Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy Censorship, it's the new parking utility

A suspect story appearing on Hoboken Patch about a shadowy Facebook page, Occupy Hoboken Parking is becoming a tad more interesting with its anonymous "Hoboken mom" and some other shady Masonic figures coming in from the cold.

Earlier today, the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta toyed with the wannabe occupiers with a couple of posts.  This one was amazing in its brevity, scope and beauty:

click to enlarge

That one didn't last long before being deleted but another post on a related matter stayed up for a spell:

But then that post too soon found its way into the ether.

Then guess who showed up but Hoboken's number one Mason backing fascist for local censorship:

Da Horsey posted because we don't expect that to last either.  The Facebook page founder, a self-proclaimed mom is remaining anonymous but another name surfaced and it's someone who was enamored with the Tim Occhipinti campaign a year back who is among the last of the rabid cult worshipers of the Masonic Temple of Hudson St. and she's pictured here below scaring the beejeezus out of Timmy.

Run Timmy!  They don't call her psycho*OY&^ for nothing.

And wouldn't you know it, she's posting there too. What a Masonic coincidence!

We posted some on the page because we know it's destined for the ether too but who cares, the universe hears the truth and now so does Hoboken.

Okay, who's going to break the bad news to Claire at Hoboken Patch?

If you are up for a little fun and want to play with the Masonites, here's the link:

Apparently, this could be one of the political operations Perry Klaussen was crowing about that he and his crew had lined up.  But it's being led it appears by the little grocery that is upset with their parking tickets.

And ticketing for people parking into the yellow areas on the street:
Anyone sick to death of tickets in Hoboken for parking a few inches over the yellow line. Time for an Occupy the <>
11 Nov <!/littlegrocery/status/135065227854225410>

And complaints going back to last month:

Update: This whole Facebook page looks like one person who is unhappy with getting tickets and has been quickly adopted by the the last of the Masonite diehards.  And they are deploying censorship liberally just like on Hoboken411.

It appears Perry Klaussen occupied himself with a bizzarre appearance on Patch:

What's interesting is Klaussen's admission of greatness in his own mind.  Beth's checkbook causes some weird behavior in folks.

On a serious note, Peggy Randall, the Little Grocer doesn't like parking tickets.  Who does?

The Little Grocer, Peggy Randall is occupying the Occupy logo but you may not be able to reach her, as her Facebook just went private.  The Little Grocer though can be and has great pies!!
Changing parking rules isn't hard.  Just go to Tim Occhipinti and have him rewrite it and pass the changes.  (Peggy that will take real work so good luck getting either out of Tim or Beth Mason.)

Okay, there's one thing Da Horsey has heard and it's that the Little Grocer has great pies!
Correction: Wrong store: it's Diane's on Jefferson St. with the great pies.

Mayor hosting HUMC ribbon-cutting ceremony tomorrow at 3:30

Office of the Mayor announces:


Hudson County Community Invited to Rediscover the Hospital  

Mayor Dawn Zimmer will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Hoboken University Medical Center to officially hand off the hospital to its new leadership team.  The Mayor will be joined by state and local officials, including Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, to celebrate the hospital’s completed sale and transfer of ownership.  The Mayor will discuss the hospital’s bright future and invite Hudson County residents to rediscover Hoboken University Medical Center.

WHAT:  Ribbon-cutting ceremony

WHEN:  Thursday, December 1, 2011; 3:30 p.m. EST 

WHERE:  Hoboken University Medical Center Emergency Room Lobby (entrance on Willow Ave. between 3rd St. and 4th St.)

Kim Guadagno, Lieutenant Governor, State of New Jersey
Mary E. O’Dowd, M.P.H., Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services 
Dawn Zimmer, Mayor, City of Hoboken
David Roberts, Former Mayor, City of Hoboken
Toni Tomarazzo, Chair, Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority
Phillip S. Schaengold, J.D., Chief Executive Officer, Hoboken University Medical Center

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beth Mason: 'Interfering with City legal matters is in my DNA'

Beth Mason is back and interjecting herself into another active legal matter facing the City but this one isn't the active FBI investigation, it's a sexual harassment claim by a Hoboken Parking Utility employee against her supervisors.

City Council members do not manage active litigation on personnel matters against the City of Hoboken but Beth Mason is making political hay on the suit.   While the City has not been served, the civil litigation was filed in Superior Court.

Councilwoman Beth Mason who receives a taxpayer paid salary as nine other members of the City Council issued a press release on the pending litigation below.  No other City Council member has commented let alone issued a press release on a pending suit against the City.

Last summer, in her abbreviated term as chair of the City Council, Beth Mason sponsored a resolution to see released tens of thousands of emails between the mayor's office and a list of media sources.  Atop her target list: three Reform oriented good governance websites: The Hoboken Journal, Grafix Avenger and Mile Square View.

The investigation of the City Hall Data Theft Ring by the FBI continues with IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi arrested and at least several current and former City officials involved but not named. The FBI criminal complaint states Ricciardi began his massive looting of the mayor's office communication in early 2010 - the exact timeframe and information sought by Beth Mason and Michael Russo in their resolution.

At the last City Council meeting, MSV spoke in public portion and stated Councilwoman Beth Mason and Michael Russo had been asked repeatedly over months to answer yes or no if they had seen any of the emails requested in their resolution originally issued in April a full month before the FBI began their investigation at City Hall.  Mason interrupted at least a half-dozen times finally voicing a denial.

After Patrick Ricciardi's arrest Michael Russo told Hoboken Now he did not receive emails from the IT Manager and Beth Mason is now on the record claiming she did not see them.

Talking Ed Note:  Since a series of press releases leading into the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center, local media often ignore Beth Mason's releases in their entirety.  MSV is releasing this one so the full Hoboken public can see what Beth Mason is doing in yet another active ongoing legal matter involving the City.

Hoboken411, the heavily censored website where Beth Mason runs her political operations has not been posting her releases regularly either.

Grafix Avenger: All I want for Christmas is more turkey

Grafix Avenger who has irritated more than her fair share of the Old Guard especially their convert Beth Mason penned her latest satiric howler "FBI Letter no. 10" and it's scalding hot under the lights.

It's unclear if the turkey in question is in fact the Hub MSV noted in last week's premium content but in the end it makes little difference.  The fowl creature in her letter is noted for having the heat gradually increased until it squealed giving up other fowl creatures.  With all the Old Guard turkeys wandering about, it's a target rich environment. 

Tim Occhipinti the occupant of the 4th ward council seat contacted the police last summer complaining about an earlier satirical FBI letter calling it a "credible threat." Letter no. 10 does indeed sound like a credible threat but what does the Old Guard do under the circumstances as they are the fowl in the FBI's sights?

Okay Tim, sit by the phone for further instructions and a binder should be arriving shortly.  Or not.

So prosbus, tell us when you first started
getting information from "the Hub."

Talking Ed Grist for the Mill Note:  The Old Guard likes having the Mason wallet available but after cashing in and making a ruckus on everything from the hospital sale to the budget surplus, behind the scenes they are less than kind hearted in talking about the 2nd ward Councilwoman.

In addition to saying she has no voting base, they add they don't like her.  Some "allies" say far worse.
Color Da Horsey shocked.

HAPP's launches new interactive website for pre-school parents

Hoboken Association for Pre-school Parents (“HAPP’s”) launches new interactive website ( just in time for the 2012-13 preschool admissions and enrollment period.

The Hoboken Association for Pre-school Parents (HAPP's) has launched a new website ( that includes tools to help parents make decisions about the 2012-13 school year.  The application process for most preschools runs from December – March; HAPP’s provides a consolidated listing for open houses, school locations on a customized map, and comparative data such as application deadlines and toilet training requirements.  There is also information for parents transitioning from preschool to Kindergarten. The HAPP’s website saves parents time and effort by providing comprehensive admission information in a "one-stop shop" format. The site also offers an insider glimpse into the experiences of parents with children currently enrolled in various programs via a unique forum.

The HAPP’s website also includes community building tools including:
  • The latest updates and news from the Hoboken Board of Education and Early Childhood program
  • Relevant news from a variety of local and state resources
  • A showcase to post pictures of kids, their art projects, and their schools
  • A forum to ask questions and receive answers from other parents 

About HAPP’s
Julie Steinberg founded HAPP’s in the summer of 2011 as a google group for parents with children in the Hoboken early childhood program.  Since then, it has expanded to cover the broader preschool community in Hoboken.   

This group is a volunteer organization operating independently of the Hoboken Board of Education.

HAPP’s mission is to (1) keep the parents of children enrolled in the Hoboken public early childhood program informed on all relevant matters, meetings, and events, and (2) facilitate online and offline community building for pre-school parents and their families.   
All are welcome, including families in the public, charter, and private early childhood education communities. Please visit us at

For more information, contact Julie Steinberg at

Monday, November 28, 2011

Councilwoman Jen Giattino on the proposed food truck ordinance

A subcommittee meeting held last Tuesday and open to the public discussed the proposed Mobile Food Truck Vendor ordinance.  Food truck vendors, other business owners, and Hoboken residents showed up to offer valuable feedback.  Much thought and consideration had already gone into the ordinance before the subcommittee meeting and much more will.  This is a public process looking to balance many views and perspectives.  Here is a summary on the proposed ordinance.

The Mobile Food Truck Vendor ordinance needed to be created from scratch because the ordinance currently on Hoboken's books was only written for pushcart vendors and ice cream trucks.  In addition, because of our current parking rule that enforces a 2 hour limit at meters, food trucks would no longer be able to serve Hoboken.  The 2 hour rule limits mobile food vendors just as it does any other person parked at a meter.  This would make it impossible for food trucks to exist in Hoboken considering the time that is needed for set up and breakdown, along with having enough time to serve.

In addressing the existing parking situation, many ordinances were looked at from throughout the country and are much more restrictive and expensive than the template we have started with on Hoboken's ordinance.  We are taking into consideration, the public's feedback and concerns about the parking issues in our city.

The proposed cost for each food vender truck is $4,265.  While this is a lot higher than the nominal $500 that exists today, there is a reason why that figure is more equitable to all parties concerned.  The proposed number is derived as follows:

- adding 2 more hours to the current 2 hour maximum parking at metered parking is $1250
- program administration cost to the City - based on annualized cost of $61,440 for 25 licenses
- a $500 application fee
- a $15 Health Certificate

This comes out to be less than $10 a day for trucks who operate 7 days a week.

The proposed ordinance includes a proximity rule where food trucks are no closer than 100 feet from the entrance of an existing restaurant and 50 feet from another food truck.  This strikes a balance for businesses who pay property taxes and have a reasonable expectation not to have a competing business right outside their door.  It also bears recognition for our local businesses who are already contributing to the tax base of the city and employing many people in town, while balancing the increased options for both residents and visitors who want to enjoy a wide variety of food at a lower cost.  The proposed ordinance is also not restrictive on access for anyone who patronizes the food truck vendors.

There have been misunderstandings on how the proposed 14 day rule works, which gives Hoboken the right to revoke a license if it is not used in a consecutive two week period.  It is intended to give the city the right to revoke a license obtained for the purpose of blocking others from operating a food truck or simply buying up a license or licenses to limit the number of trucks.  For instance, if a truck breaks down or a vendor is is going on vacation the vendor can notify the city.  The intention is not to force people to operate everyday, but to protect all license holders against unfair practices.

With an update in the proposed ordinance, a mobile food truck will be legally allowed to park at a metered spot for 4 hours along with a non metered spot for 4 hours on the same day which totals up to 8 hours daily.  A mobile food truck that starts to operate at 6am can remain in in a space until 1pm as the 4 hour rule holds from 9 am to 9pm when meter collections are active.

The proposed total amount of food truck licenses was calculated from a base of the current 16 in operation.  Some have quoted a figure of 45 trucks today but that number includes hotdog carts and ice cream trucks. The number 25 was determined to allow for future growth.

We will be scheduling another subcommittee meeting next week discuss all of the input from the public meeting on November 22.  I want to thank everyone who attended the meeting and for putting forward all their questions, ideas and concerns.  There were many great ideas and I'm looking forward to working with everyone in this process.

Thank you,

Jen Giattino
6th Ward Councilwoman

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beth Mason's lament

The Thanksgiving holiday is winding down but Hoboken can be grateful for the artistry of Hoboken resident Greg Bond who has put the lamentations of Beth Mason's sole ambition to video and song.

Hear Beth Mason cry for the chair she most wants in Hoboken.  She's consorted and gone into bed with corrupt politicians, tried to empty the City's coffers so it can't afford a kleenex if it catches a cold, spent tens of thousands to buy herself the council presidency via the 4th ward seat, and last but not least used every dirty trick in the book to sabotage the sale of the hospital all in the hope to pin the resulting fallout on Mayor Zimmer.

She's failed miserably by any objective but when you have access to untold millions courtesy of her husband's bankruptcy law practice, there's always a chance you can robocall enough folks, pump out sufficient false information on cable stations across the mile square and enjoy some of the local media eating out of your hand writing your political operative's screeds verbatim to have hope.

Now just what to do about those blasted Feds?

Here's the soon to be cult classic, courtesy of Greg Bond:

Last, here's Greg Bond's historical companion piece on Beth Mason and her spiraling history:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

FBI's data haul: 35 hard drives from City Hall and "the Hub"

According to a report by Ray Smith at the Hudson Reporter, the FBI picked up a substantial amount of data in their late May visit to City Hall.  Based on a public records request, the Feds haul includes 35 different hard drives and four laptops taken from Patrick Ricciardi's Information Technology Office on the third floor of City Hall.

Patrick Ricciard is the collector of tens of thousands of emails
to and from the mayor's office.  Independent sources from the
Old Guard state there is someone, re: "The Hub" who is involved and
not believed to be either unnamed source in the FBI criminal complaint. 

The size of the hard drives are not identified but the sheer quantity indicates a sizable amount of data.  45 DVDs were also inventoried along with five CD discs, a Galaxy Tablet and a half-dozen cell phones.

The FBI criminal complaint states Ricciardi confessed during a May 25th interview to intercepting email communications going to and from the mayor's office.  He compiled the communications of two senior staffers along with the mayor.

Ricciardi's base salary of less than 73K is dwarfed by his last two years of earnings: over 200K in 2010 and over 190K in 2009 putting him far and away above the mayor's 115K annual salary.

The City Council minority, re: MORTe (Mason-Occhipinti-Russo and Terry Castellano) attempted to lower the salary of the mayor for the second time  in her term and again the salaries of directors saving about $50,000 when they held control of the council last spring.

In April shortly after a FBI surveillance video showing Councilman Michael Russo agreeing to accept a series of bribes with Solomon Dwek was released, both he and Councilwoman Beth Mason put forward a resolution to see the release of all emails by the mayor's staff going back to January 2010.

The FBI criminal complaint states Ricciardi began his massive looting of the mayor's office communications in early 2010.

Repeated questions from MSV over months during live City Council meetings showed both Beth Mason and Michael Russo refusing to answer whether they had seen any of the emails they sought in their co-sponsored resolution.

At the last November City Council meeting, Beth Mason interrupted MSV during public portion repeatedly and finally denied seeing the emails although as noted then, she had repeated opportunities to do so over months.  Mason also offered this curious response after the July 1st meeting:

Councilman Michael Russo recently claimed in a Hoboken Now story he had not received any of the emails from Patrick Ricciardi but Ricciardi's ex-wife posted comments stating her former husband had been involved in a number of illegal activities still worth investigating and he had spent significant time with Michael Russo.

Council members Beth Mason and Michael Russo sponsored a resolution in April to obtain all emails from the mayor's staff going back to 2010 - the same information and timeframe as Patrick Ricciardi's confessed illicit activity according to the FBI complaint.
Both Russo and Mason repeatedly refused to answer if they had seen the emails requested in their resolution over months.  Now both have offered qualified statements on the matter but only after Patrick Ricciardi's FBI arrest.

Talking Ed Note:  In premium content earlier this past week, MSV identified another person being discussed in Old Hoboken believed to be the hub of illicit activity with Patrick Ricciardi.

This person is not believed to be either of the two anonymous officials in the FBI criminal complaint but is known to have ties to rabid anti-Administration associates and the Russo clan.

MSV will not name the person or interfere with the FBI investigation.  For the moment we'll dub this person talked about in Old Guard circles as "the Hub."

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 3rd Annual Hoboken Thanksgiving

The Third Annual Family & Friends Thanksgiving Buffet was a tremendous success Tuesday night, serving more than 200 people between two locations, the Multi-Service Center and the 221 Jackson Street community room. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and all the food was eaten and everyone who came got fed. Each year the event seems to get bigger and better-attended, and is becoming a great Hoboken holiday tradition that is greatly appreciated by our city's seniors and public-housing residents.

Thanks to Luis Acevedo for lots of hard work helping organize, publicize and execute, and to the City of Hoboken, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Health & Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini; and the Hoboken Housing Authority, Executive Director Carmelo Garcia, for providing facilities and support. Many, many thanks to all of our generous sponsors and volunteers, who were enthusiastically responsive this year, and without whom this would not have been possible.

Jake Stuiver (c) organized and led a Hoboken Thanksgiving now in its 3rd year

Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Stan Grossbard
City of Hoboken Department of Health and Human Services, Director Leo Pellegrini
Councilman Peter Cunningham
Councilman Tim Occhipinti
Toni Tommarrazzo
Cindy Cray
Tony Soares
Rabbi Robert Scheinberg
Dennis Shah and Vegetarian Vision
Frank Palmisano and Biggie's Clam Bar
Rami and Miriam Pinchevsky
Mark Heyer
Amardeep Singh
Keith Furman
Michelle Sager
Chris Baldwin
Vijay Chaudhuri
Deirdre Wall and Greg Bond
Carrie Phillips
Frances Jennings
The staff of Harrison Scott Publications, including Alison Waldman and Joy Selnick
LaTrenda Ross
Nanette Fornabai
Douglas Smith

Mayor Dawn Zimmer (l) at the Hoboken Thanksgiving dinner Tuesday
in perpetual motion as always

HHA Commissioner Judy Burrell
Coach Hicks
Francine Gilliard
Erika Muller
Miriam Acevedo
Noah Acevedo
Tito Grahmz
Xavier Rivera
Evelyn Rodriguez
Sheryl Carrozza
Doris Oliver
Megan Grandetti
David Gonzalez

Talking Ed Note: MSV wishes to salute everyone who participated and made this event a success!

Das Klaussen and Beth Mason discover parking is a problem made a discovery in Hoboken and wants you to know he's available to go to your TV studio in Manhattan because may be the equivalent (or worse) of equal parts dirt and water but discovered parking in Hoboken is hard when he isn't lying or defaming you.

So this leads to a local Fox TV News trip to Hoboken.  Beth Mason's favorite news source is the self-proclaimed "watch dog" who has received "hundreds" of complaints on parking under the tyrannical rule of Hoboken Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs.  Hey remember the good old days when John Corea was in charge just looting the City's parking utility for $1,000,000 or so?

Through the magic of "the internets" we are able to bring you a first row view to hear the off kilter and odd speaking dialect of Das Klaussen, the Hoboken411 proprietor and Hoboken's favorite website for Japanese twitter followers and other East Asian Hoboken lovers.

Grafix Avenger posted an earlier story on this and notes the linkage between the "former" pornographer and his friend and sponsor Councilwoman Beth Mason.  On her Facebook she posted:

"Our residents are hurt again by mismanagement from City Hall who refuse to put people first.  From small businesses to residents who have guests visiting, these parking restrictions do irreparable harm to our city."

GA notes Beth Mason is deeply concerned about the poor people at Maxwell Place who are driving in circles in front of their building or something.

This one imagines is suppose to hold your attention before the Feds come back and drag off a few frog marchers who have been looting the City of Hoboken's Office of the Mayor on every communication imaginable going back to early 2010.  (Note Beth Mason has absolutely no outrage on that matter along with her MORTe pals to share on their Facebook pages.)

Well we should at least be mildly entertained in the interim and so sit back and enjoy the wondrous visual imagery of the MyFox TV crew with Perry Klaussen sporting his 1980's Members Only Faux Leather jacket now about two sizes too small for the pigsty pizza eater.

They must have edited out his "I hate Zimmer, she doesn't pay me like Beth" screed.

Talking Ed Note: One serious note, let's dismiss for a moment the vacuousness of a local TV news crew featuring Perry Klaussen who despises people (in Hoboken especially) and lies to them in every possible manner big and small, ready to do a hatchet job while rigidly censoring with Nazi Germany type precision to keep his victims silent, be they public official or Hoboken resident.

There's one serious point in the story on the problematic technical matter of visitors tagged when they park in one spot and if seen four hours later in another are clocked as having parked over the limit.
Technically it's true someone can leave and return to a different spot and find their car booted.

This is a real problem and it's unclear how to address this short of an expensive GPS monitoring system.

MSV has been looking into another parking concern from a resident perspective.  More on that later.

Sleaze merchant Perry Klaussen is predicting bad things for the mayor, again.

Update: 1:20  A reader emailed laughing at the latest lunacy exhibited by Hoboken's hate monger who predicts what looks like yet another ginned up Beth Mason disinformation campaign:

@ – the Mayor and everyone at city hall reads the site daily. However, any email complaints sent to the Mayor are ignored (unless it’s sent from a campaign contributor or one of the 39 friends she has out of 50,005 residents).
But we have more exciting investigative reports on tap – some that no one will be prepared to handle.. haha!

The mayor is not likely reading Hoboken411 daily or regularly.  Who has time for that filler?  MSV doesn't read it at all.  Going there once every month or two you realize how next to nothing is missed.  The interesting stories contributed by others, the readers who offered truly interesting insights are all long gone.  

It's a garish cartoon site with some store openings and closings and news for frat boys in town and a couple of old drunks like Whisky Tango who some say has his own web page there and makes up about 50% of the comments along with an inane dog walker.

Klaussen's roommates are going to be excited when they get home tonight to hear how Hoboken411 is going to show Zimmer the FBI is here to get her and she won't be able to handle what he and Beth have planned and it's going to be bigger than a MORTe saved the hospital commercial.

While Klaussen and Beth trade on filth and misinformation, the grown ups re: professionals are working hard to make Hoboken better, saving the hospital, reducing spending and cutting taxes.

People know.

And there's a reason why other people need to stay on their meds.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who's on the FBI holiday list?

Thanksgiving is almost here and it's certainly time to give thanks and Hoboken extends same to the Boys of Summer in Newark for their diligence in uncovering a massive data theft conspiracy ring in town.

Beyond that we're looking at the holiday season.  Who's on the FBI's Christmas wish list?

The following story is MSV Premium Content.  To purchase please use a debit or credit card for $3.45.
No Paypal account is required.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Horse Sense: FBI Data Theft Conspiracy is not over, it's beginning

After a solid week of silence the Hudson Reporter's Al Sullivan got the memo on what to say about the FBI uncovering a massive data theft ring conspiracy at City Hall. If you thought he would focus on the conduit who's already confessed or the implications of the damage done to Hoboken, you'd be completely wrong.

This past weekend, Al Sullivan showed what happens if you get in the Old Guard's way. He could barely contain his enthusiasm to take on the "bloggers" who "blatantly and unfairly accused" Council members Michael Russo and Beth Mason and her minion of being connected to the Data Theft Ring.

MSV doesn't recall discussing Michael Russo much on this other than questioning him in City Council on whether he saw any of the the emails under FBI investigation he was requesting in a resolution sponsored by Councilwoman Beth Mason.  He mumbled to direct the questions to the chair and declined to provide a yes or no on the question.

Not to say he's innocent. Anyone who spent so much questionable time hanging out with Patrick Ricciardi is certainly dead center in the investigation and if Ricciardi's ex-wife says that's trouble, who are we to argue?

As noted by that nutty scribe bludiamonds, Al Sullivan avoided stating any central fact in the FBI Data Theft Ring Conspiracy writing about bloggers 9 times while mentioning the FBI and Patrick Ricciardi, the confessed data ring theft kingpin zero times.

Please send us the memo the FBI investigation is a wrap because MSV didn't get it. Of course Al Sullivan could turn out at least partially right if some of the people on the FBI list land up flipping and going Solomon Dwek FBI informant on the others. Maybe some already have.

We'll call that a moral victory for Al Sullivan. Keep up the bad work Al. This horse sense editorial is for Al and the Old Guard he's dedicated to and loves.


Hola Board to school's director: Say Hola to unemployment

A rare weekend story from Jessica Rosero on Hoboken Patch noted charter school discontent surrounding  the dispatch of the Hola school director Maria Acosta.

The apparent dismissal is the latest in a wave of others at the charter school.  The lasted was noted in a November 10 email by Hola board president Jen Sargent stating Acosta had been placed on administrative leave.

There's no stated reason why Acosta was suddenly let go during the school year.  The Hola Board is not saying but there's hints of an emerging pattern noted on Grafix Avenger.

Grafix Avenger highlights the State law for public schools and the odd notice from the Hola Board President that appears to acknowledge a coup d'├ętat may have taken place outside of NJ law.

Another open question at Hola revolves around its school construction last summer and Frank Raia, a controversial figure in Hoboken elections where legions of Hoboken Housing Authority residents continue to find regular payments, usually for $40 to "campaign" and continuously vote absentee (vote by mail).

Raia who sits on the Hola board of trustees looks to have garnered a windfall construction contract this past summer in a no bid process - a clear violation of State law.

Previously MSV has questioned the use of the Boys and Girls Club by the charter school.  There's numerous tax problems in the arrangement and the negative impact on the original clients - disadvantaged children in the neighborhood was covered here earlier.

MSV ran into one HoLa parent this weekend.  She was tight lipped about the reason for Maria Acosta's apparent dismissal and without addressing any details said she "stood by the Board's decision."

Hola Board Trustee member Frank "Pupie" Raia is again in the middle of controversy.
Turnover at the Hola school has been very high in its short existence with concern about
the Board overstepping its role and legal authority in dismissing the school director.

Here's the HoLa board and their respective email addresses:

Board of Trustees

Jennifer Hindman Sargent, President
Barbara Martinez, Vice President
Tia Narciso, Treasurer
Susan Costomiris, Trustee
Anthony Petrosino, Trustee
George Duke, Trustee
Frank Raia, Trustee
Jennifer Austin, Trustee

Talking Ed Note: MSV hasn't fully told the Boys & Girls Club story with Hola and most media outlets have completely ignored that story - except for our colleague Grafix Avenger. The common denominator in media avoidance - Frank Raia, an Old Guard stalwart who when named a year ago in criminal referrals in the Lenz-Occhipinti election saw complete media silence.

Those complaints went to the NJ Attorney General's Office and could very well remain an open matter. Raia hasn't only been throwing his weight around on local elections and Hola construction projects, he's also been seen at BoE meetings in recent months. The less than open secret among the Old Guard is he intends to take over the school system from Kids First and bring back his old time patrongage system where audits were ignored year to year and sent to the video "cleaners" to keep the public from seeing. 

When an audit's results were aired at a 2010 BoE meeting, the tape was scrubbed removing that portion before it was telecast on cable. MSV investigated but was told by the technician it was most assuredly a technical problem. Who was the technician?

Patrick Ricciardi.

Superintendent Carter did not accept the explanation and promptly relieved Ricciardi of his services. (Not to worry, Ricciardi was able to absorb that loss of work and make more than 200K in earnings from his City job's base salary of 73K.

 Raia is eager to run again and has his slate all but announced.  Several sources say Pupie is planning a ticket with himself at the top with Anthony Oland joined by current Trustee Maureen Sullivan. Maureen Sullivan?

 Go ahead and explain this to those in the Hoboken Republicans who backed Maureen First. People have long warned Maureen Sullivan would pull a Beth Mason and sign on with the Old Guard. Spin that one.

Councilman Dave Mello: Hospital saved but obstructionist damage is continuing

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Let's start with some truly wonderful news: Hoboken's hospital has been sold; will remain open for business; and no longer must be kept afloat by the Hoboken taxpayer.

Yet, despite this fabulous news that the hospital sale has finally cleared, this past Monday Hoboken's City Council met and voted negatively on a surprisingly divisive issue: should we approve relatively routine year-end budget line item transfers.  I'm very sorry to say that this line-item transfer vote failed with a 5-4 vote.  

Specifically, this vote was to approve line item budget transfers of approximately two percent of the City's yearly budget.  Put simply, we're at the end of Hoboken's budget year, and some budget line items came in under budget, while others came in over budget.  However, the administration can't legally just move this money across line items.  Instead, we on the City Council needed to approve these "line item transfers" with at least a 6-3 vote.  I, and four of my colleagues, voted in favor of the transfers; four of my colleagues - the "Council Minority" - did not.  One no vote came from a colleague who is also on the Council's Revenue and Finance Committee with me, and had every opportunity to ask probing questions about these transfers, yet still voted no.  The result: the vote failed.

What does this all mean?  Well, there are now a number of budget items that can't be paid, including:
  • Overtime pay accrued by our Hoboken fire department, which was hundreds of thousands of dollars above what was originally budgeted for in their salary and wages line item.
  • Legal fees owed to our bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Paul Hollander, who played a vital and significant role in saving Hoboken's hospital and ridding we, the taxpayers, of a $52 million bond guarantee made in 2007.

In regards to these transfers, I had the following comments before we voted to approve or disapprove them at Monday's meeting:

If the hospital bankruptcy had not been resolved, the sale of the hospital would not have gone through.  If the sale of the hospital had not gone through, the hospital would have closed its doors.  If the hospital closed its doors, the bond holders of over $50 million in bond debt would have "called the bond" and we, the Hoboken taxpayers, would have been on the hook for over $50 million.  This "bond call" would have resulted in a quick and back-breaking property tax increase across Hoboken.  All residents would have been affected to varying, extreme levels.

Our bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Paul Hollander, played a vital role in avoiding this imminent fate.  He cleared the way for the sale of the hospital and he negotiated a settlement that, in the words of the bankruptcy judge provided "extraordinary relief" to the Hoboken taxpayer because this judgement fully indemnified us, and precluded the creditors, who the hospital owed over $30 million to, from coming after the City of Hoboken for these debts owed (we were the deep pockets in this equation).  We, the Hoboken taxpayers, were protected by the efforts of Mr. Hollander.  He earned his pay, and it is money well spent and justly due.  More importantly, he can be paid out of funds already present in our budget.  Mr. Hollander should be paid.  He should be paid immediately.  Four of my Council colleagues don't seem to think he should.

Sadly, this vote was just one of many recent votes where the "Council Minority" has been clearly obstructionist.  These obstructive votes amount to a chaotic "cutting off your nose to spite your face" financial policy where, unfortunately, it is the fiscal face of Hoboken residents that is being mutilated.

Please join me in fighting against further obstructionist tactics by some of our elected officials.  You can reach out to me via this email if you would like to help out in any way.

Thank you for your time and thank you for reading.

All my best,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Did you know MORTe saved the hospital?

This weekend MSV read about the latest propaganda salvo in damage control mode for MORTe in a new Beth Mason ad.  Here is the ad, courtesy of reader, The Chief:

How many individual pieces of false information can you identify in this Beth Mason ad?
Did you note the little article clip via Beth Mason's "news source" Hoboken411?

MSV is not responsible for any content in this video.

bludiamonds checks in on Sully brain salad surgery

Ugh. Cripes, folks, sorry about this… those voices in my head got extra-loud last night and triggered another one of my “episodes,” where I slip all the way into one of my multiple personalities and stay there for a while. This time, I seem to be stuck in the mindset of Sal Mulligan, a hippie burnout and failed writer who pays his bills and gets his jollies scarfing down talking-points memos scripted by evil-genius spinmeisters like myself and regurgitating them, sight-unseen, into Walter Winchell-style gossip-rag soundbytes.

As far as I can remember, Sal started whispering into my ear late last night as I was getting off my 1010LOSES shift and plotting my next WINNING strategy over Zimmer, Lenz and of course the evil interlopers Bryan and Mel-lye. He told me to pass through Bayonne on my way home and have a few shots of Old Granddad (known as Ol’ Pap-pap in the Mulligan home back in the day), and the next thing I knew, here I was, stuck in Sal-mode indefinitely, feeling compelled to pen a “Between the Flashbacks” column for the Hoboken Distorter covering the e-mail theft and resulting FBI arrest in Hoboken.

Sal had to come up with something to acknowledge this new development, after having to skirt around it last week to take a little extra time and mental muscle to wipe the egg off his face after some of the laughable spin he spewed over the summer. For example:

The Zimmer administration has been criticized for using the official city website as a political vehicle, most notably reporting on the video tapes of Councilman Michael Russo, while not mentioning other people connected with her administration who might also have met with federal informant Solomon Dwek.

Separation of political from governmental functions is hugely important in keeping government honest.

What brought down former President Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal in the 1970s was that very thing – a misuse of government for political purposes.

No one really knows if this is the case with Zimmer, partly because she has slammed shut the door on open government with a gag order for city employees. Anyone who gives information out risks losing his or her job and thus, their pension.

The utter secrecy around these emails leads many to wonder why they are so sensitive that they need to be kept from the public. Some believe that they will show a pattern of abuse behind the scenes, not crimes, but political manipulation done on city time at tax payers’ expense.

But whatever they contain, the emails harkens back to Watergate, where the cover-up tended to be worse than the events themselves.

For those of you wondering what the heck is going on with the FBI and the e-mails in Hoboken, there are several theories going around.

The version being put out by people close to the Zimmer administration is that someone in the information technology office was leaking information to Zimmer’s political enemies. While some of this may indeed have been public information, the correct process for obtaining that information is through the city open public records system. So, according to that version, Zimmer called in the feds, who seemed to have found enough of something to continue to sniff around.

This is something akin to killing flies with demolition ballmore than a little overkill.

Album Cover from Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Brain Salad Surgery"

So as you might imagine, my split personality, Sal, had some serious work to do spinning his way out of this one. Hence, his arrival in my head last night. Let’s see if I can’t apply a little bit of my genius to help pull his deep-fried brain remnants out of the bottle, shall we? 

My goal for this week’s “Between the Flashbacks” column may seem simple, but it’s actually a tall order – dismissively minimize the significance of the crimes that actually occurred, or avoid mentioning them altogether if possible; muddy the waters by refraining from ever referencing the actual arrested culprit, who’s been very good to me and all my salt-of-the-earth Hoboken friends over the years; distance the crime from any political faction and make it seem like some random, apolitical occurrence being blown out of proportion by a paranoid, desperate Zimmer administration; make Zimmer seem a little dirty herself, and possibly even deserving of an ends-justify-the-means criminal conspiracy to expose the much more odious corruption within; and, most importantly, shift the focus of scrutiny away from my unnamed friend and any politicos associated with his actions, and over to none other than that favorite bugaboo of BOTH my split personalities, Lame Ba-job-seeker AND Sal Mulligan –

Just you watch. In my column this week, I will proceed to cover the FBI arrest and e-mail theft with zero mentions of the term “FBI” (“federal authorities” just sounds less ominous, don’t you think?), zero mentions of the arrested individual, and a whopping NINE mentions of “pro-Zimmer Bloggers.” I will euphemistically describe the crime as “allegedly obtaining city communications meant for Mayor Dawn Zimmer” instead of “stealing the Mayor’s e-mails and distributing them to her adversaries,” which is what it is. I know all that sounds like a tall order, but watch and learn, my friend. I’ve got a hot pot of mushroom tea on the stove, a 10-pack of “5-Hour Energy” pills, a few lines of crank, and my black light and lava lamp glowing over my Pink Floyd wall-size poster. Let’s boogie:

When alleged federal authorities allegedly charged an alleged Hoboken official with allegedly obtaining city communications meant for alleged Mayor Dawn Zimmer, alleged federal authorities gave alleged Hoboken bloggers an early alleged gift for the holiday allegedly known as Christmas: three unnamed co-conspirators.

Zimmer bloggers are the problem causing distress.
It outta be a Federal crime.

Despite heavy hints alleged federal put into the alleged indictment that these three alleged people are different from the people whom the pro-Zimmer bloggers have been crucifying for months, the bloggers have had a field day putting their own names in the blank spaces. I will refrain from any mention of the actual arrestee since he was such a good friend to so many anti-Zimmer scribes seeking inside information to use in our attacks.

Many of the most prominent bloggers have blatantly and unfairly accused Councilman Michael Russo (who’s been unfairly accused of many things, none of which were ever caught on tape by the FBI or anything scary like that, and if they were, the tapes were not supposed to be released, and it’s the Zimmer administration’s fault for putting the information out there, the hypocrites!), Councilwoman Beth Mason (who wouldn’t know anything about any e-mails she asked for and certainly doesn’t have to answer any questions about whether she’d already seen them), and political activist (and unfairly maligned Mason friend) Lame Ba-job-seeker of being connected with the scandal.

Apparently, some city officials grew concerned when information contained in their e-mails began to appear on what is seen as an anti-Zimmer website. An alleged website. It is seen as an alleged website. This is a highly speculative allegation however. The fact that this website published images of Mayor Zimmer as a chimpanzee and dubbed her the Jewish Mayor who stole Christmas is only circumstantial evidence among those who “see it as anti-Zimmer,” which is, namely, everyone.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the leakage of confidential and sensitive SWAT-settlement details. The fact that the administration was asking council members to vote on the settlement without public input is not a surprise, since the Zimmer administration does many things in this manner. This manner being, a manner that is legal and above-board. This is not how things are supposed to be done in Hoboken. When my good friend Anthony Russo was in charge, they cut legal corners left and right, all in the name of the great On the Waterfront tradition that makes this a strong blue-collar community and not another yuppie outpost for elitist snobs who want crazy things like value for their tax money (like my special arrested friend liked to say, LoveYourTaxMoney!) and all this following-the-letter-of-the-law claptrap.

Three unnamed figures, however, are not the enemies whom the pro-Zimmer bloggers want.

The spread of confidential e-mails appears to have been done for political purposes, not for monetary gain (ok, ok, this remains entirely to be seen and I have no real knowledge of it whatsoever), giving that much for pro-Zimmer bloggers (obsessed much?) to chew on.

Allegedly, the alleged information was allegedly being spread in order to allegedly undermine the alleged political standing of the alleged Zimmer administration, but not by those whom the bloggers have been slamming. Again, this is pure conjecture on my part, but hey, it fits our narrative and that’s all that matters, right? Give the man a hand, it’s getting late and I’m on my third packet of 5-Hour-Alert.

Mason, of course, has been persistent in trying to obtain e-mails from the city (as opposed to through other channels, which she would never, ever dream of, so I had to throw that “from the city” clause in there to eave no room for ambiguity) that would tie some of the pro-Zimmer bloggers to public officials in the Zimmer administration, hoping to find a record of Zimmer aides (whose jobs are of course coveted by no one I know) bashing political opponents through the city’s official channels. She was hoping to determine if the aides were politicking on city time, perhaps releasing information to pro-Zimmer bloggers (NINTH MENTION—and you doubted me! Geez, Horsey, you and GA really have gotten under my skin!) in order to get a positive spin on stories before less biased press (like MEEEEEE, I am less biased, I have only hung out with Mikey Russo and his operatives a dozen times this week) reported on them.

Zimmer bloggers are famous for their evil.  Here's the evidence in song.

Sometimes labeled “Zimmergate” (by no one at all, ever. It was coined by me, just now.), the withholding of the e-mails seems more problematic (to me and my talking-points-memo operative scribes, if no one else) than what anyone might find when they actually read them (which, of course, as we’ve already established, no one associated with the email-releasing resolution ever has, ever).

The mayor allegedly known as Zimmer is nowhere nearly as allegedly political as those who allegedly oppose her, but the lack of transparency in her alleged administration and her clear distrust of the press leaves people to question what goes on behind the alleged scenes.

So there you have it, folks! Nine mentions of bloggers, zero mentions of the actual arrested official or the seriousness of the crime and potential conspiracy, thoroughly baseless cover for my friends on the city council who all evidence would suggest are very much involved in some capacity, plenty of softball language surrounding what actually happened, and a big cloud of doubt cast over Zimmer for her own role in the conspiracy and crimes against her. That’s what’s “sometimes labeled” as blaming the victim. It works. I know a lot of shifty defense attorneys who’ve made a career of saying, “But Your Honor, sure my client’s a rapist, but what was she doing walking down a city street in a short skirt like that?” It works more than you think. It was actually I who devised the infamous Colin Ferguson defense that he was accused of 93 counts of murder only because it was the year 1993. No wonder I make the medium bucks! So that’s the bone I threw my good buddy and Mikey Russo and chief patroness Beth Mason. Not bad for a hard day’s work, especially with a hangover. Now, anybody seen my bong and my copy of Marx & Engels?

bludiamonds can be found on twitter at:!/blu_diamondsis an MSV sponsor and therefore controls all our content, blogging and otherwise.

Grafix Avenger coincidentally had Sully on the brain and addressed the condition there:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mason and MORTe allies: Perfect together with false information and more hospital television ads

Beth Mason who claimed the public was not permitted to make "false statements" in City Council is airing another ad on the hospital on behalf of MORTe attempting to offset the huge damage incurred when she and MORTe came within a hair of sabotaging the hospital's sale.

Does anyone find it odd Beth Mason continues to pump big dollars into a massive hospital disinformation campaign full of false statements in every public forum in Hoboken be it the City Council or local airwaves?

Her henchman, the Hoboken411 minion who is not paid for friendship no longer comes to City Council meetings airing not just false statements but fabricated packed diatribes followed with same on Hoboken411 - usually within a day.  (We're trying to recall a complaint by Councilwoman Castellano on any of it and can't come up with even one.)  After years of official unemployment, the wee man of a thousand screen names landed at least a part time job doing traffic reports for a local radio station.  There's at least 100 Pakistani cab drivers tuning in on the graveyard shift awaiting his spin on local traffic.

One outraged commenter, Taxpayer saw the TV ad and writes in part:
(MORTe) claim that they saved the hospital and their ugly faces are on the screen. Mrs Richard Mason is such a delusional psychopath. What I don't understand is why is the governor letting her slide with this big lie? Why wouldn't someone sue her for misrepresentation of the facts? This add has been on for the past few weeks and is only getting more brazen.

Well Taxpayer, we've seen this drill before.  The way it works is the adults do the hard work of governing and getting things done and others spend all their time playing politics doing absolutely nothing.

Councilwoman Beth Mason lets fly with "information" as fellow MORTe allies standby at Monday's meeting.

Talking Ed Note: As many know, and reported correctly by Augie Torres in the Jersey Journal today, it was Tim Occhipinti who finally decided against sabotaging the hospital in a vote to get out of HUMC's way so they could pursue an independent future in concluding its sale.

In a shock to no one, Al Sullivan at the Hudson Reporter has come out and finally penned some words on the Data Theft Conspiracy Ring.  In typical machine tool fashion, Sully has discovered the true problem.  It's not the massive looting of communications coming and going in the mayor's office and her senior staff, or the confessed culprit Patrick Ricciardi and his unnamed list of co-conspirators.  It's those Zimmer bloggers.

No doubt that's code for Da Horsey and Grafix Avenger and all you corruption avengers out there.

We'll have more on that story as MSV predicts it will become an all time classic, easily surpassing Sully's laugh track defense of Peter Cammarano's crimes and Michael Russo's invaded privacy re: conspiring with FBI informant Solomon Dwek to collect bribes.

Al Sullivan is going to eat every single syllable of this one and choke on it.  We've gotten an email from bludiamonds begging to pen a reply.  While we're eager to let fly with the easy slam dunks ourselves, we're giving that slivery almond first shot.

Keep a lookout here late Sunday for it!

Ramos: Stop online identity theft

From the desk of Assemblyman Ruben Ramos:


            (TRENTON) – Assemblyman Ruben J. Ramos, Jr. is sponsoring legislation that would expand the options available to prosecutors and victims to address online identity theft.
            The bill (A-4143), entitled the “Digital Impersonation Prevention Act,” would make impersonating a person online a crime punishable with a fine of up to $1,000, a maximum prison sentence of one year, or both. In addition, a person who is harmed as a result of another’s person’s “digital impersonation” may bring a civil action for statutory damages of $500 per occurrence, compensatory damages, and injunctive or other equitable relief against the violator.
            “Under this bill, prosecutors would have the option to charge defendants with a violation of either statute or both, depending on the severity of the crime. For example, prosecutors could seek a fine, in addition to a prison sentence and restitution, for serious offenders, while using the digital impersonation charge for relatively minor offenses,” said Ramos (D-Hudson).
            “The Digital Impersonation Prevention Act also allows the court to award statutory damages. This increases the potential damages that can be awarded in all online identity theft cases, and ensures victims who may have a difficult time putting a monetary amount to the damage caused by the impersonation, will still have a chance to receive compensation,” added Ramos.”
            The bill makes it a third degree crime for a person knowingly, with intent to defraud, and without consent, to credibly impersonate another actual person through or on an Internet website or by other electronic means for the purpose of harming another person, transmitting unsolicited bulk messages or commercial solicitations, or copying or accessing a contact list.
            The bill comes on the heels of the case of a Belleville woman accused of creating a fake Facebook page in the name of her ex-boyfriend, a narcotics detective in Parsippany. The attorney for the accused argued the indictment against his client should be dismissed because current law does not include “electronic communications.” A judge earlier this month ruled that digital impersonation can be covered under current identity theft laws, however the bill sponsored by Ramos affords more flexibility to prosecutors and victims, and offers additional remedies.
            “We are living in a world where what we know, or what we think we know about other people is often extracted from Facebook and other social media sites,” said Ramos. “This bill not only attempts to dispel any ambiguity about what is considered identity theft in New Jersey, but give those who have fallen prey to bullies and criminals online more ways to right the wrong.”

Talking Ed Note: Per MSV policy, we'll not add any editorial to this release as any elected official's that comes direct.  We'll note however that this likely does not include any Inane Blowhardy screen name done for political operative purposes, i.e. recently appearing here: Col. Stevens, prosbus, Hoboken Questioner, yesm, Professor Pinetop, theyalltalk, youme66, blooddiamonds, darfakles, boink, Redhaven, Enough,  YimYam, Madison Monroe, bokenbart, BobindaBoken, Skyclub, TommyTune, wakeup07030,  and countless others known as Lame that some prankster recently posted here.  

Bludiamonds we suspect you are the naughty poster.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Final Freeholder shocker: Kurt Gardiner tallied over 1700 votes

The Freeholder election where challenger Kurt Gardiner surprised well funded county backed incumbent Anthony Romano was quickly overtaken by the FBI arrest of the confessed City Hall IT manager Patrick Ricciardi.

But it's worth taking a look at that election again.  Why?  Kurt Gardiner's tally initially thought to be in the 1500 range officially concluded with an amazing 1724 votes!

Giant shocker: Kurt Gardiner's final vote tally was over 1700 votes in the Freeholder election
His viral campaign turned out to be the biggest resistance to the  Hudco tax machine
across all of Hudson County.

A review of the election results by ward and district shows Kurt Gardiner fared best in Hoboken's 2nd ward where residents angered by the Beth Mason led sabotage that almost closed the hospital went out to vote in a sleeper election allowing the Jolly Green Giant to take the 2-3 district outright.

Gardiner also made a point at the end of highlighting Beth Mason's cash donation to the Romano campaign and that message and a strong detailed platform resonated and clearly took hold in Hoboken and especially in Beth Mason's backyard in the 2nd ward.

On less than a shoestring budget of $1,500 Gardiner pulled over 26% of the total vote.  In Hoboken The Giant tallied almost 30% of the vote citywide, more if you consider the latest election anomaly where he was beaten on absentee ballots 618 to 62.

Once again, Hoboken's Housing Authority finds an uncanny interest to vote by paper ballot with their invisible army of campaign workers unseen on election day but likely each collecting $40 for their "work."

 Talking Ed Note: Kurt Gardiner is talking about taking up the challenge for County Freeholder in three years.  His immediate goal is to focus on county issues and build awareness there among Hoboken residents.

After all, we still need a Giant Tax Cut in Hudson County.

Election chart at the jump:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Michele "Five-bucks-a-tow" scores a taxpayer paid job

Today's Hudson Reporter confirms what MSV has been tracking for months - Michele Russo has scored a taxpayer position and it's going through on the BoE in Union City where MSV investigated previously.

Earlier a controversy broke out when Michele "five-bucks-a-tow" Russo attempted to apply for a Hudson County position but that effort was quashed by public protest from readers here phoning the County.

According to the HR story, Michele has been working on the Union City BoE since late October and offers this quote:

Union City Superintendent of Schools Stanley Sanger said Russo “filled a need within the district as far as the new health screening center at UCHS.” He said he found her to be the best candidate with her “quality organizational skills."

Talking Ed Note: What the trade was between the Russo clan and Union City Mayor Stack is unclear but our original source said it had to be something significant.  Perhaps the Feds can find out at the right time.

With the expanding FBI investigation in Hoboken and the arrest last week of Russo friend Patrick Ricciardi, is this dumb or what?

October 11, 2011

Grist for the Mill: Michele Russo shut down again on Union City BoE job with health benefits


If you don't get the taxpayer loot, the Russo clan motto is try, try again and let no concept as shame, or the law stop you.  All's fair in seeking the bottom line by hook or by crook.  Usually it's the latter, but you are no crook until the door cell sings shut behind you and maybe not even then.

MSV reported earlier on Michele Russo's attempt to land a county job with coveted taxpayer paid health benefits lost in a December audit by the City, but in the latest foray, the fat lady had not truly sung in Union City.  This time it has.

Michele Russo (l) speaking to Councilwoman Terry Castellano before a recent council meeting.

A well placed sourced connected to Union City categorically says plans had  been finalized between Union City Mayor Brian Stack who is well known for his hands of influence on the town's BoE and the Russo family.  The arrangement was concluded in a negotiation with Michele Russos' son, 3rd ward Councilman Michael Russo .  (And here we thought he was valiantly working on saving the hospital.)

Previously MSV exclusively reported the Russo efforts failed to obtain a position on the Union City BoE for Ma Russo but this effort had destiny written on it.  To our question on whether there was reconsideration this time, the source interjected, "It was a done deal!."

So what happened?  An Attorney General investigation in Union City has put the heat on the town and Mayor Brian Stack backed out not wanting to have the added glare under the spotlight.  Ma Russo was all set as an action item on the most recent Union City BoE agenda, until suddenly she wasn't.

Her planned BoE job  was unceremoniously yanked off the agenda.  It's not clear if a third attempt will be made should the heat lighten up.  Currently, police chief Charles Everett is the target of a state probe on a "low show" job doing school security as reported in the Jersey Journal last week:

Subpoenas have been served to Union City Mayor Brian Stack’s office, Police Chief Charles Everett’s office and the Union City Board of Education in its investigation, a source told The Jersey Journal.

Union City Mayor Brian Stack also serves as a NJ State Senator.  According to the unconfirmed source, Michele Russo's done deal was quashed due to the heat from the police chief probe.  It's not known what Councilman Michael Russo offered in exchange for the BoE job, but the source noted it had to be something, something good.

Talking Ed Note: The first casualty in a state law enforcement action in Hoboken in recent days is all but official.  Begin the countdown...

Ready when you are Madam Attorney General.  Hoboken is eagerly awaiting another visit in coordination with the Boys of Summer, from the FBI in Newark.  Union City is in the sights now just up the hill.  NJ Attorney General Paula Dow is pictured here at Hoboken's 9-11 ceremony.

Wider law enforcement heat from the NJ Attorney General's Office has generated impact on Hoboken and oddly it's via Union City.  This is the first tangible affect on the Old Guard in town.

It won't be the last.  Turn up the heat, baby!

Unrelated: Grafix Avenger has penned yet another in her smash hit series, "FBI Letter No. 9."  This the latest in joyful anticipation of the FBI's return visit to Hoboken and what Tim Occhipinti, the current occupant of the 4th ward council seat called "a credible threat."

Well MSV certainly hopes so but it's not in the way Occhipinti hoped.  He along with his sponsor Beth Mason coordinated a complaint against the Hoboken mom for "FBI Letter No. 4" where GA comically wrote about joining the Feds and helping in a series of arrests of corrupt Hoboken officials/residents.

Don't we all?