Friday, May 13, 2011

Post election defeat: Beth Mason and Mike Russo go on witch hunt

Coming off the loss of control of the City Council, Councilwoman Beth Mason and Councilman Mike Russo have resurrected their witch hunt to obtain the mayor's staff emails.  This one however comes with a twist.  They want the emails exchanged between the staff and the following publications/people.  This is the order they list it:

The Hoboken Journal, Mile Square View, Graphix Avenger re: Grafix Avenger, Ray Smith of the Hudson Reporter, other reporters, Perry Klaussen of Mason411 (apparently he's some sort of victim here), Sam Briggs, the former campaign manager for the Zimmer for Mayor campaign and Blueline Campaigns who worked on the recent City Council races.

All MSV will say at this point is two words:

Can't Wait!

Ruben Ramos: Break the law and take down Hoboken's new superintendent

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos wrote a letter to the editor defending the breaking of State law in regards to actions taken by out of control prima donna theater director Paula Ohaus.

What part of the law do you not understand Assemblyman?  The flagrant and repeated breaking of not just policy but actual State law puts the District into an untenable situation.  The new Superintendent did not ask for this problem, it did not occur on his watch but you and others were nowhere to be found when this non-teaching "Theater Director," was running amok breaking laws left and right because of her "special status."

Now with the foolish airing of her dirty laundry of violations, the Superintendent must act.  Mr. Toback has offered a compromise showing sound judgement and an ability to satisfy the situation in the best, perhaps only way possible.  This while Paula Ohaus continues to act in the most unprofessional way, thumbing her nose at the Superintendent, the Board of Education members, State Law and parents who can not be comfortable with this reckless attitude toward the rules and laws of our schools.  She's repeatedly acted as if she is above the law while showing no decorum and respect to the BoE.

Once again, Assemblyman Ruben Ramos has lowered his office.  Most recently, it was to aid and abet Tim Occhipinti's massive fraudulent election last November.  This time he further compounds it with an unsightly injection into the schools.

How about we ignore all the laws Assemblyman Ramos passes?  Because we feel like it.

If you think this is aiding your cause to seek the Hoboken mayor's office Assemblyman, you will eventually find out it won't.  Even a horse knows this.

Here's Assemblyman Ramos' letter:

To the Editor:
As Hoboken’s State Assemblyman and a public school teacher myself, I have watched the recent Hoboken Board of Education meetings with much interest. Teachers have been forced to defend programs that have long been recognized in the community as going above and beyond the ordinary teaching parameters and have been innovative and creative in their educational approach.
In the case of the Hoboken High School Theatre Arts program, this program has been recognized numerous times on the state level at Paper Mill Playhouse, Rutgers University and Montclair State University, for overall productions as well as individual student achievement. In addition, the director of the program received the National Theatre Arts Teacher of the Year "Jimmy" Award sponsored in part by the Nederlander Organization, a major producer of Broadway productions. In the Johns Hopkins program, that instructor has organized a curriculum that has enabled students previously non-achieving in math to not only achieve, but thirst for knowledge and pursue their dreams.
These results are tangible and not in dispute, and yet, the Hoboken Board of Education is supporting the new superintendent, who is not renewing the teacher contracts of these two educators for next year, which effectively removes them from the Hoboken Public Schools. The superintendent has presented his reasons, which deal with liability and policy issues, but do not question the tangible, real, results achieved under the two teachers’ direction. Both programs supposedly will be preserved and supported, but without their founders, how will these programs achieve the same results?
I have proudly represented Hoboken since 1999, when I served as 4th Ward Councilman. I take my role today in the State Assembly very seriously and still stay abreast of the issues that affect my neighbors not only today but also in the future. These two programs have created a solid foundation for many family, friends and neighbors that I know personally. Their children, who began in Hoboken Public Schools, are now returning to Hoboken, having their own children and now they, too, are beginning to enjoy these same programs. There are new parents are volunteering, just as their parents did, and helping with the productions. These programs become the community building vehicles that public education was meant to create.
As a father, an educator, and son to a former member of the Board of Education, I know firsthand how many hours are required for this job. The preparation for the monthly public meetings is extremely detailed and the committee meetings and evening events take up a great amount of time without any compensation. These elected officials are public servants of the highest order. However, they also have a responsibility equal to mine; to listen, and more importantly, investigate creative solutions that safeguard our institutions while allowing our best programs to stretch the envelope of innovation.
In the situation of the theatre program and the Johns Hopkins program, each board member needs to seriously consider their stance. As Hoboken’s Assemblyman, I always vote by balancing the integrity of our institutions with the need to allow for the creation of a more brilliant future. I strongly urge each board member, who has been elected in the past two years after pledging to protect these very programs, to answer just one question:
Are you really putting kids first?
Ruben J. Ramos, Jr.
Assemblyman, 33rd District

New record for MSV and a tech glitch fixed

Our web hosting had a problem and for those that saw it flare up between yesterday and today apologies.  The articles missing along with all the comments appear to have been restored.

Just a quick word to say thank you to all of Hoboken reading.  MSV had its biggest week ever.

Heckeva week all around.

Photo: courtesy Reuters

Beth Mason skates, avoids runoff retaining 2nd ward seat

Beth Mason has squeaked through staving off a showdown with Tom Greaney while defeating two other minor challengers. As MSV reported earlier, of the 10 provisional ballots, four were counted as valid votes and split between the two main vote getters for the 2nd ward seat.

Councilwoman Mason is expected to immediately renew her chase for mayor in 2013 hoping to overcome the two mayoral defeats she suffered in 2009.

Beth Mason will retain her 2nd ward seat barely escaping a runoff.

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Election results district by district for each of the wardS

2011 Council Race Breakdown

Here's a breakdown charting each of the wards and how the individual districts within stack up.  People will be concluding much on the information but what should need no analysis is people in subsidized housing show up to vote religiously - summer, spring, winter and fall.  They have a strong interests in housing and municipal jobs and they are motivated in seeing aspects in each preserved and getting out to vote.

Even in the 2nd ward, Applied Housing turned in well over 100 votes for Beth Mason and the building supers were reported going to people and urging them to vote.

The lesson here is how to create a deeper sense of civic duty from all residents not just  those with direct economic interests in town and home ownership.  The US struggles with voting ratios compared to many countries and there's many reasons for it.  Concluding too much from the same voting bases getting to the polls is not particularly useful, and in this one, it's the people tied closest to the economic municipal benefit(s) who are most motivated to vote.

That's not really news anywhere or especially Hoboken.

The charts come courtesy of the Jolly Green Giant at the Hoboken Journal.

Hate411 Mason boys finally surface after election

Perry Klaussen of Hate411: always ready to
flip Hoboken the bird
Hoboken411 finally awoke from its post election coma with the Mayor Zimmer council majority in its wake.

The devastation of that reality along with uncertainty Beth Mason may be facing a 2nd ward runoff kept Perry Klaussen and his minion occupied chasing their tail in a frenzy for more than a day.

Having concocted every manner of lie on a regular basis and a torrent of filth leading into the election, the self-proclaimed kingmaker of Hoboken elections had to suffer through another humiliation with 5th ward Councilman Peter Cunningham trouncing three challengers with not so much as a runoff.

That triumph came just hours after Hate411 posting a less than credible analysis from his minion saying people were just ready to get out and vote for anyone else while MSV stated the complete opposite saying Peter Cunningham was very well respected in the 5th ward and would come out on top.

Perry Klaussen himself did his civic duty and voted in the 5th ward.  While doing so he managed to verbally assault one BoE board member who caused him to go frothing at the mouth for simply asking a poll worker if dogs were allowed into the building.

Hudson County voting records show the ubermensch Beth Mason advertiser a resident at 1039 Bloomfield but people have said he's since moved into the 2nd ward.

If true, why would the 41 year old registered Republican be voting in the 5th ward if he could have voted for Beth Mason?  Some people are motivated by who and what they love, but others live simply for their hate.

Talking Ed Note: Perry Klaussen is said to have moved into the second ward near Elysian Park and closer to the Masonic Temple some time ago but it's not altogether clear.  Maybe others can shed some light on it.

Got voter fraud?

Scott Delea pleased with better than 2-1 trouncing

Here's an uplifting message from Scott Delea after the election showing his belief in his political viability after his third try at winning a council seat.  He certainly didn't get love from the Russo insider, Deep Uvula who called him a gasbag.  There was word out Delea had Russo support in addition to being a Mason backed candidate.  Scott never did answer any questions related to support, political or financial and believed he could avoid it and find himself in a runoff anyway.

The runoff never materialized as Peter Cunningham left Scott Delea eating his dust by more than a two to one margin.

Delea also hasn't answered to the theft of MSV's photo used in his campaign literature, only sending an email playing dumb on the matter.  Yesterday another phone call and voice mail attempted to resolve the matter amicably but Scott Delea flat out won't Man Up with a Purpose.  

Is anyone surprised?

We had an amazing day on Tuesday and I am so proud of our team. We ran an incredibly strong campaign based upon strong principals and a plan to improve our City. 

Despite being vastly overspent and going up against an incumbent councilman backed by the Mayor, we came in a respectable second place out of four candidates and fell short of getting into the runoff by 16 votes. 

I stand by my belief that the future of Hoboken lies in our ability to find common ground rather than perpetuate the "us" vs. "them" mentality so prevalent in our City. We ran a clean, honest campaign staffed by a team of hard-working and passionate volunteers who were a cross-section of Hoboken...young, old, rich, poor, born and raised, newcomer and everything in-between. And, thanks to all of you, we were funded by friends, family and other small businesses that recognize the importance of building a stronger community while growing the local economy to create jobs and reduce taxes. 

I will continue to stay as committed as ever to making a difference in Hoboken by continuing my work with Party With Purpose, The Boys and Girls Club and creating jobs with my company Inflexion Interactive. 
If you have any interest in being involved, please send me an email.

Special thanks to key members of the team including Jason, Eduardo, Jeff, Vincent, Jen, Diane, Lucille, Stacey, Don, Brian, Matt, Ryan M, Ryan, Natalie, Rob, Mario, Tom, Joe C, Joe M, Ethan, Cory, Manny, Jamar and of course my family.  You are all incredible people and Hoboken is a better place because of you.  

Best wishes to Perry Belfiore, Lenny Luizzi and congratulations to Peter Cunningham.

 Talking Ed Note:  The matter of Scott Delea's photo use without agreed compensation goes to the lawyer who is now reviewing the matter.  One expects this behavior from Hoboken411 but now they find themselves linked by the exact same transgression.  Both of them used the same MSV photo of Peter Cunningham.

Hey Perry do you want to show more ethics than Scott Delea?  Here's your chance.  Man up!

(Of note Scott says he was 16 votes from being in a runoff.  A reader notes at less than a  quarter of the vote, Scott Delea actually needed 31 votes.)

Sign of the Times: Tim Occhipinti sale ends

Another Hoboken election ends, and so with it, the voter sales.  Here's Liberty Realty with an outdoor offering: Tim Occhipinti.

Price is not clear but word is he sold cheap.

As  MSV predicted, the output of Tim's Paper Mache Brigade Votes came nowhere near last fall's massive tree killing spree.

This round Tim Occhipinti "only" came up with 276 absentee ballots.  Oh sorry Tim - vote by mail.  He's a real stickler for getting 'campaign worker,' terminology correct.

The rest of Hoboken generated 336 vote-by-mail with only a paranoid and scared Mike Russo hitting triple digits at a mere 105 in the 3rd ward.

Talking Ed Note:  Hoboken Patch posted pictures from the election showing a jubilant Mike Russo with his election win and then one where he's crying.  There's no crying in politics Mike.  You only cry when the jury is deadlocked and you escape conviction.

Shows you what a determined first time candidate in Greg Lincoln was able to do.
Shook Mike Russo up so much, he made him cry.