Saturday, May 7, 2011

2nd ward candidate Tom Greaney: making the commitment

Tom Greaney has a new TV commercial appearing on CNN and other stations:

Hi I'm Mr. Integrity Scott Delea

5th ward council candidate Scott Delea is a busy guy.  He's works in an online marketing business, been involved in charitable endeavors and is making a third attempt to win a City Council seat.  So he's invested a lot in seeking public office.

At the Council forum he's spoken about his work for Party for a Purpose, making sure everyone knows the money he's raised for charities and why that's important to note in a political debate, or is it?

Now friends of Da Horsey always send photos and political flyers for both amusement and often for review and analysis purposes.  Here's what arrived late this week from Scott Delea's mailer:

This photo of 5th ward Councilman Peter Cunningham looks awfully familiar
Although dressed up in a crown this photo looked to have been taken from a City Council meeting.  But it looked familiar as in very.  It looked exactly like a photo that appeared earlier on MSV.  A search undertaken later quickly revealed:

The original MSV photo, copyrighted with all rights reserved
A quick comparison of the two photos shows it's an exact match short of a crown.  Now other campaigns have approached MSV about the use of photos.  It's an outreach not unexpected as most photos taken in Council Chambers don't look very good due to the challenging lighting.  But the point is they knew well enough to respect the copyright to ask permission in advance of any use.  Typically for general use the cost wouldn't be more than $50.

The last person who attempted theft from MSV was Hoboken411.  Hoboken smearmeister king Perry Klaussen attempted to say the picture was given to him showing an MSV photo of a police arrest.  He complained that others steal from Hoboken411 but we replied our lawyer was clocking the time it remained on the site.  Within minutes his self-indulgent complaints of victimhood ended and the photo came down.

Thursday evening MSV contacted Scott Delea.  The phone rang into voicemail and we're pretty sure Scott knows the number.  We've chatted here and there briefly since the Cammarano affair and it's been clear he has been seeking some citywide elected office.  There was no return call to a stated concern about a copyright problem.  An email the next day seeking to personally "resolve" the matter was also ignored along with a text.

Scott Delea - Mr. Integrity

On the local scene, most recently Scott Delea's name was floating around on the Board of Education the previous year and although MSV never referenced him by name, it was widely known in education circles he was shopping for a seat on a BoE slate.  In the end when the 2010 slates were announced, Scott Delea did not appear on any although insiders suggest he had hoped to be on the Kids First ticket.

His biggest problem?  Although Scott Delea lives right across the street from the BoE where the meetings are held, he never attended one.  He said education was important to him but when asked why he never came when he lives right there, he had no reasonable answer.

When a resignation appeared on the BoE the previous year, BoE member Maureen Sullivan nominated him for the vacancy.  Why? It's never been clear as Sullivan's political roots are conservative and Scott Delea although typically restrictive of endorsements or taking a position has supported Sen. Robert Menendez and also Dave Roberts for mayor in the past.  Scott Delea's nomination received only one vote - from Maureen Sullivan.  In the end the seat went to Hoboken's own and true champion for public education: Irene Sobolov.  (She would be the biggest vote getter when that seat came up as part of the 2010 election.)

As noted, additional attempts to settle the matter personally reaching out to Scott Dela by text and email have been met with contemptuous silence.  MSV does not endorse his theft of copyrighted material and has a clear message on the bottom all rights to material on the website are reserved.

Although MSV believes the forces of corruption in Hoboken are so strong they merit support of a superb Reform slate, we have never shied away from supporting a vehicle for all candidates to air their views.  They have always been invited to do so without any editorial comment and that included Tim Occhipinti last fall in his releases to more recently 5th ward council challenger Lenny Luizzi.

The problem here is Scott Delea took an excellent photo of Peter Cunningham and used it in a way detrimental to its intent.  This is a personal affront to Councilman Cunningham who we respect and admire for his superb work on behalf of the community.  On a personal level it's both paining and disappointing to see Scott Delea taking the material but more so for his refusal to address it after repeated attempts to settle the matter personally.

Theft from another can never be construed as respect.

MSV has gone ahead and contacted our attorney on the matter.

Talking Ed Note: There's been a lot of discussion about the shared Treasurer between Scott Delea and initially Beth Mason's campaigns, but it's actually Beth Mason's campaign committee the two intersect.  There's been even more scuttlebutt about the support he's been receiving from the man who brought you Peter Cammarano and Tim "I'm independent" Occhipinti - former Freeholder Maurice Fitgibbons and his people.

Although some have suggested Scott Delea is supported by Mike Novak, Maurice Fitzgibbons and Beth Mason, he won't answer to any political and financial support put to him via email back on April 21st with a request for an interview.

Scott responded to the questions and request this way: ".... To be honest, I have always liked you and found you to be knowledgable and balanced buy I am not sure how you expect me to answer your questions when you are clearly supporting Cunningham... I stand by my record of honesty, independence, integrity, results, community service and business leadership."

There's that integrity word again.  Does Scott Dela even know what it means?

The MSV comment and copyright policy have been posted here previously.  The details are available at the link:

It should also be noted the copyright notice appears at the very bottom of the page.  

Tim finally comes clean, confesses

Here's the latest from deep downtown in the 4th ward:

The 4th ward outdoor message suggests maybe Tim is having  a change of heart.  Perhaps he is realizing vote buying is bad.  When you cheat in elections you are also breaking the law.  

The drive to take the 1st is on! If you do a little of this...

Friends of Eric Kurta anounces:

I hope you're all doing well!  It's time for the final stretch of the Eric Kurta for Council campaign - and Eric needs our help.  There are only 4 days left including election day, and we need volunteers these next 4 days (especially election day) now more than ever.  If you haven't had much of a chance to help out, these next 4 days are your time to make up for it.  We have scheduled several shifts of canvassing, phone banking, and visibility (handing out Eric's literature and remind people to vote).  I included the shifts below, could you let Eric and I know which times you are able to help out with?  You may have received an initial phone call or email from Frances - I will be giving out and confirming the final shifts with everyone.  To contact me, my email is

Tuesday (election day - most important)

Literature hand out/visibility shifts

5:45 am - 9 am (12 shifts)
9 am - 12 pm (6 shifts)
12:30 - 4 pm (6 shifts)
4 - 8 pm (12 shifts)

Phone banking

10 am - 12 pm (2 shifts)
12:30 - 4 pm (2 shifts)
4 pm - 8 pm (3 shifts)


4 - 8 pm (9 shifts)


Monday (also very important day)

Phone banking and canvassing shifts

5-7 pm (2 phone bankers and 3 canvassers)
7-9 pm (2 phone bankers and 3 canvassers)

Literature hand out/visibility shifts

4:30-6:30 pm (4 shifts)
6:30-8:30 pm (4 shifts)



Phone banking and canvassing shifts

12-2 pm
2-4 pm
4-6 pm
6-8 pm



Phone banking and canvassing shifts:

12-2 pm
2-4 pm
4-6 pm
6-8 pm




A repeat swearing-in of Eric Kurta will not mean efforts
to save the hospital.  Next would be for First Ward City Council.

Jen Giattino: With your help we're taking the 6th ward

Jen Giattino for Council announces:

Greetings from Jen Giattino for City Council

Dear Friends: 
As we move into the last week of the campaign, I want to
thank all of you for your emails of support, donations and
offers to volunteer.

Taking on an entrenched incumbent with ties to the Hudson
County political machine has been no easy task.  We saw their
machine antics backfire when an operative stole our campaign
signs from a local dry cleaner.

It's been said that our ward is considered "the quiet ward."
But don't let Nino's quiet demeanor fool you.  Over the past
ten years, he's "quietly" voted for and against the same issues
time and time again.
Flip flopping, Giacchi voted for corner cars, then he voted
against it.  He was against the 20 million dollar bond for parks, then he recently voted for it.  
We need a councilperson to vote in step with their constituents
not how the council majority is leading him.

After years of fiscal mismanagement, we finally have a mayor
that has put us on solid fiscal ground.
But our opponents, led by Nino, want to raid our surplus and
spend that money.  If this happens, we'll go back to the days
when we created ponzi scheme-like budgets that raided our
funds for parks, children and seniors, while obscenely
increasing our spending and masking our deficits.  
When the bill came due our taxes were raised 47% - the
biggest tax increase in Hoboken history. We literally
can't afford policies that will rip off homeowners and
increase our taxes.  

As for me, I'll always remain consistent on the issues.  
We need to cut spending first, lower our taxes, repair
Sinatra Field, provide for more open space and rid
ourselves of patronage once and for all.

How can you help?
This election is important to us all, and I do need your help.
If you can make phone calls, hang up signs in your home,
campaign with me or help out on election day, please email

This is truly a grass roots effort, and I couldn't do it without
your help, support and dedication.
Jennifer Giattino