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Reporters: 'Hoboken411 claim on City Communication Manager another Mason411 lie'

Local Hoboken reporters who regularly interface with City Hall's communication manager confirm the claim by Hoboken411 that inquiries made by them were referred to his "personal attorney" are false.

The responses, independently obtained by MSV, confirm the claim that City Hall's communication manager Juan Mell was not answering questions from local reporters and sending them to his "personal attorney" is just another Hoboken411 lie.

Beth Mason looks away as a photo is taken in City Council while her friend Lane Bajardi lets fly with his usual invective and litany of pathological lies.  He says he isn't paid to do so as her "friend."

Comment was requested of Councilwoman Beth Mason with an additional question asking if her "friend" had any supporting evidence for such a claim.  If Beth Mason provides a response, this story will be updated.

Hoboken411 lie: Criminal investigation target is Zimmer Administration, hints at one true target: THEM!

As law enforcement is going about its job on the criminal investigation required, Hoboken411 is now going all out and revealing a snippet of truth under the pile of usual Beth Mason paid lies.

The headline below is a riot with the latest Masonic attack narrative going through hoops to tell you lots of other smears on everything and anything else. In poker we call that a tell. As in they would rather tell you something else is the story, anything but where the smoke is coming from and in this case it's that padlocked IT office. That's what they are truly concerned about.

First Hoboken411 didn't break any story. The only story Hoboken411 "breaks" is the lies presented to him via his mistress of the bottomless checkbook and her paid minion who writes the screeds as he tries to hide in the shadows. This is the political operative work of a true full fledged coward who never signs his name to the smears while crying in front of the city council he's merely "a private citizen" who is "tired of it," coming up.

Note the Hoboken411 headline here with the bold claim and then note the first sentence saying the FBI is "apparently," investigating the Zimmer administration. This hedging language is intended to protect Hoboken411 from a lawsuit, that and its latest reference to printing "rumors," on the criminal investigation. (Hint: too late for that minion.)

Does the ghostwriter of this story say who other than the people working in the IT department are in the investigation's sights? No, actually the lame screed by Beth Mason's friend who doesn't actually get paid to be her friend but does apparently get paid to write garbage like this doesn't in point of fact point to any Zimmer Administration official. No law enforcement official is quoted either, (there are no quotes by anyone as usual) but we're suppose to be gullible to take all this unsourced rumor mongering as fact.

The next part of the smear job is to include the city communications manager Juan Melli at the top of the story stating Juan Melli has referred reporters to his personal lawyer. Here's the direct quote, another obvious Beth Mason serving minion lie:

There is also word that taxpayer-paid Mayoral Spokesman Juan Melli is now referring reporter inquiries to his personal attorney.

An email has been sent to local reporters inquiring on this whopper but we're not anticipating anything coming back other than howls of laughter. There's no point in bothering Mr. Melli for a quote, he's obviously still on Beth Mason's 'you work for the mayor and must be destroyed hit list.' (How's that working out for you Ms. Mason?)

After additional dubious nonsense about "some" say...blah, blah, blah, we get to the heart of the matter - it's time to defend a possible source maybe under law enforcement duress. Here's what the Mason minion writes attempting to offer some modicum of protection to a very clear object of any possible ongoing investigation:

According to Hoboken411, this is the "victim" of the investigation.
Is Beth Mason's friend trying to protect its source that's about to blow the whistle?

This is the heart of the matter. After a wild baseless accusation to attack the Zimmer Administration, it's clear this smear piece is trying to lay some covering fire to protect the person most likely to not be coming out of this in good shape when the dust finally clears.

There's a lot of finger pointing here made about an audit, claiming the audit team is "alleged" to have been auditing and somehow we're suppose to believe some independent firm doing an audit is unfairly targeting a sole city worker. We get a lot of hot air and misdirection attempts but let's just come out and say it:


It's clear where the true concern of Beth Mason's Hoboken411 crew is and they have telegraphed it a mile away. Here's an obvious tell: a reference to the Pentagon Papers.

That's made as some sort of early defense strategy because Beth Mason's people obviously already know when the curtains are drawn on the illegal activities by law enforcement agencies, this is going to lead to THEM!

If you want to see where the defense strategy is going, you'll be seeing more screeds about how Hoboken411 upholds freedom of speech against the evil Zimmer Administration (except when enforcing that iron hand of censorship there) and they like this city worker are being victimized because, because, well try this on for size:

This video clip is from the April 6th City Council meeting where Beth Mason's friend Lane Bajardi gets up to praise the toothless Mason backed resolution slapping Councilman Mike Russo on the wrists after his bribe tapes surfaced. After a mere 30 seconds of lip service saying he's displeased with Mike Russo's utterings on the FBI bribe tapes, he uses his five minutes on a variety of tangents attacking Councilwoman Carol Marsh, former Councilman Mike Lenz but notice what he says here about Governor Christie, the FBI and the Federal Attorneys in Newark.

They aren't doing the work of law enforcement, no they are carrying water on behalf of their friends - as they are ALL "cozy" with Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Get the picture?

Talking Ed Note: Anyone who doesn't think karma is real need only to follow this story. Not even a month after the attack on the mayor's staffers, sure looks like it's boomeranging back on Beth Mason's people with Hoboken411 trying desperately to weave an early defense for itself before the beans get spilled and law enforcement finds its way to their 1st and 2nd ward doors to ask some questions.

(If you want to help just point out to the FBI where the Municipal Garage and Elysian Park are as easy reference points.)

Hoboken411 comparing itself to the New York Times going back to the Pentagon Papers is absolutely hilarious and will be a joke for many people for a long while.

That is until justice comes knocking on the door. Obviously if it hasn't already, it will be.

You heard it here first.

Happy Nightmares minions!

Silence of the Minions and Das Pump

There's been no story that has received more orgasmic anticipation than this criminal investigation by "outside" law enforcement agencies at City Hall.  But for the moment it's radio silence - the adults are in charge.

While the drama is yet to unfold, keep in mind it's always the Beth Russo team that leaks information, usually limited, always distorted with playing politics the goal.  The mayor led side plays by the rules and doesn't throw people under the bus during a criminal investigation for short term political gain and is honoring the ethical standards by not speaking or discussing the employees involved in the matter at this time.

What is raising eyebrows of course is there is not even an attempt at spinning the potential time bomb that can explode at any moment by the Old Guard including its standby Hoboken411 with the Bet Mazin full time ghostwriting paid minion at the ready; who is always available to put in overtime to smear elected officials, city employees, unpaid Hoboken Board members and Hoboken residents at the drop of a hat, even into the wee hours after City Council meeting duty.  People in City Hall are even asking MSV when the big kahuna is going to hit.

Beth Mason's friend Lane Bajardi is awaiting orders as 
Team Beth Russo remains tight lipped with law enforcement visitors in town 

Other people who work tirelessly for Reform on both the BoE and City Hall side have remarked to MSV how disciplined the mayor's and City Council allies are and won't even breathe in the direction of a question on this one.

This isn't surprising.  The legal staff on board at City Hall is impressive both in their professionalism and in their competence on day to day matters.  Corporate Counsel Mark Tabakin is tough as nails at the top and the one time we reached out he got back on an inquiry days later on a Saturday.  Most people doing municipal work Monday through Friday wouldn't be returning a call and working on a Saturday but he was and we thanked him for doing so.

While we're on a stand-by for something, anything to go down, it's important to note the discipline now being exhibited by "The Association," and their cohorts Team Mazin.  Even the Mason minion is on restricted duty, a sort of suspended with pay order and he has resorted either in boredom or anger to posting on The Hoboken Journal and MSV under one of his hundred screen names although he's not allowed to post here and was put into permanent moderation.

One insightful commenter emailed on the media silence though saying in part:
"Cops found a dead body in city hall" and a week later, the body isn't named, cause of death isn't compelling enough to ask about, etc.  Smells not right.

My hunch is that a few calls were made asking to limit speculation and chatter."

One thing you can say for Michele Russo and "The Association," is they are media savy and they work it hard.  Their friends will certainly cooperate and they do have 'friends' in the media.  Hi Augie!  Mike Russo himself is about the friendliest glad handing, back slapping pol you'll find in town.  It doesn't mean he likes you, just that he wants to work that angle as best he can.  (No one does it better by the way.)

As we await what one emailer wistfully called MasonGate to develop, it should be noted the delicious irony that it's city data and maybe emails being a central part of potential law breaking.  MSV like other local media has reviewed its limited emails back to City Hall among the hundreds received in press releases and identified a few humorous ones.

While there's nothing useful for the Beth Russo team in their political witch-hunt, there's a few that will delight and entertain.  We're weighing printing them here or reading them at the next City Council meeting.  Some will not be amused.

In the interim, doesn't anyone think it's worth asking Beth Mason about this delicious irony?

Patrick Ricciardi back in late 2009 

Talking Ed Note:  While it's common knowledge one of the two parties likely involved in this investigation is Patrick Ricciardi (it's the door with his name on it padlocked after all), no one has named the other person who is also in "suspended animation," who acts as the IT Assistant and has performed the cameraman duties in City Council most recently.

So we're posting our very own late 2009 photo of Mr. Ricciardi and note it's absolutely copyrighted and will be protected.  That means you Perry "Crazy Shorts" Klaussen of Hoboken411.  MSV is already in the middle of one copyright problem with Mr. Integrity Scott Delea and will get to you later.

MSV is dead serious about protecting its copyright and notes again the fees have been previously listed as $5.00 per view for unauthorized use.  Scott Delea after given much latitude to respond on the centerpiece of his theft used in his campaign's political mailer was finally issued an invoice based on exactly that.  He finally followed up with his "people," and replied not to the repeated request of how many thousands of mailers went out with the MSV photo but that his attorney will be following up.  MSV thanked him and is continuing to confer with ours.

On a different tact, congratulations to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority for getting the pumps installed in the downtown Observer and Hudson location.  The pumps are expected to go online later this year.  Here's to hoping that timeline sticks.
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