Monday, October 24, 2011

State debunks Mason: Nothing wrong with 99 year continuation lease for hospital garage

Breaking: According to a story appearing in the Jersey Journal, the State of NJ via its Department of Community Affairs (DCA) corrected the false reports there is anything illegal in Hoboken's continuation of a 99 year lease under the new owners of the hospital, Holdco.  The original contract for the 99 years was set up in 2007.

Earlier in a release, Councilwoman Beth Mason who has been working to have the misinformation highlighted on the leasing of hospital space referenced the incorrect Stat-Ledger story Friday and also referenced the local Hoboken website where she runs her political operations: Hoboken411.

With the vote tomorrow anticipated to pass with at least five votes, the last challenge to sinking the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center is expected to be crossed.

Here's the segment from the Jersey Journal debunking Beth Mason:

On Saturday, The Jersey Journal and The Star-Ledger reported that state law caps parking lease agreements at 50 years. But today, state Department of Community Affairs spokeswoman Lisa Ryan said the state has no oversight over such matters.

Talking Ed Note:  Beth Mason's hysteria may rise with her falsely claiming the hospital sale relieving Hoboken taxpayers from a $52 million bond guarantee and saving the 150 year old institution is "fleecing" the taxpayer, but it won't wash.

Mason's investment in sinking the hospital sale is now hours away from being wasted.
She's invested quite a bit in seeing that come to pass. In the end, it's a massive fail.

Mason is left with the only carnage she could muster and that will come in the needless layoffs of City workers.  In that unholy exercise, she shares culpability with the puppet vote of Tim Occhipinti and the Russo clan.

City Hall and Hoboken burning down graphic courtesy of the Jolly Green Giant.

Michael Russo bares his politrickin motive on critical bond vote

Here's Councilman Mike Russo last week providing clues on his motivation for sabotaging Hoboken on the critical refinance bond for the midtown garage attached to the hospital. Council President Ravi Bhalla notes the choice of saving Hoboken $50,000 annually versus wreaking havoc on Hoboken creating an instant million dollar deficit in Hoboken's budget that will lead to destructive outcomes: tax increases or layoffs or both.

Like the other members of MORTe, Mike Russo never makes an argument against the refinancing. But look how happy MORTe is when they get the opportunity to sabotage Hoboken and ruin lives.

Like the hospital bond vote at the meeting last month, they were so eager to cause destruction, they leapt at the opportunity in the hope to somehow derail and damage the mayor. This is what blind hatred against good government has driven these people to and it should not be forgotten. The people losing their jobs certainly won't.

We're sure the FBI must be taking note and wish them godspeed in their work.

 And the actual vote with a shrieking incoherent Beth Mason also ignoring the issue at hand - the refinance of the bond.  You can barely hear the audience groaning in disbelief:

Beth Mason makes hail mary attempt to undermine parking agreement for the hospital

Councilwoman Beth Mason is attempting to pull back from the double whammy of trying to sabotage the sale of the hospital and undermining Hoboken to the point that she's triggered layoffs for innocent City workers.

Her releases previous to this one have been ignored by the media but MSV believes this one is interesting not because it's factual, it's not, but the various elements strewn together make up a hail mary attempt where the ball is now sailing out of bounds on the sideline and nowhere near the endzone.

Let's look at some of the major points of this tossed together narrative.  

First Mason cites the Star Ledger but the story is clearly planted by her and in fact quotes her.  The Star Ledger reporter has been covering this story more from an ideological basis than a factual one and MSV pointed out to him he was wrong earlier on a story and offered to help him rectify the error.  He took off outside City Hall making phone calls having clearly been misfed information by JNESO, the nurse's union.

In this story, there's no conclusive reference to an actual law that is overstepped.  Mason then for the second time in recent weeks props up the fascist censorship loving website Hoboken411as a news source "reporting."  MSV adamantly stands by its depiction of Hoboken411 or Mason411 - it is a political operation and does no reporting.  Perry Klaussen does not know anything about reporting and is incapable of doing so.  

Here's the key to this release and one everyone should take note of before tomorrow's meeting.  Beth Mason herself while planting information on the Star Ledger, Hoboken Patch and having Hoboken411 put out her misinformation does not come out and claim the parking agreement violates State law.

Beth Mason tries to protect herself as she's faced criticism on a number of fronts recently so she calls the parking agreement a "potentially illegal agreement."  

If the agreement is not valid, who is in fact the damaged party?  Hoboken would need to await decades out and see its grandchildren debate whether the market rate for leasing parking spaces is somehow inadequate.

Beth Mason also decries depositions and acts that she will achieve something in obtaining them from the Hospital Authority.  She also asks for the deposition by the mayor.  Well MSV is willing to bet any figure there isn't going to be a bone for even the smallest toy dog  in Hoboken when any of this surfaces.  

This is a retreat and a rather weak attempt at distortion as the hospital sale is completing and with it the essential parking agreement along with it.  The agreement is not going to go to a court today, tomorrow or the next day and will pass with at least five votes ending the matter on Tuesday.

You can almost hear the backpedalling amidst the schizophrenia below but make no mistake, Beth Mason wishes she could torpedo the parking agreement and with it the hospital sale.

As Peter Cunningham said at the last City Council meeting, the council minority pays lip service toward saving the hospital while working to sabotage the sale and have done so since January.  As the hospital is now hours from both closing and being saved, they complain about the sale to Holdco and can't even mouth any other alternative.

There isn't any.

 Dear Friend,

On Tuesday, October 25th at 7PM there will be a Special Meeting of the City Council. 

First, the Mayor is asking the Council to approve a 99 year lease between the City and the out-of-state developer purchasing Hoboken’s Hospital.  This agreement, which will give away 1,000 parking spots for the next century, is a $155 million subsidy paid for with taxpayers’ money.  This weekend The Star Ledger reported the agreement violates state law and Hoboken411 reported such parking agreements require  a competitive bid process.  The Hoboken Reporter also noted the developer is a “prominent contributor” with ties to Governor Christie, who Mayor Zimmer has endorsed for re-election.

Four City Council members refuse to support this potentially illegal agreement, because of the legal exposure it will cause taxpayers.  As a result, the Mayor issued city-wide layoffs notices last week and stated this may include police and fire layoffs.  She is demanding the Council support an illegal lease agreement or else she will jeopardize the health, safety, and welfare of Hoboken residents. 

Also on the agenda is an emergency appropriation for $600,000 for outstanding legal fees for the Hospital’s bankruptcy case.  The Hospital’s attorney resigned because he believes the Mayor and Hospital Authority board committed fraud and forced the hospital into bankruptcy.  The Mayor and Hospital Authority board are still refusing to release depositions they gave regarding these allegations, despite requiring taxpayers to pay their legal bills.
I agree with the Mayor and Hospital Authority board that we need to defease the $52 million bonds that are guaranteed by taxpayers.  However, their position that the end justifies the means does not excuse the way they have turned the sale of our hospital into a political fiefdom to reward their friends.   It is time for the Mayor to stop playing politics and to start standing up for good government and the rights of everyday people. 

I will continue to fight to lower taxes and will always put people first.   Thank you for your time. 

PS. Click on image to view the parking garage commercial everyone is talking about.