Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reversal of fortune: $3 million bond ordinance for police, fire and environmental services finally passes

The City Council reversed its earlier rejections of bonding for police, fire infrastructure along with replacing aged environmental services equipment in passing a $3 million bond request in a 6-1 vote.

Outside City Hall Environmental Services equipment stood with signs such as this one noting its ancient origin.  Councilwoman Castellano complained bitterly that an unnamed person stood before the council saying the group was being excluded from deserved support in previous bond ordinance votes.  She along with Mason, Occhipinti, and Russo voted down a similar bond effort twice in recent months although they indicated they would vote yes separately for the police department.

Two earlier requests were rejected with environmental services being singled out for rejection in the legislation presented comprehensively by the Administration for improvement to police and fire facilities and antiquated environmental services equipment.  Council members Tim Occhipinti and Beth Mason were absent and previously voted down the bond along with Terry Castellano and Michael Russo although Occhipinti would arrive later after the vote passed.

Councilwoman Castellano changed her earlier no votes providing the required sixth vote needed for the bond's passage.

Sponsor Councilman Peter Cunningham noted, "It's a phenomenal time to bond with the low rates."

Council President Ravi Bhalla called a five minute break for members to inspect the environmental services equipment but Council members Russo and Castellano remained on the dais throughout.  Instead they stayed huddling with Michele "Five bucks a tow" Russo and Police Chief Falco.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano confers with Ed Drishti, the senior police officers union rep and Michele Russo while Police Chief Anthony Falco speaks with Councilman Michael Russo during the five minute break called to view the aged Environmental Services equipment.

Talking Ed Note: A senior institutional source outside City Hall expressed optimism on the vote earlier.  Their optimism proved correct.

The food truck ordinance was revised and brought back after two public meetings for first reading by Councilwoman Jen Giattino and easily passed 6-1.  

Councilman Michael Russo sponsored an ordinance for senior discounts at the midtown garage passed unanimously on first reading.

A Christmas HPU quarters ode to the Old Guard

This Christmas poem brought to you courtesy of the Bard of Hoboken

Any rational person knows, 
what the Old Guard did, 
divvy it up, 
and split the bid. 

Once the collections discrepancy was found, 
did the prior Administration report it on up? 
No, they kept it in the family, 
An old guard cover up. 

Obstruction of justice, 
Conspiracy to defraud, 
The scope of this skullduggery, 
is much more broad. 

The story shouldn't end here, 
and it is true that Correa was corrupt with a scowl, 
but did corporate counsel appropriately handle appropriately? 
it seems things were handled quite foul. 

So will we see investigative reporting 
finally coming out of Hoboken Patch?, 
Or will we have to wait as long as that follow up on Ma Russo, 
or the end of a Cricket match? 

I seems the corruption in Hoboken will never end, 
and that the taxpayers villains are recruiting new public scammers, 
so the only true way to end it, 
is to lock them all up in the slammer. 

On Paula, on Attorney General, Onward FBI, 
Its time the crooks got locked up and the taxpayers say bye bye!

City Council 2011 Finale tonight at 7:00

We're days from Christmas and already begun Hanukkah with this meeting tonight the finale to the 2011 council calendar.  On the agenda is a first reading for a revised food truck policy and there's revamped changes on the 911 emergency service so people are not routed to Jersey City instead of Hoboken's hospital - Hoboken University Medical Center.

Will it be a subdued meeting run in an almost normal fashion by Hoboken standards or will the year end with more obstructionist tactics from the overthrown Beth Russo hydra?

Of more intrigue, is this the final formation of the City Council you will not see last through 2012?

Here's the full resolutions list for tonight's meeting:
City of Hoboken announces:


The City has commissioned the professional landscape architect Imbiano Quigley (IQ) to design the parks at 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove. Based on input from two earlier community meetings, IQ has developed four preliminary conceptual designs for the parks. Residents can view the four designs at

The design concepts are also on display in the lobby of City Hall through early January, alongside the design ideas of a studio class of graduate students in the Landscape Architecture program at City College in New York.

The concepts demonstrate a variety of active and passive park features.  As residents review these designs, they are asked to consider mixing and matching elements from the various concepts, as opposed to choosing one concept over another. This is an opportunity for the community to think broadly about which elements will make for the best park to meet the present and future needs of this area and Hoboken as a whole.

The public can submit feedback on the preliminary design concepts by emailing or through the comment box in the lobby of City Hall. City Hall is typically open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00pm but will be closed on Friday, December 23rd and Monday, December 26th.

A final conceptual plan, which may incorporate features from various preliminary concepts, will be developed and presented for additional feedback at a public meeting to be held in late January. The time and location for the meeting will be announced at later date.

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Talking Ed Note: MSV has included several of the four designs available at the link above.  The public will have input on any mix for the final design approved.