Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frank Raia sweeps BoE election, Kids First to retain majority

In the BoE election, Frank Raia's "independent" slate of Carmelo Garcia, Peter Biancamano and Frances Rhodes-Kearns has swept all three seats.

The low turnout with a spring vacation election timed in the middle of the week combined with new highs of absentee ballots re: Vote by Mail delivered a negative result for Kids First losing all three seats.

Jean Marie Mitchell who held a one year seat will not be returning to the BoE.

The Kids First 6-3 majority will now be narrowed to 5-4 after the election is certified.

The tallies for the vote are not official, however, the war of absentee ballots was in the neighborhood of 400-50, a narrower figure in favor of Frank Raia but larger than last year's tally that came almost solely from the back end of the 4th ward in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

The added absentee ballots from subsidized housing outside the HHA combined with Church Towers and Applied added to the winning differential.

While the vote totals for the Raia slate are consistent with prior years, the Kids First slate suffered a sizable lower turnout.

The Unofficial Vote Totals - Top three named to BoE

Carmelo Garcia 2287
Peter Biancamano 1990
Frances Rhodes Kearns 1973
Jean Marie Mitchell 1350
Cliff Godfrey 1319
Steve Feinstein 1231
Patricia Waiter 277

BoE School budget

1321 yes on budget
641 no on budget

Frank Raia's slate took three BoE seats and is one short of a majority

Talking Ed Note:  It's the day after and the forces aligned with Frank Raia have a big victory although they don't have the votes to change the direction of the Board of Education.  But they have a roadmap they will bring back next year.

It's not likely they will have a spring break vacation with an election in the middle but Reform needs to answer a lot of questions.  And it can start by looking in the mirror.  When you are a grassroots group, you don't win with money, TV ads, etc.  Grassroots wins by getting out and engaging the voters and doing what's necessary for Get out the Vote (GOTV).

For several reasons, that didn't happen.  The pictures on Hoboken Patch tell a different story.  The lead picture is of the HHA Executive Director gleefully shaking hands with BoE elect Peter Biancamano and Frank Raia in the background.

The superb photo by David Jolkovski posted last night was edited this morning cutting Raia out of the picture entirely.  But let there be no mistake, this was an Old Guard, Frank Raia victory.  He funded it and got the vote out, set a new record for absentee ballots in a BoE election reversing a Kids First sweep last year into one of his own.

Even with the circumstances of this year's BoE election, people are going to have to take stock and ask what they did to help get out the vote.  The effort wasn't sufficient.  That's an understatement.

In less than two weeks, Hoboken will be holding a defining election with six elections going on for council ward races.  

It's an epic showdown of Hoboken's past versus Hoboken's present.
The question is what are YOU going to do about it?

Alleged Election Assault at Church Towers!


A Kids First challenger working the BoE election today at 10 Church Towers is alleging she was assaulted by a man who allegedly ripped her phone out of her hands in a dispute over his electioneering at the polling site.

An email providing details by the alleged victim states the alleged assailant came in with (election) materials and was told he could not stay in the polling station.  (Electioneering with voting materials in a polling station is illegal.)  The man responded he "owned this polling place."  The alleged victim followed the man out of the room and requested his name.

The man declined to provide his name and walked back inside the polling station and told the alleged victim, "This is war," adding that she should just wait for the numbers out of this place (Church Towers) at 9:00 pm.

The following exchange allegedly occurred after the alleged victim took a picture of the man in question:

Man (alleged assailant):  "Who do you think you are?  Call the Governor.  You don't even live in Hoboken."

Woman (alleged victim):  "Yes I do and I'm a taxpayer."

Man: "Bitch"

The man then allegedly walks over and allegedly grabbed the cell phone from the woman's hands screaming, "You think you're gonna take my picture, (and) I didn't see that?  Bitch that's how they do things."

The woman demanded he return the phone and said she would not be intimidated.  The man left the scene on an elevator into Church Towers.

The alleged victim, a petite woman of about 5'4 and a Hoboken mother said no one helped her.

Photo of the alleged assailant:
Alleged assailant at 10 Church Towers.

A complaint is about to be filed at the Hoboken Police Department.  The challenger in question is a woman well known in Hoboken for her work in support of the Reform movement.

This story is breaking...

Update: The two people involved in the alleged incident are Carrie Phillips of upper Bloomfield St., 5'4" weight approximately 125 pounds and Mike Holmes a Church Towers resident out on disability from the Board of Education, 5'10, weight approximately 300 pounds.

A police complaint is being filed by Ms. Phillips and it's rumored that Michael Holmes will file counter charges of some kind.

Photo left: A picture taken earlier today at Church Towers allegedly of assailant Mike Holmes.

Talking Ed Note: Media requesting use of this alleged photo should contact

I guess this is war.

Hoboken Polls are open to 9:00 PM

The new hours for the Board of Education election allow for voting until 9:00 PM.


Beth Mason launches desperate hit job on Tom Greaney

MSV has been quietly tracking a story speaking with a few people about illegal investigations into the personal affairs of others leading into the city council election. There was a subtle reference to it in the Council forum debates and from the front row it was clear, an indirect reference to such activity made Councilwoman Mason uncomfortable. (Yes we noticed.)

A discussion on the distant past of 2nd ward council candidate Tom Greaney and financial problems he ran into a decade and a half ago is being wielded by Beth Mason's political operatives on Mason411 re: Hoboken411 in an desperate bid to knock off her opponent.

In the purest savagery seen by Beth Mason's ubermensch ghostwriting minion, Tom Greaney is taken for a dirty mudfest roll for his long ago financial problems having no bearing on his candidacy in Hoboken today.

So how does one legally obtain such ancient financial information on a person?
The answer: you can't. It's not legal. But Beth Mason wrote a check and now it appears her people have concluded there is no other way for her to win and she must launch the most destructive attack on her opponent in a desperate bid to knock him out of the box almost two full weeks before election day.

Earlier this year, Beth Mason's own husband decried bad behavior far less than this:

The irony of this comment should not be lost on anyone. Once again, a hit job far worse than what Hoboken411 in it's vindictive venomous style directed to Peter Cammarano's unknown daughter has been launched. Unlike that last minute hit job, this one by her "anonymous" blogger(s) comes far sooner.  In fact, MSV had predicted a similar attack on Tom Greaney would come from the ethically challenged 2nd ward Councilwoman but anticipated it 48-72 hours in advance of the election.

What this pathetic story by Beth Mason's political operatives demonstrates is her utter desperation they are sitting on a sinking candidate and have no other choice but to hit the panic button and send out the most destructive bomb in their arsenal.

The politics of personal destruction are alive and well in Camp Mason.

Beth Mason's achievement: her apex of low

Talking Ed Note: There's little left to say about Beth Mason and her lack of ethics, transparency and floundering political career. There's no emotion to convey other than sadness. That someone who was once held in respect by so many in Hoboken before becoming an elected official and has sunk so low so fast is just remarkable.

MSV can extend nothing but pity to the 2nd ward Councilwoman. She's reached the apex of her decline.

I feel sorry for you Ms. Mason.

Kids First: The bell sounds for the children on Election Day!

Kids First announces:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This is it!!! Election Day! The day you keep the progress going!

The Board of Education election is today and the polls are open from 7am to 9pm.
Kids First has made help make so many incredible advances in the past two years - including hiring a wonderful new Superintendent, Dr Toback, giving the classrooms and teachers what they need and deserve, expanding opportunities for the students, creating processes that are fair and open and reducing the tax levy to the legal minimum. We have come so far..... we can't stop now!!

All that is needed now is your vote. In Hoboken, every single vote truly counts. This is especially true today as we strive to overcome a massive Vote by Mail effort by our opponents. This effort has already gathered over 600 ballots.

Please....go! Bring a friend. Call or email everyone you know that cares about moving Hoboken forward. Let's keep it going!

Please support Jean Marie Mitchell, Cliff Godfrey and Steve Feinstein 3A, 4A and 5A today!

Thank you so much for all you support!

Talking Ed Note: Today is election day, an important day in our Republic to stand up and be counted. This election as on May 10th is a battle being waged on multiple lines.

While Americans are putting life and limb at risk around the globe, the American way of life and our Constitution is being subverted at home in the sullying of our basic freedoms preserved through free and fair elections.

In a random conversation with some Hoboken residents the other day, the refrain about voter fraud, "Everyone does it" was tossed out like candy. This is a Soprano State lie and an "On the Waterfront," truism. It needs to put to rest and buried.

And other people need to stop treating our elections like some communist rigged election where voting integrity does not enter into the equation.

Let your voice be heard today. And stand up for Our Republic and Hoboken by voting.

Grist for the Mill: Matt Calicchio shows up at Election Board with hundreds of VBM

Yesterday the vote by mail for the Board of Education arrived via another tsunami torrent.  Did I say vote by mail?  I meant vote by Calicchio as in don't worry about getting a stamp, the young man on yet another Old Guard mission is going to deliver the mail for you from Hoboken to Jersey City and make sure it gets counted, all handy like.

A report from a reliable source indicated Matt Calicchio showed up at the Hudson County Board of Elections with a friend lugging in dozens and dozens of vote by mail ballots.  Wonder if I could get a comment on that from Assemblywoman Joan Quigley who likes to sport red herrings on her lapel anytime questions arise on this practice of putting the US postman out of business for days during election time.

It's familiar faces and fun and games time as Hoboken enters another election day, today for the BoE.

Sorry Assemblywoman, you may be going off to pasture but Da Horsey has a long memory.  The legislation passed limiting 10 ballots per bearer apparently only applies to unsealed ballots.  If they show up at the election building sealed, apparently no one bats an eye when a virtual tsunami comes tumbling out hand delivered.  (This was retold from an onsite source.)

One day when law enforcement moves Hoboken up on its wish list, the hammer is going to come down and come down hard.  As after the Cammarano arrest, suddenly everyone will develop amnesia and forget they were ever on the wrong side of the voter fraud question.  At least until another FBI surveillance video starring an elected official is released.

Yesterday at one local eatery some local folks mentioned the Board of Ed election and joked with Da Horsey but later became serious defending voter fraud after asking our place of birth of course.  Because you know, your birth certificate matters more than voting integrity of the ballot or as we said to the ladies and the owner, "that law thingy."

Their collective refrain "they do it everywhere," is still ringing in our ears.

While we await those grand boys of summer from the NJ Attorney General's office or the Feds in Newark to make a Hoboken visit, please send an email of concern beseeching aid  to:

Mr. Vincent Militello
Deputy Attorney General

Hoboken needs you (and law enforcement) more than ever.  Please vote today!