Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mason and MORTe allies: Perfect together with false information and more hospital television ads

Beth Mason who claimed the public was not permitted to make "false statements" in City Council is airing another ad on the hospital on behalf of MORTe attempting to offset the huge damage incurred when she and MORTe came within a hair of sabotaging the hospital's sale.

Does anyone find it odd Beth Mason continues to pump big dollars into a massive hospital disinformation campaign full of false statements in every public forum in Hoboken be it the City Council or local airwaves?

Her henchman, the Hoboken411 minion who is not paid for friendship no longer comes to City Council meetings airing not just false statements but fabricated packed diatribes followed with same on Hoboken411 - usually within a day.  (We're trying to recall a complaint by Councilwoman Castellano on any of it and can't come up with even one.)  After years of official unemployment, the wee man of a thousand screen names landed at least a part time job doing traffic reports for a local radio station.  There's at least 100 Pakistani cab drivers tuning in on the graveyard shift awaiting his spin on local traffic.

One outraged commenter, Taxpayer saw the TV ad and writes in part:
(MORTe) claim that they saved the hospital and their ugly faces are on the screen. Mrs Richard Mason is such a delusional psychopath. What I don't understand is why is the governor letting her slide with this big lie? Why wouldn't someone sue her for misrepresentation of the facts? This add has been on for the past few weeks and is only getting more brazen.

Well Taxpayer, we've seen this drill before.  The way it works is the adults do the hard work of governing and getting things done and others spend all their time playing politics doing absolutely nothing.

Councilwoman Beth Mason lets fly with "information" as fellow MORTe allies standby at Monday's meeting.

Talking Ed Note: As many know, and reported correctly by Augie Torres in the Jersey Journal today, it was Tim Occhipinti who finally decided against sabotaging the hospital in a vote to get out of HUMC's way so they could pursue an independent future in concluding its sale.

In a shock to no one, Al Sullivan at the Hudson Reporter has come out and finally penned some words on the Data Theft Conspiracy Ring.  In typical machine tool fashion, Sully has discovered the true problem.  It's not the massive looting of communications coming and going in the mayor's office and her senior staff, or the confessed culprit Patrick Ricciardi and his unnamed list of co-conspirators.  It's those Zimmer bloggers.

No doubt that's code for Da Horsey and Grafix Avenger and all you corruption avengers out there.

We'll have more on that story as MSV predicts it will become an all time classic, easily surpassing Sully's laugh track defense of Peter Cammarano's crimes and Michael Russo's invaded privacy re: conspiring with FBI informant Solomon Dwek to collect bribes.

Al Sullivan is going to eat every single syllable of this one and choke on it.  We've gotten an email from bludiamonds begging to pen a reply.  While we're eager to let fly with the easy slam dunks ourselves, we're giving that slivery almond first shot.

Keep a lookout here late Sunday for it!

Ramos: Stop online identity theft

From the desk of Assemblyman Ruben Ramos:


            (TRENTON) – Assemblyman Ruben J. Ramos, Jr. is sponsoring legislation that would expand the options available to prosecutors and victims to address online identity theft.
            The bill (A-4143), entitled the “Digital Impersonation Prevention Act,” would make impersonating a person online a crime punishable with a fine of up to $1,000, a maximum prison sentence of one year, or both. In addition, a person who is harmed as a result of another’s person’s “digital impersonation” may bring a civil action for statutory damages of $500 per occurrence, compensatory damages, and injunctive or other equitable relief against the violator.
            “Under this bill, prosecutors would have the option to charge defendants with a violation of either statute or both, depending on the severity of the crime. For example, prosecutors could seek a fine, in addition to a prison sentence and restitution, for serious offenders, while using the digital impersonation charge for relatively minor offenses,” said Ramos (D-Hudson).
            “The Digital Impersonation Prevention Act also allows the court to award statutory damages. This increases the potential damages that can be awarded in all online identity theft cases, and ensures victims who may have a difficult time putting a monetary amount to the damage caused by the impersonation, will still have a chance to receive compensation,” added Ramos.”
            The bill makes it a third degree crime for a person knowingly, with intent to defraud, and without consent, to credibly impersonate another actual person through or on an Internet website or by other electronic means for the purpose of harming another person, transmitting unsolicited bulk messages or commercial solicitations, or copying or accessing a contact list.
            The bill comes on the heels of the case of a Belleville woman accused of creating a fake Facebook page in the name of her ex-boyfriend, a narcotics detective in Parsippany. The attorney for the accused argued the indictment against his client should be dismissed because current law does not include “electronic communications.” A judge earlier this month ruled that digital impersonation can be covered under current identity theft laws, however the bill sponsored by Ramos affords more flexibility to prosecutors and victims, and offers additional remedies.
            “We are living in a world where what we know, or what we think we know about other people is often extracted from Facebook and other social media sites,” said Ramos. “This bill not only attempts to dispel any ambiguity about what is considered identity theft in New Jersey, but give those who have fallen prey to bullies and criminals online more ways to right the wrong.”

Talking Ed Note: Per MSV policy, we'll not add any editorial to this release as any elected official's that comes direct.  We'll note however that this likely does not include any Inane Blowhardy screen name done for political operative purposes, i.e. recently appearing here: Col. Stevens, prosbus, Hoboken Questioner, yesm, Professor Pinetop, theyalltalk, youme66, blooddiamonds, darfakles, boink, Redhaven, Enough,  YimYam, Madison Monroe, bokenbart, BobindaBoken, Skyclub, TommyTune, wakeup07030,  and countless others known as Lame that some prankster recently posted here.  

Bludiamonds we suspect you are the naughty poster.