Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where in the world is Scott Delea's campaign report?


MSV has been getting emails since last week asking the same question. Where is Scott Delea's complete campaign report? Every major candidate submitted their campaign reports to NJ ELEC around the due date of May 31. So compliance in Hoboken with the law has been good.

More trouble with the law? Now Scott Delea is on the inside looking out not complying with NJ ELEC. Campaign reports were due the end of May but who is responsible for the Delea ELEC report? It certainly can't be Scott; it must be someone else lacking integrity and honesty.

Of course there remains another possible reason connected to the outstanding issue with missing attachments in Councilwoman Beth Mason's campaign report. She has a whopping $52,000 in street money on it and no one knows what is in it or where it went. MSV is looking into the report and can only wonder what could possibly be in that torrent of street funds let loose in the 2nd ward.

More problems with the law?  Scott Delea is following in the footsteps
of backer Maurice Fitzgibbons who was fined for ELEC violations.

As important, what's up with Scott Delea's report and why is it so very, very MIA?

What is being hidden from the public here? MSV believes at least part of the answer lies in the thousands of home mailers sent to 5th ward residents with MSV's photo the centerpiece.

Who was responsible for the mailer with Scott Delea's picture, his home address and MSV's copyrighted information?

Ironically, a backer of Scott Delea, former Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons, the man who brought you Peter Cammarano and Tim "I'm independent" Occhipinti also had problems with meeting ELEC filing requirements. He was fined for it about a year back and Scott Delea is following in his footsteps.

If someone files a complaint against Scott Delea for his failure, no doubt they are sure to receive an email outlining how busy he's been running for election, working his job and all the good things he does for the community. Does that entitle him to a free pass?

MSV has seen that record played out for almost two months now on Scott Delea's copyright infringement. Oh but how he loves to leave it on repeat.

BLOCKBUSTER: FBI door raps around Hoboken leads to pleas for plea deals

The dozen plus wave of G-men hitting Hoboken City Hall just before the Memorial Day weekend has followed with a half-dozen home visits and likely more according to one source not directly connected to the federal criminal investigation.

The fireworks about to hit Hoboken later this month and past Labor Day won't lead to one prominent official taken down as in the case of ex-mayor Peter Cammarano: not one meaning MORE than one.

As MSV noted the end of May, one Old Guard source conveyed near panic,

"A lot of people are going down...  
                 I'm telling you, a lot of people are going down."

and that followed with:
"A lot of people in trouble...
                 On the Council and not on the Council."

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Update: Grafix Avenger just posted on an email report of a 6:00 AM visit a week back confirming in small measure our story and its numerous independent sources.

Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Finale

Here's the finale: