Thursday, October 20, 2011

Councilman Russo interview during Wednesday council meeting: "Absolutely not" going to be any layoffs


During the City Council meeting, MSV had a short interview with 3rd ward Councilman Michael Russo after the vote had concluded on the midtown garage bond ordinance failed.

As requested by Councilman Russo, here is our complete, unedited report:

Talking Ed Note: Minutes later MSV had a separate interview with Councilman Tim Occhipinti where he also stated there would be no layoffs from the $4.5 million budget hole created by the council minority vote on the midtown garage refinance.

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Mayor: City Council action forces Hoboken to begin layoffs

Office of the Mayor announces:


Following the City Council minority's vote to block the refinancing of bonds for the Midtown Garage and a bond for capital improvements, Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced that it would unfortunately be necessary for the Administration to begin a city-wide layoff process in order to close the resulting budget gap.

“I deeply regret that this action must be taken, but unfortunately the City Council minority's blocking of these essential bond ordinances leaves me no choice,” Mayor Zimmer explained. “Layoffs should not be necessary at all, but the City Council minority has intentionally created an easily avoidable budget gap that must now be addressed in a fiscally responsible manner.” 

The refinancing of the bonds for the Municipal Garage would have saved the City $50,000. Instead of achieving this savings, the failure to refinance will require the City to unnecessarily spend $4.5 million to pay down the existing bond. This cost will have to be offset by staffing cuts in order to stay within budget and avoid a significant tax increase.

The capital improvement bond was desperately needed in order to address long neglected infrastructure needs including providing heat and proper security measures for the Police Department Headquarters and replacing broken equipment necessary for the City to plow snow, sweep streets, and pick up garbage. These desperately needed items will now have to be deferred or offset by additional cost saving measures.

Since the City Council minority blocked approval of these critically needed bonds, the City is now left with a $7.3 million budget gap.  As a result, all City employees were provided with a general advisory concerning possible layoffs earlier today.

“The City Council minority was fully aware that the failure to approve these bonds would create an unnecessary budget gap that would require drastic cost cutting measures. During the past week I have repeatedly made clear that otherwise unnecessary layoffs would become necessary if these important bonds were voted down,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I want to assure the public that my Administration will do everything that it can to ensure that we continue to provide our community with all essential services through privatization, shared services and other measures, despite the need to reduce staffing as a result of the City Council minority's actions."

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Welcome to the Battle of the Big Lie

We're seeing record traffic for a Thursday developing here today.  So with that, anticipate more stories and stay tuned.

In fact as we are now about to enter the Battle of the Big Lie, please take this time to email all your friends in Hoboken the web address to MSV.  Da Horsey appreciates it. or

With the sudden appearance of a paid videographer at the meeting last night working for Councilwoman Beth Mason, MSV anticipates you will see a concerted push to point the finger and excuse the reckless action by the Beth Mason hydra last night.

This is not a close call.  This was plain and simple overt sabotage against the City of Hoboken with the game plan to wreck havoc.  The damage however is going to be to the very people they claim to represent.

As we said to Beth Mason after her comment to us last night, "You'll have some explaining to do."

 Here's our bonus footage now addressing the mythology promoted by Beth Mason last night the changes in the parking agreement will be a loss to the City of Hoboken.

Director of Transportation and Parking Ian Sacs directly countered that misinformation with the true facts, both financially and materially.  He stated that the deal is a win for Hoboken across the board.  Here it is unedited and complete:

Talking Ed Note: Late in this short presentation, Ian Sacs is interrupted by applause when he corrects Beth Mason's factual error the new arrangement will cost Hoboken $720,000. In reality he says, the deal will generate Hoboken about $300,000 more with revenues in seven figures. More to come...

Peter Cunningham calls out the sabotage by MORTe on the carpet

It needed to be said.  The sabotage of Hoboken is out in the open, a full time endeavor and the battle for the truth will be on full out.  MORTe (Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry Castellano) made it clear their declaration of full out war on Hoboken will not see any limits.

After trying (and failing) to sabotage the hospital sale saving countless jobs and the taxpayers of Hoboken, they went on to the next best thing - undermining a refinance of the midtown garage connected to the hospital, both figuratively and literally.

With a new camera man hired by Beth Mason taping for controlled propaganda use, likely on Hoboken411 the truth is their next intended victim.

First however, will be the municipal workers laid off due to the irresponsible, purely political action by MORTe.

Here's Peter Cunningham: