Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bout das debate

To say tonight was no pleasure would not quite put the right feel on the event. We'll explain that more at an appropriate time. There were a few surprises, some staged prop uses and some hiding out on the big C word. It did not go unnoticed.

Beth Mason digs up last year's movie satire depiction claiming her victimization.  "Putting me as Hitler," she claimed.  You see Hitler anywhere on the left with her picture?

The word corruption was raised and the reactions by various candidates was very telling. As in if you play poker you take the pot down but oddly no one quite did to the tremendous relief of some, and the lackadaisical response of others. Too cryptic? You're a smart bunch and Da Horsey will never take that for granted. Ever.

As many know MSV debate policy remains in effect. First you get to view and decide for yourselves. You don't need a horse to steer you.

Seconds later, Beth Mason decried a mailer naming reform candidates with a PAC named.  When did she decide against local PACs?  Her personally funded one sidesteps individual contribution limits.
Video coming as soon as the hoofs can gallop over the tapes to the lab.

Just a final note to say to all of you, a great big thanks! MSV has smashed it's all time highs since breaking the Mike Russo Bribe Tapes story and then making sure it did not die.

What can be shared with you is the authors of The Jersey Sting," did not hear from any other media source in Hoboken after Mike Russo indirectly called them liars. For the record, MSV is proud they noted this to us and of course we're ecstatic the truth did come out.

Time for the debate video to follow, it's up to you to how it matters. Spread the word on MSV hitting it and we'll have another surprise or two coming real soon.

Thanks again for noticing and for all the kind comments from new faces all over town.
If the gratitude has been low key, it's because the response has been somewhat overwhelming.

And now it's back to the videotape.

Mayor: Additional bus service on Clinton St. begins

City of Hoboken announces:


Beginning on Wednesday, April 13, NJ Transit will add five additional trips to the #126 bus line along Clinton Street on weekdays. The additional trips were added to address overcrowding concerns and will depart Clinton Street at Newark Avenue at 8:32am, 8:35am, 8:36am, 8:40am, and 8:42am.

"I thank NJ Transit for being responsive to the needs of our growing community by expanding bus service during peak periods," said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

In March, Mayor Zimmer sent NJ Transit a ridership study conducted by the City indicating that in one instance, five consecutive buses between 8:38am and 8:48am skipped the stop at Willow Avenue and 14th Street because they were already at capacity.

The letter to NJ Transit and ridership study are available on the City website:


Closing statements from Hoboken Council Forum

This is the final segment from Tuesday's forum with candidates from the 1st, 3rd and 6th wards.  See below for all the complete unedited segments of that night:

Mayor Zimmer announces: 'There's no end yet to fighting corruption'

Dear Friends,

The effort to move our City ahead and finally put an end to the
corrupt culture of the past wages on. 
The recently released FBI surveillance tapes that show Councilman
Russo agreeing to accept money for promising to expedite
development projects highlight that the insidious culture of
corruption did not end with the arrest of Peter Cammarano.   
Our City faces a stark choice on May 10th. We must work
hard to make sure that people understand how important this
election is.

We cannot stand by and let our town turn back to its past, in which
Mike Russo’s “fundraising meeting” was standard practice, and which brought us an illegal overspent budget, a state takeover and a huge
tax increase.  
We must muster the energy to join together to stop this
culture of corruption that benefits the “entitled” few over the vast
majority of Hoboken residents.
Please join me this Saturday in Church Square Park at
11:00 am to celebrate my birthday and to take action to
protect the future of our town.  
If you cannot make it, then meet me for a celebratory
birthday drink at One Republik on Washington Street at 5:30. 
Yes, I am spending my birthday campaigning because the biggest
gift I could get is to truly shift our City away from its corrupt past. 
Please volunteer for one of the six great candidates, including  
Peter CunninghamJen Giattino, and/or make a contribution
today – the future of our town truly is in your hands. 

Thanks for listening and please pass this along to friends who may
not be on this list. 

Hope to see you on Saturday!


Mayor Zimmer issues rebuke to Union City Mayor Brian Stack

From the desk of Mayor Dawn Zimmer:

Mayor Zimmer Responds to Phone Call from Senator Stack
Yesterday, I received an extremely troubling telephone call from Union City Mayor Brian Stack, who is also Hoboken's State Senator.  Senator/Mayor Stack, who over the past year has almost never returned my phone calls relating to important governmental matters like our hospital, was calling to threaten me politically.  Apparently, Mayor Stack was angry that had reported on the backroom deal through which he and Hudson County Democratic Party Chairman Mark Smith agreed to try to turn over the Hoboken Democratic Party to the Russo family.  This occurred just one week after an FBI surveillance tape revealed that Councilman Michael Russo had agreed to accept illegal campaign contributions while offering to expedite development projects.  
Mayor Stack, who has a history of interfering in Hoboken politics by funneling large sums of money into the campaigns of the developer friendly candidates who do his bidding, threatened to get involved in Hoboken politics once again if I continued to tell the truth about the shady deal that was struck at the expense of the honest Democrats of Hoboken.  In this case, the Hoboken candidates who Mayor Stack would presumably support are Councilman Russo and his allies.  This is the same group that recently voted down anti-wheeling legislation that would have stopped out of town developers and politicos like Mayor Stack from interfering in Hoboken elections for their own personal gain.  

I was particularly disappointed by the brazen and inappropriate behavior of our party leaders, who are better described perhaps as "political bosses."  Sadly, their actions put machine politics over the important ideals of the Democratic Party that I proudly support.  In fact, last Friday during a breakfast gathering, I had the pleasure of hearing Senator Menendez speak directly from the front lines regarding our Country’s budget negotiations.  During his briefing he highlighted the fact that while the debate may appear on the surface to be about money, it is really about our commitment to women’s issues, senior and children’s issues, environmental issues and other core Democratic values.   His talk sparked a commitment in me to work as hard as I can to support him on women's and environmental issues in particular.

It is ironic, that as the only woman among Hudson County's 12 Mayors, the leaders of our County party have elected not to give me the respect that has always been accorded by the party to Hudson County Mayors.  I don't know whether my gender was a factor in Mayor Stack and Chairman Smith's decision to treat me differently than other Mayors have always been treated, but their behavior has been both odd and disconcerting, to say the least.   Mayor Smith did not tell the truth about the reason for his endorsement of the Russo family slate, as the article makes clear.  Instead he chose to launch personal attacks against Hoboken's Democratic Party Chair Ravi Bhalla. Mayor Stack's threatening phone call to me makes it clear that he, like Chairman Smith, has something to fear from the truth.  The dishonesty and old time machine politics is a discredit to our Party and does not help advance the ideals that our party represents.  

I am determined to work with the true Democrats of Hoboken to take our local party back to its core values and end, once and for all, the cancer of machine politics that is trying to keep our City from moving forward.

Thank you for listening.
Mayor Dawn Zimmer

6th ward candidate Jen Giatino's opening remarks

At the request of the candidate, 6th ward candidate Jen Giatino's opening remarks have been submitted for publishing here on MSV:

I'm running for City Council because the 6th Ward needs a Councilwoman who is
willing to stand up for the residents of our neighborhoods, and actively address
the needs of the people and the problems that we face.

For too long, the 6th Ward has suffered from a lack of leadership. At City
Hall, we are known as "the forgotten Ward", because the current Councilman has
failed to represent his constituents effectively.

Many people have come to the conclusion that NINO stands for "No ideas, No

We can do better.

I've worked on Wall Street for the New York Stock Exchange before I decided to
raise a family.

I started and run an internet business. I've been active in the community.
I've even been a professional ballet dancer --- and let me tell you, that
takes a tremendous amount of focus and attention to detail -- like a
professional athlete, or a professional in any occupation.

The point is -- that I have the energy and determination to get things done, and
make good things happen. I've proved that my entire life. Now, I want to serve
you, and make this city of ours -- a "better Hoboken".

I will put people first. Not the failed policies of the past. Nor will I
surround myself with political allies who conduct public business in private
like old time politicians FROM the past ---- like those who speak one way "on
the Record", and another way on a recording.

We need a new approach to really get Hoboken moving forward......So we can cut
spending, improve our parks, reduce taxes, clean up our neighborhoods, and find
real solutions to the parking problem.

The residents of the 6th Ward have a clear choice on May 10th. We need new
solutions to old issues. My opponent is part of the problem. You cannot expect
someone who helped create the problem to provide the solution.

I pledge to you that I will do more than just seek out new solutions. I will
help implement the solutions that WORK for Hoboken.

Thank you.

Talking Ed Note: Any candidate wishing to have their opening remarks printed in their entirety from the City Council forum may submit them for publishing with no editorial comment to 

City Council Forum at Our Lady of Grace

Last night, heavy rain did not deter a crowd from showing up for the City Council forum and the discussion among the candidates was easily the best seen in some time.

Tonight it's all the candidates for the 2nd and 5th wards.

Among those present from left seated by moderator Bob Bowdon: Terry Castellano 1st ward councilwoman, Nino Giacchi 6th ward councilman, Jennifer Giatino 6th ward council candidate, Eric Kurta 1st ward council candidate, Greg Lincoln 3rd ward council candidate, Tim Occhipinti 4th ward councilman,  Rami Pinchevsky 4th ward councilman, Mike Russo 3rd ward councilman.

MSV will post all parts of the forum discussion as it's unclear if and when it will be appearing online although in a few days it will showing on TV on the city's events channel.

The public will be given time to view and conclude themselves but for now other than a question on rent control, an ordinance already passed recently and not expected to see much change in the near future, the topics were presented thoroughly and professionally with one glaring exception.  Not one question appeared on corruption.

The topic found its way into the discussion anyway.

Part 1:

Additional clips unedited, without editorial comment will appear as loaded.
(Spread the word.)

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Remaining segments at the jump: