Sunday, November 6, 2011

Former Public Safety Director Angel Alicia charges racial discrimination against City

In a civil suit complaint on behalf of former Public Safety Director Angel Alicia, a lawyer is charging racial discrimination against Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the City of Hoboken.

The complaint obtained by MSV lays out a number of charges leading into his April dismissal when Mayor Zimmer stated she learned of his meeting with FBI Informant Solomon Dwek on two occasions. The discovery is said to have led to his resignation.  The suit however doesn't mention the meetings with Dwek as a factor.

Former PSD Angel Alicia at a City Council meeting

The complaint details a number of issues while Alicea held the role of Public Safety Director many of them involving what he claims was resistance to renewing random drug testing in the Hoboken Police Department.

Alicea claims he later overcame the objections by Police Chief Anthony Falco going directly to the insurance company for details showing four police officers obtained prescriptions for human growth hormone (HGH) at a cost of $66,000.

In a story on Hoboken Now, Police Chief Falco declined comment calling the issue "an internal matter."

At the close of business Friday, the City of Hoboken could not confirm receipt of any complaint on behalf of the former PSD.

The complete complaint will be published here after it is sent first to MSV Premium Subscribers.

MSV has reviewed the complaint.  More to come.

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