Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Old Guard-Masonic Push Poll - 'Mayor Zimmer is just like us'


Old Guard-Masonic Telephone Push Poll projects its guilt on Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Just when you think you're out... they pull you back in.  It's the same for vacation Horsey and in this case the mayor as a new push poll is out and it's laying blame for all the sins of the Old Guard at her desk on the second floor at City Hall.

The push poll attacks are loaded with dozens of questions and attacks on the mayor claiming everything from the budget being overspent by $20 million to buying votes to get elected.  

The Old Guard-Beth Mason push poll is out selling
heaping helpings of their toxic elixir

That's right the Old Guard has found religion and is against buying votes.  Well sorta.  They are against it as long as you point the finger at Mayor Zimmer and say she's responsible for doing so and not the hundreds of votes purchased for Tim Occhipinti.

The push poll asks all kinds of personal information from first name, marital status, family to the choice for mayor.  Among your selections are Terry Castellano, Frank "Pupie" Raia, Timmy Occhipinti, Ruben Ramos, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and yes believe it or not Beth Mason.  Doesn't seem that the Old Guard compromise candidate Anthony "Stick" Romano made this round.  Maybe Beth Mason doesn't want to see even worse numbers for herself.

Numerous questions on the poll focus on the BoE asking about the popularity of Kids First, support for school board candidates for the coming November election and choosing the most important overall issue for Hoboken.  

One can only wonder how the data will be collected, distributed and used but based on the infighting MSV has already heard getting out, more yelling can be expected among the Old Guard desperate to retain Old Hoboken and disperse effective misinformation to low information Hoboken voters with the objective knocking out a popular and effective mayor.

Some active backers of the Old Guard are beginning to voice doubt there's any successful formula to cobble a victory against the incumbent mayor no matter who sits atop the ticket.  

Well there's always Hoboken411's eager willingness to disburse lies for a Mason price and if you can't beat them, well just sue them.

Scorched earth mode has been in play for a while.  Anyone buying that snake oil?

Old Guard poll courtesy of Beth Mason and her Old Guard friends.
Money to burn and lies to churn, this one even seeks to depict Beth Mason political operatives
as victims accusing the mayor of paying bloggers to attack them.  As if.

Talking Ed Note: For some time MSV has said of the Old Guard, "These are people without an argument." The only agenda is hiring more municipal workers with still more subsidized housing at the expense of the taxpayers who will pay the increased freight every step of the way.

That agenda isn't exactly a winning formula so the Old Guard is left with "the mayor is just like us."  That and using the courts in an attempt to level a playing field as municipal elections are headed to join the BoE in November.

No hail mary is going to help the Old Guard.  The karma coming is well earned and deserved.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mitzvah Day looking for a few good mensches

Hoboken Mitzvah Day organizers announce:

The United Synagogue of Hoboken is running its annual Mitzvah Day
community-service project on Sunday, Sept. 9. The event offers an
opportunity to give back to the community and participate in service
projects that people could be inclined to continue to work on
throughout the year.

Members of the synagogue community and the

general public are strongly encouraged to sign up for an activity for
a day of fun, camaraderie and fulfilling work that will have a lasting
impact. Activities this year include work for the Hoboken Shelter and
for the Emergency Food Pantry, a visit to senior citizens, a
story-time and art project for children, "Coupons for Troops," a
nutrition and health activity fair at the Hoboken Housing Authority, a
"Bigger and Better" social-action project for teens, a bone-marrow
drive, a cemetery clean-up and several other options.

People interested in participating should sign up as soon as possible.

A list of projects is at the link here:

The online sign-up form is here:

For more information, please see the following link or contact the synagogue:

The day will culminate in the synagogue's annual "Welcome Back Barbecue."

MSV Exclusive: SLAPP lawsuit threat originated back in spring


MSV reveals original SLAPP lawsuit threat back in spring as local media avoids disturbing questions on its financing

Sure it's August and people need downtime from Hoboken politics even a horse but it's now over a month since Beth Mason followed the threat in July MSV was "on the verge of legal action," and if anyone asked her what that meant then or since, it's news to us.

The threat's original revelation came to light in the spring.

This story is MSV Premium content.  Members will receive this story direct to their email.

The battle against a SLAPP suit in Hoboken continues apace.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Petitions to Consolidate Hoboken Elections Certified Set for November Ballot

The Vote Yes November citizens' committee announces:

Hoboken Voters Will Be Able to Decide Whether to Implement Election Reforms That Will Reduce the Number of Elections, Reduce Taxpayer Costs, and Improve Voter Turnout

On Friday, the Hoboken City Clerk certified over 1,800 petition signatures from Hoboken residents for two ballot questions designed to consolidate Hoboken's Municipal elections.  The ballot questions were proposed by the citizens' committee Vote Yes for November, a group of residents looking to reform the electoral system in Hoboken.  Now, the people of Hoboken will officially be able to decide when future municipal elections will be held.  If both initiatives are passed by the voters this November, Hoboken’s next municipal elections will be held in November of 2013 instead of in May, with the candidates receiving the most votes being elected to office. 

"Thanks to the outpouring of support from 1,800 residents who signed our petitions, Hoboken residents will get an opportunity to be heard on whether they seek to bring election reform to our city.  We are confident that Hoboken’s voters will support these initiatives that will consolidate multiple elections, increase voter turnout, save taxpayers money, and reduce voter fatigue," said Vijay Chaudhuri, one of the members of the Vote Yes November citizens' committee.

"I am extremely pleased that Hoboken voters will get the opportunity to vote on these common sense steps for reform.  If the two ballot initiatives are passed by voters in November, no longer will Hoboken voters have to suffer through an election year like 2009, when Hoboken voters had to vote in 5 separate elections in a single year.  Municipal elections would now be held on a single date in November - the date when voters turn out for the general election,” said Sasha Conroy, another member of the Vote Yes November citizens’ committee.

If voters choose to move the Hoboken Municipal elections to November, all future local elections will be held during November general election dates.  Hoboken’s School Board elections have already been consolidated with the upcoming November general election instead of in April as in years past.

Members of the public who support this proposal are encouraged to voice their opinions at the Hoboken City Council meeting on Wednesday, September 5 at 7 pm in City Hall.

We're going to Let the People Decide

City: Westbound Detour for 14th Street Viaduct During Daytime Construction

City of Hoboken announces:

On or about August 30, 2012 and lasting for approximately 10 weeks, traffic on the 14th Street Viaduct will be closed in the west-bound direction from 9am to 3pm. East-bound traffic will remain open. 

The contract for construction of the viaduct called for the complete closure of the viaduct at night to install 50 beams that average 120 feet long. This work is not noise-free, but was expected to be done at night in August and September to reduce daytime traffic delays. 

After further consideration, the contractor indicated that they can leave one lane open on the viaduct if they were permitted to work during the day. The hours of lane closure would be from 9am to 3pm to avoid peak period traffic. Traffic congestion is still expected, but the benefit of the daytime detour is to not disturb area residents at night from the noise. Mayor Zimmer is thankful to Hudson County for working to find an alternative to nighttime construction. 

There is no additional cost or time involved with the detour change. Sheriffs will be stationed at each end of the viaduct and would, as necessary, allow emergency vehicles through. The century-old Viaduct will be completely replaced as part of a $45 million dollar infrastructure upgrade of this section of Northwest Hoboken overseen by the County. 

14th Street Viaduct Traffic Detour– Daytime (9AM to 3PM) – Eastbound open/Westbound closed 

Westbound Traffic Detour Description: 

Southern Detour: 

From Viaduct to Willow Avenue (South) 
Right to Newark Street 
Right to Observer Highway 
Right to Paterson Avenue 
Straight to Paterson Plank Road 
Straight to Viaduct approach 

Northern Detour: 

From Viaduct to Willow Avenue (North) 
Left to 19th Street 
Right to Hackensack Plank Road 
Left to Palisade Avenue 
Left to Paterson Plank Road 
Left to Viaduct approach</b>

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paddle Out Kayak on the Hudson - uptown behind the Tea Building

The new walkway between Hoboken and Weehawken is a lovely addition with kayaking an option courtesy of some young entrepreneurs.  Called Paddle Out Kayak, they are out on the mini beach of the connection closer to the Hoboken side every day.  On weekdays, people come out after 6:30 pm and they are available all day during the weekend.

Check out their lively, entertaining website with the full host of services.

Speaking of sun and surf, it's Da Horsey's turn and we've accepted an invitation from a lovely filly to spend time in East Hampton enjoying same.  We'll likely release a story here but for those among the thousands of readers who choose to comment, be nice. 

Here's a saying to mull over:

There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and to shame the devil.

Walter Lippmann, American journalist, 1889-1974

We know what we're doing, as for the Mason Media Complex, more on them later.
See ya soon.

Friday, August 24, 2012

You say tomato, the Hoboken Historical Museum says...

Sample a Rainbow of Jersey-Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes
on Sunday, 1 - 5 pm, at the Museum
This Saturday at 2 pm, Cheer on the Hoboken Nine
at Stevens' Baseball Diamond!
Heirloom Tomatoes Return
Sun., Aug. 26, 1-5pm; Free!

They're back! Rich and Sue Sisti of Catalpa Ridge Farms are bringing their harvest of heritage tomatoes in a rainbow of flavors and colors to Hoboken this Sunday for the Museum's annual Heirloom Tomato-Tasting Festival from 1 - 5 pm, at the Museum.

Freshly picked from their farm in Wantage, NJ, the tomatoes are free to sample, and many varieties are available for purchase, along with summer vegetables and homemade dips and spreads in a farmer's market at the Museum.
While you're here, check out our new exhibit, "I Belong: A History of Civic and Social Clubs in Hoboken," and explore some of the fascinating groups from Hoboken's past. Interested in getting involved in a community group? Use our interactive display at the end of the exhibit to find out about new clubs catering to a variety of interests. Or start one of your own, like the new Uptown Ping Pong Club. 

Hoboken Nine Vintage Base Ball Club Play the
JC Skeeters in Hoboken This Saturday at 2 pm
The Hoboken Nine return to Stevens' Dobbelaar Field on Saturday, Aug. 25, for a rematch versus the JC Skeeters in their third Vintage Base Ball league match.
The Hoboken Nine return to Stevens' Dobbelaar Field on Saturday, Aug. 25, for a rematch versus the JC Skeeters in their third Vintage Base Ball league match.
Vintage Base Ball Club the Hoboken Nine are playing their third league match next Saturday, a rematch with the Jersey City Skeeters, at 2 pm at Stevens Dobbelaar Field. 
Donning vintage-style uniforms and using 19th century gloves in their first match on August 11, the teams chose to play by 1903 rules, which involved overhand pitching and vintage-style gloves (teams can choose the rules from any era before the modern rules took effect).

The team, organized by Lara Hanson and Frank Stingone, comprises local Hoboken residents, many of whom play in a local softball league. Seven games have been scheduled for the team from August to October. This is one of three home games set in Hoboken. Find a schedule on the team's new website by clicking here.

The Hoboken Nine club played two games on Governors Island this past Saturday vs the NY Gothams. Come to the match on Saturday and cheer for the home team! Both teams will celebrate after the match at The Shannon on 1st street. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen imparts message of intimidation and fear

Da Horsey rarely visits the cyber-sewer over at Hoboken411 and many of you have joined in not doing so sending Das Klaussen's traffic into a death spiral where the remnants of visitors pass through looking for store openings, closings and bar specials before quickly exiting.

Klaussen's not departed yet, as a source close to him predicted to Vermont which is that state's gain and Hoboken's loss.  Perhaps a late surge of money from upper Hudson Street gave him breathing room for the moment as it isn't advertising dollars keeping him afloat.

Would you take legal advice from a fool who has defamed Hoboken people for years?  Nuts!

Today a reader sent word Hoboken411's editor Perry Klaussen attempted to illustrate his powerful legal knowledge about defamation citing a Michigan case.  Have any of you ever lived in Michigan?  Neither have we, so we could care less about some unrelated case having no bearing on NJ law.

If you want to prove a case in Michigan Klaussen, take Oscar out for a walk due west and eventually you'll get there.  Make sure Beth Mason gives you enough money so you can buy dog food for the trip.

As for the message of intimidation, Perry Klaussen fails.  The stupidity pointing to a NJ legal case stating the opposite of what nominal damages means is fall off your chair hilarious.

Hoboken411's cyber-sewer
smear merchant Perry Klaussen

Another famed animal in Hoboken Reform was out for a summer walk last night and ran into Perry Klaussen on an uptown street.
Hostile words were exchanged and Klaussen rebuked critique for his support of the Old Guard saying, "So call the FBI."

Perry Klaussen has FBI on the brain, meaning it's a topic of concern among his corruptocrat sponsors.  That's too bad.

Enjoy this musical interlude for Das Klaussen and the Old Guard.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The right to criticize government anonymously hits Union City

Today we received an email (anonymously) from someone who asked if we would consider linking to their website  The website hasn't been on the map too long and is using the American tradition of anonymous criticism of government, a benchmark of our democratic traditions.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation describes the historic right on its website:

Anonymous communications have an important place in our political and social discourse. The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that the right to anonymous free speech is protected by the First Amendment. A much-cited 1995 Supreme Court ruling in McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission reads:
Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical minority views . . . Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. . . . It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation . . . at the hand of an intolerant society.
The tradition of anonymous speech is older than the United States. Founders Alexander Hamilton James Madison and John Jay wrote the Federalist Papers under the pseudonym "Publius " and "the Federal Farmer" spoke up in rebuttal. The US Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized rights to speak anonymously derived from the First Amendment.
The right to anonymous speech is also protected well beyond the printed page. Thus in 2002 the Supreme Court struck down a law requiring proselytizers to register their true names with the Mayor's office before going door-to-door.
For more, see the Electronic Frontier Foundation website:
One among other criticisms on the self-named corruption site is that Union City Mayor Brian Stack and its council receive free health benefits.  The website also complains about the cost to taxpayers for a number of other activities including the infamous "Shame on You," television segment where a city owned SUV was used to drive Stack's former wife to a private day care job with her dogs.

Katia Stack
For those who don't remember, that investigation involved the use of a city vehicle by Brian Stack's ex-wife Katia Stack who currently sits on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.

Her term expired several years ago yet she still sits on the board with $5,000 annual stipend and taxpayer paid health benefits.  Is there another connection to Union City behind this problem?  (Well go to it guys.)

Check out the Union City Corruption website:

Talking Ed Note: If this information troubles anyone, give a call to Beth Mason.  Without her underhanded political operations, from trying to bankrupt Hoboken, shutter the Hoboken University Medical Center to attacking online critics in a SLAPP, Da Horsey just might take an August siesta.

Nothing motivates more than Beth Mason's corruption: moral, inept and of course heinous.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grist for the Mill: Russo's in illicit apartment swap at 10 Church Towers

Renovations are underway at 10 Church Towers as Councilman Michael Russo prepares to move into a three bedroom apartment in the current digs of Ma and Pa Russo.

A source with an eagle eye view to the legal aspects of the Russo clan swap wonders how once again the family specializing in grifting has circumvented the law on who can obtain a three bedroom unit in the building and says, "Is there no one on the list in need who actually qualifies?"

A family of three does not qualify for a three bedroom in Church Towers based on this source.  The Church Towers list has been closed for years.

Add to the irony it's Michael Russo's own cousin, Councilwoman Terry Castellano who was left most unhappy at the last City Council meeting when her introduced housing ordinance bit the dust and was tabled.  Was it an affordable housing program or an Old Guard "Friends and Family" version?  Let the readers decide!

Somehow we don't expect any sidebar snickering from the Councilwoman on this less than ethical and illicit swapping of two and three bedroom units for those truly in need and (cough, cough) actually qualified.

Ma and Pa Russo are reportedly resting at the Belmar shore house as the renovations to both units are completed.

Only in Hoboken folks, only in Hoboken; the land where hypocrisy is rich and the Old Guard takes care of its own first and foremost, the law be damned.

This is one truck you won't be seeing outside 10 Church Towers as the illicit swap of two and three bedroom apartments takes place between the Russo family.  At completion, each member of the family is guaranteed one bedroom per person.
Life is good when the rules and the law don't apply to you.

Talking Ed Note:   The Russo's were not contacted for this story.  We don't want to disturb their summer tanning or see added yet another complaint filed with the Hoboken Police Department against MSV by the Old Guard and their minions.

A lot of that political chicanery going on.  More on that to come.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Political Insider Augie Torres lurches toward the truth on Hoboken SLAPP suit

Political Insider busts out with the truth on SLAPP suit "political operative"

The big news breaking over the weekend involves one senior journalist from the Jersey Journal who lurched toward the truth signaling where this crud of a SLAPP civil suit needs to be dumped.  The tar pits in California is the suggested destination where it can then move on to being fossilized.

That's the blunt assessment of a decades long Hudson County political writer/reporter - Augie Torres in his Political Insider column where he wrote:

-- Hoboken. You hate it; you love it. What more can anyone say about the rhetoric coming out about a $ 2 million lawsuit less-than-shy political operative Lane Bajardi brought against a pair of city administration symbiotic bloggers -- Nancy Pincus and Roman Brice -- who have targeted Bajardi as their favorite punching bag. The threat of going to court has only turned up the vitriol in cyberspace. We're better off just marking this issue a hazardous Superfund site and avoid it for now. After a bit, like a tar pit, nature may take its course and all this will be part of the fossil record.

California tar pit - the desired location Augie Torres suggests the SLAPP
civil suit needs to be converted into a "fossil."

Adding a question to that assessment, is this a story of a political operative versus critics of who he serves?  Torres all but comes out and says he knows who this "political operative" serves.  Whether it's in pay or not - past, present or future - direct or indirect through a proxy, third party firm, spouse or any number of avenues is immaterial.

A political operative is a political operative.  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck - it's a duck.

Augie Torres is speaking as a decades long Jersey City-HudCo senior observer and not someone who appears to pay much attention to the ins and outs of the Hoboken scene.  But he amps up from last week's ridicule of the lawsuit by noting a truism in the first couple of dozen or so words.

Did Augie Torres just kick out a leg from underneath the elephant?
That truth is not about weasel words written in the present tense in a lawsuit but comes in intimate knowledge of who the players are in HudCo including Hoboken and those who are actually involved in playing the game.

Perhaps Augie took a look at MSV history and came across this little staged political operation in 2011 when Beth Mason was running the council in her abbreviated stint as council chair.

More importantly, Torres can speak with authority on the truth of who has been actively involved in political operations by simply revealing not what his sources say but who his sources are.

In regards to political operatives and the one named by Augie Torres - who is this political operative connected to?

Hi Beth!
The elephant in the room is one degree from separation being tied to a "political operative" in the Hoboken SLAPP suit based on the weekend story from Augie Torres in the Political Insider.

Councilwoman Beth Mason is quoted in the Hudson Reporter commenting on what she calls "cyberbullying."  It doesn't appear she's in any way referencing the numerous attacks on Hoboken elected officials, employees and residents at the notorious cyber-sewer she backs - Hoboken411.  Beth Mason is a known sponsor of Hoboken411 and that's the nicest way of putting it.

(Ask Peter Cammarano in the runoff against Dawn Zimmer for mayor how and most critically which Beth Mason political operative he negotiated with to stop the hit jobs on him at Hoboken411.)

Mason provided some other interesting but ill-timed answers people may find in direct conflict to what was stated on Augie Torres' Political Insider column Saturday and notably no answer whatsoever appears on her family's possible or probable funding of the civil suit, either direct or indirect.

Why would the Hudson Reporter ask the obvious of their weekly advertising client?

Talking Ed Note: The Hudson Reporter featured this story over the weekend and there's nary a surprise here.  You shouldn't expect much from the pro-Old Guard rag.  They wave the flag and do so proudly.

MSV was contacted last week for that weekend story but declined.  After the Nazi YouTube and gas chamber meme was sunk, no editor at that publication even returned a call or an email earlier this year.

Instead they hid like cowardly skunks after dropping a stink bomb.

The antipathy for Reform and "yuppies" as they are known to call parts of the Hoboken population along with what we consider to be some very unsavory ethical practices are troublesome to say the least.  The fact this town is being cleaned up from corruption and is exceeding most any expectations doesn't fit into any of it.

MSV can say we don't reach out to local restaurants to do reviews for pay; can the Hudson Reporter?

Reform is hated more than ever for dragging this town kicking and screaming into 21st century professional governance. It's hated not for failing to meet those expectations but for exceeding them.

It would be interesting to know if Beth Mason had even been asked about her relationship swirling around Hoboken411 over years.  The longtime attacks at that toilet fits a "who's who" of a Beth Mason enemies list, remarkable in at least that consistency.  Even a former legislative aide Ann Holtzman after making a career move taking a position in the Construction Office saw her good name savaged on Hoboken411 last year with the typical plethora of lies by Mason's friendly ghostwriter.  Holtzman's crime?  She made a career move - away from Beth Mason.

The late Fiscal State Monitor Judy Tripodi reached out to MSV long after our interview out of the blue lamenting in an email, "Look at what they are doing to me."  After our interview was complete, Tripodi made clear she didn't think too highly of Beth Mason.

Has Beth Mason ever addressed in any way, the smearing, the fascist censorship, the "cyberbullying" she sponsors at Hoboken411?

This has been going on and on for years!

MSV questioned Beth Mason in a City Council meeting about all this in 2011 and the leaked Hoboken Police discrimination suit legal documents in particular and all Mason could muster was to say she didn't own or control Hoboken411.  Perhaps that's at least partially true.

Did the Hudson Reporter take this opportunity to ask Beth Mason about any of that?  Of course not.
Mason is a beloved weekly advertiser.  Her comments were carefully worded and arranged in the story before any response from Grafix Avenger.  Just one among too many oddities to list here.

The biggest of course who is underwriting a massive litigation against scores of Hoboken residents?  The Hudson Reporter didn't find that particularly newsworthy.  Gee, wonder why?

Separately, Hoboken Patch has seen a number of changes to their story Friday; the most important being a quote has finally found its way into the story.

Last can't leave this story without again thanking all those who continue to contribute and generously so to the Hoboken Free Speech Legal Defense Fund.  Thank you!!

Thanks to everyone near and far for their kind support.

Councilman Dave Mello: HHA redevelopment/expansion but 20/20 plan kaput

A number of other important developments in the August City Council meeting came to pass and an important one here is the subject of redevelopment in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Councilman Dave Mello announced a series of HHA board meetings with a verdict on the controversial 20/20 plan presented at the previous meeting.

Mello broke the news rather gently noting the doubling of the number of units in the wall to wall large buildings was not viable from any number of quality of life issues affecting both the HHA residents and the surrounding areas including a senior building along with all of Hoboken.

Councilman Michael Russo in a rather melancholy state with this announcement raises some issues including the impact on the previous planned expansion into the third ward and concludes with an inquiry on the impact of additional retail space.

It should be noted the Russo family has profited greatly from any number of building transactions in town and Ma "Five-bucks-a-Tow" Russo benefited enormously from the development and with government action used via eminent domain.  She is currently listed as a realtor with Riverside Realty.

Councilman Mello also noted there will be a presentation of two NJ Transit plans September 5th.  
One will be by NJ Transit and the other will be from the City.

Can you guess which one Tim Occhipinti will back?

Riverside Realty sales agent

Talking Ed Note: While the doubling of the HHA in the 20/20 plan is all but dead, there's expansion here on the table and it's more than 10 percent.  Councilman Mello says the overage is required to maintain the stability of housing for the existing families during the redevelopment.

It's unclear what position the Administration has if any in the redevelopment of the federal agency but MSV will go on the record and say it opposes any expansion.  Across the United States the sizes of housing projects are being reduced to better fit into the community.

Hoboken should be following the national model.

Then of course there's the political aspects as politicians splash money so the HHA residents can vote on paper ballots in exchange for $40 for "campaign work."

When MSV has written about this practice, it's been described as abusive and treating the people of the HHA like they reside on a plantation.  It's this exploitation we've repeatedly decried and any review of ELEC reports in recent years demonstrates who are among the abusers.

For the record we're pointing the finger directly at Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Mason has tried to make issue of the use of the word plantation by MSV both in a council meeting out of the blue with an attack and also earlier this spring when her stinkbreath fishy political operative FinBoy brought it to the Hudson Reporter along with a YouTube Nazi parody video.

MSV sent the reporter on the paper our work on the matter including the video confrontation with Beth Mason in City Council.  We noted this work is a proud centerpiece of our effort on behalf of all of Hoboken and is featured at the top in the exclusive feature, "City For Sale."

That's where the matter died.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Media "reports" lawsuit, ignores the elephant in the room as Beth Mason skates

Times are hard when you have to make due on your husband's annual earnings in the millions and you are a mere councilperson in Hoboken and one of the most despised people among 50,000 in town.

Your stuck buying weekly ads in the local pro-Old Guard rag week after week as your bands of political consultants, political operatives and internet blogging team are under constant fire from residents who refuse to stomach corruption and you just don't know what to do to counter the footsteps closing from behind.

You need to buy time.  You need to figure out who else to throw under the bus but is there anyone left?  You need a distraction, but you don't want anyone asking you the obvious questions.

Not a problem; you can count on subservient media allies.

On Monday, the Hudson Distorter did their story and one would think being a party to a million dollar SLAPP would at least earn you a one sentence comment.  That's what journalists are suppose to do right, get to the heart of a story and hear from all the parties?

We're still waiting.

There was no call, email or request by carrier pigeon for comment.  Instead the Hudson Reporter went to find comment from the person who Beth Mason thinks should comment - the mayor.

Which goes to show you how eager they are to serve their Old Guard paymasters.

Look who's back.  Beth Mason's fishy political operative is swinging for the
fences in a SLAPP for the ages, well at least in regards to Hoboken.  Hi Beth!

After the Hudson Reporter got nuked by Grafix Avenger trying to pin a Nazi YouTube parody on MSV, their editors were burning for weeks along with a Beth Mason fishy political operative who was heard screaming in the halls he didn't get what his counte$$ paid for and there was hell to pay.

So another political operation was hatched or rather SLAPPed.

Today it's Hoboken Patch who stepped up to the plate.  Well not exactly.  This story doesn't seek comment from anyone just the commenters who are encouraged to comment below the story.

Except of course if you are one of those ardent Hoboken taxpayers, residents or Cake Boss visitors who is perhaps fed up with the corruption that has run rampant in the mile square unopposed by the local media.

If you are one of those commenters, maybe they really don't want to hear from you.

For some months now, MSV has been hearing about the selective moderation going on at Hoboken Patch.  We've been reluctant to discuss it publicly in the hopes it would go away as one would poor editorial decisions.  But the anger has been consistently rising from reform minded commenters with what appeared to be a rather targeted process.

Some folks have said their comments were put into moderation and then after hours simply disappeared. More recently, the comments don't disappear but languish for hours and hours and then are finally approved at dinnertime.

Comments however by those, some would say infamous Beth Mason political operatives - one quite prominent has even admitted to being paid for services rendered - well they go right up and sometimes standing all by their lonesome as the only comment for hours and hours.

What to make of it all?

Well there's this elephant in the room:

It's downright hilarious the measures taken to avoid asking the obvious questions about a councilwoman making a legal threat in reply to a request to make public records, well... public.

It wasn't the only one.  Another legal threat would later come from a Mason Civic League employee.  (More on that later.)

Is there any media willing to ask the obvious questions of Beth Mason?


(The comment thread for this story is now closed.)

Thursday, August 16, 2012



A NJ Department of Community Affairs letter issued late March of this year details actions by the former Hoboken Construction Official Al Arezzo and outlines a conflict of interest leading to the State revoking his license.

Arezzo's license no. 002417 as detailed in a March 28th letter was revoked due to a conflict.  The State letter details the offense writing:

...while you were employed as the Construction Official, Building Subcode Official and Building Inspector for the City of Hoboken, you obtained a member interest in Triple Minga, LLC (owner of 76-04 Monroe Street, Hoboken New Jersey).  From March, 2001 to the sale of and construction on the property in 2003, you were directly engaged in the construction/development of the property.

The letter continues, "In addition, you did not recuse yourself and the City of Hoboken construction code enforcing agency staff from construction code responsibilities on the project.  You allowed the applicant to submit the construction permit application and the construction plans to the City of Hoboken, when it was not the owner in fee of the property.  Further, you performed plan review, signed the Hoboken Plan review status form and released the construction plans for th 76-94 Monroe Street project.  You also allowed your subordinates in the enforcing agency to review and release plans for this project, in which you had member interest."

An appeals process is explained in the State letter and it's likely Arezzo has moved ahead with one.  In the Hudson Reporter, a story detailed comments by Arezzo's lawyer suggesting a suspension would be overturned.

No mention was made by the lawyer or the Hudson Reporter of Arezzo's license being revoked.

Michael Russo heads back into a City Councilman meeting.  The Construction Office is pictured rear.
Wrong again Councilman, wrong again.  Russo's charge of employee victimization has fallen asunder.  Sorry Mikey.

Talking Ed Note: This story is going to make a bunch of folks including the Hudson Reporter, Councilman Michael Russo, Hoboken411 among others very unhappy.

Russo put forward the charge people were losing their jobs for being against the Zimmer Administration.  As it turns out, that charge is untrue and the real question is what did Michael Russo know and when did he know it?

No doubt he didn't expect for Da Horsey to uncover this but an OPRA request to the State of NJ produced this surprising revelation.

MSV has repeatedly stated Al Arezzo isn't coming back.  We're still waiting to hear from Al.

Any more doubters?

City to Old Guard Council: 'We're not blowing up the credit card, here's the proof'

The City of Hoboken announces:


Setback for all streets improvements. The Council voted 5 to 4 for the redesign of Washington Street, Sinatra Drive, Observer Highway and Newark Street; however six votes were needed to approve the bond. Council Members in opposition, Councilwoman Castellano, Councilwoman Mason, Councilman Occhipinti, and Councilman Russo, expressed concerns about the City taking on new debt in terms of its impact on the City’s bonding capacity. In fact, the City has excellent capacity for bonding and has used well below 1/3 of its $360 million bonding capacity.

“Bonding is the fiscally prudent and fair way to pay for long-lasting improvements to our neglected infrastructure,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Residents today shouldn’t bear the full cost for benefits that future residents will reap from these investments. We’re seeing progress on parks because the Council approved bonding for those improvements. But just like our parks, our streets, waterfront, garages, police headquarters, and other infrastructure have been neglected for too long.”

Next Steps: The City thanks all who supported and advocated for these measures. The streets improvements will be reintroduced separately and the Administration will continue to work to help the Council and public understand the importance of these infrastructure investments to safety, quality of life, and economic development, as well as why bonding is the fiscally responsible way to make these investments.

Parks Progress
Southwest Park purchase moves forward. The Council approved payment for land for a Southwest Park in Block 12 which is bounded by Harrison Street, Jackson Street, Observer Highway and Paterson Avenue. The $2.35 million comes from a Hudson County Open Space grant. The final purchase price will be decided by a court.

Church Square Park renovations approved. The Council unanimously approved Phase 1 of improvements to Church Square Park, which will be paid for through a bond approved last year. This work will include renovations to two playground areas, the basketball courts, and the restroom. To view the plan, visit The City will be going out to bid for construction shortly. Future phases will be completed as additional funding is secured.

1600 Park plans approved. Yesterday evening, The Hudson County Planning Board approved the City’s plans for 1600 Park. To view the plan, visit  The City will now be completing bid specifications and going out to bid for construction shortly. The City is coordinating with the County and thanks them for moving ahead with the installation of a traffic signal at 16th Street and Park Avenue this fall.

Get the latest Hoboken news:

Sign of the Times: Beth Mason reacts to discussion of litigation

Here's a snapshot of Beth Mason at last night's meeting as Councilwoman Terry Castellano concludes her remarks on additional funding to run the City's law office.

The subject is LITIGATION.

No one took the opportunity to ask Mason what she was talking about with her threat of introduced "legal action" against MSV at the last City Council meeting.

As it turns out, it wasn't only MSV on the "verge of legal action."  It was scores of Hoboken residents.

Now everyone knows.

Terry Castellano concludes remarks on the topic of litigation which gives Beth Mason an uncomfortable feeling.
What she does with money and her paid political operatives to harm the Hoboken community is despicable.
Scores of Hoboken residents face a $2 million SLAPP civil suit meant to intimidate them including MSV.

Talking Ed Note: In the claims yesterday was $2.3 million for the Southwest Park.  It's a bid the City of Hoboken apparently is submitting to the NJ Court as part of the next step to acquire the surface parking lot to build a park.

Negotiations have been exhausted and now Hoboken will see whether the price tag for the land is closer to $2.3 million or the $10 million the owners believe.

Beth Mason spearheads sinking Washington St. paving, other improvements

In a 5-4 vote lacking a single vote from MORTe, the process to begin moving on repaving Washington Street, Sinatra Drive, Observer and parts of Newark failed.

The bond ordinance to being the process required six votes.  As is typical of this City Council, the sixth vote was not available.

The $1.1 million bond held high stakes with government monies from outside Hoboken available and more sought as the project would have progressed.

Based on the overwhelming positive support from the community and members of the public attending the meeting, MORTe attempted to deflect why they could not get behind the infrastructure bond ordinance.

Councilwoman Beth Mason made a rather weak attempt raising other issues some clearly unrelated such as the Monarch Project litigation.  In the video below you can see Mason pointing everywhere.  The words are not necessary.  It's all a deflection and she spent a lot of time waving her hands around pointing to other things with a prepared statement to shoot down the measure.

(Mason spends quite a bit of time pointing elsewhere, that story along with her number will come later.)

Another perspective: Beth Mason shows through her actions with no audio here how she is working
against the public interest.  Her vindictive politics are what drives her actions harming Hoboken.

Other members of MORTe deflected by attempting to salve the public's support saying they were willing to back a piece of the infrastructure renewal.  Will the public accept that or see it for the usual obstruction?

In New Business, City Council President Cunningham expressed disappointment with the lack of one vote among Castellano, Russo, Occhipinti and Beth Mason saying council members should represent all of the City in the infrastructure efforts for Washington Street, Sinatra Drive, Oberserver and parts of Newark.  He found the "maybe I'll support it," by breaking it up in parts inefficient.

"We have to think of the City as a whole... It's going to be hard from a cost standpoint to break it out."

Talking Ed Note:  Well that's the point.  With overwhelming public support, we're not sure there was one vote in a snap poll on Hoboken Patch against even from Beth Mason's political operatives posted there, MORTe was grasping at straws to come up with reasons and appear reasonable to work on segments.

For the first time, Tim Occhipinti even hinted at possibly supporting the positives in the measure but that was about as far as he went and like a robotron, he joined in with the Council of No voting the beginnings of improvements down and the millions in outside support with it.

The City stood to lose $2.4 million from the US Department of Transportation.  Just like when over $4 million was squandered to unnecessarily pay off the tax status of the midtown garage, MORTe wins when the City loses.

The more millions the better!

For those who still count themselves dinner companions of Councilwoman Beth Mason, you now find yourselves further isolated from the community you claim to care about.

Hoboken Patch had the first story up on the matter and it's notable the headline states the outside government aid Hoboken loses in the measure being voted down.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411: 'I'm all in as Mason411 again!'

Perry Klaussen, Hoboken's biggest pathological liar on behalf of the Old Guard is trotting out his usual half-truths and smears on the Hoboken scene in a risky attempt to undermine support for the launch yesterday of the Hoboken Free Speech Legal Defense Fund.  More important, he's clearly back doing the full bidding of his sponsor Councilwoman Beth Mason and their friends.

Not a word at all about any of the nefarious relationships among the parties is there?

Beth Mason thrilled again with Mason411
While Perry Klaussen smears others constantly always making sure they can't comment on anything or ever have a word without his totally controlling it so the truth doesn't ever get out; here he's making it clear he's back in the political game.  His pal who spilled the beans he was moving to Vermont is officially on hold now with the money splashing all over town from uptown Hudson Street.

A source supportive of Reform reported Perry Klaussen was in Sparrow buying a ton of items on a credit card just the other day.  Does Perry Klaussen also have a Beth Mason or Mason Civic League credit card as other Beth Mason political operatives?  (MSV will be breaking that story.)

While Perry Klaussen and Hoboken411 have now posted some actionable items, we'll note it was former Councilman Michael Lenz who earlier this year put out a letter to Councilwoman Beth Mason and her "friends" regarding defamation.

As MSV reported last week, Lenz's good faith efforts was ignored - by all three parties!  No denial was made whatsoever by the parties in the good faith effort.  Instead, Perry Klaussen went and attacked his wife.

The goal in this Mason411 story is obviously a political attempt to stop the 12 defendants in the complaint from fighting back with the aid of the community.  Many of you have stood up already.  Thank you!

But we're not asking for only some people to help carry the load for supporting speech in Hoboken for what you agree with, but for what you may not always agree with or in fact find disagreeable.

The strength of Hoboken's democratic institutions demands it.

Should you allow Mason411 and Perry Klaussen to continue with his dirty iron fisted fascist control over speech in town?

Da Horsey thinks not.

Talking Ed Note:  Has everyone gotten the message from upper Hudson Street now?  

MSV is not covering the dog days of summer City Council meeting tonight.  Please see our colleague at the Hoboken Journal who is carrying the live telecast.

For the record, Da Horsey has never been paid, sought pay, earned pay in any shape or form from any political figure, direct or indirect or through any third party companies set up by same.

You won't see any cute language speaking in the strict present tense how Da Horsey "is not a political operative" while having breakfast or out at the movies.

MSV has never been a professional photographer, never worked for the City of Hoboken in any capacity or for any official or their families, or done any work on behalf of same.

There is no such thing as a Zimmer blogger.  There are Hoboken residents who agree with the efforts on behalf of Hoboken and who decry the corruption by the Old Guard that has gone on far too long.  Then there is the Mason paid internet hit squads.  No one else does that.  No one else would even think to fund such an idea.  The only other person who could ran a positive race for mayor in 2009, that being Frank Raia.

Hoboken411's lies are defamatory and of course false.  Take note Perry Klaussen and go ask your sponsor if she will be saving your rear end when her number comes up with the law.

Do you good people of Hoboken think this distraction makes any sense?  

Hoboken Municipal Elections verdict: The People will Decide!

The Vote Yes for November citizens' committee announces:

1,800 Hoboken Residents Petition To Consolidate Local Elections

This afternoon, the Vote Yes For November citizens’ committee successfully submitted to the city clerk approximately 1,800 petition signatures from local residents to consolidate municipal elections in Hoboken.  When certified, the petitions will allow the people of Hoboken to decide this November when future municipal elections will be held.  If the two ballot questions proposed to residents are approved, Hoboken’s municipal elections will move to Election Day in November, with the candidate for each office receiving the most votes on Election Day being elected to serve.

“Consolidating the municipal elections to when voters are already voting in November would not only result in greater voter participation and less hassle for voters, but also save taxpayers over $100,000 for each election saved," said Vijay Chaudhuri, a member of the citizens' committee. Any way to make it more convenient for residents to vote and save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next several years is a win-win situation for everyone involved." 

Sasha Conroy, another member of the Committee, noted that in 2009 Hoboken held a total of five elections in eight months costing Hoboken taxpayers over half a million dollars and forcing citizens to endure round after round of nasty campaign literature, attack advertisements, and constant phone calls to influence the course of yet another municipal election.

“This year, the Board of Education took the common sense first step by moving the School Board elections to Election Day,” Ms. Conroy explained.  “Elections should be held on Election Day in November.  These initiatives will allow the people to decide whether they should vote once and for all on Election Day in November, or whether they prefer to vote numerous times throughout the year.”

After the petitions are certified, two initiatives will be placed on the ballot in November when residents vote in the Presidential election.  The first question will move the municipal elections to November, while the second question will consolidate the municipal elections to a winner take all system, similar to the process of electing federal and state office holders.   The two petition questions required approximately 640 signatures to reach the ballot, an amount nearly tripled by the committee’s efforts. 

If a majority of Hoboken residents vote yes on the two propositions, Hoboken’s next municipal election would be held in November of 2013. 

Hoboken resident Vijay Chaudhuri (l) was one among many residents
spearheading the successful petitions drive.

Talking Ed Note: This is an impressive effort in the middle of August.  Congratulations to all the citizens who participated to give Hoboken voters the choice when to hold municipal elections.

This November the People will Decide!

Hoboken BoE Slate announces

The BoE Slate of Markevitch, Oland and Vasquez announces:

Dear Friend of Hoboken Education,

    November 6 is Election Day! We have been meeting with Hoboken residents to discuss issues of concern and shared aspirations for the public schools.  

    If you wish to volunteer, set up a time to meet with the candidates, or just would like more information - please contact us at the following email: 

Markevitch  (1O)
 Oland  (1N)
 Vasquez  (1P)

    All the best,
    Liz, Anthony & Felice

About this Hobroken Beagle Defence

To: You wannabe do gooders in Hobroken

From: The lower nether regions of the sewers, aka, I'm here at Hobroken411

Subject: This talking back bullshit

I understand that many of you have in the dead of night gone out of your way to make some sort of monetary contribution to this dirty dozen defence fund for beagles.  While I've heard that dumb lame war horse is extremely grateful on behalf of those wretches, my alter ego suggested I pass along a warning:


We decide when you can speak, when you can write a letter to the Hudson Distorter, when you can vote, how much you will be paid to do so and who you will vote for.

Have you gotten the message yet?

So to all of you who think you can take on my checkbook, watch as I destroy the living shit out of everyone who stands between me and my minions' way.

No one questions me or my benevolence to the City of Hobroken.  If I want to bankrupt this town, I'll do it.  In the meantime, know that if I so choose I will use my minions to bankrupt you.

That is all.  Now go in peace and STFU like your wimpy council members.  I'll threaten whoever I want, when I want.  That's how me and my Old Guard friends roll.

With all my benevolence and mercy,


P.S. Whatever you do, don't give a nickel more to that dirty dozen.  If you do, we'll have our interent jackals scour every every computer, every handheld device, and every internet connection in the City of Hobroken.

My political operatives/innocent journalist friends who are not paid for friendship will sue you all?

Legal mumble jumboAll characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  If you don't like it, you can kiss my horsey ass.

Tonight at City Council "On the Waterfront"

Hoboken Residents for a Public Waterfront announces:

We encourage residents to attend tonight's City Council meeting.  The Council will be debating and voting on a $1 million bond ordinance with the proceeds to go towards work on Observer Highway, Washington Street, and Sinatra Drive.  The Sinatra Drive aspect of this project is to hire engineers to prepare plans to continue the bike path from 4th Street to 11th Street, add more parkland and make the area more pedestrian friendly.  Once these plans are in place the City can apply for State and Federal grants to help alleviate costs of the renovations.

Second, the Council will be asked to approve an emergency appropriation of $150,000 to fund legal bills for the fight against the Monarch project.

Obviously we believe these are two very important steps for the City to take to increase the public park space along our waterfront.  Both of these items will require 6 votes from the City Council.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

The meeting is held in Council Chambers at City Hall tonight at 7pm.

--Hoboken Residents for a Public Waterfront
@HobokenRPW on Twitter

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

City of Hoboken: Wanted - 'Honest and Professional' Construction Official

The City of Hoboken is advertising for a job opening:

Agency Logo
Tuesday August 14, 2012, 9:15 AM

City of Hoboken

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Community: Hoboken Seeks Full Time Construction Code Official

The City of Hoboken is seeking applications for the position of Construction Code Official. The City seeks honest and professional candidates to manage the construction office efficiently and treat all residents and business owners with respect and fairness. Certified Floodplain Managers and candidates with expertise in green construction elements including green roofs and solar installations and/or LEED certification are especially encouraged to apply. Candidates with experience establishing computerized systems to increase efficiency and customer service will also be highly considered.

The City has been operating with an interim Construction Code Official since 2011 and now seeks a permanent full-time position.

About the City of Hoboken, New Jersey
Hoboken, the “Mile Square City,” is a dynamic urban city with a population exceeding 50,000. Located on the Hudson River across from New York City, Hoboken is one of the most walkable cities in the country with the highest rate of public transportation usage. Washington Street, a vibrant retail and dining destination with many of Hoboken’s more than 100 sidewalk cafes, was named one of the Top 10 Streets in America. Featuring a world-class waterfront, a lively arts and music scene, and family-friendly parks and activities, Hoboken is a great place to live and work. Hoboken residents and all licensed professionals are invited to apply.

Talking Ed Note: The weekend paper had a story quoting Al Arezzo's lawyer saying he that an administrative law judge recently found that the city’s decision was “overly severe” and instead reduced the penalty to a six-month suspension and the judge’s decision will now be reviewed by a Civil Service Commission, who will make the final decision.

MSV has consistently held this is incorrect from earlier this year when Hoboken411 said Al Arezzo was coming back and several times since.

Stay tuned for a follow up on this story.

Kids First announces November election slate as one long time member moves on

BoE Trustee Theresa Minutillos opts not to seek re-election after six years of public service

As announced by the Hoboken Journal on Monday:

Kids First Announces BOE Slate - Theresa Minutillo Not Seeking Re-election

From Ruth McAllister Kids First BOE candidate for November 2102...


"It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I announce the Kids First 2012 Slate for the Hoboken Board of Education:
  • Ruthy McAllister
  • Jean Marie Mitchell
  • Tom Kluepfel
When it became apparent that we would have a spot available on our ticket, I approached Tom Kluepfel, an independent candidate, to run with me and Jean Marie. Tom Kluepfel, a Hoboken High parent, is one of the founders of the Elysian Charter School and served on its Board of Trustees for several years. Tom readily agreed as we all share similar goals for the district, a passion for the future of the Hoboken Public Schools and strong ethical beliefs about our duties as board trustees. The combination of my and Jean Marie's Board experience and Tom's energy and unique perspective will enable us to continue the progress begun by Kids First for the students and staff of the District!

Although I was saddened to hear that long time friend and colleague Theresa Minutillo decided not to seek re-election, I fully understand the need for her to take this time and focus on her family and career. I certainly appreciate her past efforts and the positive impact she had on the Hoboken Public Schools. I look forward to her continued support of the District and the Kids First 2012 ticket.

I am very excited about working together with Jean Marie and Tom, a great team for the students of Hoboken!

Kind Regards,
Ruthy McAllister"