Wednesday, October 26, 2011


After the failure last night to move back the 20 day emergency resolution requirement for the hospital sale's completion today, Mayor Dawn Zimmer is scheduling a special City Council meeting for this Sunday at 9:00 am.

Special Council Meeting

Talking Ed Note: Inside this release is a letter from Holdco's attorney noting the City Council failed to meet the required conditions for the hospital sale to close. As many know, MORTe - Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Terry Castellano rejected the essential parking agreement required for the hospital and then after failing to stop its passage voted down the ability of the passed legislation to take effect today.

The hospital is now in yet another precarious condition, much like the City workers who face layoffs due to the refusal of Michael Russo, Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano to fulfill any basic modicum of fiduciary responsibility to the people of Hoboken.

In addition to City workers being used as cannon fodder in their sabotage of Hoboken, add once again over 1,000 employees of the hospital.

While jeopardizing both the City and HUMC, MORTe will say they are doing it for you.

Russo ridicules hospital's payroll plight in MORTe's block: "The sky is falling... the sky is falling"

For a short meeting, last night's special council session was all the more a train wreck for the utter disregard shown to the institution of the council, the people of Hoboken and last for the long suffering employees of Hoboken University Medical Center.

In the video clip below, Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin explains the parking agreement requires an additional vote to align the closing to today so the hospital can meet its payroll under the new owners Holdco.

In a back forth with the Corporation Counsel, Councilman Mike Russo disputes the closing will be delayed and then after the vote mocks the hospital's plight.

This video is complete and uncut but for the meandering Tim Occhipinti who is edited out:

Talking Ed Note: The sabotage of Hoboken and the Hoboken University Medical Center is out in the open. As MSV has stated, MORTe with Beth Mason the head of its sabotage wants to kill the hospital and is doing everything possible to make that result occur.

Commenters are talking about MORTe's objectives and some say it's to force Hoboken back into receivership with the State and others a destructive path for Hoboken. Both may be right.

In the end MORTe wants one thing for Hoboken, city employees and the mayor: death.

Hospital's anticipated sale closing not complete due to MORTe

Last night after the successful vote on the essential parking agreement for the midtown garage to license spaces for the hospital, Corporation Counsel explained why a second ordinance and vote was needed to not delay it for 20 days as in a typical ordinance.

Mark Tabakin, the City's Corporation Counsel said the hospital was not able to make payroll and the agreement needed to be updated so the close could occur today.

After a back and forth where he corrected Councilman Mike Russo numerous times on the necessity, a vote was held.  Here is the video of the vote along with the comments by Mike Russo.

Once again MORTe (Mason-Occhipinti-Russo and Terry Castellano) voted to to put the hospital in yet another precarious position.  As the close was scheduled today, MSV can report is has not in fact happened.

See yet another irresponsible petulant vote and listen carefully for when Mike Russo mocks the hospital's plight.

The final vote to save the hospital and Hoboken taxpayers

Here's the critical and final vote related to saving Hoboken University Medical Center and relieve Hoboken taxpayers of the $52 million bond guarantee.

Council President Ravi Bhalla makes final remarks leading into the vote on the essential parking agreement or rather he's trying to do so but is rudely interrupted repeatedly by Council members Terry Castellano, Mike Russo and Tim Occhipinti along with MORTe's political operative Nick Callichio yelling at him from the audience.

The Council President put some important facts on the table leading into the vote noting the parking agreement saves the hospital and removes the $52 million bond liability from Hoboken taxpayers.

Earlier 6th ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino would challenge the talking points by MORTe that the parking agreement is any kind of sweetheart deal.  She broke down the cost for Hoboken residents paying $185 a month versus the $45 a month many hospital employees pay.

Turns out they are exactly the same at twenty-six cents an hour.  That's correct each are paying twenty-six cents an hour.  And Hoboken also saves the hospital and rids itself of a $52 million bill.

Talking Ed Note: MORTe and friends did you even listen, to anyone?  Of course not, they never let facts get in the way or the overall obvious victory for Hoboken.  The win for Hoboken disturbs them.  Greatly.