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BREAKING: Governor Christie Willing to Make $5 Million Available to Keep Hoboken University Medical Center Open After City Council Refuses Funding

The Office of the Governor of NJ announces:

Next Move Rests on Local Unions Making Concessions to Keep Hospital Running and Save 1300 Jobs

Trenton, NJ – Today, Governor Chris Christie released the following statement after the Hoboken City Council rejected $5 million in funding for Hoboken University Medical Center, effectively forcing the state’s oldest hospital to close within the next few weeks and risking municipal authority default in Hoboken.

“It would appear that there are two primary issues that stand in the way of keeping Hoboken University Medical Center open. First, the refusal by local unions to provide necessary concessions and secondly, the city council’s rejection of $5 million in funding which is vital to securing the hospital’s future.

“It is completely unacceptable that the city council placed local politics ahead of the 1300 employees at the Hoboken University Medical Center and the people in the community who rely on the critical services provided by this hospital. This Administration is not going to allow political bickering to put this hospital in jeopardy and potentially have a negative and irresponsible impact on the city’s finances, which is why the state will contribute the $5 million, if needed, to ensure the Hoboken University Medical Center deal closes and the hospital stays open. With the availability of this funding, it is now up to the unions to ensure the hospital stays open, people continue to have access to emergency services, 1300 jobs are saved, and municipal default is averted.”



High level sources close to City Hall state should the hospital close, expect immediate substantial contraction in the City's workforce to make up for the heavy burdens to repay a $52 million bond and other related costs with a hospital closure.

"The City is committed to making massive layoffs in order to cover the costs," one of the senior sources bluntly stated.

At the same time, the City will be mindful to spare the taxpayer "to whatever extend possible," the source added.

After a hospital closure, the sources also warned to expect services to be hit "across the board."

During closed session, Mayor Dawn Zimmer makes an emphatic plea to save the hospital.  This photo was taken from outside City Council Chambers.

Talking Ed Note: Similar to the Beth Russo hydra's attempt to strip the City of any surplus and catapult Hoboken's budget into crisis, last night's action is a continuation of the strategy to starve the city whenever possible to attack the Hoboken taxpayer.

The obvious intent is to force the mayor to increase taxes.  The strategy which will succeed this time should the hospital be closed will be opposed by some strenuous effort within City Hall.

Guest of the Stable: Toni Tomarazzo, HMHA Chair

The attempt by the Council of No to shut the hospital may in fact be stopped with a late development submitted in this early am guest piece by the hospital authority's chairwoman:

After closed session, Councilwoman Beth Mason and Councilman Mike Russo go for a stroll before they went ahead with their premeditated plan to kill the hospital.

I have been working with our counsel and others since the irresponsible vote by the city council members Mason, Russo, Occhipinti and Castelano took place this evening where they refused to pass resolutions and first reading of an ordinance that would provide for the necessary funding to make a deal to maintain the hospital.

It appears that thanks to the work of the HMHA and the Mayor another option may exist to keep the hospital open and complete the sale to Hold Co

We are meeting at eight thirty tomorrow morning and it appears that a deal may be struck to not only keep  the hospital open but provide for the continuation of all services and develop new ones like the card cath lab and long term care

I would appreciate you publishing this new development so that employees of the hospital understand that the  HMHA and Mayor are doing all we can to keep this hospital open, even if certain council members don't .

Toni Tomarazzo