Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zoning Board Candy to be handed out, other goodies but no transparency

Tonight's City Council meeting includes a bunch of goodies all part of the post-Christmas presents to themselves for getting Tim Occhipinti installed into the swing seat.

We've got three yummy Zoning Board seats, can you see Mike "handing out the variances like candy," Novak smiling now?  Who knows what is going to be coupled with him.

In addition there's an HHA appointment listed but it's a well kept secret in what that's all about as there's been no public call for residents to submit resumes.  Then there's a plum North Hudson Sewerage position the council will also select.  If you close your eyes and think really hard, we're almost back in the Mayor Russo era when everything was decided in a smokey back room of 'the Association.'

Hoboken will get to see it all in action tonight starring the Queen of Transparency Beth Mason clearing the decks for those empty spaces on the documents to be filled in.  Will her Mason411 minion be crying a river over any of this tonight?

Have no fear, bottomless hypocrisy is here.

See the seizure of powers in action at the Hoboken Journal's Live coverage at 7:00:

MSV joins with the Hoboken Journal urging investigation of 4th ward special election

Last November Hoboken held an important special election for the 4th ward City Council seat on November 2, 2010.  Concerns about election fraud were expressed over months by both the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View even before the first machine votes were tallied. The subsequent criminal referrals generated from this special election require more than awaiting the results kicked up to the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office and the New Jersey Attorney General's Office of Paula Dow.

As there has been no public update regarding the open criminal referrals, MSV and the Hoboken Journal ask concerned residents to express their support for a full and complete investigation beyond the multiple problems uncovered by the cursory investigation of the Hudson County Board of Elections.
Please express your desire for a full investigation to both the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office in the name of Edward De Fazio and also New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow via their contact information shown below.

Thank you.


Email Edward De Fazio:
Website form:
Phone the NJ Attorney General's office: (609-292-4925) 

Talking Ed Note: Grafix Avenger posted a letter and suggestion to act on this front yesterday that can be found here:

Mason411 drowning in its lies On the Waterfront

The bad news with yesterday's City Hall announcement detailing the engineering report's cost revelations to repair the waterfront is doubly bad for some.  Can you guess who is trying to cover their tracks after politicizing the serious business of inspecting the piers and pumping its usual litany of party line lies first?

Hoboken411 went all out taking the less than professional assessment last fall by Boswell engineers and went with the on the fly conspiracy putting out its usual  "I hate Zimmer," screed:

Another moon landing conspiracy theory?  There was no problem on the waterfront according to Mason411's favorite "news" outlet always pumping out bile and the party line.

According to Hoboken411, no inspection was required and it was just a waste of money to perform the due diligence.  Didn't that get us into the trouble we are in today under prior mayors in the first place?

It's always great to hear from the anonymous Hoboken people in these hit jobs.  Hey, but it does keep the other Mason conspiracy minion busy when they talk to each other.

Here's the attempt yesterday at whitewashing the truth yet again:

A normal person attempts to point out the obvious truth but Mason411 sticks to conspiracy theory.

Maybe Oscar needs to take the Mason411 boys of hate for a short walk on a long Pier A.  You just can't make up this kind of mental lunacy.

James Sanford elected County Chairman of Young Republican Club

Hudson County Young Republicans Elections

The Hudson County Young Republicans now have new leadership for 2011.  James Sanford who considered running in the 4th ward City Council election last fall is the new elected Chair.  

On Thursday, January 13, 2011, The Hudson County Young Republican Club held their first meeting of the New Year in Hoboken, NJ. The most anticipated item on the agenda was the election of officers, which ushered in new leadership for the county and support for Governor Christie. Hudson County Republican Chair Jose Arango, and Hoboken Municipal Republican Committee Chair Diana Davis, were present to congratulate the newly elected officers.

With a large attendance of young Republicans representing municipalities from the county, James Sanford, resident of Hoboken, won as the newly elected Chair of the Hudson County Young Republicans.
The Chairman-elect thanked those present and added:

“I am grateful for the enthusiasm and support of the people who elected me. I am also thankful for the opportunity to build upon the many accomplishments of outgoing Chairman Fernando Uribe. I appreciate his many years of service to the organization. Together we will strengthen the Republican Party in Hudson County."

Chairman James Sanford is twenty-seven years old. His father is from Wisconsin, and mother is from Hong Kong. He was born and raised in New Jersey. The Chairman earned a Full Alumni Scholarship from Berkeley College, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. From 2002 to 2004 he served as President of the Paterson Rotaract Club, having been awarded the 2004 Community Service Award. Presently he serves as District Rotaract Representative for Rotary District 7490, representing clubs throughout Bergen, Passaic, and Hudson counties. He represents Ward 4 District 3 on the Hoboken Municipal Republican Committee and serves as Ward Captain. He has been a Procurement Manager at T-Systems North America, Inc. since February 2006.
James Sanford at a City Council meeting last month

Along with Chairman, the following positions were elected on Thursday night:
  • Chairman: James Sanford, Hoboken
  • Vice-Chair: Edith Jorge, North Bergen
  • Treasurer: Antonio Lopez, North Bergen
  • Recording Secretary: Marilyn Saavedra, West New York
  • Corresponding Secretary: Michael Alonso, Bayonne

Vice-Chair Edith Jorge, a former Field Director for the Republican National Committee’s Victory Campaign, was made the contact person for HYRC Media Relations. The Vice-Chair has served as a Coordination of Promotions, Productions, and Research for CV Networks and has interned in Governor Christie’s Office of Press and Communications. She is pursing an MA in Law & Governance at Montclair State University with concentrations in Advanced Conflict Management and Peace Studies.

Chairman Sanford, along with the rest of the elected officials, emphasized the importance of growing the organization from within so that they may offer themselves as resources to local and state candidates this upcoming election cycle. The meeting ended on an optimistic note, with promises of a productive year to come.

*The Hudson County Young Republican Club became an affiliate chapter of the New Jersey Young Republican Federation on May 22, 1999. To become a member of the HCYR you must be a registered Republican between the ages of 18-40 and a resident of Hudson County. For more information, please feel free to contact Edith Jorge.*