Thursday, May 5, 2011

BREAKING: Mayor Dawn Zimmer on the May 10th City Council Elections


Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer in an interview at Harvest Cuisine spoke about the upcoming citywide council elections.  The six ward seats up will have a defining impact on both the next two years of her Administration and the direction of Hoboken as a whole.

The mayor discusses each of the six council seats up in the May 10th election on Tuesday and the candidates she feels will work with her for Hoboken's progress.

This is part two of the interview:

This interview is unreheased, unedited with no
preplanned questions.  Part one will be released next week.
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MSV is now The Hudson Mile Square View

Mile Square View presents a new online show featuring people of interest in Hudson County.  The show will feature interviews with public officials and is named “The Hudson Mile Square View.”  The show will be recorded at Harvest Cuisine in Hoboken and will focus on local, county and New Jersey issues. 

First guests of the show include Hudson County Freeholder Anthony Romano and Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

 Roman Brice, editor of Mile Square View, explained the motivation for the show saying,  “There’s a greater need for accountability across Hudson County between its residents and elected officials. Online broadcasting is the next step in connecting the expectations of people with their government beyond the typical fare at election time.”

The new show will be available via webcasts at the Mile Square View website:

The recently introduced Harvest Cuisine restaurant features award winning chef Ricardo Cardona.  Cardona is the executive chef of Lua, Sofrito and Hudson River CafĂ©.  In addition, he’s the chef for the New York Yankees and the visiting team for all games at Yankee Stadium.   For more information on Harvest Cuisine, please see their website:

Interested sponsors of the show and website should email:

It's coming...