE demonstrated a disposition toward paying a lot of 'campaign workers' in an election years ago.  In that respect you might say he is a pioneer.  (Sorry Perry.)

There are some additional ELEC reporting dates coming up shortly.  Will the self-proclaimed Queen of Transparency be making an appearance?

At the Council forum Beth Mason attacked a grassroots PAC.  Meanwhile her self-funded PAC is likely flooding Old Guard candidates around town, numerous political operatives and consultants likely beyond everyone combined.  Once again, Beth Mason is not in basic compliance in filing her ELEC report.  What is she hiding?

The biggest laggard on the list is clearly Councilwoman Beth Mason.  As she has proudly bragged of her wheeling money through her campaign committee last November, rest assured she is forking out monies excessive to the $2,600 individual contribution limit all over town.

Beth Mason is not shorthanded on staff either and knows the ELEC rules very well.  There's some unethical business being done and she doesn't want you to know about it.

Clearly, the missing ELEC report from the Mason campaign is no accident.
What is she hiding?

Got transparency?

Correction: 2nd ward candidate Franz Paetzold called to confirm he is in compliance with NJ ELEC based on their funding standards and filed all appropriate forms.  MSV has gone ahead and updated the 29 day ELEC column to reflect his clarification.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Councilman Giacchi on sign theft: "Hopefully it will cease to continue"

Councilman Nino Giacchi, the 6th ward councilman came out and issued an email statement regarding the alleged sign theft inside Kayla's Cleaners as seen here on MSV last Monday.

The statement reflects the tentativeness of the councilman as he faces a strong challenge from council candidate Jen Giattino.  The statement reads:

"I find it very unfortunate that Mr. [name of accused person] has been tearing down posters representing any of the campaigns for City Council in Hoboken," Giacchi said in the e-mail. "I know of him, but not personally. He is not a representative of my campaign nor is he involved in any way with the operations of my campaign. My campaign is run by my wife Mary, and my campaign manager. I do not condone Mr. [name of accused]'s actions, nor support his recent behavior in any way. Hopefully it will cease to continue."

Oddly nowhere in the statement does Councilman Giacchi actually condemn the action but the Hudson Reporter in their story claims like Jen Giattino, he did.  However there's no condemnation in the lawyerly and triple consultant checked statement anywhere to be found.

Giacchi remarks even more oddly he doesn't quite know Matt Calicchio saying, "I know of him."  At the Stevens council candidate forum he was seen speaking with the same Matt Calicchio and literally patting him on the back not a day after the alleged sign theft.

And the closing of the statement is perhaps even stranger.  Giacchi looking forward to a future of less Mason-Russo political operative bad behavior concludes, "Hopefully it will cease to continue."

Hopefully... cease to continue?  Huh?

Councilman Nino Giacchi: Not a day after witnessed speaking and patting Matt Calicchio on the back, he tells the Hudson Reporter he only knows "of him."  Mr. Giacchi is a lawyer and partner in a Newark based law firm.

Talking Ed Note:  One can only hope Nino Giacchi's campaign will not be releasing a statement about ex-mayor Peter Cammarano, that while they both served on the city council together he only knew of him.  

Councilman Giacchi is a respected member of the community known for his good manners and exceedingly bad voting record.  Since the elevation of Tim Occhipinti he reverted to some bad form he had avoided for a spell prior to then Council President Dawn Zimmer moving into the mayor's chair.  

Da Horsey has found conversation with Councilman Giacchi immensely interesting, both inside and outside of City Council Chambers.  But often we're left scratching our head later, marveling how much of it is past one another.

p1ywood and the anomalies collection

Hey everybody, I’ve got a little brain teaser that I put together for you, or maybe it’s more of a riddle, anyway here goes. Hope you like it.

What do these things have in common?
…..numerous reports of people claiming they were offered money to vote in the 4th Ward in November
 …..a massive anomaly in vote-by-mail in the same 4th Ward special election
……a supporter of the then 4th Ward candidate having her car vandalized with the candidate’s name scrawled on the car
…….Ms Mason wheeling over $13,000 to one 4th Ward candidate days before the election
…...this same candidate, now a councilperson, in one of their first orders of official business, becomes the deciding vote in Ms Mason becoming the council president
…...Ms Mason’s cronies changing the Council rules specifically to make this possible
……Ms Mason being caught rearranging the order of speakers at council meeting
……Mr Russo openly discussing how corruption works in Hoboken on tape
……Mr Russo denying same until the tapes came out, then basically saying he was kidding
……an Old Guard operative ripping down and stealing 6th Ward reform campaign posters, which he denied until he realized he did it on tape
……as a result of the posters being ripped down, the candidate running for the Old Guard in the 6th  Ward (Mr Giacchi) stating almost nothing in response
……another massive statistical anomaly in vote-by-mail in the Board of Education election 5 month later
……and a Reform campaign worker allegedly being assaulted in a polling place by an Old Guard operative, who tell them “I own this place”?

Apologies, I’m sure I forgot some things.
So what do all these things have in common?

They are all “isolated incidents” and, as such nothing to worry about.

Talking Ed Note: p1ywood is a frequent commenter once known for mirth and puns.  The four squares has become a regular staple on MSV, one of the four corners of our 'internets' universe.  

GA source: Beth Mason's 12 year career at Newton Lao 'a sham'

In what may prove a blockbuster leading into the 2nd ward council race, an anonymous Grafix Avenger source claims an investigation into the resume of Councilwoman Beth Mason shows a decade plus of her experience falsified, accusing her work listed as Founder and President of "Newton Lao Leonard & Locke" as being imaginary.

The firm is listed on Beth Mason's resume from 1993 to 2005, naming her as both Founder and President.  According to the Grafix Avenger source, the firm has registration in New Jersey filed in 2010, but nothing in the state of New York.

Councilwoman Beth Mason's past on her resume is being questioned
by a source on Grafix Avenger. 

The source further suggests the Lyndhurst, NJ address of the company is most likely another business performing services to Beth Mason, such as an attorney or an accountant but that there is no actual office space for the named firm.  On the resume, Beth Mason lists the firm as being in New York City.

The GA source also questions why the business entity the founder Beth Mason claims to have left in 2005 continues to exist on paper:

Interesting question is if she stopped working there in 2005, why, six years later is she keeping the shell open for business?  Ask what the company does?  Who are the employees? What is the revenue? 

There's quite a few of questions all around on this anonymous source's contention.  A google search of the company name produces nothing but some addresses in Hoboken and nothing of a website of the firm's past cached anywhere.  For a company operating in the middle of the last decade in the advertising space, this appears suspect.

An inquiry to Beth Mason asking for evidence of the New York city based firm with tax records, rent checks and client records was emailed earlier.  If an answer arrives, we'll update this story.

Update: The plot thickens, resident commenter and MSV court jester Mattaccino has noted that one of the consulting firms Beth Mason retains is based in Lyndhurst, NJ: the Cratos Group.  This revelation adds credence to the shell company theory, that this firm Beth Mason touts founding is at best a soft vehicle where she did little work and achieved even less.

The head of the Cratos Group, a consulting firm specializing in messaging and fundraising donated less than $1,000 to Tim Occhipinti last November.  Why would a company specializing in raising funds for a candidate be writing checks to them?  Oh it's that darn wheeling re: money laundering again.

And what do you think happens when you send mail to the Cratos Group not by their name but with Beth Mason's?

The Grafix Avenger story is available at:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frank Raia sweeps BoE election, Kids First to retain majority

In the BoE election, Frank Raia's "independent" slate of Carmelo Garcia, Peter Biancamano and Frances Rhodes-Kearns has swept all three seats.

The low turnout with a spring vacation election timed in the middle of the week combined with new highs of absentee ballots re: Vote by Mail delivered a negative result for Kids First losing all three seats.

Jean Marie Mitchell who held a one year seat will not be returning to the BoE.

The Kids First 6-3 majority will now be narrowed to 5-4 after the election is certified.

The tallies for the vote are not official, however, the war of absentee ballots was in the neighborhood of 400-50, a narrower figure in favor of Frank Raia but larger than last year's tally that came almost solely from the back end of the 4th ward in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

The added absentee ballots from subsidized housing outside the HHA combined with Church Towers and Applied added to the winning differential.

While the vote totals for the Raia slate are consistent with prior years, the Kids First slate suffered a sizable lower turnout.

The Unofficial Vote Totals - Top three named to BoE

Carmelo Garcia 2287
Peter Biancamano 1990
Frances Rhodes Kearns 1973
Jean Marie Mitchell 1350
Cliff Godfrey 1319
Steve Feinstein 1231
Patricia Waiter 277

BoE School budget

1321 yes on budget
641 no on budget

Frank Raia's slate took three BoE seats and is one short of a majority

Talking Ed Note:  It's the day after and the forces aligned with Frank Raia have a big victory although they don't have the votes to change the direction of the Board of Education.  But they have a roadmap they will bring back next year.

It's not likely they will have a spring break vacation with an election in the middle but Reform needs to answer a lot of questions.  And it can start by looking in the mirror.  When you are a grassroots group, you don't win with money, TV ads, etc.  Grassroots wins by getting out and engaging the voters and doing what's necessary for Get out the Vote (GOTV).

For several reasons, that didn't happen.  The pictures on Hoboken Patch tell a different story.  The lead picture is of the HHA Executive Director gleefully shaking hands with BoE elect Peter Biancamano and Frank Raia in the background.

The superb photo by David Jolkovski posted last night was edited this morning cutting Raia out of the picture entirely.  But let there be no mistake, this was an Old Guard, Frank Raia victory.  He funded it and got the vote out, set a new record for absentee ballots in a BoE election reversing a Kids First sweep last year into one of his own.

Even with the circumstances of this year's BoE election, people are going to have to take stock and ask what they did to help get out the vote.  The effort wasn't sufficient.  That's an understatement.

In less than two weeks, Hoboken will be holding a defining election with six elections going on for council ward races.  

It's an epic showdown of Hoboken's past versus Hoboken's present.
The question is what are YOU going to do about it?

Alleged Election Assault at Church Towers!


A Kids First challenger working the BoE election today at 10 Church Towers is alleging she was assaulted by a man who allegedly ripped her phone out of her hands in a dispute over his electioneering at the polling site.

An email providing details by the alleged victim states the alleged assailant came in with (election) materials and was told he could not stay in the polling station.  (Electioneering with voting materials in a polling station is illegal.)  The man responded he "owned this polling place."  The alleged victim followed the man out of the room and requested his name.

The man declined to provide his name and walked back inside the polling station and told the alleged victim, "This is war," adding that she should just wait for the numbers out of this place (Church Towers) at 9:00 pm.

The following exchange allegedly occurred after the alleged victim took a picture of the man in question:

Man (alleged assailant):  "Who do you think you are?  Call the Governor.  You don't even live in Hoboken."

Woman (alleged victim):  "Yes I do and I'm a taxpayer."

Man: "Bitch"

The man then allegedly walks over and allegedly grabbed the cell phone from the woman's hands screaming, "You think you're gonna take my picture, (and) I didn't see that?  Bitch that's how they do things."

The woman demanded he return the phone and said she would not be intimidated.  The man left the scene on an elevator into Church Towers.

The alleged victim, a petite woman of about 5'4 and a Hoboken mother said no one helped her.

Photo of the alleged assailant:
Alleged assailant at 10 Church Towers.

A complaint is about to be filed at the Hoboken Police Department.  The challenger in question is a woman well known in Hoboken for her work in support of the Reform movement.

This story is breaking...

Update: The two people involved in the alleged incident are Carrie Phillips of upper Bloomfield St., 5'4" weight approximately 125 pounds and Mike Holmes a Church Towers resident out on disability from the Board of Education, 5'10, weight approximately 300 pounds.

A police complaint is being filed by Ms. Phillips and it's rumored that Michael Holmes will file counter charges of some kind.

Photo left: A picture taken earlier today at Church Towers allegedly of assailant Mike Holmes.

Talking Ed Note: Media requesting use of this alleged photo should contact

I guess this is war.

Hoboken Polls are open to 9:00 PM

The new hours for the Board of Education election allow for voting until 9:00 PM.


Beth Mason launches desperate hit job on Tom Greaney

MSV has been quietly tracking a story speaking with a few people about illegal investigations into the personal affairs of others leading into the city council election. There was a subtle reference to it in the Council forum debates and from the front row it was clear, an indirect reference to such activity made Councilwoman Mason uncomfortable. (Yes we noticed.)

A discussion on the distant past of 2nd ward council candidate Tom Greaney and financial problems he ran into a decade and a half ago is being wielded by Beth Mason's political operatives on Mason411 re: Hoboken411 in an desperate bid to knock off her opponent.

In the purest savagery seen by Beth Mason's ubermensch ghostwriting minion, Tom Greaney is taken for a dirty mudfest roll for his long ago financial problems having no bearing on his candidacy in Hoboken today.

So how does one legally obtain such ancient financial information on a person?
The answer: you can't. It's not legal. But Beth Mason wrote a check and now it appears her people have concluded there is no other way for her to win and she must launch the most destructive attack on her opponent in a desperate bid to knock him out of the box almost two full weeks before election day.

Earlier this year, Beth Mason's own husband decried bad behavior far less than this:

The irony of this comment should not be lost on anyone. Once again, a hit job far worse than what Hoboken411 in it's vindictive venomous style directed to Peter Cammarano's unknown daughter has been launched. Unlike that last minute hit job, this one by her "anonymous" blogger(s) comes far sooner.  In fact, MSV had predicted a similar attack on Tom Greaney would come from the ethically challenged 2nd ward Councilwoman but anticipated it 48-72 hours in advance of the election.

What this pathetic story by Beth Mason's political operatives demonstrates is her utter desperation they are sitting on a sinking candidate and have no other choice but to hit the panic button and send out the most destructive bomb in their arsenal.

The politics of personal destruction are alive and well in Camp Mason.

Beth Mason's achievement: her apex of low

Talking Ed Note: There's little left to say about Beth Mason and her lack of ethics, transparency and floundering political career. There's no emotion to convey other than sadness. That someone who was once held in respect by so many in Hoboken before becoming an elected official and has sunk so low so fast is just remarkable.

MSV can extend nothing but pity to the 2nd ward Councilwoman. She's reached the apex of her decline.

I feel sorry for you Ms. Mason.

Kids First: The bell sounds for the children on Election Day!

Kids First announces:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This is it!!! Election Day! The day you keep the progress going!

The Board of Education election is today and the polls are open from 7am to 9pm.
Kids First has made help make so many incredible advances in the past two years - including hiring a wonderful new Superintendent, Dr Toback, giving the classrooms and teachers what they need and deserve, expanding opportunities for the students, creating processes that are fair and open and reducing the tax levy to the legal minimum. We have come so far..... we can't stop now!!

All that is needed now is your vote. In Hoboken, every single vote truly counts. This is especially true today as we strive to overcome a massive Vote by Mail effort by our opponents. This effort has already gathered over 600 ballots.

Please....go! Bring a friend. Call or email everyone you know that cares about moving Hoboken forward. Let's keep it going!

Please support Jean Marie Mitchell, Cliff Godfrey and Steve Feinstein 3A, 4A and 5A today!

Thank you so much for all you support!

Talking Ed Note: Today is election day, an important day in our Republic to stand up and be counted. This election as on May 10th is a battle being waged on multiple lines.

While Americans are putting life and limb at risk around the globe, the American way of life and our Constitution is being subverted at home in the sullying of our basic freedoms preserved through free and fair elections.

In a random conversation with some Hoboken residents the other day, the refrain about voter fraud, "Everyone does it" was tossed out like candy. This is a Soprano State lie and an "On the Waterfront," truism. It needs to put to rest and buried.

And other people need to stop treating our elections like some communist rigged election where voting integrity does not enter into the equation.

Let your voice be heard today. And stand up for Our Republic and Hoboken by voting.

Grist for the Mill: Matt Calicchio shows up at Election Board with hundreds of VBM

Yesterday the vote by mail for the Board of Education arrived via another tsunami torrent.  Did I say vote by mail?  I meant vote by Calicchio as in don't worry about getting a stamp, the young man on yet another Old Guard mission is going to deliver the mail for you from Hoboken to Jersey City and make sure it gets counted, all handy like.

A report from a reliable source indicated Matt Calicchio showed up at the Hudson County Board of Elections with a friend lugging in dozens and dozens of vote by mail ballots.  Wonder if I could get a comment on that from Assemblywoman Joan Quigley who likes to sport red herrings on her lapel anytime questions arise on this practice of putting the US postman out of business for days during election time.

It's familiar faces and fun and games time as Hoboken enters another election day, today for the BoE.

Sorry Assemblywoman, you may be going off to pasture but Da Horsey has a long memory.  The legislation passed limiting 10 ballots per bearer apparently only applies to unsealed ballots.  If they show up at the election building sealed, apparently no one bats an eye when a virtual tsunami comes tumbling out hand delivered.  (This was retold from an onsite source.)

One day when law enforcement moves Hoboken up on its wish list, the hammer is going to come down and come down hard.  As after the Cammarano arrest, suddenly everyone will develop amnesia and forget they were ever on the wrong side of the voter fraud question.  At least until another FBI surveillance video starring an elected official is released.

Yesterday at one local eatery some local folks mentioned the Board of Ed election and joked with Da Horsey but later became serious defending voter fraud after asking our place of birth of course.  Because you know, your birth certificate matters more than voting integrity of the ballot or as we said to the ladies and the owner, "that law thingy."

Their collective refrain "they do it everywhere," is still ringing in our ears.

While we await those grand boys of summer from the NJ Attorney General's office or the Feds in Newark to make a Hoboken visit, please send an email of concern beseeching aid  to:

Mr. Vincent Militello
Deputy Attorney General

Hoboken needs you (and law enforcement) more than ever.  Please vote today!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Councilman Cunningham: Get behind Kids First and vote

From the desk of Peter Cunningham:

Dear Friends, Family and Neighbors,

It is with pleasure and confidence that I support the Kids First slate
of candidates of Jean Marie Mitchell, Clifford Godfrey and Steve
Feinstein.  While they have had their challenges, just like the City
has, Kids First continues to make progress.

1) Continued to cut waste in the District while absorbing millions
lost in state aid
2) Audited interlocal agreements that identified $120,000 in uncollected funds
3) Strictly enforced residency policy
4) Minimized tax burden allowed under state law
5) Hired highly qualified Superintendent
6) Transitioned from IB to AP programs
7) Recently established relationships with Stevens Institute and
Hudson County Community College

These are highlights of their fabulous achievements that have helped
provide exceptional choices for all our children whether they are in
Charter Schools, traditional Public Schools or Private.  The Kids
First success has also helped lead the reform movement in Hoboken.
Their continued success leads to better value for your tax dollars,
improved property values and an overall posititve impact on our
quality of life.

Let's work together to make it happen by supporting 3A, 4A and 5A.

More information on this great team can be found at

Thanks, Peter

5th ward council candidate Leonard Luizzi: A Sad Day for Hoboken

Leonard Luizzi for 5th ward council announces:

Sad day for the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor

In 1863 the Catholic Franciscan Sisters of the poor opened a community hospital in Hoboken to serve the poor and the less fortunate.  That was over 148 years ago and in 2008 the Catholic organization managing the hospital transferred the hospitals ownership over to the city, at no cost, with the understanding that the city of Hoboken was going to continue its ministry of serving the poor and disadvantaged.   

It is obvious that the Catholic organization that owned the hospital could have sold the hospital for 90 million dollars at that time, the land value plus all of the hospital’s equipment is probably worth more than 90 million.  And the reason that Hoboken received this hospital was to maintain its commitment and the covenant of providing health services to those who are less fortunate. 

Now, Peter Cunningham and the Mayor Zimmer team have sold the hospital to a for profit company without any regard to the original mission of providing health services for those in need.  Selling a community hospital that services our community when at the same time bonding 20 million dollars to buy a property, originally a chemical plant, to build a public park.  

This, to me is a , sad day in the history of our city.  

Leonard Luizzi
Candidate for 5th Ward Councilman

Mayor Dawn Zimmer: a few things, a few very important things

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces:

Dear Friends,

School Board Election is tomorrow
Election season is upon us again, and as always the stakes are high! Tomorrow is the School Board election (Wednesday, April 27)  and I urge you to vote for the Kids First Team ofClifford Godfrey (3A), Jean Marie Mitchell (4A), and Steven Feinstein (5A)   
Our schools are finally headed in the right direction and we must keep the progress going.  1/3 of our property taxes are for our schools and good schools mean higher property values, so even if you don't have children in the system you have an enormous stake in the outcome of this election.

 Please remember to vote!!
Polls are open
from 7 am - 9 pm.
City Council Election May 10th

In just 2 weeks we will choose all 6 of our Ward council members.  
This election is critical because it will determine whether
the City Council majority remains with those who want to
obstruct progress and believe, as Mike Russo said that
"subsidizing things is what government does," or shifts to
those who will work with me to Move Hoboken Ahead.  
Please support Eric Kurta, Tom Greaney, Greg Lincoln,
Rami Pinchevsky, Peter Cunningham and Jen Giattino
and remind your friends to get out and vote.

Hoboken University Medical Center

Last week, the Hoboken University Medical Center entered into a formal agreement to sell our hospital to an entity with common ownership with Bayonne Medical Center. 
Under the Agreement, the hospital would continue to
operate as a full service acute care facility for at least
7 years, and Hoboken would be relieved of the
enormous financial risks related to the $52 million
bond guaranty incurred when the hospital was
purchased almost 5 years ago. 
There is still much work to be done to complete this transaction, but this is a major achievement for all Hoboken residents and taxpayers.   
I’d like to thank all of the members of the Hospital Authority Board who worked so hard, on a volunteer basis, to make this enormous success possible.

Under the Agreement entered into
last week, the hospital
would continue to operate as
a full service acute care facility
for at least 7 years, and
Hoboken would be relieved
of the enormous financial risks
related to the $52 million
bond guaranty incurred
when the hospital was
purchased almost 5 years ago.
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Sign up to participate in a tele-townhall meeting with me to
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We will text you the details when the scheduling is finalized.
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Wednesday's City Council Meeting:
The Grandstanding Continues!

Last Wednesday's City Council meeting highlighted the importance of the upcoming elections.  
My proposal to authorize class II police officers to supplement
our force of sworn police officers was voted down, without any serious consideration.  
Class II officers are used throughout the State to increase
police effectiveness during special events and to meet seasonal
demands, cost effectively increasing public safety.  It seems as
though the Council majority would prefer to have a political
issue by drumming up fear of increased crime, than a solution.
For the record, while there have been several widely
reported incidents over the past several weeks, I have
not been provided with any data indicating that crime in
Hoboken is actually on the rise.  I have asked Chief Falco to
provide the necessary data to determine the actual facts, and based on that information will take all necessary steps to
maintain the highest possible level of public safety.   

Instead of focusing on the real issues facing Hoboken,
Councilwoman Mason, without any advance notice to anyone
except perhaps her allies on the City Council, introduced
legislation intended to slash my salary and that of the City's
directors by an additional 15% - 30%, well below the levels
needed to attract qualified people for these positions.  
Please recall that immediately after taking office as
Acting Mayor, I myself cut my own salary and that
of the directors by 10%.
Apparently Mrs. Mason's commitment to government
transparency takes a back seat to her urgent need
to grandstand and create another false issue for her
next mailer.
She explained that normal procedures should be
suspended and an immediate vote be taken due to the
"urgency" involved in getting Council Members “on the
record” on this issue.
Fortunately, more responsible heads prevailed and the
legislation failed by a 5-3 vote.

Dirty Tricks
Last week, Matt Calicchio, the Russo/Mason political
operative who 4 years ago falsely accused me of
assaulting him while I was walking my dog,  was
caught on videotape removing Jen Giattino’s signs
from a business establishment. 
It has been reported that the business owner has stated
that Mr. Calicchio falsely claimed that he was doing so
at Jen’s request to prevent a $100 fine. 
There have been reports that similar incidents occurred
involving Eric Kurta signs in the 1st Ward.  Apparently
Mr. Calicchio is providing his unsavory services to
Councilman Giacchi and Councilwoman Castellano,
as well as to the rest of the Russo/Mason team.

All this highlights the importance of the upcoming elections, both School Board tomorrow and City Council on May 10.
Please spread the word and get out and vote.

Thanks for listening.

New Beth Mason mailer promises 20% tax cut

Although Councilwoman Beth Mason and the 'majority' in the City Council have the complete budget on their table including an additional 5% tax cut if they ever get around to approving it; she's sent out a mailer with some intriguing tax options.

Beth Mason in her latest 2nd ward mailer is promising a 20% tax cut.  Add in the 5% cut from late last year and that total a whopping 30%.   Wow, how does she do it?  Well she doesn't answer that obvious question.

Being that she opposed the police reorganization saving the city $2.5 annually plus more than a half million in benefits this year, it's baffling where she would go to identify such savings.  More than half Hoboken's budget is in public safety.

Talking Ed Note: There's a lot of other filler all off kilter and part of the continuation of taking pot shots from every which angle at everyone who is anyone working in service to Hoboken under Mayor Zimmer.  The mailer reiterates her call to reduce Directors salaries yet again, something she said at the last Council meeting she's had her eyes on "for a while."

Of course she fails to say as she did in City Council they were already reduced to $103,000 under the mayor.  Now she wants to whack them down to as low as $70,000.  At the council meeting Councilwoman Carol Marsh remarked how strange it would be to reduce Directors salaries a second time in short order when they have dozens of people reporting to them.

Hey give the woman an A for chutzpah.  Beth Mason has it in spades.  Hoboken would settle for her just filing her required ELEC report on her campaign financial expenditures this year.  

Where is Beth Mason's ELEC?  She's apparently funding re: wheeling money all over town in a one man gang operation to take control of Hoboken and relaunch her political ambitions for Hoboken and beyond.  

Has anyone got a pulse on POG (People for Open Government)?  Last seen they were running wheeling interference on behalf of Beth Mason and threatening to come up with a wheeling ordinance that would suit the Queen of Transparency.  

Some day.

At the last city council meeting, Councilman Nino Giacchi raised some eyebrows endorsing unwritten and unknown POG anti-wheeling proposals as a way to oppose even introducing the existing legislation sponsored by Councilman Peter Cunningham.  The POG President was then invited to speak on wheeling against the council rules on first introduction.  This even though she has no ordinance to present.

How very odd.

Russo insider: "We have Beth’s money to make it all happen"

That gnarly bit of condescending flesh, Deep Uvula is back puking its little guts up on Grafix Avenger and there's some twisted turns and takes on everything from the BoE race tomorrow to the council races on May 10th.

DU's take on the Board of Ed election and the tsunami of paper ballots confirming the 500 plus paper ballot assault on behalf of the Frank Raia - Carmelo Garcia led slate:

The absentees weren’t supposed to hit so early. Minor screw up. The BOE was supposed to be a surprise attack. No way does Kids First recover from the lead. 

Uvula says the Frank Raia (r) slate has an insurmountable absentee ballot lead for the BoE race.
Matt Calicchio (l) also appeared here at the Council forum event.

In the 6th ward, Deep Uvula ridicules "that Jen girl," saying it's beneath Councilman Nino Giacchi to speak on such common place Hoboken election style tactics:

The Calicchio kid just got a little enthusiastic. Big deal. Nino is not even going to dignify this nonsense with a response. 

On the strategic use of Beth Mason's wheeling (apparently it will be wheeled everywhere setting her new unethical records across town), this conclusion:

Funny, she (Mason) is right at home. She could care less what is done with her money, as long as she gets the win in the 2nd.

Beth Mason is in deep with the Russo clan and could care less
about how her wheeled money is used as long as it gets her a win
according to the anonymous Russo insider

Latest crime video produces radio silence on the Mason-Russo front

Yesterday's latest video surveillance tape showing crime in progress produced the loudest sound of silence from the council 'majority' one will ever hear.  No cantankerous grandstanding, no multiple consultant approved email blast, no press conference called and held on the street, no chasing down local reporters to get quoted and no statement even acknowledging what occurred.

There hasn't even been a generic bland comment describing the heist as an "anomaly" from Old Guard political operative and Jersey City interloper spokesman David Cruz who appears on the ELEC reports of the Mason-Russo team for $250 a week each.

Councilwoman Beth Mason and Councilman Nino Giacchi have been utterly silent and did not provide even a response to a request for generic comment yesterday.  Forget about an interview, your taxpayer paid representatives aren't concerned with such trivialities as the right of the governed, there's power to be wielded and protected.

The Jen Giattino signs were back up in the windows of Kayla's cleaners in time for Easter. Since yesterday's story, there's been nary a word from Beth Mason, Nino Giacchi, Tim Occhipinti and company after yesterday's latest crime tape surfaced, but this one came from a local business not the FBI.
Beth Mason who has been known to attack an empty council colleagues chair at the drop of a hat to engender some press with wild charges, even when said colleague is away attending a family funeral can't seem to muster one sentence from among her coterie of paid consultants.

Councilman Nino Giacchi has also offered nothing to a business residing in his own ward.  Perhaps he views it as just another instance of "political season," and he prefers as he said on the resolution concerning council colleague Mike Russo's corruption to "focus on the issues" of the sixth ward.  His laser like focus is so penetrating, if people are still awaiting comment on the criminality of his colleague Peter Cammarano, they may have missed it when they blinked.

Matt Calicchio (r) seen with Tim Occhipinti, now Team Mason-Russo spokesman David Cruz at last fall's 4th ward debate at the Jubilee Center.  Appearing on the council 'majority's' ELEC at $250 a week each, there's been no word from him or anyone for that matter from the Mason-Russo campaign on yesterdays' latest crime tape.

Talking Ed Note: Well Hoboken should note we can hear what this council majority is saying.  Let's see how long they think that silence can last.  If the Reform candidates are sitting by to see for a short time how this develops that's fine, but they shouldn't wait too long.  Keep the powder dry.

So far only the Jersey Journal took a stab at the story, even if incomplete.  Let's see who will be following up to hold the taxpayer paid elected officials to account.

Monday, April 25, 2011

There's been a lot of talk...

Maybe too much talk but let's get some facts out there.  Here is the sign in question that created a firestorm of criticism all around back in October 2009.  During the fall mayoral campaign a triple Beth Mason sign was propped up against a lamp post outside of its Washington Street office.

The sign was very large and positioned to be visible along Washington Street.  But in order to do so it had to rest against the street light.

So was it a violation or not?  It caught MSV's attention enough from across the street to go and capture this living monument of Hoboken's Queen of triple transparency.

Street sign controversy - this sign was visible in October 2009 during the mayoral race on Washington Street.  It's been a point of discussion after the hit job to remove signs from a business by one of Beth Mason's and Tim Occhipinti's campaign people lifted signs from inside a Hoboken business.  There's been barely a twitter from most of the local media on that matter.