Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MSV reader: Stand up to Mason Civic League House of Horrors

An anonymous MSV reader submitted this to copy and complete an IRS referral regarding the Mason Civic League: 

IRS referral form is available click here:

This should be attached as a response to question no 5.  You can copy this or modify as you wish:

Beth Mason formed this charitible corporation on July 21, 2010. It was discovered in a Union City courtroom* on June 7, 2012 that two "Political Operatives" (1) Matt Calicchio and (2) Tania Garcia are being paid directly by this 501(c)(3) by Beth Mason for political actives.  

According to Judge Sixto Macias, "" It's a political job (Tania Garcia's)- she can walk into her job anytime she wants,  that's a political job." And ""Matt Calicchio is being used for politics in exchange for a job." A line by line breakdown can be found at:

Information on the trial itself can be found at this news source:

In addition, James Barracato, a known political operative, is listed as a board member of this organization.  No annual filings of expenses and revenues have been reported since this 501(c)(3) went into operation. A clear violation of Title 26 of the United States Code.

Beth Mason is using a 501(c)(3) to funnel money to political operatives to do her dirty work and keep them off her NJ ELEC reports as well as take a tax break for the contributions she makes to the 501(c)(3) in order to pay them.  Her husband, Richard Mason, is a senior equity partner at Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz in NYC. His firm biography boasts of his family's civic league.  In fact, a shell corporation by a similar name was set up (not as a not-for-profit) perhaps to obscure/make it difficult to trace how these political operatives were paid.  This would indicate a strong understanding of the law and a clear attempt to subvert it.   

Richard Mason probably makes more than a million dollars a year in compensation from his law firm. He has the intellect to know what a 501(c)(3) is to be used as, and he has literally hundreds of attorneys at his disposal should he have a question about corporate law or charitible organizations.  Both he and his wife, Beth, show a blatant disregard for the law and a brazen disiniterest in following it.  

How did I learn of this:

During testimony in a court case* on a harassment charge between two unrelated parties it was discovered that two political operatives were being paid from the The Mason Civic Association.  Ms. Mason is a menace to Hoboken as a city councilwoman, and my sincere hope is that the IRS can bring her down much like it did Capone.  Ms. Mason is derelict in her duties as a Councilwoman, and as a taxpaying citizen of the United States of America.

*For a transcript, the docket # is:
Union City Municipal Court
Complaint no: S -2011-1525
State of NJ vs Matt Calicchio