Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Provisionals tallies inconsequential, may avoid 2nd ward runoff

Folks are looking to understand where the up in the air 2nd ward election sits and there's some significant movement on that front.

Of the 10 provisional ballots, only four are likely to make it into the final count with two believed in favor of Beth Mason making it an absolute wash.

There are 29 Mason vote-by-mail ballots but after a quick review, MSV notes most appear to be typical voters although even in a relatively short list (compared to Tim Occhipinti) there's sure to be some surprises.

An election challenge to close the gap, if any will need to come before certification of the election to have any likelihood of success.

Talking Ed Note:  The line may already be forming with political consultants reportedly elbowing each other to gain entry on Hudson Street to pitch their winning proposals for Hoboken's next mayoral election all titled, "How I will make you Hoboken mayor."

BREAKING: Beth Mason is up only 8 votes!

According to an unconfirmed source, Beth Mason is well within range of being forced into a runoff with only a gap of eight votes pushing the 2nd ward into a dramatic showdown.

There is word a few other ballots may need evaluation as well.

Hang on to your seats boys and girls, we're in for bumpy ride!

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2nd ward Provisional Shortfall?

While many are basking in the glow of Reform's momentous win taking back the City Council, the issue of the 2nd ward provisional votes may be a closed matter.

The Hudson County Board of Elections believes the total provisionals outstanding is 10.
That number would leave Tom Greaney short of what's required assuming he gets all of them in order to force a runoff with Councilwoman Beth Mason.

There could be legal challenges on Vote By Mail ballots but that is a longer shot.

Beth Mason earlier this week at the uptown ferry
First the County will have to review all the provisional ballots and determine their eligibility.  Then the election could be certified.  Beth Mason hold just over 51% of the 2nd ward vote and would be declared the winner if everything holds to a certification.

Talking Ed Note: 10 provisional votes is not going to trigger a runoff so what's next.  Tom Greaney will have much to mull over.

Mayor announces Fire Dept Reorg with $2.2 million in savings

City of Hoboken announces:

$2.2 million in annual savings; Creation of combined 3-1-1/dispatch system

Based on the findings of a recently-completed audit of the Fire Department conducted by Matrix Consulting Group and input from Fire Chief Blohm and Business Administrator Liston, Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced plans to restructure the Hoboken Fire Department.

“My top priority is to protect our community in the most cost-effective way possible, and I will always base these important decisions on the facts and the needs of our community,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Since 2008, the Fire Department has been reduced in size by 20% through a hiring freeze and attrition of 38 employees. Consistent with the recommendations of the audit, the department will remain at the current staffing level and will not increase in size. In addition, 12 Firefighters will be promoted to Captain and 5 Captains will be promoted to Battalion Chief to fill the superior officers positions vacated through retirements. As a result, the City will realize an estimated $2.2 million in annual savings compared to staffing levels in 2008.

Among the promotions will be the first two female Captains in Hoboken history.

“Hoboken was the first municipality in Hudson County with female firefighters, and today we are proud to be making history again,” added Mayor Zimmer. “I congratulate all of those receiving promotions, and especially the female firefighters who are helping to shatter another glass ceiling.”

The Fire Department’s dispatchers will be trained to respond to resident questions, comments, and requests. Dispatch operations will be relocated to City Hall and combined with a new 3-1-1 call center to offer residents 24/7 customer service.

The audit also notes that the “Department’s level of staffing and resources are sufficient, in conjunction with mutual aid from surrounding communities, to allow for the elimination of an engine company.” One engine company has already been eliminated.

The new Battalion Chiefs will be sworn in today, Wednesday, May 11 at 4pm in Council Chambers in City Hall. The new Fire Captains will be sworn in on Thursday, May 12 at 4pm in Council Chambers. Family members and members of the public are welcome to attend.

The following Captains will be promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief:

Captain Mario Fini
Captain Anton Peskens
Captain Paul Kasley
Captain John Cunning
Captain Luis Moyeno

The following Firefighters will be promoted to the rank of Fire Captain:

Stephen A. DiVincent
Audra A. Carter
Danny Montoto
Joseph J. Volaric
Brian M Crimmins
Maria D Diaz
Baron Ballester
Vincent C DePinto
Antonio D Tamborra
Robert F. Chaneski
Ray A. Martinez
Bernard Griletti

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David Cruz flouts election law in Hoboken

Contested elections in Hoboken are not anything new but sometimes there are things that are just not necessary.  Yesterday the notoriously nasty political operative David Cruz illegally entered the Marine View polling station and was hanging around.  Told he could not remain there, the Jersey City resident let fly a string of f bombs up and down and refused.

A short walk of a few feet to Terry Castellano who was there with her youngest son voting did not lead to any better result.  MSV asked her if she could tell him to leave and he followed over and let go another string of f bombs right in front of her.  

David Cruz (right) of Jersey City stood outside the Marine View polling station minutes after an illegal and embarrassing display inside it.  He let fly an ugly string of words right in front of Councilwoman Castellano (left)
seen here speaking to a resident

"I can't control him," she said clearly embarrassed by the display.  David Cruz continued with his foul language and refused to leave when again asked to do so.  The only clean sentence out of his mouth was, "Call a cop."  

The call was made and the police came and an officer spoke to David Cruz telling him to not go back inside the Hoboken polling station.  A suddenly meek David Cruz was able to put together a couple of sentences without an F bomb to tell the officer everything was fine.

Not five minutes after the police left, David Cruz came back into the polling station walked across and asked a woman for a cigarette before going back outside with Terry Castellano.  He was flapping about how Reform was losing the election and some other trite personal comments not deserving attention.

For the record, MSV told the Councilwoman we weren't holding the incident against her.  David Cruz has been the spokesman for Tim Occhipinti last fall.  He also worked in that capacity in this election for Occhipinti, Terry Castellano and Mike Russo.

A call later to Hudson County Board of Elections led to an offer to send law enforcement to protect the premises but the request was later declined when David Cruz finally left the area.

David Cruz seen leaving the Hoboken polling station in Marine View.
The police had just told him to stay out and not five minutes later he came back.

Talking Ed Note: A big thank you to the police officers who came and the officer who spoke to David Cruz telling him to stay out.  Thanks guys!

Jen Giattino thanks the people of the 6th ward

From the desk of Councilwoman elect Jen Giattino:

Greetings from Jen Giattino for City Council
Dear Family, Friends & Sixth Ward Neighbors,
We won by over 100 votes! 

I am so fortunate to have so much support by so
many people; new friends I have met on the campaign
and the friends I have counted on for years.
There is no way I could have done this without all of you.

Hoboken continues to amaze me and I am so proud that
you have chosen me to represent the Sixth Ward.

Thank you all for being there for me as I will be for you!
Jennifer Giattino

Mayor Dawn Zimmer at Room 84

'That Jen Girl' saves Hoboken

Last night's 6th ward victory by Councilwoman elect Jen Giattino turns Hoboken's City Council government from a joke to decent and honest.  Her family made big sacrifices to see her run in the race.  She's astounded everyone with her charm, intelligence and caring for this community.

Jen Giattino gets a victory hug from Mayor Dawn Zimmer at the victory party in Room 84 last night.

Her first time candidacy taking on a 10 year incumbent proved to be the difference in this election.  Both she and these Hoboken moms took the 6th ward by storm yesterday.

MSV wishes to express its gratitude and congratulations.  They just saved Hoboken.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano at yesterday's election

In a brief respite from a tense election yesterday, Councilwoman Terry Castellano stopped for this photo.  As Da Horsey had the honor to be a challenger on behalf of the Eric Kurta campaign at Marine View yesterday, there was some time to chat  during  the lulls in voting over the course of 14 hours at the polls.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano posed for this shot on election day
MSV is known for its hard hitting style but even though we've been sharply at odds with Councilwoman Castellano, she clearly understands the basis for the disagreement and was very respectful yesterday in what was a very hard election cycle against a strong challenge from first time candidate Eric Kurta.

Marine View turned out in strong numbers and this was the difference yesterday.  But Eric Kurta is not the threat to Marine View he was depicted as and more importantly he ran a great race causing a shift in the direction of the 1st ward.  

After this photo, Councilwoman Castellano remarked Da Horsey is a pussycat.  Well that's okay everyone mixes up an animal now and then and the decorum was well taken.  Later, there was an unfortunate incident with Jersey City's vulgar David Cruz who illegally entered into the polling station and refused to leave.  But that story will come later. 

MSV would like to thank the poll workers and other challengers at Marine View for showing what democracy looks like.  While spending 14 hours at a small table makes for a long day, we had a very cordial time with our counterpart Eileen who was a challenger for Terry Castellano.  The spirit of cooperation remained through the course of the day and it was a great pleasure to serve with her and also Eric Kurta challenger Martin Anderson who sits on the board of POG.

More to come.  

Councilman Peter Cunningham extends thanks

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

We won!! 53% of the vote stepped out and supported us for re-election
to the City Council - 5th Ward!! While it is late folks, I cannot go
to bed without thanking all those that helped make this happen. First,
thanks to my wife and children, Blueline and especially Robin Brown,
our volunteers, and the residents of the fifth ward for their undying

Thanks, Peter

Peter Cunningham