Thursday, March 31, 2011

Source: 'Mason-Russo rift widens' due to reckless release of police report

The fallout from The New Jersey Sting's exposure of Councilman Mike Russo, less than a week old is being compounded by the antics of Beth Mason's minions including the release of a police report on Hoboken411 - this according to a source on Grafix Avenger.

For the second time in a week, a source claiming inside knowledge on the thinking of the Russo family suggests there's big tempers flaring with the release of the police report on the incident involving a city bus driver and Transportation Director Ian Sacs last week.  According to the source, the leak of the police report by source(s) within the department sympathetic to the Russo's was not meant to be published.

The source, code named Deep Uvula remarked harshly on the utter vapidity of Beth Mason's political operatives who will do almost anything to inflict even kamikaze gnat like attacks on Mayor Dawn Zimmer to impress their paymaster on Hudson Street.  Grafix Avenger conveyed the sentiment of the source on her website earlier today:
Everyone was told to lay low for, stay quiet until they (Russos) figure out their counter-offensive. Nobody's been talking. Except Mason's people.
There's a lot of unhappiness with how (James) Barracato and (Lane) Bajardi have run away with the (Ian  Sacs) story. A lot. The police report was not for publication. You don't expose the people who brought you Ian's carcass on a silver platter. You protect the guy and his job.

Just yesterday MSV noted the work of a suspected Beth Mason's political operative posting the Hoboken411 stamped version of the police report on's Hoboken Forum.  The police report's appearance was not long after a phone interview with the Hoboken Police Department stating any request via official channels would not be met based on the updated policy set by Police Chief Falco.

Minutes later, the police report along with the post disappeared.

Now not a day later, Grafix Avenger's deep throat type character, as shadowy as the Watergate version blows the lid off a widening rift in the Mason-Russo camps.  The Russo family with close ties to the Hoboken Police Department does not appreciate how recklessly Beth Mason's political operatives, as stated on GA - it's James Barracato and Lane Bajardi - are exposing their source(s) at the Hoboken Police Department and risking their jobs.

Yesterday in a phone interview, Detective Anthony Falco addressed concern about the release of the police report and its appearance on Hoboken411.  He added the system was being checked "to see how it got out" indicating access to the report leaves indelible fingerprints by its users.  That access and the exposure to "risk friends" in the police department  for nothing more than a whim by Beth Mason's political operatives infuriated the Russo family, according to the anonymous source.

According to a separate second hand report, Councilwoman Beth Mason has recently been seen on more than one occasion in public with Weehawken political operative James Barracato.  Among the known work Barracato has performed is the registration of the Councilwoman's websites.  He was also spotted repeatedly at the Tim Occhipinti campaign office including the night of the midnight lair video.

The source continued to lash out at Councilwoman Beth Mason for not being competent beyond writing checks stating:

Beth is lazy, embarrassed them because of the police contract, she doesn't read anything in advance and can't run a meeting. She lets 'people' do everything for her.  Doesn't want to work.  Gets mad at Russo for making her look incompetent at the meetings but she can't get out of her own way.  

The anonymous source goes on to lampoon Beth Mason for "looking like a jackass," in her manipulation of the speaker's list with Lane Bajardi at an earlier City Council meeting.  That recent political operation was exposed by MSV and captured in this video:

Talking Ed Note:  All of this deep dish from Grafix Avenger's anonymous source has left one horse turning green with envy.  If on the surface it appears mythical, a quick look on the local Hoboken websites (not including Mason411) shows an erie silence.

The wild desperate punches thrown in the last couple of days has all but stopped.  Seeing that and confirming information first hand appears to make Grafix Avenger's source appear more not less credible and leaves Da Horsey feeling a bit green.

Yesterday sources stated to MSV the same Hoboken police report had been provided to their respective publications.  Neither media body has published or referenced the report to this point. (Correction) - The Hudson Reporter has in fact published the police report although MSV had checked earlier and didn't see it.

Da Horsey - a bit green with envy
Grafix Avenger story:

Lunchtime with Da Horsey and Bet Mazin

Now that the Jersey Sting authors have reconfirmed their source tape and again addressed the matter of another Russo acceptance of the loot, this time the Mike Russo version - we're on to reviewing other tape.

Why?  Because it's just so quiet out there.  How is a political consultant to make any coin when they can't issue a press release on behalf of the biggest politician paying person in town?  Can't a political consultant get a dime?

Of course the silence we're hearing from the army of consultants from Councilwoman Beth Mason is raising quite alarming concern.  How can her army of consultants be expected to feed their families if all they get to write about is college basketball?

Won't someone please ask Beth to show some mercy and churn out some stuff on the $27 million surplus, or how Ian Sacs should be more polite about being assaulted on the job or hey if you really don't want to be on the Beth Mason payroll anymore, just tell her to say she doesn't think it's a swell idea to agree to accept money in the thousands of dollars at $5,000 a pop from FBI informants.

That is of course unless it's her writing the checks.  Here's Da Horsey's videotape starring Bet Mazin and her favorite Weehawken based, law school flunking political operative. Yes we have bumped him up to the top spot over the Mason411 minion.

James B, downfall of a Wannabe Shark
by: smartyjones

The Jersey Sting in pictures (sans surveillance tape)

Wednesday's event captured a spirit of celebration reminiscent of a time when justice swept through Hoboken with a strong hand:

Co-authors of The Jersey Sting: Ted Sherman (r) and Josh Margolin seated at the Malibu in the same location where former mayor Peter Cammarano met with FBI informant Solomon Dwek

1st ward candidate Eric Kurta took time from campaigning to meet the authors.  Author Josh Margolin seemed intrigued by his jacket wondering, are you really taking on one of the Russo's?  Eric Kurta actually is taking on that challenge, facing down Russo cousin Terry Castellano. 

Gone but not forgotten: Peter Cammarano in his famous beltless perp walk photo made it into The Sting.

Challenger to Mike Russo in the 3rd ward, Greg Lincoln had a nice chat with the authors.  Until Sunday, no one had known about the Fed's surveillance tapes capturing Mike Russo with Solomon Dwek.

Co-author Josh Margolin shares an intimate conversation with Hoboken's Grafix Avenger.  Another discovery: Josh Margolin is a reader of the GA website and they exchanged some dish as Ted Sherman looked on.

MSV bonus: the inscription to Mayor Zimmer reads: Madam Mayor - I can't imagine what it was like to take over your office.  Ted Sherman adds his signature for the mayor's keepsake.

The next sting?  Photo from the Tim Occhipinti Midnight Lair video.  Peter Cammarano is gone but his supporters moved their game to Tim "I'm Independent" Occhipinti. 

The Tim Occhipinti campaign election "problems" were kicked up for review to the NJ State Attorney General's office, where last heard it remains outstanding.  Justice can often move slow.  Operation Big Rig III was a years in the making operation.  The Machine moves much faster.  It's already gearing up paper ballot plans with it's captains in the Board of Education race scheduled for April 27th.   Will the Fed's be watching?