Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mayor Zimmer vetoes council salary reductions

As expected, Mayor Dawn Zimmer followed through and vetoed the Beth Russo salary cuts for the Directors and mayor.

The mayor originally cut all the Directors salaries and her own when she took office in 2009.

Beth Mason budget karma is a ....

Sometimes there's just golden moments to sit back and enjoy.  This video clip demonstrates one of them, a beautiful moment when the Beth Russo attempts to sabotage the city by passing a crippled budget zeroing out the surplus falls on its face.

The problem: Beth Mason put out a resolution not satisfying the required public hearing.

When the council chair Beth Mason discovers the public hearing requirement is not met, she points fingers at everyone and goes into a meltdown.  The City Clerk Jimmy Farina and Business Administrator will have none of it.  It was her and Mike Russo's budget amendment resolution.  They are responsible and Beth Mason stands atop that short list.

Talking Ed Note: After the Beth Russo hydra zeroed out the budget with the political intent to harm the city's ability to pay for major bills upcoming, the amendment to shortchange the city falls on its face.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano bitterly denounces people in the Administration for not cooperating with the sabotage.

Can a budget actually have karma?  Apparently it can.

Hoboken411 Mason blogger distracts from FBI investigation, calls staff emails "Watergate"

Last night brought the the sudden reappearance of Beth Mason's political speechwriter, blogger and Hoboken411 political apparatus after a sudden hiatus when the FBI hammer fell on Hoboken.

We're suppose to believe the witch hunt for emails is "Watergate," (no joke, that's a quote) and there will be grand conspiracies revealed by the release to the public of two of the mayoral staffers' emails.

Beth's Mason political apparatus of Hoboken411 now claims the FBI criminal investigation is a "political weapon" to protect two mayoral staffers.  MSV is sure the FBI will be impressed.  Not!

As a secondary target on that hit list of a resolution from Beth Mason and Mike Russo, the emails as MSV stated at the meeting are going to come out regardless, but when the FBI says so.  Attempts to distract from a federal criminal investigation are not going to work.  There's been a serious intrusion into City Hall's electronic data.

How does MSV know?  Because you don't get a full scale criminal investigation from the FBI without some deadly serious objective and indisputable data.

The new Hoboken411 conspiracy on the FBI criminal investigation is presented by Councilwoman Beth Mason's blogger friend Lane Bajardi last night.  The restated political propaganda party line now is it's "Watergate" with the FBI "protecting" two mayor staffers.  
The latest lunatic fringe conspiracies stated last night are already up on Hoboken411 hours later with Beth Mason's remarks.  Who do you think also wrote those? 

Talking Ed Note: Mason411 is now trying to weave new spin.  First it was the Zimmer Administration under investigation by the FBI, now the federal criminal investigation is "Watergate" designed "to protect" two city employees.

This same political conspiracy was all the focus of Beth Mason's "friend" last night who isn't of course paid for his friendship.  At least on that we can all agree.

Lame duck budget incompetence, FBI will not be stopped

With the eminent arrival of the 6th ward Councilwoman-elect Jen Giattino, an incompetent budget amendment forwarded by Beth Mason and Mike Russo blew up when it did not meet the criteria for a proper public hearing.

As a result, the zeroed out surplus can not be approved.  Councilwoman Beth Mason, who's lame duck status is apparent to everyone except her made a direct appeal to Councilman Nino Giacchi to come back with mere hours left in his term and approve a budget leaving Hoboken strapped to to handle retroactive pay for its firemen and the anticipated tax appeals to name just two costly items coming up.  It's unclear if that last second budget sabotage will in fact succeed.

Even still, such a call is a direct slap at the incoming Councilwoman-elect from the 6th ward, the institution itself, as well as the Hoboken public.  Sadly, Councilwoman Beth Mason acts with no regard to any of this. It's all petty vindictiveness from beginning to end.

Last gasps from the vindictive petty days of Council chair Beth Mason and her ally Mike Russo.  Whipping out their Hoboken411 propaganda political apparatus isn't impressing anyone in their final days, least of all the FBI.

The question is will the attempt to put Hoboken in a budget lurch on the legal amendment reading on June 29th go through before sanity takes over?  This town will find out and a lot of municipal jobs and the firemen's contract to name just two weigh in the balance.

Councilman Nino Giacchi made an initial attempt to step out of the fray.  He would do himself and all of Hoboken a big favor if he followed through and didn't stain himself in such an ugly manner.  Standing down in his final hours and not going to a June 29th meeting would increase his legacy immeasurably.

Talking Ed Note: Councilwoman Beth Mason's bag of tricks for the FBI is about over as well with her expulsion from the council chair a done deal July 1st.  More questions by MSV were put to her and the council on their knowledge about intrusions into the city's data.  Corporation Counsel suggested it be left alone and oddly Beth Mason embraced that advice.  (How convenient.)

Of course both she and Councilman Mike Russo have never addressed the previous question on what emails they had seen requested in their resolution.  Well saying you'd be happy to do so and failing to do so is about all one can expect from Beth Mason.

No matter justice is coming one way or another.

Here's the council meeting video:

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Talking Ed Note: More posturing, more politricking and an end result coming with a veto from the mayor on Beth Mason's petty attacks on anyone working for the Administration from every angle including her paid hatchetman, the Bajobseeker.  More on that from the Hoboken Journal.

The Beth Russo hydra claims its paltry 50K of salary reductions is for the taxpayers not petty vindictiveness.  But they've yet to pass one reduction in their own salaries.  Councilman Peter Cunningham in a truly revealing moment let fly that will be on the agenda.

That's one of the reason we hold the Councilman in high regard.  He's about the people's business in a serious way.  The City Council has yet to take one pay cut let alone two and it will be interesting to see Councilman Mike Russo take the hit while saying his support for a secondary round of cuts on others doesn't "take food of their mouths."

That wasn't Russo's worst moment last night.  That would come on his outright race baiting remarks about former Public Safety Director Angel Alicea's compensation.  Russo questioned his lower salary to other directors saying it's based on his ethnic origin.  He of course failed to state it was set by Mayor Peter Cammarano who also was Mike Russo's campaign manager.

The serious work of leading Hoboken begins July 1.