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Scott Delea's Party of Purpose: Scott Delea


Scott Delea is a Hoboken resident with a dream.  His dream aims for elected office and likely higher office.  That he would  throw away cursory reform cred having joined Hoboken Revolt's board, a pillar of Reform electing Dawn Zimmer and a new majority City Council may have surprised some keen observers but not many.

Delea threw down for the backing of Reform's largest enemy, Russo-Mason and their poker table gang who are likely to face the full might of the Boys of Summer at the FBI in Newark before the season's out.  What he calculated was the winning team taking him to elected heights, or so he thought.  Delea had made those twists before having backed the heavy money behind Dave Roberts against Carol Marsh for mayor in 2005 when he made his first of three bids for a City Council seat.  The betting money with this throw of the die is coming up craps, perhaps in consecutive throws.

The questions on what Scott Delea stands for is a puzzling one over years.  People who know him in various local circles have remarked at his odd inability to answer the most simple question or state a position on the most trifling of matters.  For Delea life is one big triangulation party, he's constantly holding firm to no position or stating one so unclear, no one can conclude anything or hold him to it.  It's all by design along with the self-promotion via the charity group Party with Purpose.

For some time, questions have been placed to MSV asking for a look into Party with Purpose.  Rumors abound but even with friction coming from certain quarters questioning aspects, it didn't appear to be a valid focus.  That changed with the arrogant copyright theft from MSV, and the covers being torn off the facade of Mr. Integrity Scott Delea.  But if you peel back from the veneer, there's much more than political posturing.

MSV has obtained tax records for Party with Purpose raising additional questions to its true "purpose."  It's a fact there's been monies raised for local worthy charities, but is it a charity designed to enlist volunteers and help the community or is it a vehicle to promote Scott Delea in his ceaseless quest for elected office?  Well the volunteers certainly appear to be on the right side of the ledger, none of them are paid.  Scott Delea however has openly trumpeted his work in PWP for political advancement, most recently using it in self-promotion at the Council forum hosted by Our Lady of Grace when he again ran for the 5th ward council seat.

Here are established facts from the 2009 records.  Party with Purpose raised over $50,000 that year from the 5K run event.  $26,000 would be given to two local charities but oddly, a large amount is kept in a fund balance - more than $10,000 in fact.  In the prior year, the same balance carried over was less than $500.

If you contribute to a local charitable cause, isn't there a reasonable expectation your money for a small one person led charity with no appreciable overhead like paid employees and office rent will go to a charity and not its fund balance, in this case to the tune of five figures?  But ask yourself, what would better serve the political purpose of advancing its senior member than a five figure piggy bank?

There's another $49,296 came from unknown "other activities."  None of those funds appear earmarked to any charity.

Here's the top line data:

Outside of the money given, the bottom line is if you are doing charitable work, you don't use it as a political prop and pitch it for votes in in a debate as Scott Delea did at the council forum.  It's crass to speak about charity work in a political debate, unless of course you want everyone to know that's why you did it in the first place.

Anyone wishing to see the complete 2009 Form 990, send your request via email.

Additional details on copyright theft

The photo on the left is the one used by Scott Delea in his campaign mailer.  He used 100% of the photo, with some limited additions, adding a crown to it.  It doesn't pass muster meeting fair use standards as suggested by a commenter and Scott Delea nor his lawyer has in more than a month attempted to make such a claim.

In addition, MSV has metadata embedded into its photos showing our personalized information and its origin.  You can't strip that out and use the photo without severe penalties.  (Someone break the bad news to Hoboken411.)  As MSV was advised, the penalty for just that action is severe:

Section 1202 of the U.S. Copyright Act makes it illegal for someone to remove your CMI (Copyright Management Information) from your photo.  The fines start at $2,500 and go to $25,000 in addition to attorneys’ fees and any damages for the infringement.  

Clearly when the photo was taken from this website, the CMI was stripped out as a matter of course for use in his 5th ward mailer.  The policy on this site for unauthorized copyright use as noted previously has been posted.

Scott goes slate shopping for a Board of Education Seat

In 2010 a Board of Education seat became available due to resignation.  What followed was a bizarre push from Real Results then Kids First BoE member Maureen Sullivan who gave Scott Delea her nomination for the seat.  She would be his sole vote of the eight voting BoE members and Scott was again stymied from elected office.  People are still scratching their heads how Scott Delea could even fit into her ideology on dismantling the public schools and rebuilding them within a North Carolina cost structure.  (Sullivan can't explain it either so don't ask.)

After this setback and with a BoE election just ahead, Scott Delea would go slate shopping among three BoE groups.  Only problem, he didn't have an answer to a basic question about supporting education.  One question put to him after his canned answer on how much he supports the schools, "Scott you live right across the street from the BoE, how come you've never came to one meeting?"  Slate shopping game over.

Then there's the unclear association with the now self-exiled Al Arezzo.  The whispers about a partnership with the club "Nine" on Washington St have not been verified. Arezzo who was the terror of Hoboken's construction office for years is no longer employed by the city and last MSV heard evacuated to Florida.

Talking Ed Note: As of today, both Beth Mason and Scott Delea have not filed their respective post election campaign reports.  They were due THE END OF LAST MONTH.  There's questions to be answered on and between both.

For starters:
Who funded the thousands of mailers Scott Delea mailed out all over the 5th ward?

Will the Beth Mason-Scott Delea alliance show evidence of financial support after his public support appearing at her HQ 2nd ward council kickoff?

Scott Delea and Beth Mason perhaps share someone in common.  Eduardo Gonzalez is listed as Scott Delea's Treasurer, an important and key position on a campaign responsible for all accounting activities.  He's said to have played a similar role for Beth Mason's wheely operation, "Friends of Beth Mason for City Council."  Is Delea also a beneficiary of Beth Mason's largess?

(That committee re: Beth Mason forked over 15 large, that's $15,000 to Tim Occhipinti in his latest 4th ward council run.  Unlike last fall, that loot doesn't buy a council presidency.)

THIS IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG.  There's more and as you well know,  
Scott Delea also likes to steal copyrighted information.


A big thanks to all the folks who emailed on Scott Delea's mailer.  Those details now dot the map across the 5th ward!

The more you know...

Save the hospital! The anti-Appleseed/Hoboken411/Mason petition edition

The chatter about stopping the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center to HUMC Holdco continues with a politically orchestrated petition following some circumspect phone calls to residents the Hudson Reporter described as coming from one of the unions at the hospital.

Now Hoboken resident Scott Siegel has produced a counter petition to the one pushed by Appleseed.  The Appleseed petition was sent to an odd list including Hoboken411 but not two Hoboken City Council members on the reform side of the ledger.

The only deal to save Hoboken University Medical Center from closure and keep the taxpayers from being hit with a $52 million bond bill is under threat of being blown up.  Take a wild guess who is behind it?

Mayor Zimmer who has been holding community meetings on the matter is quoted as saying if the deal falls through the hospital will close.  No one has disputed this basic fact. Although the hospital has slowed its losses, it's continuing at a burn rate of millions in the red annually.

Grafix Avenger in perhaps some of her finest if not absolute best work to date outlined the coalition working to stop the sale, noting the contradictions of Appleseed's Director saying Hoboken politics doesn't enter into their action.  But GA shows clear and transparent political orchestration to sabotage the only remedy to keep the hospital open - a deal with Holdco.

In the linked story, Grafix Avenger painfully outlines the political orchestration evident between Appleseed and Beth Mason's political apparatus Hoboken411.  It's a convincing mound of evidence right down to the same graphics used by the two.  Later Appleseed would try to distance themselves from the error linking the two but too late before getting caught.

Once again this demonstrates what some people are willing to do to stave off a victory for Hoboken all in the name of politics.  How the hospital union(s) expect to see a win from this is unclear.  Blowing up this deal, no matter how imperfect means they all lose their jobs and the city loses a hospital and gets handed a $52 million bond bill.

Grafix Avenger shows the international pull of Appleseed's attempt
to prevent the sale of Hoboken's hospital in its petition drive.
Unfortunately that flavor is not too Hoboken centric.

Scott Siegel writes:

HUMC is bleeding $1 million per month. They have $20 million in accounts receivable that they can't pay. The only hope is to accept Hold Co's proposal. One major benefit will be affiliating services. 

Lets say I have ailment A and you B. I live in Hoboken you in Bayonne. By combining both hospitals HUMC will discontinue A. Bayonne would expand A. This means I go to Bayonne. You would go to Hoboken for B under the same situation. 

This is why Hold Co is willing to commit $20 million in capital improvements. Some services will be expanded while others will be curtailed. This is the only way both hospitals can survive. The combined entity will also have a greater economy of scale which will lower costs even further. 

If Beth Mason Appleseed has their way HUMC will fail in 6 months to one year. They will owe creditors $25-30 million and bondholders $52 million plus interest. The only way that debt can be paid is the Peter Camaranno approach- massive upzoning (15-20 stories) with 100% lot coverage in the middle of Hoboken. The unions believe that the Hoboken taxpayers will be willing to subsidize $1 million per month. That would equate to a 20-25% tax increase. I doubt it to say the least. Show your support by signing the petition favoring this transaction. We must show the NJ Department of Health that Hoboken approves this transfer.

 Here is the counter petition to save the hospital:

Talking Ed Note:  A public meeting cancelled last week should be taking place tomorrow.  It will be an interesting dynamic to see who says what but more importantly why.

At the January hospital board meeting earlier this year, MSV witnessed union members griping to Beth Mason who declined to say anything at that meeting where the bidder Holdco was announced as entering into direct negotiations with the Hospital Authority.

Will Beth Mason come out tomorrow and take a shot at sabotaging the deal.  Nothing seems to get Beth Mason motivated other than taking a pot shots at Mayor Zimmer.  Like the budget surplus issue, it doesn't matter if it hurts Hoboken, as long as it will damage the mayor.

The clock is running out on that too, for reasons beyond the July 1 ejection Mason is sure to see later this week as chair of the City Council.
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