Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flooding update

City of Hoboken announces:


"Hoboken is facing severe flooding today due to the heavy rains during high tide," said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. "We have reports of man hole covers being dislodged throughout the City. It is so important that residents not walk or drive through flooded areas until the water recedes. Walking or driving through these areas is dangerous."

A wet weather pump station is currently under construction by the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. Start-up of the pump is projected for the fall of 2011.

"With a flood pump due to be completed soon, I'll be doing everything in my power to make sure that this is one of the last times Hoboken has to deal with flooding of this magnitude," added Mayor Zimmer. "Our Fire Department is on alert and ready to assist with cleanup efforts as soon as the water recedes, and Police are assisting with flooded vehicles."

The City of Hoboken is providing free parking in municipal Garages B, D, and Midtown through Wednesday, August 10 at 8am for residents who reside in flood prone areas and have a valid Resident parking permit or Temporary parking permit placard.
A map of flood-prone areas is available on the City website: http://www.hobokennj.org/departments/environmental-services/storm-flood-zones/

Das Biergarten tonight canceled

No beer for you tonight. 
Click on the picture for the website.

They opened anyway but the grand opening is tomorrow.

Hoboken targets acre of land for Southwest Park

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The City of Hoboken's efforts for a Southwest park is moving ahead with land targeted, possibly using eminent domain powers recently passed in a surprising 5-4 vote at the last City Council meeting.

Hudson County agreed to the mayor's request to consider reprogramming the outstanding $3 million in grants and was awaiting a progress report detailing the new request.  The progress report was submitted in time for an Advisory Board meeting last week.

MSV can now reveal based on County sources, the City details as needed the specific tract of land targeted. 

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Mayor calls Port Authority proposed increase "unfair and premature"


I am concerned that the Port Authority’s proposed 57 percent fare increase for PATH passengers is counterproductive to our shared goal of incentivizing and encouraging public transportation use. Unless and until the Port Authority addresses overcrowding issues during peak commuter periods, a fare increase of this magnitude is unfair and premature.

Ya gotta have (Southwest) Park

MSV Premium Content will be featuring an exclusive story on the City's plan for a Southwest park.  The story will be out LATER today.

At the previous City Council meeting, Da Horsey spoke at the end in public portion noting the arguments on eminent domain surrounding a $3 million county grant were moot as the requirement is a targeted track and the City did not have one as no seller was available in the Southwest.

That was then, this is now.  More to come...