Friday, June 3, 2011

Unaffiliated Independents can vote on June 7th too: Column C - for Ravi Bhalla

Bhalla for Assembly
Dear Friends,

My name is Ravi Bhalla. I write to introduce myself to you and respectfully request your support for my candidacy to be your State Assembly representative in the 33rd Legislative District which covers Hoboken, large parts of Jersey City, Weehawken, and Union City

I am an independent Democrat running in Column C, working to end the traditional political machine culture of patronage, inefficiency, high taxes, and under-performing schools. I am also an elected member of Hoboken's City Council.

For those of you who are not aware, I am an attorney by profession who addresses issues of state and municipal law every day as a part of my law practice. I was born and raised in New Jersey and am the son of hardworking immigrant parents. I also am the product of New Jersey public schools, where my studies eventually led me to the University of California, Berkeley for my Bachelors degree, the London School of Economics for my Masters Degree in Public Policy and Public Administration; and Tulane University for my Law Degree. You can learn more about me here.

In Hoboken, where I am a member of the City Council, I have worked with Mayor Dawn Zimmer and my Council colleagues to reduce taxes by 10% over the past year while Jersey City and Hudson County keep increasing taxes. I have also introduced campaign finance reform in Hoboken, working to ensure political decisions are made in the best interests of the community and not individuals. 

You can learn more about me and my positions on my website I respectfully request your support on election day, Tuesday, June 7. 

Please vote for me, Ravi Bhalla, in Democrat in Column "C" for Change!

Councilman Ravi S. Bhalla
Candidate for New Jersey General Assembly
33rd Legislative District

p.s. Expect a few more emails from me and my supporters over the coming days in the lead up to election day.

Find us @ Join me @

Talking Ed Note:  It's important people know unaffiliated independents (small i) can vote on Tuesday on Column C and put Ravi Bhalla on his way to an Assembly seat.  After the election you can always change back to registered independent if you choose.

Hoboken may in fact decide the outcome of this race.  If you want two voices from Hoboken, you can go with both Ruben Ramo and Ravi Bhalla.

Word is out on the street the other candidate from Jersey City, Sean Connors is in trouble with the political forces there and in Union City.  A whisper campaign suggests people have been told and will be voting for Ravi Bhalla.

Reform could be on its way here.  More on this come in a special "Grist for the Mill: the Assembly Edition."

Zeroed out Budget Vote

Here's the comments leading into the zeroing out completely of the $4.1 million surplus.  The city hoped to have the professionally advised minimum of 5% but now lands up with zero.

Councilman Nino Giacchi gives a convoluted answer on why he is voting for no surplus.  He talks about budget gimmicks and accuses the Zimmer administration of same but doesn't provide the reasons for the accusation.

Hoboken Patch posted a story earlier where Mayor Zimmer called the Council irresponsible, adding "...they don't give a damn about Hoboken."

Notice the applause.  Councilwoman Beth Mason and Councilman Mike Russo applaud themselves while Michele Russo sitting in the back with some allies applauds as well.  Frank Raia also is applauding the action.

You think this is a victory for the taxpayers?  They see it as a victory, for themselves.
Now the sabotage will begin and then they will point the finger at the mayor.

Its' all in the name of realpolitik for their ultimate goal: the next mayoral election.

Up to bat: All eyes on voter fraud in the 4th ward

Monday will be the first feature sent to the new premium content subscribers.  The perspective comes from life as a voter in the back end of the fourth ward.  It's a way of life and a "culture" most Hoboken residents never see or know exists.  Yet it often plays a critical role in determining the outcome of legislation in the town.

MSV will be presenting a view of a 4th ward resident who votes in elections religiously.  He's not voting because he likes the candidates, endorses their message or thinks they will do good things.  He votes because it gets him $40.

On Monday you will meet one such voter.  We call him Mr. X.

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'She did it,' Again! Beth Mason shows how to walk the politrickin dog

She's done it again.  Well last time Beth Mason proclaimed she "did it," it was to tell everyone how she saved the Police Department when the mayor's plan Mason bitterly fought led to retirements and cost the department not one layoff while saving the city $2.5 million in the first year.  This one is no less of a whopper.  It's war on individuals in the Zimmer Administration and vindictive and petty to its cynical end.

It's not about saving taxpayers any real money.  Beth Mason who championed "right-sizing" in 2009 is now for anything but.  She's more in "get'em" mode as one commenter said recently and the them is anyone in the mayor's administration.

Talking Ed Note: Just a quick note surrounding the emails mentioned here.  An amendment to the witch hunt resolution after executive session passed making Beth Mason and Mike Russo's resolution inert.  

It asks for the emails to be released by the FBI.  The FBI however have more important things to attend to like taking down the Mason minion Hoboken411 apparatus when they expose the truth of the intrusion(s) into City Hall's communications.  

As MSV said Wednesday, Beth Russo would get nothing.  And you know what, they deserve nothing.  
What they will get will be 'served' courtesy of the FBI.  
Godspeed to the boys (and girls) of summer in Newark!  Godspeed to you all.

From the desk of Councilwoman Beth Mason:

Dear Friend,
We did it!  On Wednesday the City Council voted to pass a budget on first reading that will use Hoboken’s Budget Surplus to provide substantial property tax relief.  This Amendment is scheduled for a final reading at the June 15th City Council meeting.  

The City Council also voted on a series of measures to reduce patronage expenditures in City Hall and bring them closer in line with comparable sized New Jersey cities:
·      Reduced a $200,000 no bid legal contact for a politically connected law firm allied with Mayor Zimmer and her supporters on City Council by almost 40%.

·      Reduced the salary of the Business Administrator from $150,000 to $100,000.  Our Business Administrator is also collecting a public pension. Prior to this salary reduction he was making more money that the Governor of New Jersey.

·      Reduced Mayor Zimmer’s salary from $116,000 to $100,000.  Even after this salary reduction Mayor Zimmer is still the third highest paid elected official in Hudson County, second to the Hudson County Executive and the Mayor of Jersey City, the second highest populated City in the State. 

·      Reduced the six figure salaries of City Directors by 10%.  Our Director’s salaries are now more in line with the salaries of Directors from comparable sized municipalities such as Union City, North Bergen, and Bayonne.

·      Called for a review of email communications between Mayor Zimmer’s public relations aides to determine if political work is being paid for with taxpayers’ money.  Under our Sunshine Laws, emails sent and received on City computers are public property available for inspection by Hoboken residents. This is the very essence of open government and transparency.

As a result the 2011 Budget will cut municipal taxes 20%.  Combined with the tax cut we achieved in the transition year budget that was passed in October 2010 we will cut municipal taxes 25%.   These results are the product of the Hoboken City Council and our community working together to do what is best for our City.  I am honored to serve as City Council President and help bring about this much needed tax relief.  

Thank you for your time and continued efforts to stand up for good government and the rights of everyday people.   I look forward to seeing you soon.

Horse Sense: With budget surplus zero, Hoboken snafu sure to follow

At Wednesday's council meeting, the action of most lasting impact on Hoboken was the zeroing out of the budget surplus.  Providing approximately $4 million in tax relief, it sets the city up for big trouble and not in the long run, just around the corner.

The city is now naked and unable to handle tax appeals, pay the firefighters unions eventual contracted back pay or deal with any myriad of issues.  Worse, Hoboken's bond rating just above junk status is guaranteed to be hurt by the immature action of the Beth Russo 'majority.'

This time there's no hiding.  They did it intentionally with full knowledge.  Once again and in their last days as a lame duck council, the Beth Russo crew show their contempt for the institution of government, the taxpayers and also the City of Hoboken.

Frank Raia (l) joined Michele "five dollars a tow" Russo at the CC meeting.

They are presenting Hoboken with a trojan horse gift.  Inside is the Russo clan daggers.  At the end of the vote on the budget amendment, there's applause.  It's pretty much a group of five sitting near Michele Russo.

Do you think Michele Russo is applauding on behalf of the taxpayers?  She doesn't pay Hoboken taxes as she lives with her son in subsidized housing.  She's applauding the destruction she's dealt against Mayor Zimmer, the Reform council and Hoboken.  From the ensuing wreckage they plan to point the finger and cynically gain political power in two years.

Frank Raia agrees with this too apparently and is eager to see Mayor Zimmer taken down and power fully returned to the Old Guard.  During executive session a group of folks stood in the middle of the lobby and Mr. Raia and Da Horsey shared a few words, with one complaining about fairness on a local website and stating he was with "the people" and the other saying he was on the side of the "law with the people."  We'll let you guess as to which is which.

Talking Ed Note: MSV will have its video segment leading up to the budget amendment shortly.  Unfortunately the new video group lost the first three hours of the meeting on a technical problem with Ustream.  Having used that service, we're familiar with the issue.  There's no conspiracy here, just a problem that arises when you step into an emergency.  A DVD is being made for delivery to City Hall and transfer for Ch. 78.  It could be on TV as soon as Monday.

MSV is looking into obtaining a copy and will attempt to upload the hours missed.