Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ballot Question No. 2 the election item of suspense, Gardiner makes valiant battle against huge odds

The polls are closed and the real question in this race for Hoboken will be the results on Ballot Question No. 2.  MSV believes that one may be close.

Ballot: Question 1 on gambling expected to pass and has an early lead.

Public Question #1
62/447 13.87%
Vote CountPercent
- Yes1,44863.09%
- No84736.91%

Ballot: Question 2 - the referendum on the rent control ordinance: a likely NO! - FAILS!
Rent control change will stay - city votes 3,349 to 1,563 to keep changes in place, according to clerk's office. 

Hoboken Now reporting: Absentee ballots showed 561 voters chose "No," to keep the amendments, while 79 voted "Yes" to repeal them.

Freeholder: Kurt Gardiner has taken a district in the Second Ward: the 2-3.  Hoorah!
Take that Beth Mason!

Hoboken Freeholder Challenger Kurt Gardiner outspent in the vicinity of 100-1 ran a mostly internet based, viral campaign against incumbent Freeholder Anthony Romano's $108,000 war chest.

Update: Freeholder starting to come in:

Freeholder 5th District - Hudson Reporter says:

 Freeholder race: 

Anthony Romano: 2,911 

Kurt Gardiner: 1,424. 

Final tallies and VBMs not included.

(You can rest assured almost all those absentees also were voting against Kurt Gardiner!)



State Senator Brian Stack, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, Assemblyman Ruben Ramos win their respective races with only nominal opposition.

Hanging with the Giant

Kurt Gardiner put out a twitter on his plans after the election tonight.

Mayor twitter: Vote "NO" on Ballot Question 2

Mayor Dawn Zimmer's twitter went out coinciding with the post work voting timeframe:

Talking Ed Note: The mayor is advocating that the City Council's two year effort to update the rent control ordinance not be wasted with a yes vote.  Ironically, that committee was headed by Councilwoman Beth Mason.

It appears Mayor Zimmer values the councilwoman's time.  Do you think Mason will return the favor?
Or will she continue with her scorched earth tactics to the detriment of Hoboken to take down the mayor?

Voting hits final stretch with 6th ward polling well

6th ward polling at the Calabro School is ahead of the pace at this time compared to the May municipal elections - this based on a first hand account taken with three hours left to vote at the polls.

"That Jen Girl" is impacting the 6th ward vote.

The Calabro School polling station is home to Councilwoman Jen Giattino who endorsed Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder.  Since taking office, "That Jen Girl," her moniker penned by Russo insider Deep Uvula on Grafix Avenger has built a steady positive influence engaging the neighborhood in several community cleanups.

Based on the higher vote counts running 30% more in 6-5, the ward appears to be more engaged.

Three more hours folks!

Councilman Dave Mello just sent out another email blast noting the timeframe.  Others may wish to do similarly with the hours remaining to remind friends and family to hit the polls.

Hoboken Now is reporting the 6th ward is doing well while the 2nd ward - represented by Councilwoman Beth Mason is flagging.  As of middle afternoon the vote tallies are:

1st ward -  453
2nd ward - 445
3rd ward - 554
4th ward - 482
5th ward - 467
6th ward - 489

The totals do not include the massive 4th ward paper tallies of 574 and 1220 citywide.

Talking Ed Note: A Hoboken Now story attests to confusion on Ballot #2.  Three street workers wearing "NO' t-shirts stated they were given the shirts by Assemblyman Ruben Ramos and appeared not to understand the rent control ordinance.

Way to go Assemblyman Ramos selling out the peops!  Hudco Machine Respeck!

Bludiamonds endorses Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder

The scourge of Mason's political operative who is not paid for friendship has tweeted support for Kurt Gardiner

Something is most definitely going on out there.  Keep it going!  Drag your friends and neighbors to polls.

Key Reform precincts show surprising early voting strength

Reliable sources on the early voting show strong voting patterns for key precincts in the 4th and 6th wards.

Independent sources state the 4-2, a key Reform precinct for Dawn Zimmer earlier had close to six dozen votes while another key district in the 6th ward had already passed its total for the whole day last May.

Simmering anger by Hoboken residents and taxpayers with the sabotage against the hospital sale may be brewing.

It's believed a combination of factors may be in play.  First there appears to be strong interest in Ballot #2 on the rent control ordinance.  In addition there are strong emotions lingering from the sabotage of the hospital (and all of Hoboken) by MORTe.

A backlash brewing would drive those voters against incumbent Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano who received $5,000 in financial support from Councilwoman Beth Mason.  The hospital sale was almost torpedoed several times before completion.  Each time MORTe and especially Beth Mason were behind the effort.

The weather is beautiful today and it's unclear how that will play out later in the day when a Reform counts on a late push from voters returning from work.


The Fix is In! 4th Ward Vote-By-Mail Harvest Setting Record Totals


A year ago on Election Day, the Tim Occhipinti campaign set what is believed to be a Hoboken record in his 4th ward election with 500 vote-by-mail (absentee ballots) in an election where less than a thousand votes almost always determines the victor's vote total.

It's not a final tally but MSV can now report over 1,200 vote-by-mail ballots have been submitted in this election with 574 coming in from the 4th ward alone!

Talking Ed Note: Who will be the beneficiaries from this record setting 4th ward VBM harvest - especially in the 4th ward? Rest assured it will be aiding home team Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, and Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano.

However, there's been concern from the Ballot #2 referendum rent control people such a harvest was taking place - and not in their favor. But until today MSV had no conclusive information.

Developer Frank "Pupie" Raia was on the committee to keep spring municipal elections in May and financed that effort. The self-proclaimed King of Absentee Ballots is now believed by independent sources on both sides of the rent control referendum to be spearheading his latest 4th ward paper harvest with "NO" checked off on Ballot Question #2.

The tell tale signs of voter harvesting from the Hoboken Housing Authority is evident once again with more than a dozen pages of addresses at Marshall Drive, Harrison St. and Jackson St.

MSV did a special investigative report on this HHA activity earlier this year - "City for Sale."
Part 1 is available atop the page in a story tab.

Falco the Bulldog endorses Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder

Hoboken's twittering bulldog FalcoTheBullie, in reply to Da Horsey's tweet has come out today and urged Hoboken voters to get out and vote for Kurt Gardiner:

An artist depicts the fight: Kurt Gardiner vs. Hudson County's Voracious Tax Machine

Again Hoboken will witness a tale of two cities and a tale of two counties.  The Hudson County Tax Machine cares not for Hoboken's excessive tax burden.  To the HCTM Hoboken is a cash cow and must be milked within an inch of a coma.

And so it has.

Today on Election Day - you have a choice.  The fight must begin somewhere and like the City Council some years ago, the battle began with the Reform minded members in the persons of Peter Cunningham and Dawn Zimmer.

Hoboken is required to take that battle to the county level in the form of its legislative member.

Hoboken's taxpayers are not represented by incumbent Anthony "Stick" Romano.  MSV knows Stick who is an affable fellow but he has no skin in the game.  He lives in Marine View and doesn't pay the onerous taxes he's repeatedly voted in favor of on Hoboken. Why would he make a fight of it within a political group that runs the County and is all but unopposed?

Kurt Gardiner choose to break up that monolith of an undemocratic system.  Romano initially responded to the challenge agreeing to two forums to discuss the issues that matter to Hoboken and then backed out entirely.

For this reason, MSV can not sit idly by and has made an effort to fight not only for Hoboken but for democratic values.  No one should see a coronation in an unopposed election, least of all someone who insults the community by refusing to even have a conversation to hear the issues and its concerns.

Read'em and weep - Beth Mason fed the HCDO supported candidacy of Anthony Romano with $5,000.

Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason went to some trouble to play down her support for the HCDO backed slate in today's election.  But money talks and as usual Beth Mason's money arrived showing what she did not intend for you to see.

Beth Mason is joined by the entire HCDO, some also depicted side by side with the Mason money.

Councilman Dave Mello video endorsement: Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder

Councilman Dave Mello gets into the headlong rush for Kurt Gardiner's candidacy for Freeholder.
There's something going on here.  The Councilman put in a lot of time to communicate his detailed reasons for backing the Giant:

Councilman Mello notes Hoboken pays 17% of Hudson County's taxes and receives back only 6% in services using Hoboken as a "cash cow."

The Councilman writes:

In a video release, Hoboken City Councilman David Mello has endorsed Kurt Gardiner for election as Hoboken's representative on the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders.  "I've been fighting for the creation of a southwest park in Hoboken for years now," said Mello.  "With seventeen percent of Hudson County's tax dollars coming from Hoboken residents, despite Hoboken making up less than eight percent of the County's population, isn't it time that the County fully partnered with Hoboken in efforts to create this park?  A southwest park in Hoboken could provide vital flood remediation and greatly improve the quality of life in Hoboken."  Mello further said, "Many large residential buildings have gone up just over the southwest borders of Hoboken in recent years.  At this moment, cement is being poured for yet another residential building just south of Hoboken's train trestle in Jersey City; the Cast Iron Lofts.  It's only logical to see that residents of other Hudson County municipalities will use a southwest park if one is ever created.  Hudson County's Fifth District needs a freeholder who will fight for a Hoboken and County partnership in the creation of this park."  The Cast Iron Lofts will bring 155 new rental units to the Jersey City neighborhood just over the border from Hoboken's Fourth Ward.

Jersey City already is home to Lincoln Park, a 273.4 acre Hudson County park.  Hoboken's only county park is Columbus Park on Clinton Street, a 3.2 acre, mostly passive park space.

Talking Ed Note: Polls are now open and will be until 8:00 PM. Please get out and vote today. Email you friends and family (again) in town and encourage them to do likewise. Let's not allow Hudson County to take advantage of Hoboken any longer.