Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mayor's twitter: PATH service is back up

Hudson Reporter approves then fails to print Reform letter

The following letter was submitted to the Hudson Reporter Monday and confirmed twice by their staff but did not appear in the paper this weekend.  MSV reprints the letter as originally submitted by Jake Stuiver.

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my strong support for the reform slate of City Council candidates in this Tuesday’s election – Peter Cunningham for re-election in the 5th Ward, Rami Pinchevsky in my home of the 4th Ward, Eric Kurta in the 1st Ward, Tom Greaney in the 2nd Ward, Greg Lincoln in the 3rd Ward and Jen Giattino in the 6th Ward.

There are countless reasons I believe each of these outstanding individuals to be the best candidates for these Council seats, not least among them being that they consistently operate on the right side of the law, and would adhere to the letter of the law as a City Council.

I have known Councilman Cunningham for nearly eight years and have worked side-by-side with him through many campaigns and grassroots initiatives to bring positive change to Hoboken. Seeing him win a council seat four years ago and then watching him go on to apply his knowledge, experience, skill and compassion to his office has been an inspiration. I particularly applaud his leadership on routing out corruption in the Parking Utility that had caused the theft of $1 million in quarters under the leadership of the past, as well as his aggressive stance in fighting this latest round of exposed corruption, his fine stewardship during his year as Council President that helped smooth out a tumultuous period in our community, and his active engagement with his constituents on neighborhood issues.

Rami is a passionate, energetic young man who has worked hard on open-space and park-creation issues in our ward and has the right disposition to be a councilman, consistently displaying an ability to maintain his composure and show the same respect to those who disagree with him as well as his supporters. He will remember his promises and remain in his self-owned home after the election is over, not move to a developer-supporter’s apartment, and do everything he can to expose and penalize corruption to the fullest extent of his authority.

Eric Kurta has worked for the betterment of Hoboken for decades and will represent all of his constituents with equal vigor and enthusiasm. Tom Greaney is an ethical man who will obey all laws, engage and identify with his constituents and remain true to the reform principles on which he is campaigning. Greg Lincoln is one of the most principled and sincere people I know and will bring honesty and integrity to the 3rd Ward seat.  Jen Giattino will actively immerse herself in the needs of the 6th Ward and cast her Council votes accordingly.

All of these individuals are truly outstanding candidates who will make outstanding councilpeople, and will work with Mayor Zimmer to continue the progress toward true reform and governmental excellence. Please come out and vote on Tuesday, and vote for the reform candidate in your ward. Elections have consequences, and this one will make a huge difference in the fight to lower taxes, improve our quality of life and end corruption.

Thank you.


Jake Stuiver

Mother's Day with Team Jen in Church Square Park

In our travels today, MSV ran into 6th ward candidate Jen Giattino who was heading to Church Square Park to meet up with friends.

A sea of Team Jen Giattino with the candidate in the middle and her husband with their three boys and company.

Also, 5th ward councilman Peter Cunningham noted the importance of visibility leading into the election:

Folks, the t-shirts are in.  Please advise on what you want and we'll
deliver.  Thanks, Peter

PATH problems expected tomorrow due to earlier crash

City of Hoboken announces:


Early Sunday morning a PATH train on Track 2 failed to stop and ran into the track terminus. There were 34 people injured who were taken to area hospitals, but thankfully, there were no life-threatening injuries. Mayor Zimmer thanks all of the agencies at the local, county, state and federal level for their very prompt response to this incident.

The Port Authority is working to restore service to at least one track on Sunday, however service cannot resume until the National Transportation Safety Board completes their initial review. The Port Authority will be working through the night and hopes to restore service to two tracks by Monday, however it is anticipated that at least one of the three tracks will remain out of service for repairs. The eastern entrances to the PATH platform, including the elevator, will also be inaccessible. Commuters requiring elevator service will not be able to access the PATH platform at Hoboken Terminal.

Due to the limited PATH service, commuters are strongly urged to consider alternate transportation options including bus, light rail, and ferry.

NJ Transit will be providing increased bus service for the morning commute starting at 5:30am on Monday on the 126 and 87 routes and will be cross-honoring PATH tickets. (

NJ Transit light rail service from Hoboken Terminal, 2nd Street or 9th Street is available to Newport where commuters can transfer to the PATH for service to New York City, Jersey City, Harrison, and Newark. NJ Transit will cross-honor tickets. ( &
NY Waterway expects to have sufficient capacity on their ferries to meet increased demand. Boarding will be expedited by accepting cash in lieu of ticket purchase. From Hoboken Terminal, NY Waterway services World Financial Center and Pier 11/Wall Street. From 14th Street, NY Waterway services Midtown/W. 39th Street and the World Financial Center.


Additional updates will be posted to the City website.

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Dozens hurt in PATH station accident, Hoboken PATH down

City of Hoboken announces:

Information on PATH Train Accident

Earlier this morning a PATH train on track 2 failed to stop and ran into the train platform. Approximately 30 people are being treated for injuries and taken to local hospitals. There appear to be no life-threatening injuries.

An update on when PATH service will resume running will be posted to the City website,

Mayor Zimmer thanks everyone who responded quickly to the scene including the Port Authority and NJ Transit Police, the Hoboken Police and Fire Departments, the Office of Emergency Management, and Stevens Police.

Horse Sense: Tuesday Weather Forecast: clear, seasonable with Reform skies

In one looming setback for the Old Guard, the weather for election day this Tuesday looks clear with Reform skies.  Grafix Avenger's Russo insider Deep Uvula was probably hoping the voodoo prayers over at "The Association," would lead to rain and see reform voters staying in and ordering their frappacino from Starbucks via delivery.

Granted that was one funny line but the wiggly flesh ball had it right: it's all about the street fight now and getting out the vote.

This election is going to define Hoboken, moving us forward or backward.  The forces of insider trades, back room payoffs, fat profitable developer deals and the old, dark ways are not going to sit by and cry over their beer watching replays of "On the Waterfront," lamenting the good old days.  They will go out and mock the NJ Attorney General and the Feds in Newark with massive paid voter schemes and paper ballots piled high in every ward possible smiling at you while calling you sucker.

There's not been a better group of people on this Reform slate to get behind.  A couple of hours here and there can make a big difference.  Every action has a reaction and who you touch may lead to that person touching others who will hit the polls.

When you see FBI surveillance tape of Mike Russo trading on his public office in a first time meeting with a declared developer and then his cousin Terry Castellano at the last City Council meeting defending his actions saying, "He didn't commit a crime," what else about these people do you need to hear?  Criminal conspiracy to them is meaningless unless it comes courtesy of an escort to a jail cell.

The Russo-Mason cabal wants the wheels of power and if the voters of Hoboken fail to stop them, they see no reason to either fulfilling their objectives, no matter how unethical, how distasteful, or flat out corrupt.

If Hoboken people fail to get out and stop this culture of corruption, they won't stop either.  After the installation of their puppet Tim Occhipinti with the biggest voter fraud in Hoboken memory, they immediately marshaled together without pause, hijacked the City Council in a midnight power grab and began the plunder, obstructing or deconstructing every decent initiative the mayor brought to the table along the way from Corner Cars to Parks to another 5% tax cut in a budget that's been sitting on their desks for weeks.

They live for this.

Are you ready for a war?