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Beth Russo, did you know?

There's been notations reaching MSV Councilwoman Beth Mason is leveling charges Mayor Zimmer campaigned for Gov. Chris Christie back when he was a candidate for NJ Governor.  To this some might say they only wish but the truth is Mayor Zimmer came around when the Governor presented a toolkit for municipalities to regain control over their tax structures, not before.

The mayor had attended an event in Hoboken for then Governor Corzine and never did attend any Chris Christie event.

The Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta notes when a Hoboken Mayor actually did campaign on behalf of a Republican candidate for Governor:

The Mason Russo machine is making noise about Mayor Zimmer working with Governor Christie, but I recall that when it served their purposes, the Russo syndicate was just fine working with a Republican governor.

From the Hoboken Reporter, October 10, 2003, after former mayor Anthony Russo’s indictment:

“Russo, who became mayor in 1993, took a huge political risk and supported [then-Gov. Christie Todd] Whitman during her candidacy. His supporting a Republican drew the ire of many within the Hudson County Democratic party, but Russo, never one to avoid controversy, backed the Republican anyway.”

From the New York Times, August 5, 2003:

“In 1997 [Russo] broke with the Democratic leadership of Hudson County and supported Gov. Christie Whitman, a Republican, for re-election. He was known for yelling down those who opposed him during City Council sessions.”

Hoboken Mayor and ex-felon Anthony Russo campaigned for Republican Christie Whitman
when she ran for re-election as Governor in the late 90s.  Did anyone tell Beth Mason?

Photo and story concept courtesy of the NY Times and the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta.

Sign of the Times: City Hall locked tight Monday Night, no Mason special meeting in sight

If you put money down there would be a special City Council meeting Monday night, you were out of some coin.  Bet.  Word from the City Clerk's office was there would be no meeting but reality has a way of intruding on the best laid plans of operatives and grandstanders even when they think they have crossed all the i's and dotted the t's.

A plan to harass and sully the names of two mayoral staffers didn't materialize in a special city council meeting.
The meeting called by Councilwoman Mason turned into nothing at all.  Did anyone else cover this?

In this case, the Friday letter delivered late afternoon from Councilwoman Beth Mason calling for a meeting didn't get off the ground.  Since she never answered the questions on the Open Meetings Act, it's not clear what transpired between her letter and Monday but the doors at City Hall were locked up tight.

Grafix Avenger posted the letter delivered Friday by Councilwoman Beth Mason.  Once again an analysis of the letter wasn't endearing but hey Grafix Avenger lives for this.

There's something about a Rice notice but frankly everyone has reviewed their emails and eventually after the FBI does their due diligence, no one will care a tad about any jokes sent back to City Hall after hundreds of press releases hit the inboxes of a lengthy distribution list to Hoboken residents.

Talking Ed Note:  When the Boys of Summer at the FBI are through with this case, a lot of people will be left with egg on their face.  Worse, no one will care a whit what they say as the bad news is going to be very bad and a lot of folks will be in trouble.

When the dust settles, some will pay with time behind bars.  That's no joke.  What some will do for power is simply amazing.  What lengths they will go to get it and attempt to destroy others, be it their livelihood or their good name is beyond unfortunate.

Frankly it's detestable and they have it coming, every last one of them.

Happy Nightmares Minions!
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City for sale, an insider view of Hoboken vote buying in the 4th ward

Update:  The feedback from this investigative story has been nothing short of tremendous.  Some of you have provided great responses and it has been consistently very positive.  Almost every single subscriber who has touched base expressed very strong positive reaction.  MSV will keep digging.

One subscriber advised the article be distributed to media and law enforcement.  As stated at the end of the article, you are free to send it to the New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow's office:

MSV will reach out to others suggested as well.  Thank you!
You can still obtain the article with a buy now option, no registration required.
A subscription is also available.

Da Horsey

This Hudson Mile Square View special investigative report provides insight into the vote buying in Hoboken from the eyes of the people paid to vote.

This even with the NJ AG having a fat file of issues on the desk forwarded from the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office last November in Hoboken's 4th ward special election.
It recounts the continued abuse of the integrity of the vote and the culture of corruption in our midst.

Subscribers will receive the story Monday morning via email.  If you have any problem, just email

This story is available for immediate purchase with the buy it now feature for $2.45.  You do not need a Paypal account to do so.  Payment can be made instantly via debit or credit card below:

The Hudson Mile Square View

An excerpt from Part 1 of City for sale:

It didn't take MSV long to find Mr. X.  He literally found us as we made our way through lower Jackson Street in less than 10 minutes, attempting to look as obvious and out of place as possible with a camera visibly hung out for view.  "Are you here for the elections," Mr. X asked.  "Yes but not this one," was the reply indicating it wasn't the Tuesday Assembly race bringing me there.  Some may believe this is exaggerated, but in fact it's completely accurate. 

Mayor Zimmer: Turn out the vote for Ravi Bhalla for Assembly and Column C - "Democrats for Honest Government"

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your support during the recent School Board
and City Council elections. I am deeply grateful.

Please vote again tomorrow for the Column C candidates who are running under the slogan, “Democrats for Honest Government.” 
I know it seems like we have an important election every month
here in Hoboken and I am constantly asking for your help, but the
fight to move our City, County and State ahead is ongoing, and
your vote really matters.  
If you don’t know your polling location, you can find it here.
Polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m.

Heading the Column C ticket here in Hoboken is our very own Councilman-at-Large, Ravi Bhalla, who is running for State Assembly in the Democratic Primary.
I am enthusiastically supporting Ravi’s candidacy and ask you
to do so as well.

Ravi is an independent Democrat, working to end the
machine culture of patronage, make government fiscally
responsible, and reform the Democratic Party.
He will bring the kind of change we’re making here in Hoboken
to Trenton.  He will represent the people of our district, not the
county machine or the politicians in the surrounding towns.
He will work with me and our reform City Council majority,
not against us, in the best interests of our City.

Please Vote for both Ravi, and our Democratic Committee
people on Column C. 
If control of the Hoboken Democratic Party Committee is
regained by the Russo family, the party could be used once again
to funnel developer and other special interest money into our
City Council, Mayoral, and School Board elections.
We can't let that happen.

So we need YOU to vote tomorrow!
  • Vote Tuesday, June 7 for the Column C 
    “Democrats for Honest Government”
  • Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Your polling location can be found here.

Thank you for reading this message and for exercising your
civic duty by voting.
Please feel free to forward this message far and wide.


Ravi on Assembly race Tuesday: We're in it, and we can win it with your help

From the desk of Councilman Ravi Bhalla:

Dear Trusted Friends,

For many reasons things are breaking our way in the Assembly race.

I've put in tremendous resources into this 4 week race. We have a full-time campaign manager, field coordinator, assistant field coordinator, and a Get Out the Vote organizer for this last week. In addition, we've had about 40 canvassers who've visited the home of every registered Democratic voter in Jersey City and Weekhawken and most of Union City. In addition, every registered Democrat has received at least one mailer from me and should receive a second today or tomorrow. We've also aired a television commercial on all the main local cable news outlets.  Finally all voters in the District will be receiving microtargetted robocalls tonight. 

I'm feeling great and energized coming into this last day.

I write in part because we need your help with Hoboken turnout. Unlike past elections,  we now have a crystal clear list of ID'd voters who are our supporters throughout Hoboken.

I need your help calling our ID'd supporters tomorrow or visiting them.  Hoboken could be the difference tomorrow.  Alternatively, if you want to be at key areas around town to handout campaign, that's fine too. 

Please contact if you can help.

Thanks to everyone who has helped get out the word tomorrow. I know the powers that be are shocked that we ran this level of campaign. Let's go out and shock them some more tomorrow. Contact tomorrow if you can help.


Kurt Gardiner of THJ running for Hudson County Freeholder

Below is a release from The Hoboken Journal's Kurt Gardiner.  He has decided to run as an Independent for Hudson County Freeholder.  He gives his reasons below and will be at the PATH station between 5:00 and 6:30 gathering signatures.

He then plans to be outside his residence at 807 Garden St. between 7:00 - 8:00 to obtain the needed 100 signatures to get on the ballot by 4:00 pm tomorrow.  He's halfway to the goal.

Write in Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder! Yes I'm Serious!

I am not satisfied with the performance of Anthony Romano as Freeholder. While I personally like Anthony Romano as a person and find him to be affable, he has not been an advocate for Hoboken taxpayers. County taxes have gone up substantially in the last two years including increases in the Hoboken tax levy of 7% two years ago and almost 3% this year. Hoboken is not getting their fair share of services for the money we give the county and the best example of this is Hudson County's refusal to chip in and re-pave Washington Street. Translation: I don't want to be represented by a nice guy that will yes me to death while he cow tows to County forces.

I hold the current Hoboken Mayor and Anthony Romano both accountable to get Washington Street repaved and I addressed by concerns to them personally a few months back at a fundraising event at the Elks Club, the HOHA Snowball. Washington Street is in horrible disrepair and it is a shame since it is the major street for retail activity in Hoboken It is the one of the reasons for the energy and vibrancy of Hoboken and it should have never been allowed to get his bad. Hoboken needs to have some pride!

Repave Washington Street ! The County Should Chip In!

Anthony Romano did reply back to me that it is not the County's responsibility to repave Washington Street. In all fairness he may be legally correct as a prior Mayor either Russo or Roberts took back the maintenance from the County. I don't care. Washington Street is used by many vehicles outside Hoboken that in my view make it a road that should be at least partially maintained by the County. However, given the little services Hoboken gets back I think the County should pick up the tab. I am a one issue candidate for Freeholder: My goal is get Washington Street repaved and have the County completely pay for it!

Anyone Endorsed by Beth Mason Does Not Deserve Your Vote

Beth Mason recently endorsed Anthony Romano for Freehholder. This is the same person that just irresponsibly cut the budget surplus to zero. Zero! It is a cheap political effort to undermine the Mayor's ability to govern and here is Anthony Romano smiling away trying to play both sides of the fence while he graciously accepts Beth Mason Endorsement.
Beth Mason is a cancer to good governance in Hoboken. Romano in bed with that beast. Send everyone a message that Beth Mason is wrong for Hoboken and that Anthony Romano has not his job for Hoboken as freeholder. The irony is that Beth Mason's minions like Lane Bajardi used to critique Mike Lenz for selling out Hoboken to the County with all these unsubstantiated
conspiracy theories. Here is Beth Mason doing the same thing but its no conspiracy. Its real and it is hitting your wallet. Beth Mason is a real hypocrite!

Again, anyone endorsed by Beth Mason does not deserve your vote! Beth Mason's political ambition has turned her into a force of evil in Hoboken. Anyone in her circle of political allies needs to be taken out. This means war! (politically). I want to stick it to "Stick" literally.

Write in Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder!- Be Independent

Am I serious: Yes. Can I win?: No. As former Governor Corzine once said" "when pigs fly". Speaking to many people in Hoboken about the election they don't like the fact there is no opposition in the primary and they don't like the choice of Anthony Romano. Rather than under-vote, simply take a little extra time and write-in Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder! Can you help send the Hudson County Bosses a message that view Hoboken as their personal ATM that we are fed up?: Perhaps. A strong write-in presence will at least tick a few people off at the County level. Did anyone put me up to this?: No. This was my idea to raise awareness of his issue and to make a political statement with respect the primary system. People should always have choices.

Also: Vote Row C for Ravi Bhalla and the Democratic Committee's honest candidates! Questions: Send me an email at

Please show your support of the Hoboken Journal not by subscribing to special articles which is certainly MSV's right (I don't want your money) and spread the word that there is a choice for Democratic primary Freeholder as a write in.

K-U-R-T G-A-R-D-I-N-E-R for Hudson County Freeholder

City reminders on community open space meetings

City of Hoboken announces:


Residents are invited to attend two public meetings this week related to open space.

Jackson Street Park
A meeting to discuss planned improvements to the Jackson Street Park will take place on Monday, June 6th at 6pm at the park. The park is located on the west side of Jackson Street between 1st and 2nd street.

1600 Park & Hoboken Cove – 2nd community meeting
In January, a community meeting was held to gather input on the design for 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove. Based on that input, a proposed plan which will be brought before the public for additional feedback at the 2nd public meeting that will take place on Wednesday, June 8th at 7pm in the Multi Service Center gymnasium (located on the 2nd floor), 124 Grand Street. One issue for discussion, parking and drop-off/pick-up

Hoboken Terminal/NJ Transit
Last week, the first community meeting was held as part of the process for the Hoboken Terminal & Yard Redevelopment Plan. The presentation and video of the meeting is available on the City website at Residents who were unable to attend the meeting may complete the community survey available on the website to submit their feedback.

Updates on ongoing projects will be posted to the Community Development website at:

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Donna Antonucci requests support in 2-2

Vote for me on June 7th for Democratic Committee!

Vote for me, Donna Antonucci, on June 7th to prevent campaign contribution wheeling, temper special interest group control and bring honest government to Hoboken.   

I am running under Democrats for Honest Government, with Ravi Bhalla in Column C for District 2 in Ward 2.  The voting place for Ward 2 District 2,  is the Elks Club.  Polls open from 6 AM to 8 PM. 

My biggest concern is voter apathy.  Please take the 5 minutes it takes to go to the polls and vote? Please do not let corruption win by a mere lack of effort on the part of reform. This means more to your property tax bill than you may realize.