Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Move Forward Nazi Truck Back!!

They're back!!! For the fifth time in Hoboken, the Move Forward Nazi Truck returns to the Mile Square.

The police just forced the Nazi Truck to move off the uptown pier where you guessed it, the Move Forward plague on Hoboken was parked illegally.

The Move Forward Nazi Truck showed its devotion offering a commercial for its candidates.
Any more doubts on who the Nazi Truck was working with all along?  Beth Mason doesn't do apologies and won't be giving any to the rabbi or anyone else for that matter.  She's above all laws including religious.

Most telling, the Move Foward Nazi Truck is showing a commercial - Move Forward's!!!

Get word out and stop Beth Mason's Nazi Truck!!


Talking Ed Note: The Hudson Reporter said claims Beth Mason was behind the production video presented on the Nazi Truck was akin to the claims of space aliens and other outlandish conclusions.

However, the Nazi Truck is now showing the highly produced, expensive Move Forward commercial seen on local cable stations with heavy rotation.

There's heavy lighting equipment outside Beth Mason's "civic charity."

Who does the Hudson Reporter think is paying for all this?