Friday, April 29, 2011

Grafix Avenger source: A hit (job) is a hit but this one left fingerprints

Once again Grafix Avenger is dishing deep dare doings of things that go bump in the night from her anonymous source and this time it's getting into rough waters on the hit job run by Hoboken411, the website in service to all smear jobs for Beth Mason.

In today's eyeball episode, the anonymous orb reveals the financial information of 2nd ward council candidate Tom Greaney is so ancient, there's nothing available publicly, not even a smidgen unless someone is motivated enough to go through legal channels and make a request.

GA's source eyeball is hinting at some big revelations on the Mason411 Tom Greaney hit job.

Does anyone know if either of the Mason411 boys Perry Klaussen or Lane Bajardi recently became lawyers?  That leaves a real legal professional unknown for the moment who processed the information request to a court.

Unrelated, Beth Mason's husband happens to be a partner in a bankruptcy firm.  When the identity of the lawyer who went to court to obtain Tom Greaney's personal financial information from a decade and a half ago comes out, and it appears it is now only a matter of time, what ties to the Mason family will come with it?

Talking Ed Note: Personal aside to Beth Mason, why don't you just tell us what you did?

Grafix Avenger's latest:

Which one of these does not fit?

Take a look at a recent chart of Hoboken council candidates and their ELEC report filings:

Elec Report Update 2011 Ward Races
Ward Candidate 1/15/11 29 Day 11 day   48  Hours  48  Hours
1 Eric Kurta N/A Yes
1 *Theresa Castellano N/A Yes
2 *Beth Mason N/A NO
2 Tom Greaney Yes Yes
2 Franz Paetzold N/A Yes
3 *Michael Russo N/A Yes
3 Greg Lincoln N/A Yes
4 *Tim Occipinti Yes Yes
4 Rami Pinchevsky N/A Yes
5 *Peter Cunningham Yes Yes
5 Perry Belfiore NO NO
5 Scott Delea N/A Yes
5 Lenny Luizzi NO NO
6 *Nino Giacchi Yes Yes
6 Jen Giattino Yes Yes

* indicated incumbent

The important column for the moment is to see who is complying with the basic reporting requirement in a New Jersey election.  The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission is charged with posting the candidates submitted financial information of their respective campaigns.

The important column here is the second showing the 29 day report due two weeks ago.  As you can see, all the Reform candidates are complying but on the other side of the equation, there's some problems.

5th ward candidates Lenny Luizzi and Perry Belfiore have not provided their reports.  Mr. Luizzi as a first time candidate may be not clear in doing so.

Perry Belfiore is a special case as he's had some history of not meeting this requirement in a timely manner in the past and his early filings for the BoE demonstrated a disposition toward paying a lot of 'campaign workers' in an election years ago.  In that respect you might say he is a pioneer.  (Sorry Perry.)

There are some additional ELEC reporting dates coming up shortly.  Will the self-proclaimed Queen of Transparency be making an appearance?

At the Council forum Beth Mason attacked a grassroots PAC.  Meanwhile her self-funded PAC is likely flooding Old Guard candidates around town, numerous political operatives and consultants likely beyond everyone combined.  Once again, Beth Mason is not in basic compliance in filing her ELEC report.  What is she hiding?

The biggest laggard on the list is clearly Councilwoman Beth Mason.  As she has proudly bragged of her wheeling money through her campaign committee last November, rest assured she is forking out monies excessive to the $2,600 individual contribution limit all over town.

Beth Mason is not shorthanded on staff either and knows the ELEC rules very well.  There's some unethical business being done and she doesn't want you to know about it.

Clearly, the missing ELEC report from the Mason campaign is no accident.
What is she hiding?

Got transparency?

Correction: 2nd ward candidate Franz Paetzold called to confirm he is in compliance with NJ ELEC based on their funding standards and filed all appropriate forms.  MSV has gone ahead and updated the 29 day ELEC column to reflect his clarification.