Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MSV weather advisory: rainy and wet, so be careful out there...

And let's all make sure Tim Occhipinti is in a safe, warm comfortable Bachelor Party in Boston during a hurricane, I mean location.  (Like he was for Hurricane Irene.)

Please inform the hired "hands" at the Timmy hurricane party not to be distracted or disturbed by the sounds a storm can make like, "bang!" "boom!" "kaboom!" and/or "dutut tut tut tut!"*

We don't want to frighten off the entertainment procured for Timmy to have a good time while 4th ward residents are stranded and flooded knee deep in dirty, sewage water.

"Hey, there's a hurricane, let's party"

* Please note that hurricanes can produce high winds sending objects crashing similar to the sound of gunfire.  In no way does MSV wish for anything bad to befall Tim Occhipinti where Hoboken would be denied witnessing his atrocious, petulant behavior in a City Council meeting where he pretends he was actually elected without hundreds upon hundreds of paid 'campaign workers' who equally love campaigning and voting via paper ballot for him.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any misinterpretation, stupidity, or extreme boorishness demanding MSV guarantee no one will read this and do something equally dumb as Tim in being a machine hack attacking the First Amendment or worse.

If you wish to file a complaint and use this satire as evidence for having law enforcement arrest Da Horsey, please wait until after the City Council meeting then email me at smartyjones@me.com so I can contact my lawyer who will get back to you to pass along a personalized message; you can kiss my horsey ass.

Hoboken Police Detectives question Grafix Avenger on satire, threaten arrest

Two Hoboken police detectives visited a Hoboken resident's home early last week questioning her for an hour about a satirical letter to the FBI on her website Grafix Avenger and threatened to arrest her if she wrote about the visit - this according to a source close to the website's owner Nancy Pincus.

Fueling the toxic political brew in Hoboken's take no prisoner politics, Jersey Journal editor Augie Torres cited "law enforcement sources" who say a complaint was made against Grafix Avenger by Council members Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti along with ubermensch Mason political operative Lane Bajardi for her satirical column, "Letter to the FBI #4."

On Saturday, Councilwoman Beth Mason denied doing so stating she "filed no complaint" and noted she couldn't do so as she had been away on vacation.

The FBI "letter," part of a seven column series discussed GA joining the FBI and assisting in arrests around town but did not name anyone or provide any Hoboken address. The "letter" states a willingness to "shoot a doorknob" if needed in an imagined FBI roundup.

Tim Occhipinti at the previous City Council meeting spoke several times about an investigation "they were taking seriously," in what he claimed was a "credible threat," in the Grafix Avenger column.  He said the satire needed a "guarantee" someone else would not act on the obvious humor.   

Occhipinti is listed as the sole sponsor of a resolution to remove Pincus from the Zoning Board at the next City Council meeting, a seat she was originally voted in a 9-0 City Council appointment.

On Labor Day, Pincus commented below a Hudson Reporter story saying the hour long interrogation had traumatized her young daughter who was present adding while she was threatened with arrest if she wrote about the police visit; she added Tim Occhipinti discussed it at a City Council meeting two days later and had not been arrested.

The Hoboken Police Department's public information office declined to comment on the matter over the phone.

Tim Occhipinti insisted he be given time in public portion after MSV wished him luck both with attacking the US Constitution and with the FBI.  Councilman Dave Mello looks less than impressed with Occhipinti's claim GA's "FBI Letter #4" constitutes a "credible threat.

Talking Ed Note:  The attempt to criminalize speech would be farcical except for the extensive involvement of the Hoboken Police Department investigating satire where -
no one is even mentioned.

MSV took to the microphone noting Tim Occhipinti's dangerous attempt to criminalize speech in a clearly obvious satire.  In addition, Da Horsey also noted the NJ Attorney General had not issued any comment clearing Tim Occhipinti's 500 submitted absentee paper ballots last November where several criminal referrals were sent from the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office.

Both Councilwoman Beth Mason and Lane Bajardi played major roles in Occhipinti's campaign.

Some who follow Hoboken government believe GA's FBI letter series links the FBI criminal investigation of a data theft ring at City Hall and alleged massive voter fraud in the Tim Occhipinti campaign.  MSV counts itself among them but notes, the FBI investigation will not end there!

The FBI has not commented since a show of force where over a dozen agents silently arrived in Hoboken before Memorial Day removing boxes and computers after the Zimmer Administration contacted them on an intrusion into the City's computer systems.