Friday, November 11, 2011

On this Veterans Day...

Please remember to keep our Veterans in prayer, and extend a hand when you can.
Pictured: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C.

It's not to late to sing, sing a song

The FBI's criminal complaint in the Patrick Ricciardi case heralds the next shoes to drop but the trail of shoes to follow may be more messy than ploughing through Imelda Marcos' closet.

Humorous twitters are now showing up as this one:

Then there is this from Patrick Ricciardi's ex-wife on

MSV extended an invitation to discuss in more detail and some Old Guard forces promptly interjected in an attempt to convince us not to communicate with each other.

There's more on this at the Hoboken Now thread, but be forewarned, it's not pretty:

Meanwhile MSV has made progress on the current FBI case and shared it yesterday in Premium Content.

There's at least one good guy who blew the whistle and it's not too late for others to come clean before the line at the door makes for a messy pileup of "Let's make a deal" in Newark.

When they come to your door, it may be far too late.

Did you make the call yet?  Don't be late.

FBI: (973) 792-3000

Where the crime clock never stops

State to City Council on budget: Grow up!

The State of NJ has issued a letter to Council President Ravi Bhalla informing the full City Council its aware of the failure to approve a simple line item transfer in the budget and needs to do so to satisfy its obligations under State law.

The complete letter follows and is part of the City Council resolution pack for Monday's City Council meeting.  The meeting is moved to Monday to accommodate the League of Municipalities meeting that Wednesday.

DCA Nov. 2011 Letter to Ravi Bhalla

Talking Ed Note: Another day, another artificial needless budget crisis courtesy of MORTe.  One way or another Hoboken will need to be cleaned up - either by seeing the FBI haul people off to jail or a State takeover.

Call it a pick 'em or choose both.

Helping others this Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,

In 2009, a group of us sponsored and hosted a Thanksgiving dinner buffet provided free of charge to residents of Hoboken's senior citizen apartments as well as families living in Hoboken's public-housing facilities. Last year, we turned the event into an annual tradition, serving Thanksgiving dinners at two different locations and drawing an enthusiastic crowd of seniors to the Multi-Service Center, where they genuinely appreciated a quality meal among friends and family and a fun evening reminding everyone that Hoboken is a community that cares about its own.

As November approaches and people begin to get caught up in another hectic holiday season, I am writing to ask for your support in continuing what has become a wonderful Hoboken tradition. The Family & Friends Thanksgiving Dinner does not receive any sponsorship from any organizations or government entities. It is a bona fide pass-the-hat arrangement, and when there's a fund-raising shortfall, it falls to the central organizers to make up the difference. Last year, the total tally for food and beverage came to nearly $2,400, and all the food we bought went quickly. I know we are living through tough times, and everyone is having to tighten their belts a little bit. However, times like these are when it's most important for those of us who are able to chip in whatever we can to support community events and services to stand with those less-fortunate and remind ourselves that we are all part of one Hoboken community.

Anything you can chip in to help make this year's Family & Friends Thanksgiving Dinner a success would be greatly appreciated, whether you can contribute $5 or $500. Please contact me at this e-mail address: or call me at 201-978-8977 to ask how you can make your donation, or volunteer serving food at the event on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Thanks so much for whatever you can do, and best wishes in your own Thanksgiving plans.


Jake Stuiver

Just some clicks can help find a Cadasil cure

A relatively new understanding for a not well known disease Cadasil is making some strides and you can provide some much needed support with just a couple of click of a mouse.

Da Horsey learned of this from someone highly respected in our community and is looking to get some financial support through online voting.

A charity contest is being held online and it takes just a few seconds of your time.
Please take a few moments to vote and you can hit the back button to get back here.

I just voted for CADASIL TOGETHER WE HAVE HOPE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION to help them win a share of over $3 million! 

Support this charity by voting now!