Sunday, May 29, 2011

Machine tool Al Sullivan sullies Hoboken

As almost anyone with a pulse on the local scene knows in Hoboken, the whole town is buzzing with the high profile visit to City Hall due to our friends, the boys of summer from Newark, the FBI.

As word has spread of the boxes of documents carted out of town Thursday with the Feds knocking on doors in Marine View and beyond Friday, Al Sullivan has some entirely different concerns featured in his column, "Between the lines," in the Hudson Reporter.

To say it's spin would be unkind to professional media spinners, to say he got the story a bit off would be too kind.  Let's be frank, if there was any doubt whatsoever about Al Sullivan, and there's none here; this column should be the final nail in the coffin; he's an absolute machine tool.

Reform is taking on the Machine in the form of developer
Joe Barry and his tool Al Sullivan.  Bring it!
His column gets out of the gate claiming Mayor Zimmer is under fire from all sides.  By that he means she's utterly surrounded by political opponents Council members Beth Mason, Mike Russo and their pet attack dog Lane Bajardi desperately trying to focus attention on their hopes for a political victory buried in tens of thousands of emails, any sentence fragment will do.

While we can give Al style points, he's woven a lie into each and every paragraph, showing a nimble dexterity to make it almost sound plausible even as we all know he knows he's full of it.  He knows it too but why should he care?  Down in Bayonne, it's of no consequence and who cares about all those overpaid yuppies up there in Hoboken anyway.  They (and Dawn Zimmer) have it coming.  They don't have the required love for socialist realism Al has.

In his view of Hoboken, it's these emails between City Hall and local media and the "Zimmer" websites that are of utmost concern.  It rises according to the Joe Barry paid employee to the level of Watergate, no body required, we'll just start with the executions and work our way backwards to trial.

Al Sullivan is really not doing anything new here, he's merely parroting what's been fed to him and it's almost always sources from the Old Guard, in this instance it's obviously the Beth Mason junta trying to overcome the FBI's obvious interest with her own storyline.  Good luck with that Al, you are about to become less than a footnote.

It fails on every conceivable level, but Al Sullivan is going to give it the old Hoboken411 try.  It's so obvious he's being led by the nose by Bet's paid political operatives he even later references a poll commissioned by the mistress of the bottomless checkbook but fails to note anything of interest in same concerning the Masonic Temple of Hudson Street: soon to be visited by the FBI near you.

Instead he references the poll results with Freeholder Anthony Romano as a likable guy.  MSV concurs and will be featuring his interview shortly, but that's hardly the focus in Hoboken right now as the boys of summer are running on all cylinders across the mile square.  Al Sullivan with no interest in Hoboken taxes, good government, or the integrity of its institutions doesn't have a clue or care for any of it.  He's just acting as a machine hack for the machine and doing his best to serve his masters in the form of a big time developer who once owned the Hudson Reporter outright, Joe Barry one and the same, and knows a thing or two around town about bribes and jail.

Keep up the bad work Al.  That's true socialist realism you are bringing to the people of Hoboken.  In Al Sullivan's world, the Revolution will not be televised, nor reported, nor heard in Hoboken.  Ever.

Talking Ed Note: The Revolution is being televised Al.  The FBI is shooting live and we salute them!

Related: Grafix Avenger has done an analysis and given a spanking to Machine Tool Al, perhaps more graciously than Da Horsey.  It's utterly devastating even in its kindness as GA isn't so much saying Al is a tool but he's been made into one and should lay off the pipe:

For more on the attempts at twisted reality by Sully, see the jump:

Grafix Avenger strikes back: 'Persons of Interest'

Our favorite Hoboken political satirist Grafix Avenger, who can decimate more egos with the least words and brilliant graphics is taking stock of the current City Hall investigation - what she dubs the Data Theft Ring (DTR) and theorizes with a focus of a laser on one potential group of suspects who had the means, motivation, and money to hijack City Hall's confidential servers for political reasons.

By the way, such electronic intrusions are not only less than heroic, they are illegal. (Can you hear me now Sully?)  Criminal behavior along those lines comes with five year prison terms per transgression and a fine, and also leaves the guilty open to further civil charges.

It's a heartwarming story that is only now just getting fully underway.

As we honor the fallen this Memorial Day, let's also keep in mind the tireless government servants in law enforcement who sacrifice much often missing time and celebrations with family to protect this nation from terrorists abroad and the those criminal forces within who seek to undermine our Republic and our institutions of government.

Although we will most often not know the great service they perform, sometimes we do.  This will likely be one of those rare instances.

Some of the true targets of the Beth Russo email resolution up again for this week's City Council meeting.  The primary targets are the careers and livelihood of two mayoral staffers: a confidential aide and the communications manager.  The secondary targets are The Hoboken Journal, Mile Square View and Grafix Avenger.  The FBI has a slightly different interest than Beth Mason and her minions.

Talking Ed Note: The term, boys of summer is an old baseball reference to a book nostalgic for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  MSV originally coined it in regards to the FBI team from Newark who participated in Operation Bid Rig III and took down ex-mayor Peter Cammarano.

These are what true American heroes look like.  They strike terror into the souls of the criminals living in our midst. 

Godspeed and a big horsey hat tip to all of you at the FBI in Newark.

Graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger.  Her latest love letter, this one to the FBI can be found here: