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Mayor Dawn Zimmer interview: the hospital, crime, and parks

Mayor Dawn Zimmer in part one one of the two part interview recorded at Harvest Cuisine discusses the importance of saving the hospital, crime statistics and politicization of same, biggest success and failure as mayor, and the timeline of parks being available including 1600 Park and Mama Johnson Field.

The interview was recorded earlier this month before the elections.  Part two was available earlier leading into the citywide City Council elections and is posted here.

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Sign of the Times: Three would be a charm, but a win is a win

Update: This thread continues to be a point of discussion.  MSV would like to correct the earlier analysis to reflect what's missing: the totality of Applied Housing votes in the 2nd ward.

Originally stated as a source of at more than 100 votes for Beth Mason, there's indications it was far more than that.  A systematic campaign to pull the votes out of there and save Beth Mason may have been in place using strong arm tactics such as putting fear into people losing their apartments and the old Hoboken standby: payments - in this case $50 a vote.

The vote tally in the low three figure range may be drastically underestimated.  It could be closer to 300!  If that's the case, then Grafix Avenger's Russo insider Deep Uvula was correct in stating the Russo clan, specifically Michele Russo now owned Mason having saved her bacon.  Michele "can break her anytime she wants to" is the quote and it's clearly not bravado.

Beth Mason is now a "locked-in" vote for what Mike Russo wants in their destiny of minority status for the next two years.

In a ward with over 5,600 registered voters and the power of incumbency and an indeterminable fortune spent not reflected on her campaign in ELEC reports, Beth Mason was only able to muster 671 votes.

Her win then came through a combination of Applied Housing votes with old guard election tactics and suppressing the vote for Tom Greaney using sleazeball tactics on Hoboken411 and betraying someone who confided in her a decade and a half old financial problem.

While Beth Mason squeaks by her first time challenger without a runoff, her voting base is all but gone.  She's now a low rung character of the Old Guard and her ambitions for power and higher office will have to compete with others on that side such as Assemblyman Ruben Ramos who has been backed by State Senator Brian Stack.

Originally posted May 13th, 2011

The 2nd ward election will not be seeing a runoff but the result is still the same with Reform taking the City Council back beginning July 1.  No more endless Council of No nonsense blocking progress because the mayor's name is at the bottom or top of the resolution and no more Beth Mason acting as chair breaking rules left and right demeaning her colleagues, the public and the institution itself.

There will be power plays between now and July 1 of course.  After all the Russo family loves nothing more than power and that means trying to hijack whatever you can get your hands on so keep watch for it.  For those who need a hint, where did Michele Russo get most of her loot and what related Hoboken board is most critical to it.

There's your answer.

Tom Greaney falls in the 2nd but even without the runoff and a possible third seat,
Reform now takes back the Council majority.

Sign of the Times: Hoboken411 doesn't live here anymore (but he voted there anyway)


Over the weekend an opportunity arose to view the location Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen has listed as his residence on the voter rolls.  But the address: 1039 Bloomfield St. is empty and unoccupied with work underway on the property.

1039 Bloomfield St. is vacant and under renovation.  Hoboken411 smear king Perry Klaussen lists this as his current address according to the Hudson County voter registration records before he voted last week.  

During last week's City Council elections, the ubermensch Beth Mason supporter verbally assaulted one BoE official at at the Elks Club.  Presumably, he was there to vote against Councilman Peter Cunningham.  Hoboken411 had posted one of its juvenile screeds right before the elections saying residents had a plethora of picks and would select "anyone but Cunningham." Instead the 5th ward overwhelmingly choose the councilman over three challengers, sending him back to City Hall without requiring a runoff.

So what was Hoboken411's 'editor' doing voting in a 5th ward election as others state he is living in the 2nd ward and obviously not living at the 5th ward address listed with the Hudson County Board of Elections?  After his verbal assault on a BoE official, Klaussen who is known for his iron fisted censorship in service to Councilwoman Beth Mason, signed in at a 5th ward district table and voted.  Did he sign in using his old 5th ward address?

After casting his likely fraudulent ballot, Klaussen exited the voting stall taking pictures inside the room of the BoE official, the earlier target of his ill will.  Told by poll workers he was not permitted to take pictures inside the polling station, Klaussen insisted he could saying "I'm a credentialed journalist."  The poll workers are correct, no photographing at the poll is permitted.

Hoboken uber-smear king Perry Klaussen
As for 1039 Bloomfield Street, a source intimately familiar with the property stated renter Perry Klaussen had to leave when the the property was sold last year.  The new owners never saw apartment three where Hoboken's smear king stayed and weren't too concerned as they planned on renovating the entire structure.

After the sale, the new owners were appalled by the condition of the apartment.  As relayed, it was described as a "disaster area."  The previous owner reportedly had lots of problems with Klaussen that didn't end until the building was sold and Das Smearmesister of Hoboken departed.

The same source also indicated people on the block of 1000 Bloomfield were quite pleased with Klaussen's departure.

Talking Ed Note: Da Horsey sent a twitter reply to Klaussen asking about this 5th ward voting matter but doesn't expect an answer.  Perry Klaussen is still silent on his copyright theft of a photo from this website to use in attacking Peter Cunningham.  The lawyer is reviewing the matter but the penalty listed here for such unauthorized use including electronic is $5.00 per view.  If Perry Klaussen claims hundreds of thousands of views a month or more as he's said in the past, we'll be pleased to see a judgement on those terms.

Other readers have emailed that Perry Klaussen posted an accusation that Reform members voted outside of where they live.  Oddly that looks to be exactly what he did not even days later himself.

Has anyone asked 2nd ward Councilwoman Beth Mason about this?

More to come...
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Letter to the editor: Protect the school district and support the new superintendent Mark Toback

Jean Marie Mitchell, a Hoboken resident who previously served on the BoE for a one year term and ran for a four year term but lost last month submitted this letter to the editor:

To The Editor:
Does a gifted history teacher get to write his own “permission slip,” pile his students into his car and drive them off on a "field trip?" What if they are broadsided by another car?  What if they check into a motel overnight and a student gets hurt or worse?  Who is responsible? Who pays the doctor’s bill or the legal judgment?  What about a football coach whose stars get opportunities for college scholarships otherwise far out of their reach?  Does it matter if the championships are won by playing kids who are academically ineligible?  What happens to the standards for those kids' education? What about the kids who didn’t get to play?  What about the teams they beat?  Do the ends really justify the means?

Most everyone -  students, parents, the public, the Board, and Superintendent Dr. Mark Toback  - supports the theatre program at Hoboken High. We’re all proud of the great performances Paula Ohaus has inspired our kids to achieve, but even her fans have acknowledged problems with the tactics by which she has achieved these goals. They acknowledge the sleepovers at her house, the financial irregularities, the out-of-district students getting major roles in a school play, and the unauthorized trips in private cars but they defend Ms. Ohaus’s good intentions.  Doesn’t a great artist deserve a second chance, or even a third?  Maybe, but there have been many chances under three superintendents and Ms. Ohaus has been very clear about her contempt for the rules she flouts. She stated publicly that she intends to continue the sleepovers and other practices. She is not looking for another chance; she wants the rules to change, at least for her.
Ms. Ohaus would have us believe that her practices are minor problems, but they are not.  They are clear violations of common-sense rules we have in place to protect the district from legal liability and students from harm. Her actions imply that the district is wrong, for example, to require background checks on adults in close contact with teenagers or to prevent those teenagers from spending the night in her private home. I think the district board is right to require these safeguards. If something tragic happened, a judge would be well within his rights to throw the book at us.  Never mind what the parents would say.

I believe that learning to live by society’s rules and learning to excel within reasonable boundaries is part of becoming an adult.  I believe that lesson is as important as winning a game or getting a standing ovation. Our new superintendent, Dr. Toback understands this.  He is raising the bar.  He is committed to a great theater program, while also protecting our children and our district. I also believe that as a community, we need to stand up and let him know we support him.  Please call him (201-356-3601) or email to let him know that he has your support to lead our district.

Jean Marie Mitchell
Hoboken School District Parent