Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't get mad at the Old Guard, get even

People seem downright ornery after last night's special City Council meeting.  Da Horsey wonders if some of it rubbed off on us here at the stable.  After watching almost an hour of Councilman Michael Russo question every comma on dozens of legal cases, a carrot with hemlock washed down with a vodka chaser looked like a better option.

It was that bad.

So in honor of another useless obstructionist MORTe performance, an ingenious idea has been hatched by MSV reader Furey with a suggestion everyone change their WIFI name to this:

The City of Hoboken can act as a decoy for the Boys of Summer making MORTe and the Old Guard miserable.

We're looking for people to move quickly on this idea beginning with the first ward on lower Hudson, the second ward in the area of ninth street, the third ward in the area of Church Towers and in the fourth ward the former pet shop on Observer.

Related: Grafix Avenge notes Tim Occhipinti also blocked the funding to take down the gutted out building that burned down in December on Jackson Street.  The owner has failed to act so the City is doing so.  Or so it had hoped.

For those who were conned into the vacant eyes of Tim Occhipinti and thought he was an okay guy at a charity clearinghouse over chili where he promotes himself, this is what you voted for and if that doesn't make you ill, watch the tape and you'll shudder.

Director Leo Pellegrini - Acting Mayor & now serving

City of Hoboken announces:

Director Pellegrini Serving as Acting Mayor

Mayor Dawn Zimmer has designated Health and Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini as Acting Mayor through Sunday, February 26, 2012 while Mayor Zimmer is away visiting family out of town. Mayor Zimmer thanks Director Pellegrini for his first time serving as Acting Mayor, for recently taking on management of the City’s parks, and for taking on additional grant coordinating responsibilities for the Police Athletic League in addition to his role as director, which he is being compensated for through a grant stipend at no cost to the City.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer (c), Directors Brandy Forbes and Leo Pellegrini at a City Council meeting earlier this month

City: Update on 300 Washington

City of Hoboken announces:


The Hoboken Construction Code office issued a limited demolition permit today. The scope of work to be performed involves the manual removal of severely fire damaged portions of the building.

The areas of the building to be removed are the roof and chimney, the entire fifth floor, and a section of the fourth floor at the rear of the building.

It is difficult to estimate the timeline for completion of this work since it is dependent on weather conditions and the uncertainty of conditions as the manual removal of debris proceeds. At a minimum, this work will take at least two weeks and could be considerably longer. The City is exploring options for opening Washington Street to limited traffic in a way that does not impact public safety.

Upon completion of this work, an engineering analysis will be conducted to determine the structural stability and overall safety of the remaining portions of the building. At that time, the Hoboken Construction Code office will determine if any further demolition is required to protect the public safety.

bludiamonds blue-plate lunch special: MORTe scores!

From the desk of the nutty fruit, bludiamonds:

Did my ears deceive me, or did one Councilman Timothy "Fredo (I'm not like they say, not like DUMB, I'm SMART)" Okyoopeentay suggest last night that the city hire lawyers but not pay them? Thereby creating plausible deniability that MORTe is aligned with developers against the public interest, arguing instead that they're for the public, they just want to hobble the city from actually doing anything about it?

This sent my depraved old mind down memory lane, and reminded me of an ill-advised scheme a friend of mine once came up with to put one over on an impressionable young lady who was goodly enough to go out on a date with him. See, this fella took his girl to the movies, and hoped to have his way with her later that night.

But his unsuspecting sweetie wasn't necessarily up for the full grand slam on the first date, so this guy is thinking his best chance of getting around the bases is to "run out of gas" somewhere on the way home.

 So the fella stops at a gas station to create the appearance of being prepared to do the responsible thing and take his date, who has entrusted herself to him, home safely. But here's the trick -- he's double-talking the gas-station attendant with all these rationalizations and equivocations to trump up a basis for refusing to pay. Hence, no pay, no gas. Hit the road, turn off into the woods, run out of gas, and away we go -- make like MORTe to the taxpayers and try to slip her a roofie! MORTe:

 Date-raping Hoboken since 2010!

Planning Board shoots down Shipyard application for Monarch Project

RPW announces: 

We are happy to announce that last night in a vote of 6-2 the Hudson County Planning Board denied Shipyard Associates' application for Monarch at the Shipyard.  This is a great step forward in our fight to keep the Hoboken waterfront open and free for all residents to enjoy.  We will provide more details as they become available.  

Thank you again for all your continued support.  The fight continues at the Hoboken Planning Board on March 6 at the Wallace School at 11th Street and Willow Avenue.

Enjoy your day!

Hoboken Residents for a Public Waterfront

Latest on community efforts for the fire victims of 300 Washington

The latest update from the community effort on behalf of the displaced on 300 Washington:

RELB Property Management LLC. which is the management for 300 Washington Street communicated the following need:

Approximately 12 laptop computers are needed desperately at this time.  In addition very much needed are digital cameras, sundries such as tooth paste, colognes and perfumes, soap, shampoos etc.  Several of the displaced residents need a place to stay locally and if anyone has a room for rent in their home or has an apartment vacant that those displaced can use free of charge for a month or 2 that would be great.

Tonight at the Village Pourhouse from 7:00-8:30 pm we are holding a volunteers meeting.  Community residents can attend and learn how to be involved both short and long term in assisting with ongoing efforts to help those displaced.

For those that want to donate and can not attend the event  March 2nd visit, on the home page is a link to donate online.  For those that want to volunteer and can not attend tonight's meeting, email

Talking Ed Note: Mayor Dawn Zimmer stated "Sadly some of our residents lost everything, but we have a strong and generous community that is rallying to their side, so we ask residents to give as much as they can to help."

Southwest Redevelopment meeting tonight at Multi-Service Center

From the desk of Councilman David Mello:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Tomorrow evening, February 23rd, is the second Planning Board hearing on the Southwest Redevelopment Study.  Please attend this vital meeting about the Southwest's future.  The hearing will be held at the Multi-Service Center, on the corner of Grand St. and 2nd St. at 7:00 PM, Thursday evening, Feb. 23rd.

This is a very important meeting, where you can hear an overview of the study report that was recently submitted by the planners whom our Planning Board hired.  These hearings may also prove to be a precursor to a number of major changes to our Southwest neighborhood, which could affect the entire City.  It's important that your thoughts on this study be shared with as many decision makers as possible.

You can access the study by following this link ==> Southwest Redevelopment Study Report.  Please look it over.

Again, please attend tomorrow night.  The first hearing was cancelled because too many people attended for the original meeting place, however this venue will be more than large enough.

If you have any questions regarding the study or this hearing, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at the contacts below.


David Mello