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Mayor Zimmer: 'Help stop the insanity,' - Vote Bhalla!

Dear Friends,
Thank you, thank you, and thank you for voting, volunteering,
and telling all your friends to vote on May 10th to give us a new
City Council majority that cares about the future of Hoboken.
Now it is crucial that this Tuesday, June 7th, we vote to increase
our voice on the County and State level to keep moving our City
ahead and position ourselves to demand lower taxes and more
resources for Hoboken.
Please come out and vote this Tuesday, June 7th for
Column C, Ravi Bhalla for Assembly and 
Democrats for Honest Government Committee candidates.   
By getting out and voting, we send a message that we as taxpayers,
are fed up and want fiscally responsible change on the County and
State level.
Vote Column C for Change on Tuesday to give Hoboken a strong
county and state voice, and to prevent our opponents from wheeling development money through the Democratic committee.  (They wheeled
over $1 million through the committee for Mayor Roberts' election and will do it
again if they can). 
Voting on Tuesday sends a message to the County and the
State that Hoboken needs more resources to help with our numerous
challenges, and we absolutely want lower taxes on every level!
By voting yourself, and bringing a few friends, you have the power
to send a strong message to the County and the State that Hoboken
wants change!

As I watched the Council meeting last night I was especially
thankful that on July 1st I will have a Council willing to work
with me on behalf of the people of Hoboken, and who won't play politics with our City's vital interests.

Last night the lame duck Council majority voted to ZERO OUT
our surplus. They are willing to destroy the fiscal health of our city,
ensuring that we will face a fiscal crisis next year and in the forseeable future, resulting in massive tax increases and layoffs in future years, destroying our bond rating for years to come.
This was not done because of any genuine disagreement about policy;
it was done simply because they believe the crisis they will cause will
help them regain power.
Clearly, we need to keep pushing hard for change on the local, county and State level.
I am appalled and angry at their actions.  Together, let’s translate
this anger into pushing for a positive direction for our City. A strong
showing for our Democratic Committee members in Column C will
raise our profile with the County.   
Ravi is truly committed to fiscal responsibility and we need
his voice in Trenton to represent Hoboken. If Ravi is elected, the
reform Council members and I will choose his reform successor who
will serve until November 2012.

Together, this Tuesday,  let’s keep pushing for change on the
local, county and State level!

Many thanks!
P.S. Find your Polling Place HERE

In the homestretch for the prize: Ravi hosts family event Saturday in Church Square Park

Bhalla for Assembly

Take Action

Upcoming Events

Join Us This Weekend.

Hey Everyone, 
Please join us this Saturday, June 4th, 10am-1pm in Church Square Park for some Family Fun in the park. See below and attached flyer for fun activities for kids. So, come along to join in on the fun and please forward this e-mail and flyer to your friends and neighbors.

We'll be joined by Mimi Yoga, Music with Big Jeff, Right Start Nutrition, Arts & Crafts, Face Painting, Cupcake Decorating, and much more.

As you know, this is the last weekend before election day on Tuesday, June 7th so we hope you'll all come out on Sat and support Ravi Bhalla for Assembly and our strong slate of Democratic Committee candidates. Thank you for your support and see you on Saturday! 

Bindya Bhalla
Find us @ Join me @

MSV to Beth Mason in City Council: HAVE YOU SEEN THE EMAILS?

Last night, Citizen Horsey went up to speak on the issue of the email witch hunt sponsored by Councilwoman Beth Mason and Councilman Mike Russo posing a question.  The question was specific, germane and most important to the issue at hand with the FBI in town doing a criminal investigation on exactly this information.

"Have you ever seen any emails that you are requesting in this resolution?"

MSV put the question directly to Councilwoman Beth Mason before addressing some additional remarks and her reaction was anything but comfortable.  "I'm requesting them from Corporation Counsel," she said practically whispering.

"I didn't ask you what you are requesting from Corporation Counsel.  I'm asking you if you have seen any of the emails you are requesting in this resolution?"

More mumbling.

The same question was posed to a surprised Councilman Mike Russo.  He also was very uncomfortable and wouldn't answer the question.  Instead he said, address your questions to the chair.

Neither one of them answered.  The FBI should take close note of this.

Did you see any of the emails you requested in the resolution Beth Mason?  Councilwoman Mason was very uncomfortable with this simple yes or no question.  She danced, whispered and never answered it.
Neither did a very displeased Councilman Mike Russo.  The FBI needs to focus square on their political apparatus of Hoboken411 and respective minions. 

Always in the fight

Some bad new tonight with the complete collapse of Councilman Nino Giachhi on budget surplus minimums. Such is life.

The Beth Russo face showing it's essence but not answering the basic question posed, "did you see any emails requested in your resolution?"  The FBI will be most interested in the reaction to the question.  Their Hoboken411 apparatus is going to be in deep trouble.

Panic, deflection, avoidance behavior and major trouble in the form of the FBI taking down their RICO operation. People will be going to jail.

MSV believes it's going down.

The basic summarization of the meeting reflecting the Old Guard sentiment on being lame ducks but refusing to work with others by Councilwoman Terry Castellano, "Lame ducks? watch us."  She was correct.  The sabotage in their final moments was full blast.

The Old Guard is going down ugly and bitter to the end.  They could care less about the will of the people expressed in the outcome of the last election.  While there is remaining time they are doing the maximum damage to the city possible.

MSV is a libertarian at heart.  Tax reduction is our calling card.  These chicken hawks as Hoboken resident Scott Siegel describes them is 100% accurate.  The Beth Russo crew are not tax cutters, they are tax destroyers.  They have acted to deplete the city surplus to ZERO.

That is not a joke.  They have approved a zero surplus.  The city is naked and can not handle any sudden event whatsoever, not without a tax increase.  It's nothing short of full out sabotage, the core Mike Russo position.   Councilman Nino Giacchi bears maximum culpability and the Councile of No orchestrated to the max, signed on board.

Nino we hardly knew ye.  Going out like a good ole boy and sticking the shiv into Hoboken.  Thanks for nothing.  Enjoy your free drinks in East LA (a Dave Roberts owned establishment.)  When the calling card comes due and sadly it will, we'll be pointing at you.

That's your legacy.

Talking Ed Note:  If I was mayor, I'd announce immediate layoffs in the municipal ranks. That's the base of the Old Guard.  Let them explain the result to the people who have been unfortunately sacrificed.

The mayor does not take our admonishments.  On this one, we hope she will.  Do it.
Beth Russo wants to sabotage this city.  Make them pay the piper.
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