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Temporary budget finally passes and transparency asked of Beth Mason

The first City Council meeting met after the May 10th elections and began with a bang.  The Hoboken Technology office was padlocked as reported here earlier and Patrick Ricciardi was not present in the evening for the video work tonight.

In the pictures posted earlier, you can clearly see it's his name on the door.  We hear that the pathological screed of lies were flowing mightily at Hoboken411 calling the person doing the emergency video effort "a scab."  The so called scab is actually a local video company very often employed by Beth Mason.  Someone didn't get the memo (or the text) to Perry.

The medication is either not being taken or ignored but the next outlandish claim the mayor wants to shut down the live feed of council meetings is utter foolishness.  MSV was asked to help get the video feed up after emergency session.  We had a discussion with the video person brought in and the only real concern was just getting logged in to get the feed up.  After an initial audio glitch it was and under the circumstances, a good job all around.

The big item on the agenda was the temporary budget.  Council members Beth Mason and Mike Russo gave early indications it would again be blocked and Business Administrator Arch Liston expressed strong reservations it would be problematic shutting down city operations. A lot of back and forth with Beth Mason indicating she was not moved by any of it.

Finally, Councilman Nino Giacchi inspired perhaps by the end of his days on the council suggested the matter be voted on as there was nothing new to the usual issues arising.  The vote was called and when Councilman Nino Giacchi voted yes, all resistance broke and everyone voted yes.

Councilwoman Mason voted last and put in her lone meaningless vote of no.

Finally progress.

The other big item was the showdown on the resolution by Beth Mason and Mike Russo to obtain emails from the mayor's staff interacting with local media and previous political campaigns.  Beth Mason pulled it off the agenda but Da Horsey took some time to make some limited remarks during public portion and posed some questions to Beth Mason and her witch-hunt of a resolution. 

All the questions asked follow beginning with the resolution's claim to honor confidentiality:

Confidentiality?  Well coming from Beth Mason that's farcical on its face but hey while we're doing electronic intrustions, can we see all the text messages, email between Beth Mason and her friend Lane Bajardi limited to the resulting stories on Hoboken411?

Would we discover the leak referenced in today’s Hudson Reporter story on the settlement of the police discrimination suit?  (The story says a council member leaded the story to Mason411.)

Confidentiality? Like when your friend Tom Greaney supported you for City Council in 2007 and confided in you a distant time in his life more than a decade back when he had run into financial problems and the information landed on Hoboken411 two weeks before the City Council elections?

Can we add to this resolution, all emails detailing compensation between Beth Mason and her minions on Hoboken411? 

Isn't it time we get even a bare minimum of transparency on the work between Beth Mason, her friend Lane Bajardi and the hatchet jobs and smears on Hoboken elected officials, city employees and residents of Hoboken appearing on Mason411?

For the record, Beth Mason didn't answer these questions.

At the end of public portion, Lane Bajardi appeared to claim he had been "slandered," and demanded time to speak.  How you can claim you were slandered with questions asked to Councilwoman Beth Mason is besides the point of course, as she immediately granted him time.  Whereby Lane Bajardi then claimed to be slandered by an "earlier" speaker who was part of the mayor's bloggers and who slandered him on "his website and his other associated websites."

He concludes his weak wounded spiel asking if Beth Mason paid him for his friendship.  She replies no.  But who pays a political operative for his friendship?  You pay political operatives to do your dirty work.

Nowhere during the video clip does Lane Bajardi say he has not ghostwritten for Hoboken411.  In fact, although the question has been posed to him many times in many places, including about a year ago on Hoboken Revolt, he's never  denied it to our knowledge.

The witch-hunt on the mayoral staff's emails seemed like a good as time as any to ask Beth Mason these questions and the oddities of convenient smear jobs appearing on Hoboken411 to her benefit.

Maybe Beth and her friend would like to issue a joint statement on the matter.

Good luck with that.

Talking Ed Note:  Lane Bajardi was clearly not pleased with the questions put to Councilwoman Beth Mason tonight.  He was spotted (and photographed) taking video while they were being asked. 

That's too bad.

If the video from the camera phone shows up on Hoboken411, you heard it here first.

EMERGENCY SESSION - Tech office padlocked!


Trouble brewing and a padlocked office.
Council in immediate emergency session

Patrick Ricciardi's office IS PADLOCKED!
A freelancers is in streaming a temporary solution for the broadcast tonight.

Comments are open in this thread.

Talking Ed Note:  Something big is brewing here and it is not surrounding just one employee.  There must be some overlapping impact beyond that as the emergency session says "SERIOUS," in capital letters.

Let's see how others follow up and cover this story because it has the odor of napalm.  Beth Russo did not look happy so take that as a hint where this may be heading.

MSV frankly doesn't know and won't speculate beyond it.  If you want to read the usual litany of wild charges from every conceivable bad speculative angle from a twised mind, there's always Mason411.

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It's Showtime! City Council Meeting @ 7:00

Video streaming by Ustream

Time to see for your very own eyes why the nightmare of what the Hoboken Journal calls Beth Russo is gratefully almost over. But before it ends, you'll have to stick around for New Business where the politricking resolution seeking any scrap of tidbit in an email to be construed a local constitutional crisis for Beth Mason's distribution to Hoboken411 via her minion awaits us all.

Maybe the reason Beth Russo want the emails so badly between two mayoral staff and local media is because they are so corrupt they are convinced others are too. That's how they justify themselves and look in the mirror.

Tonight they will get another reflection of themselves. Enjoy!

Beth Russo on the hunt for blood, anyone's in tonight's City Council meeting @ 7:00

Tonight is the first City Council meeting since the citywide elections and if you thought the will of the people would be reflected after Reform's victory retaking the majority in the town's legislative body, you'd be wrong.

With the official changeover July 1, it's witch-hunting season for the Beth Russo duo of council members Beth Mason and Mike Russo.  Mason even with an unknown fortune spent since last fall barely squeaked by avoiding a runoff with her main challenger Tom Greaney by 10 votes.

Mike Russo has seen a series of bad tidings recently losing his honorary council title of Vice President, his role as chair on the Budget and Finance subcommittee and seeing not one but two family exposes.   His father was flagged in an audit receiving illegal health benefits into early this year, benefits for which he does not qualify.

Then came the FBI surveillance Bribe Tapes proving reality every bit opposite of what MIke Russo claimed it was, showing him not only willing but eager to trade on his office accepting a series of bribes with a developer he was meeting for the very first time.

Tonight's last resolution is a late addition targeting two city employees and their emails with about a dozen local media and political campaigns: Juan Melli, the communications manager and Dan Bryan the confidential aide to the mayor.  Earning just $120,000 between them in pay, their cost to the city is less than ex-mayor Peter Cammarano's created role of Chief of Staff at $125,000. 

They are the direct replacements for two other positions eliminated in the mayor's office, part of a significant savings lowering the budget of the mayor's office from more than half a million annually to at least 20% less last heard.

It's matching suits and matching agendas for Mason411.  With the swift and sure ejection from Council Presidency shortly to follow, the scorched earth McCarthyite tactics are front and center in the hopes to destroy two city employees working for the mayor pushing a resolution in a witch-hunt of their emails.

Even worse, they are effective and hold positions coveted by Beth Mason's minion who had hoped to take a Public Information Officer job according to former Mason mayoral campaign sources.  With her second defeat for mayor in the fall of 2009, the goal for both remains ever elusive.

Nothing left to do for the uber-Mason backer but propagate hate and endless smears ghostwriting on Hoboken411 while receiving unknown compensation from the self-proclaimed Queen of Transparency who has yet to reveal her true expenditures as required by law in the last council election.

Now with just a few meetings before she is bounced out as Council President, her reign of error will be preceded by still more petty, vindictive terror. 

The real question here is does Councilman Nino Giacchi want to go out with this stain as he departs the institution?   Grafix Avenger has a story wondering the same and recounting her great time chatting on Election Day spent with his lovely mother.

Tune in here tonight @ 7:00 and we'll get the answer.

Talking Ed Note:  The basis claimed in the Beth Russo resolution for obtaining the thousands of emails of the mayor's staff is the city website is wasting taxpayer money and is too political ipso, facto: they must obtain all the staff's email.

It's unclear how the city's legal department will view this but that's an odd legal argument.

Update: Some commenters are asking for a comparative breakdown.  Here it is:
Dan Bryan 45K and Joe Garcia 125K (both receiving benefits)

Juan Melli 75K (no benefits) vs. Paul Drexell and Bill Campbell (both on salaries and benefit.)

Not sure on the last two salaries but both would be in the ballpark of what Juan Melli is paid.

Attempted Coup at Hoboken Housing Authority Reorg Fails

The Hoboken Housing Authority Board of Commissioners held its annual reorganization meeting last Thursday, in front of an audience filled with guests from various ends of the political spectrum.

Incumbent Chairwoman Jean Rodriguez, recently reappointed by Mayor Zimmer to serve another five year term on the board, won another year as Chair after being nominated by Commissioner Jake Stuiver and winning a five-vote majority on the seven-member board but not before a move to unseat her.

Rodriguez nominated for Vice Chairman Commissioner Robert Davis, who received a second from Stuiver and unanimous confirmation by the board. Voting "no" for Rodriguez as chair were commissioners Maryanne Camporeale and Eduardo Gonzalez.

Commissioner Mary Camporeale had placed in nomination Eduardo Gonzalez for chair, but the nomination never made it to a full vote because Rodriguez, who was nominated first, would gain a winning majority vote.

Of note, no one seconded the nomination of Eduardo Gonzalez making it clear where the support of the body stood. Gonzalez seeing no backing, would second his own nomination.

HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia noted the board's backing for Rodriguez saying, "Her leadership has been amazing in supporting the board's vision, and encouraging the plan we've adopted for implementation."

The reorg drew an unusually large crowd from outside the Housing Authority, including a group of Kids First school-board members and allies, who were there to support Judy Burrell in her first meeting as an HHA commissioner since being appointed by Gov. Christie last month.

Also in attendance were Scott Delea and Maurice Fitzgibbons, who appeared in support of Gonzalez's candidacy for the chairmanship. Both left shortly after Rodriguez clinched the vote.

Maurice Fitzgibbons at a 2010 BoE meeting
Talking Ed Note: The latest Fitzgibbons project was apparently to see Eduardo Gonzalez take the chair and the plan failed while Scott Delea was easily defeated in his 5th ward council bid by Councilman Peter Cunningham last week.

Hoboken Patch editor Claire Moses also attended.

MSV usually only covers events attended but there was no report of this one. It was produced using multiple independent sources.