Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beth Russo Hydra to City Workers - 'Start packing your desk'

In a critical refinance question on the midtown garage, a presentation with corrections to numerous misstatements by the council minority led to their tanking a clear cut way to aid the city in shifting the tax status of the midtown garage.

The gap from failing to obtain a required sixth vote for the bond ordinance blows a $4.5 million dollar hole into the City budget with less than three months remaining in the fiscal year.

Failing to present any financial argument against the numerous reasons for refinancing, among them a lower cost to the completion of the bond's overall cost to the city, the Council of No re: MORTe (death) voted no leaving the critical financing for the midtown garage one vote short.  The measure failed 5-4.

The midtown refinance was not a big cost issue to the City - as a point of fact it would cost the City nothing as it stands to gain.  Numerous examples were given how it would in fact save the City money now and into the future.

The actions by Mike Russo, Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti explodes an immediate hole in the budget and they failed to say how it would or should be filled.  They preferred to complain and extensively on the parking agreement and the successful sale of the hospital, the latter they were legally restricted with the charge in the hands of the Hospital Authority.

Last call for hospital sabotage. Not one intellectually honest argument on the refinancing of the hospital garage.  In fact not one was offered.  MORTe could care less and now the layoffs.

The shell game arguments by Tim Occhipinti, et all in fact focused on everything but the lower interest rates and savings to the city which were stated as $50,000.  A refinanced bond for the midtown garage would in fact cost the City less going forward than it does as it stands now.

Finance Director Nick Trasente stated the city had a massive strength in financing, in fact its chief asset. The City currently utilizes only 1.05% of its financing power through bonds. The Finance Director added after the vote the figure actually would decrease to about $1.03 percent (estimated) with the rejection Wednesday night.

Councilwoman Beth Mason attempted to claim the City was losing $700,000 on the transaction of the parking agreement which had no bearing on the refinancing of the garage.  Director Ian Sacs later made a presentation correcting her and asking her not to present such faulty data as factual.  He laid to waste her argument the parking agreement would provide less money and proved completely otherwise. (Video to come.)

He passionately laid out the benefits to the town in the changes in the midtown garage saying passing the continuation of the agreement would allow him to give every resident on the midtown parking waiting list a spot.  That required a yes vote on the refinance.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano asked some excellent financial questions comparing the existing agreement and the one under consideration. She was not moved by the numerous financial advantages but was pleased the public safety would not not be impacted by the millions blowing a hold in the budget which she happily voted to create.

Not one person on the Council of No addressed the financial advantages of the refinancing although most members of the public spoke strongly in favor of the fiscal advantages in seeing the bond refinanced.

Councilman Peter Cunningham reacted to the hollow off the road remarks by the council minority noting they had acted destructively against the hospital sale's success and specifically charged Beth Mason for acting against it "all along."

Beth Mason denied it and asked for evidence. MSV will be producing the evidence that will be piling up enough for a full investigative series. It comes right from Beth Mason and other sources close to the hospital saga who are eager to see the truth come to light at the right time.

Municipal employees will now bear the cost for the massive ego trip taken by Mike Russo, Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti.

A resigned Police Chief Falco composes himself deciding to speak once again after the useless vote stopping $2.7 in bonding for needed Police Department infrastructure repairs and rusted vehicles.  The City has available almost 99% bonding capability but MORTe voted it down anyway refusing to heed the Chief's appeal not to play politics.

Talking Ed Note:  Police Chief Anthony Falco spoke strongly in favor of a $2.7 million bond ordinance earlier for numerous items including some he said were direly required by the police department.

Chief Falco also left in disbelief as his request not to make such essential requests political fell on deaf ears. The crowd applauded his restrained remarks saying his department would act professionally after the No vote.

The Beth Russo hydra wishes to decouple items in the $2.7 million bond ordinance. But when asked how to do so by Peter Cunningham, Beth Mason refused to state which items and the crowd grew weary of her avoidance to name the items she found objectionable.


Talking Ed Note II: People are spontaneously communicating to MSV on the events tonight by the Beth Russo hydra.  The word independently coming from all corners is oddly the same: disgusting.

MSV did see it coming.  If the Beth Russo hydra tried to take down the hospital, a full feast of destruction they were willing to wreck upon Hoboken, tonight was a mere snack.  And so it was with their own comments making it clear their resentment at being foiled on shutting the hospital.  They took the destructive actions tonight as their consolation prize.  One Old Guard source predicted earlier an expectation to see it continue. 

What Hoboken will suffer as a result is sad in the lack of its necessity.

Sympathy to the workers who will lose their jobs as a result of this reckless action. It's clear this is the last salvo to undermine the hospital sale.

Plenty of video to come.

Talking Ed Note III: After the meeting Beth Mason walked passed Da Horsey and icily stared without saying a word.  Ten feet past she half-cocked her head and said, "You better be right."  The reply was instant: "I'll be right and you'll have some explaining to do."

This council meeting also foreshadowed a new propaganda effort from the Masonic Temple of (Unemployment) Doom.  A new cameraman was present and took video of the entire meeting.  Asked early on who he was, he claimed to be a Hoboken resident shooting for himself.  Later we said hello and asked where in Hoboken he lived.

The answer was less than convincing: "Around."

"So you're working for Beth Mason?"  This answer even less convincing than the last: muttering.

What City employees should know is that the vote tonight impacting their livelihood was premeditated.  Mason is already preparing a propaganda battle to convince people it's the mayor's fault that layoffs will occur.

Tim Occhipinti had someone very minion-like write out a speech for him to read.  None of it addressed the financing discussed at the meeting.

People may be shocked how quickly selective, edited video finds its way to Beth Mason's favorite iron fisted fascist website: Hoboken411.  That's how Mason rolls.

Time to pump out the lies full throttle.  That's how much they care Hoboken.

- Posted at full gallop

p1ywood decries hoss violence against Mason and Russo

The following is a special letter to the talking Ed:

Dear Talking Ed:

I wish to comment on Mr. Roman Brice’s JibJab video that he posted on his Mile Square View Internet blog in mid-October, today as a matter of fact. My Councilwoman, Beth Mason, and I were on vacation with our respective families at the time, and so now is my first opportunity to react publicly.

In his video Mr. Brice depicts that he has always wanted the Councilwoman and Councilman Michael Russo engulfed in flames as if as many s’mores in a burning car. We presume it’s our car.

The United States Constitution allows each and every one of us to say the greatest, or the most appalling, words. Our First Amendment right of free speech is what sets this country apart from, say, Syria, where you can be shot in the street for calling on the president to resign, or North Korea, where if you complain about hunger you can go to prison for life.

But with our First Amendment right, comes a responsibility of the same order, especially if the speaker is a political leader, like Mr. Brice. We may all have sharp disagreements on political issues, but we should never suggest to resolve them by immolating our opponents. Mr. Brice’s horror show, available for all to see on the Internet, violated the most basic trust that the public puts in our leaders, to speak and behave in a manner that does not encourage or incite violence or over cooking.

Mr. Brice is a close ally of Mayor Zimmer and the council majority. He is a member of the Stable, on which he sits in a judicial capacity. His statements demonstrate that, at a minimum, he does not have the demeanor to judge his fellow residents, particularly if they disagree with him on political issues. I am appalled that neither the mayor nor the majority have lifted a finger to remove him from this position, nor have they said anything about his public hankering to use engulfing flames against my car, other than, in the case of the council majority, to laugh it off as a joke. The mayor herself has said not a word.

Mr. Brice says that his video was satire. But let me ask this: what if the same video was crafted by a high school student, who said on-line that he would love to immolate a teacher? Would we think it was funny then? Would we sit by and do nothing?


City Council action forcing layoffs? Answer @ 7:00 tonight

Tonight Hoboken will find out if there's going to be City layoffs. A refinancing of the midtown garage stands to either benefit Hoboken $50,000 or put the budget into an immediate hole of millions of dollars. 

The mayor says if the refinancing fails layoffs follow. Mike Russo who called the mayor a grifter at last month's meeting leads the Beth Russo hydra that can force the red ink on the city and the resulting layoffs.  Russo says no more bonding.  He can explain why it's so critical for capital improvements and bonding as in this instance must be stopped at all costs - even to scores of City workers.

Union officials may appear and speak on behalf of their membership that faces layoffs in this shameless display of ego driven sabotage of Hoboken.

Zimmer Zombies chasing the Beth Russo hydra tonight

Tonight is the showdown which is dire for city workers held hostage by the Beth Russo hydra on a straightforward refinancing of the midtown garage.  The garage's refinancing was required when the sale of the hospital to Holdco was set to complete and the tax status needed to be updated.

Failure to refinance the garage will create an immediate multi-million dollar hole in the City's budget.  There would be 90 days to come up with the funds to pay off the bond, estimated at $4.5 million.

Six votes are required for a bond ordinance and the mayor needs at least one among Michael Russo, Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti to vote in favor.  The bond's passage will also produce savings to Hoboken of $50,000 annually.

Michael Russo is not swayed by such savings to the City.  He was quoted yesterday saying, "I'm not approving any more bonds whatsoever."

The council minority has rejected several recent bonding attempts for capital improvements including a street light for 1600 Park and its new ball field, infrastructure upgrades at the Police Department, and other equipment the city has requested.

Last month, there was the hospital's $5.5 million bond request they rejected.  Many observers including the Hospital Authority itself believed that was a death knell to HUMC.  Gov. Christie then stepped in with $5 million toward completing the hospital's sale saying he would not allow partisan politics to close the hospital.

Talking Ed Note: Zimmer Zombies may be in attendance tonight looking to extract good decent government but thankfully zombies don't require breathing so holding their breath for one common sense yes vote won't be a problem.

Union representatives may also be in attendance this evening.  The mayor said failure to pass this bond means city employees will be hit with layoffs.

The City is expected to expand its outsourcing to make up for lost personnel.