Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Old Guard going to the mattresses to reverse November municipal election voting

The ink isn't even dry since the last City Council meeting with its action to move the May municipal elections to November and the word on the street is a petition to reverse the action is well underway.

While the Hoboken St. Ann's feast was affected by extreme heat, yesterday's break in the weather allowed for some electioneering.  Perennial Hoboken candidate Frank Raia, a developer who has marshaled efforts against Mayor Zimmer and her supporters in recent elections is leading the way.  He's personally been working to obtain signatures.  The raw total is claimed to be well over 1,000.

Frank Raia at a recent City Council meeting is spearheading an effort to overturn November
municipal elections and have them moved back to May by referendum. 

A committee is in place according to an article on Hoboken Patch led by Frank Raia to have the time of the municipal elections moved back to May.

Jamie Cryan, the Hoboken Democratic Chair is also on the committee leading the effort and stated in an email to MSV, "It is not as if the council voted to change the location of a stop sign -- they moved elections and extended their term by 6 months. That decision is too important and should be decided by the people at the ballot box. They were elected for 4 years. Extending their term should only be decided by the people, not those who benefit politically or financially." 

With about 2,000 signatures required and Raia funding the initiative, it's likely to meet the requirement and be put on the ballot for November.  

Is another voting element in this November election too confusing for people to vote? Will the voters be smart enough with their lack of education on local issues to know they should not be voting in November?  

We'll likely find out the answers to these and other questions oddly enough - in November.

Original photo by Jhnny "to the butter" Newman.  All rights reserved.  

Michele Russo fait accompli: Starts job "immediately"

According to a story on the Jersey Journal/Hoboken Now, Michele Russo has indeed won the job for the County.  The story also notes she is to start immediately.

Michele Russo is described as Anthony Russo's ex-wife, but MSV thinks it's an error.

The photo there also looks vaguely familiar:

Horsey will look into that too.

Hey did you folks call the County Executive Tom DeGise?  Apparently not enough did.

Insider: Michele Russo awaits official word, no start date for job

Yesterday's Hudson Reporter story by Al Sullivan announcing a county job for Michele Russo may be premature.  A source with knowledge on the situation stated no official decision had been rendered on officially extending a job offer.  The paperwork for the position of managing housekeeping at the Jersey City County building however, was already submitted..

A final decision including a sign off must come from the Hudson County County Executive, Tom DeGuise.

A link on the current County Executive notes in his first day in office back to 2002 he submitted legislation to the county board to create an Ethics Oversight Board in Hudson  County.

Talking Ed Note: The ironies never cease.  Was this situation publicized in time to create a furor of a problem?  Here's the contact phone numbers for the County Administrator's Office:

phone: (201) 795-6100
fax:     (201) 795-6520

Update: A reader notes the best number to leave a message for the County Executive is:
(201) 795-6000

Photo courtesy the Hudson County website