Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend with Tim Occhipinti in the 4th ward

Tim Occhipinti, 4th ward resident and occupant of its council seat also had an event last Saturday competing with the mayor.  Well they aren't competing as the mayor has an established base and record and Tim Occhipinti has a group of handlers who muster a "Being There," campaign as in they handle all the words and Tim just needs to be there.

Tim's event went a little bit different although both were in parks.

Team Tim hit a 4th ward park.  The woman left fled on Tim's proposition to her.  He's been heard in bars using a version of "Do you know who I am?" trying to score.  So far, it hasn't met with much success.  Some handlers including mouthpiece David Cruz and Perry Belfiore stand nearby with the minion keeping watch he doesn't stray from the binder.

Tim's park ballon ride goes flat.  Fail!  Maybe they should try to blow it up with absentee ballots.

This 4th ward message board sports a new message from Tim.
The 4th ward Timmy board has been missed.

Kids First announces Thursday Meet & Greet

Stevens' Beta Theta Pi and Ben & Jerry's to host Wednesday fundraiser for Boys & Girls Club

Our neighbors from Beta Theta Pi in conjunction with Ben & Jerry's announce:

"Do you love Ben & Jerry's? Do you enjoy doing something for the greater good of mankind? Then on Wednesday April 20th from 4-8 pm you should head over to 4th and Washington with The Sigma Chapter of Beta Theta Pi as they are hosting their 1st annual Vermonster eating competition. What's a Vermonster you ask? It is 20 scoops of Ben & Jerry's very own ice cream and topped with as many toppings as you can imagine. Team up with 4 of your best friends (5 total people per team) and compete for the title of Conquering the Vermonster in the fastest of all Hoboken. 

Winners will have their pictures posted in Ben & Jerry's store, their website, and Facebook page and a Ben &Jerry's t-shirt to commemorate the event. Now for the best part, it's only $10 to participate per group member ($50 per team) and all profits go to Hoboken's very own Boys and Girls club, so not only are you eating as much ice cream as possible, you are also raising money for the young children of Hoboken."

Hoboken Arts Foundation backs northwest Arts Center

Hoboken Arts Foundation announces:

Dear Friend,

As you may be aware, an Arts Center was approved several years ago as part of the NW Redevelopment Plan. As we learned more about the technical requirements needed to make the Hoboken Arts Center a complete success, the original plan needed to be amended. To this end, a resolution to enter into an "interim cost agreement" for the Hoboken Arts Center is on the agenda for the CITY COUNCIL MEETING on APRIL 20th , next Wednesday evening. This is an important step toward final approval.

Your presence and support at this meeting is essential to moving this project forward.  The meeting is on the main floor of City Hall, 7PM - 11PM.  Please get there by 7PM to sign up to speak If you support the arts, economic development, jobs and state-of-the-art schools, City Council members need to hear from you!

Details of the proposed venue:

  • Location: 10th and Madison 
  • Size:  5 story Arts Center 
  • Professional exhibition space 
  • Professional theater space. The theater will be flexible with scalable indoor seating for up to 500 people and the ability to accommodate up to 1,800 people SRO with its combined indoor and outdoor space.  The outdoor space is a 5,250 sq. ft. lawn which will serve as a park and as programmable outdoor space.    
  • Professional recording studio (Water Music) 
  • Programming includes but is not limited to the exhibition arts, arts education, dance, theater, concerts, festivals, meeting space and rehearsal and studio space.
  • Community access for meetings, fund raisers, private and public events
  • The building will have additional stories that will be available to the many schools in Hoboken running out of space.
Benefits to Hoboken:

  • The "Americans for Arts" calculator shows that the total annual contribution to the Hoboken economy will be nearly $18 million dollars. $700,000 will be paid directly to the City.  
  • Over 100 jobs will be created in the Arts Center alone.  This includes professional jobs (curators, talent managers, marketing professionals, promoters, Arts Center executives etc.); technicaljobs (staging, lighting, sound, electricians etc.); artists (actors, writers, dancers, musicians, directors, photographers etc.); support staff (administration, janitorial, parking attendants etc.)
  • Additional jobs will be created within the community. One sector that will directly benefit is retail and food establishments. Research has shown that 60% of people who go to the theater go to dinner before the show. 55% of concert goers buy something from the performer or venue equal to or greater than the ticket price!