Thursday, May 19, 2011

City Legal: Hoboken411 story is false; active criminal investigation underway

The City's First Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo issued the following comment regarding the misinformation printed at Hoboken411 earlier today.

In a short phone interview, the First Corporation Counsel stated:

"The information published by Hoboken411 is both false and irresponsible.

Council President Mason calling for an investigation into the emails of Dan Bryan and Juan Melli has absolutely nothing to do with the current investigation being conducted by outside agencies.  This is a personnel matter as well as a criminal investigation so I can't comment on the details.

However, the allegations reported under the guise of rumors are completely false."

Talking Ed Note:  MSV was looking into the misinformation by Hoboken411 but it's not necessary to do so now.

The idea of once again trying to defame Hoboken city employees not even a day after the questions posed to Beth Mason and her ties to that smear site have once again proved the point entirely.

Questions swirling around Beth Mason and Hoboken411

There's public requests in questions posed to Beth Mason in the video below.  The subject of her late and vastly incomplete ELEC reports detailing her campaign expenditures is also discussed.

The camera is fixed on the City Council and it offers some insights from that perspective.  Councilwoman Beth Mason did not answer any of the questions and why should that come as any surprise?

Open secrets don't require answers.