Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"The ground is rumbling," in Hoboken

This just in. Your anti-corruption trampling Horsey is hearing an earthquake has either begun or it's a dress rehearsal for what must be coming.

Those who can confirm details are urged to do so via smartyjones@me.com. You may call/text in confidence to 917 907-4364. Ask for the Hoboken Horse of Their Apocalypse.

This is your Horsey Big Bang update. Had this been the actual Big Bang, you would have received instructions on what to do and which watering hole to report to for further information. For others, where to post bail.

Please stand by for pre-quake aftershocks which may be feeling felt momentarily.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming already in progress.

- Posted at full gallop

Don't Delea; it's for the Glory!

Well it's time again for Hoboken's Party with Purpose 5K race.  This year promises to raise more loot than ever.  So throw on your sneakers and get in the race or just cheer the runners on like Scott Delea who will be on a bullhorn yelling, "You're all winners!"

Can you guess why?

It's glory to Scott Delea and Party Pupie with Purpose with the 5K run in Hoboken.  All the proceeds other than monies Scott decides to hold without telling donors will benefit the children of the community including the Boys & Girls Club, uh the Hola School and its "select" group of students. 

Talking Ed Note: There's been construction at the Boys & Girls Club and the building is expanding!  But it's not for the needy boys and girls in the community, this is for the Hola School. Only.  Those underprivileged boys and girls have been steadily bumped out to public facilities uptown since last year.

For a mere $1 a year, the Boys & Girls Club gets use of the building from the city.  The expansion has been underway for weeks but a City Council approval only made it's way to the council at the July 1 meeting.  So what's the impetus and end result of this work?

Well the expansion of the Hola charter school.  How much longer before they take over the whole building?  Is the city now in the charter school subsidizing business? Because it sure appears that way and the taxpayer is getting jacked.  No other charter school in town gets this kind of subsidized deal, courtesy of your taxes.

We're sure Scott Delea who sits on the Boys & Girls Club board is all over this and defending the rights of the children in the community with his friend Councilman Tim Occhipinti who is on the advisory board.  No doubt both of them have sat down and informed Frank Raia this is not acceptable.  Yeah right.

Delea should change the name of Party with Purpose to Pupie with Purpose as in Frank "Pupie" Raia because that's who is calling the shots at the Boys & Girls Club not on behalf of the children in the community but one favored uniquely tax subsidized charter school.

So get over and help Scott Delea promote himself and his "charity" to the community re: the Hola charter school.  Cuz your taxes via a building subsidy just aren't enough.

Correction: The Boys & Girls Club pays $2 for the use of the city owned building on lower Jefferson St.