Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hoboken Dog Association's first 2011 meeting set for Monday

The Hoboken Dog Association Members Meeting

Please join us for our first Member Meeting of 2011!  During this meeting, we will share the details of our opening dialogue with Hoboken Environmental Services Director Jennifer Wenson-Maier, highlight opportunities available for getting more involved in the organization and have an opportunity for everyone to talk to one and other. 

  •  Welcome & Meet the new Board of Directors 

  • Overview of the opening dialogue with Hoboken Environmental Services

     * Dog Run Maintenance
     * Dog owner responsibility
     * Trash Cans and Bags
     * Dogs on the Grass at Parks

  • Opportunities to get involved  

     * Join the Event Planning Committee
     * Join the Community Advocacy Committee
     * Join the Community Education Committee

  • Meet and Greet 

Date: Monday, February 28, 2011 

Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm  

Location: Willie McBride's 616 Grand Street 
(sorry, no dogs)

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact us at

The Hoboken Dog Association, Inc.

City presents master plan for pedestrians and bikes


The City of Hoboken today released the final Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, funded by NJDOT and prepared by transportation consultants The RBA Group. The plan sets the bar for advanced efforts to make Hoboken even more friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Highly respected transportation news source Streetsblog recently lauded the plan as "a liveable streets coup," saying: "Hoboken is pulling out in front of every other New York City suburb. In some ways, the one-square-mile town is even lapping New York City. The latest in a string of envy-inducing projects under Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Parking and Transportation Director Ian Sacs is the city’s new bike and pedestrian plan.”

Highlights from the Plan include clear recommendations for education, outreach, and enforcement operations to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety, reconfiguration of critical intersections where pedestrian volumes trump vehicles (such as locations around Hoboken Terminal), installing pedestrian countdown signals at intersections with heavy pedestrian crossing volumes (such as along Washington Street), and expanded bicycle lanes and parking throughout the city to further encourage the human-scale safety benefits of a bicycle-friendly city.

Top 10 Pedestrian Safety Recommendations from Bike/Ped Master Plan

  1. Safe Routes to School + “Walking School Bus” Programs
  2. Install pedestrian countdown signal heads (especially along Washington Street)
  3. Redesign Observer Highway to function more like a boulevard than a thru-highway
  4. Add high-visibility/ergonomic crosswalks throughout the city
  5. Pedestrian Scramble aka “Barnes Dance” (all-direction/diagonal pedestrian crossing at high-volume downtown intersections near Hoboken Terminal)
  6. Painted crosswalks (at high-volume downtown intersections near Hoboken Terminal)
  7. Raised intersections (along 15th Street between Garden St and Hudson Street)
  8. “Pedestrian Decoy” operations
  9. School Zone speed limit signage
  10. Comprehensive citywide wayfinding system

The City of Hoboken, in collaboration with the Sweet Streets pedestrian and bicycle community advocacy group, was selected to be part of the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs Local Technical Assistance Program. The purpose of this program is to assist municipalities in the development of a Municipal Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan by providing technical assistance and professional services that address concerns for walking and bicycling.

To download the plan, or for more information about the plan and the public process the City followed to prepare it, please visit the City's website:

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Jen Giattino makes it official: All in for the 6th ward City Council seat

Giattino Announces for City Council

Entrepreneur and local businesswoman Jen Giattino today announced that she is
running to represent Hoboken’s 6th Ward.

 “Hoboken has made a lot of progress in the past year and a half but there is much
 more work to be done. I look forward to working constructively as a member of the
 Council and focusing on solutions, not politics,” Giattino said.

A former specialist at a major brokerage firm and current real estate sales associate, Giattino is the founder and President of Fun Well Done, a web-based business that
markets education arts and crafts projects for kids.

       She was instrumental in creating the uptown Farmer’s Market and the Community
Supported Agriculture program at the United Synagogue of Hoboken. She also
spearheaded a free goods exchange program that allows local organizations to recycle
items and thereby reduce waste.

A dedicated mother of three, Giattino coordinated the after-school Arts and Open Play
Program at Calabro Primary School and for the past three summers she has run
Hoboken’s popular Art in the Park Program. 

Committed to helping Hoboken’s residents in need and promoting the importance of
volunteerism in our schools and among our youth, Giattino helped create LOTS
(Lunch on Thursday) which encourages parents to send their children to school with
an extra lunch every Thursday. The extra lunch is then donated to neighbors at the
Hoboken Homeless Shelter. LOTS now provides more than 100 lunches each week
and involves three schools and St. Peter and Paul’s CCD camp.

“As someone who spent years in the business world, I know firsthand the importance
of fiscal responsibility and holding the line on taxes,” Giattino said. “My goal is
that Hoboken remains a great place to raise a family.”

Kurta & Pinchevsky Liftoff - Time to Engage!!

Eric Kurta & Rami Pinchevsky
Joint HQ Opening Party

Date:     Monday, February 28, 2011
Time:     7:00pm
Where:  265 First Street (Corner of Willow)

              Refreshments will be served

Come and join us for our HQ Opening Party. Meet the Candidates, sign up to be a volunteer, register to vote, find out which district you live in and where to vote!

Eric Kurta for First Ward City Council
Let's Keep Hoboken Moving Forward


201-580 - ERIC (3742)

City: Infrastructure proposals, Added TAX CUT, Quality of Life highlights in Mayor's Speech

City of Hoboken announces:


During her first State of the City address, Mayor Dawn Zimmer emphasized her three priorities for her Administration: to operate as fiscally responsibly and cost-effectively as possible in order to reduce and stabilize taxes for the long term, to address Hoboken’s significant infrastructure challenges, and to improve the quality of life for all Hoboken residents.

The address was streamed live online and is available for viewing in its entirety at the link: It will also be played on Channel 78 on Cablevision and Channel 47 on FiOS.

Mayor Zimmer proposed bonding $20 million, to be paid for completely from the Open Space Trust Fund, to purchase land for new park space for the underserved areas along the western side of Hoboken. In addition, the City has developed a capital investment plan to improve parks and is developing a master plan for the maintenance of the City’s neglected water main system and a maintenance manual to cost-effectively maintain the City’s waterfront for the long term.

The mayor emphasized that the upcoming budget will contain another tax cut in addition to the 5% tax cut in the 2010 Transition Year budget and highlighted the importance of maintaining a responsible surplus. She noted that the City has made significant progress towards the goal of selling the Hoboken University Medical Center in a way which would both preserve the facility as an acute care hospital while also removing the City completely from its $52 million bond guarantee. 

New quality of life initiatives announced include an online and text message-based system that will notify residents when “temporary no parking” signs are posted near their cars as well as a text message-based virtual cab hailing system. The City will also soon launch a web-based service request system that will enhance accountability and provide residents with a one-stop location for submitting and tracking service request.

Mayor Zimmer highlighted a variety of ongoing pedestrian safety initiatives and announced that the City achieved a 30% reduction in car/pedestrian crashes and a more than 60% reduction in car/bike crashes in the last year.

Under a new single-stream (co-mingled) recycling system which will begin some time this spring pending City Council approval, residents will be able to place all of their recyclables in one container – including paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum - and through increased recycling, the City will save money on disposal fees.

The full remarks of the State of the City address as prepared for delivery are included below.

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MSV Exclusive: Al Arezzo no longer employed by the City of Hoboken


Al Arezzo, the town Construction Code Official under fire and a long time controversial figure in the City of Hoboken is no longer employed by the City of Hoboken.  MSV spoke to a senior source at City Hall who could not confirm additional details beyond saying he no longer worked for the City of Hoboken.

A search of Al Arezzo on produces a string of stories, most of them highlighting a long and somewhat problematic relationship with Hoboken residents.  

It's believed Arezzo may have been terminated last week but for legal reasons the details are unavailable on the record.

At a recent City Council meeting, Council members Mike Russo and Nino Giacchi made oblique references to an employee walked off the premises of City Hall when Al Arezzo stopped showing up at the construction office.  As it turned out, no one had been walked out of City Hall.  MSV briefly posted a story linked to another local story but pulled it as their sources came back and stated they were not confirmed.

One thing is clear.  Al Arezzo is gone from Hoboken's construction office.

Talking Ed Note: A somewhat innocent remark in the mayor's speech about working with the new construction official raised the question on why that emphasis.  The question raised brought up a surprising answer.  Hoboken's renewal continues apace.