Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hoboken's corruption artery reopened, 3rd ward race wide open

Hoboken corruption is alive and well and the genetic lineage running through Peter Cammarano lives on in Tim Occhipinti carrying the new "independent" flavor and Councilman Mike Russo the old original coke banner.

The weekend's revelation of FBI informant Solomon Dwek having a sit down with Hudson County pols is nothing new, as most know he was the star in an ongoing production of the Fed's tragic-comedy snaring dozens of NJ pols along the way.  What almost no one knew and Mike Russo kept secret for almost two years was he had a little  tête-à-tête himself with the developer bagman. 

Mike Russo - not laughing now about his just discovered meeting with FBI Informant

Mike Russo however is a different breed of political animal.  He showed a clear love for the taste of the green Solomon Dwek was spreading and surprised many in Operation Bid Rig according to sources when he was willing to sit down with the FBI Informant in a safe secluded locale in Jersey City.  While at the White Horse Tavern he agreed to map out multiple illegal $5,000 payments based on government surveillance tapes revealed for the first time in The Jersey Sting.  The book is a comprehensive retelling of the sordid story of money laundering, bribes and human organ sales in New Jersey and beyond.

While some criticize Mike Russo's antics in the City Council and they are legion, one should never underestimate his street smarts.  When he seems dumb, he's merely playing a clown's game to stall progress on an issue in order to keep it from moving forward.  But in matters of corruption, Mike Russo holds a doctorate degree.  He grew up watching the kabuki theater of his father up close and personal and modeled himself in that NJ style into an art form.  That he was able to stick his tongue out, laugh and touch the third rail of corruption in the form of Solomon Dwek is a testament to his survival skills.

The "Association" on Adams street, the organization handed down from ex-mayor and ex-con Anthony Russo to Mike Russo was a bee hive of activity yesterday.  Reports from the field say things were churning along and Hoboken should expect the Mother of All Distractions to come back swinging in the following days.   

You don't mess with La Familia's business and not get hit.  Whether it's a midnight flyer campaign or some public venomous attack, expect the ugliest stuff imaginable to surface.  Charges of racism on individuals in government or in the community connected to the Zimmer Administration would not be beyond the pale, anything that will garner headlines to take the heat off Mike Russo is the singular objective.

Although there is confusion sown in the Beth Mason-Mike Russo team for the moment, the Masonic Temple of self-adulation on Hudson Street has ordered Hoboken411 to be silent while the corruption artery is bleeding heavily.  Even the online political operatives under Mason's paid direction have fallen silent mostly yesterday awaiting instructions on how to proceed.  While one fanatical Mason minion family is issuing its ugly vitriol on the NJ.com forum late in the day, the Hoboken Patch La Crude crew was eerily silent as a plan is being hatched.

Where is our holier than thou Councilwoman Beth Mason's public statement either verbal or in her typical voluminous email form sent out to all the media on the matter of this corrupt meeting?  Her cabal of political operatives, one less than notable minion family among them have been on a tear attempting to tarnish any and all people who participate in the legal and healthy political life of Hoboken tossing barbs and gutter talk nonsense on the Hoboken Forum at NJ.com and now today on Hoboken Patch, some with clearly deigned anti-semetic overtones.  

In the 2009 spring mayoral campaign Beth Mason was the only other notable Hoboken politician thought to have met with Solomon Dwek.  While her meeting led to nothing and ho hum, an attempt to have a middleman set one up with Dawn Zimmer ended in just a phone call.  All day yesterday, an attempt to make something out of nothing on that front was repeated ad nauseum with a less than subtle reference to the family's work in the diamond business.  

So far there has been not a word from Mike Russo's council allies.  Not a word from Beth Mason who was contacted Sunday by MSV, not a word from Councilman Nino Giacchi who is eerily as silent as when Peter Cammarano got pinched and nothing from cousin Terry Castellano who knows when it's best to keep silent and pretend nothing of significance is happening.  No binder notes have been presented to Tim Occhipinti, but that's no surprise the Council of No would not hand him a statement to be issued on this.  His own election review by the Attorney General's office is the last reminder they want to send out to the Hoboken electorate right now.

Wednesday the Pulitzer Prize winning authors of The Jersey Sting will be coming to the Malibu from 3:00 - 5:30.  Will they have any other goodies for Hoboken?  You'll have to come and see for yourself.  It promises to be one helleva show. 

Wednesday at 3:30 - 5:00, the Pulitzer Prize winning authors of The Jersey Sting will be appearing at the Malibu, site of FBI informant Solomon Dwek payoffs and a Russo family favorite haunt. 

Talking Ed Note: Some readers have commented and emailed asking for more information on the surveillance capturing the meeting and recounted in The Jersey Sting.  MSV has looked into this and been told it is under federal seal and not available.

For those who are not aware, Operation Bid Rig is not over.  There are trials going on with more scheduled on all the ancillary pols caught in its web.  Some will talk in order to spare themselves and so don't expect any video or audiotape of Mike Russo to be made public any time soon.

Don't anticipate any mandated truth from Mike Russo on the matter either.  He's not subject to perjury charges unless he makes false statements in court under oath.  He can say anything he wants outside of a federal witness box.  He often does right from the dais of the City Council.

The big news in the Jersey City corruption sit down isn't Mike Russo agreeing to a bribe - that's yesterday's news.  The big news today is council candidate Greg Lincoln is in a race for the 3rd ward.  Godspeed to him. 

Help him spread the word.  Hoboken needs you now more than ever.


Related: Well it looks like another prediction of big trouble brewing and this time it's some big source over at Grafix Avenger.  Don't know the source but the details are a must read and parallel some of what is discussed here.    

Boy is it juicy.  (Okay here's a taste...)

The Russos-with Mama Russo calling the shots, Dad helping  with strategy, and Junior- are planning a huge counter-offensive, going to the troops and old guard... they are reaching down to the "bottom of the barrel" to stop the damage and plan to "take out the mayor and Reform"... because if Mike goes down, the rest are going to fall.  They're back to war... whatever it takes... they're hitting the mattresses. Heard that Russo thugs were going to show up at the Malibu tomorrow to heckle the authors. Lots of activity at the Russo Association, the question: how can we distract attention from this mess?

It gets even better, if you can believe that. 

BoE budget meeting tonight @ 7:00

The meeting is open to everyone in the community.  There will be a presentation and opportunities for the community to comment.

This budget has been reduced for a second year in a row bringing it to the lowest budget allowable under state law.

MARCH 29, 2011 
7 pm
Board Meeting Room
1115 Clinton Street
WHEREAS, the Board of Education has presented its budget for the school year beginning July 1, 2011  and ending June 30, 2012 and has estimated the sum of $59,830,951 to be necessary for the operation  and maintenance of the public schools of the School District of the City of Hoboken for the school year 2011‐2012, and  
RESOLVED, that we hereby submit to the registered voters of the City of Hoboken the attached 2011‐ 2012 school budget.   
RESOLVED, that there should be raised via taxation for General Fund $36,479,095 for the ensuing school  year 2011‐2012.  

RESOLVED, that the Secretary is hereby instructed to prepare one certificate each of this action to be  sent to the Hudson County Executive Superintendent of Schools, the Clerk of Hudson County and the Budget Manager. 

Cliff Godfrey, newest candidate of 2011 Kids First

My name is Clifford Godfrey and I am writing to introduce myself as a candidate to serve on the Hoboken Board of Education. I am proud to be running with Jean Marie Mitchell and Steve Feinstein on the Kids First ticket.

Growing up in the urban public school system of both Newark and Nutley, I thrived as a strong student and athlete. I owe this success to the support of my family, teachers and coaches and understand the importance of paying it forward. That’s why, while completing my Business and Technology degree at Stevens Institute of Technology, I joined organizations that sought to work with young people. Most notably, I was a member of the National Society of Black of Engineers and served as the Pre-College Initiative Chairman. In this post, I mentored many high school students about the importance of education. I also got to know hundreds of Hoboken kids as a student athlete in the Stevens Summer Youth Basketball Program and later as a coach for the Save the Youth Program. To continue my passion for working with our youngest citizens, I have established the ‘Living Our Way’ organization, which provides athletic training to young people.

My passion and vested interest for the continued success of the Hoboken school system lies in me becoming a parent a little over a year ago. My partner, Stephanie LeBlanc and I have made the decision to raise our daughter in Hoboken and have her become a part of the Hoboken school system when she is of age. My mutual goal with Kids First is to enhance our schools for our children to prosper and for other young families, like mine, to be confident in their decision to remain in Hoboken through their child’s Pre-K through 12th grade education.

I am very excited by the accomplishments of Kids First over the last two years. The Kids First focus on student success is evident by the hiring of educational consultants to support teaching staff, the expansion of the laptop program, the return of 8th grade algebra, and the implementation of AP at the high school level. It is most impressive that under the leadership of Kids First the budget is at the lowest level allowable by law; a reduction all the more impressive as it was accomplished without layoffs and after absorbing millions of dollars in state aid reductions.

Serving on the Board of Education takes a great deal of commitment, hard work and the ability to fully participate in all Board functions. I vow to fully commit my time, energy and life experiences to get behind every single student in the Hoboken Public Schools.

Thank you for considering me and my team mates, Jean Marie Mitchell and Steve Feinstein for Board of Education.

Best regards,
Cliff Godfrey

BoE Candidate

Talking Ed Note: Any slate and/or BoE candidate who wishes to post a biography of why they are running may submit 1,000 words or less to smartyjones@me.com.  They must include a pledge not to support or agree to be supported by paper ballot election fraud in any shape or form.

The Kids First 2011 team announces...

Dear friends and neighbors, I am so excited to introduce to you the 2011 Kids First Team!!!

Jean Marie has been on the Board working hard for a full year now and is running again this year for a three year term with Steve and Cliff.

They are fully committed to continuing the progress!!! They understand that when the district runs fairly, efficiently and effectively ... time, money and energy goes into the classroom ... where it belongs!

Please "like" the new Kids First Facebook Page and keep up to date on events!

Please check out the new website for bios, platform, endorsements and..... the donation button!

website: http://www.kidsfirsthoboken.com/

Pass along to all your friends! With your help....we can continue moving forward!