Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beth Russo go down ugly

See it for yourself.

As this farce of a bad Fellini movie went wasting the taxpayers money, Da Horsey decided to go up and speak to the Beth Mason and Mike Russo's budget incompetence. (Thank heaven for small gifts.)

We dedicated it to the FBI in Newark.

The song we read in pure deadpan delivery is by the Carpenters: "Sing a Song." Councilwoman Beth Mason interrupted between stanzas asking what this had to do with the budget hearing. In reply she was informed it was an "Ode to your budget incompetence."

The sparse crowd was laughing and you can hear someone laughing after it's completed but it's not clear who. In the audience, a member of the public was doubled over in laughter a full two minutes after we sat down.  At the 29 minute mark, here's the lyrics:

Sing, sing a song
Sing out loud
Sing out strong
Sing of good things not bad
Sing of happy not sad

Sing, sing a song
Make it simple to last
Your whole life long
Don’t worry that it’s not
Good enough for anyone
Else to hear
Just sing, sing a song

And the original song by The Carpenters for all the singers now and in the near future singing to the FBI in Newark.  (Ed Note: Some were in the room, others well a text away.)

T minus five minutes before the swan song

It's going to be brief, ugly and then over.

Talking Ed Note: Not one Council member present less than five minutes before Beth Mason's empty and ugly finale of a budget hearing.

Five members of the public are here for the purging of Beth Russo.

And now the swan song:

No legal action can be taken. But the Council of No wants to take an illegal vote on their incompetent budget amendment.

There's yelling over petty points and Tim Occhipinti has created a shameful situation bringing up Councilman Ravi Bhalla's text on an appointment with the mayor with his condo association.

Update: Maybe the worst behavior ever seen by this eyewitness! The Council of No has moved to vote and voted on an illegal budget amendment. They were advised by Corporation Counsel not to take an illegal vote.

They were told it isn't binding. They went ahead and voted illegally anyway. Based on comments early from Tim Occhipinti, this was all arranged in advance. They actually planned an illegal vote against the advice of the city auditor and thumbed their noses at the law and the State.

- Posted at full gallop

Horse Sense: This is the End...

Maybe it was hearing that album over the weekend but The Doors Greatest Hits "The End" sounds about right in summing up the shortest council presidency under Councilwoman Beth Mason in Hoboken's living memory.

Tonight Hoboken will go through the motions of one last Beth Mason special meeting, because well, just because. Her illicit attempt to sabotage the budget with her ally Councilman Mike Russo did not pass muster in time with the State before the changing of the guard.

Illicit? Yes, illicit, adjective: illegal, unlawful, illegitimate, criminal, felonious, etc.

MSV never felt this body acting in the name of Hoboken as its City Council was ever legitimate. As far as we're concerned, Councilwoman Carol Marsh is still council president, the majority was never legally overturned and the actions since the installation of Tim Occhipinti are not sanctioned by the people and does not have the consent of the governed.

So with it, one last attempt to harm Hoboken being taken tonight comes as no surprise. That Councilwoman Beth Mason would marshall her illegitimate and voter bought 'majority' in the waning hours of its lame duck status is part of her consistent vindictive and petty acting out. Her love for power, to wield it irresponsibly, with ill will to Hoboken and contempt for its citizens both inside and outside the council chambers has been a sore spectacle on so many levels it would take several tomes to pen.

MSV has been front and center fighting the corruption and its legions in town. Some people have confused it with a cult of personality but most of the thousands of you who come back week after week, a growing readership doubling again this year have picked up on it a long time ago.

In the end MSV serves you. Our service is to Hoboken not to any individual or singular cause. We're about to see who's who and what's what when the hammer from the Boys of Summer comes crashing down. Then maybe others will start "getting it."

For their service, for their dedication, for their undying loyalty to the Constitution and taking on its enemies both foreign and domestic, MSV humbly wishes to say to all the FBI in Newark and throughout our country, thank you.

As we enter into the 4th of July weekend celebrating our nation's birth and the foundation of the Republic for which it stands, know there are so very many in the FBI and many in law enforcement here in Hoboken and across our nation working to keep us safe. They do this sacrificing time with their families during holidays and weekends, time we take for granted. They do it for all of us and serve with pride.

To each and every one of them, Da Horsey wishes to personally congratulate for their service and honor them in a salute in this horse sense editorial.

God Bless all of you and your families. Please protect our nation and Hoboken.

Report: NJ Lt. Gov to perform council swearing in ceremony Friday

According to a story in PoltickerNJ by Tim Carroll, New Jersey's Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno
will be coming to Hoboken to perform the swearing-in ceremony.  The story says all elected members including its newest member 6th ward's Jen Giattino will be sworn in by the New Jersey's Lt. Governor.

Talking Ed Note: This is one of the surprises for Friday MSV can confirm, but it is likely not to be the only one.  If you are around, you will certainly be happy to make this historic event.

MSV is very excited to see one certain family in attendance and is so darn proud their our neighbors near the stable and of course especially for their family gift to Hoboken:

6th ward Councilwoman-elect Jen Giattino


can't wait.  
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Theater Director Paula O'haus' tenure rejected in 5-4 vote

Paula O'haus with more than a dozen years in the Hoboken school district performing mostly as a Theater Director in the schools makes a closing remarks leading into a 5-4 vote where the Board voted along party lines rejecting her application for tenure.

Her full remarks will be posted in their entirety later.  It should be noted that with the political brinksmanship played over recent months and elections, Ms. O'haus had resigned from her the district and then rescinded her resignation just in time to make the formal request for this public hearing.

As a point of fact, Ms. O'haus has recently made a plea to teach.  In days past, she was exclusively acting as a theater director, a position that does not exist in the State of NJ in any of its high schools.

Earlier, Ms. O'haus states she had told the district via the former Superintendent Carter, she would be pleased to choose an option of teaching five classes versus three with theater duties.  This was a departure from her earlier position some time back, but one that made sense as she sought tenure.

Dr. Toback has offered a compromise: allowing Ms. O'haus to continue doing what she has done in most of her time in the district - acting as a theater director.  To this point, Ms. O'haus has declined that offer and has been seeking to be a tenured teacher.

We'll have more but this presentation for a hearing was one of two last night.  Overall, six teachers were not extended tenure.  The politics surrounding Paula O'haus have been present, not in recent days but in recent elections.

That was a choice.  The Board of Education does not extend tenure automatically and now  it has made its choice.

Talking Ed Note: More video and analysis to come. For the moment, MSV should note you can see the division in the audience from the video. The left side of the room was almost exclusively for Paula O'haus. The right side of the room was there in support of Superintendent Dr. Mark Toback.  Some overflow was in the back doorway area also supportive of the theater director/teacher.

We'll also have a video detailing not only the case by Paula O'haus but video of the lengthy list of concerns by Dr. Toback

More later on this story that will be a politicized hot potato for months to come and exploited for what it's worth both in truth and myth leading into next year.