Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Faux St. Paddy's Day from the Beth Russo hydra

This Jib Jab comes courtesy of the Bard of Hoboken starring Beth "Kill the hospital" Mason, Michael "The wannabe Godfather" Russo, Timmy marionetta - "the puppet" Occhipinti and Mason minions from Hoboken411 Perry Klaussen and Lane Bajardi.

Credit: The Bard of Hoboken

City plan of action and information for residents/visitors this weekend

City of Hoboken announces:


The first Saturday in March marks the traditional start of the St. Patrick’s Day season in Hoboken, which in recent years has coincided with escalating public safety and quality of life impacts on the community, including reported sexual assaults, attacks on public safety officials, and significant damage to private property. Because of this, the City this year required that the St. Patrick’s Day parade be held on a Wednesday. Although the parade was ultimately cancelled, the City has been preparing for thousands of visitors this weekend.

All Hoboken Police officers will be on duty in addition to more than 140 officers from neighboring jurisdictions to help ensure a safe and orderly day is enjoyed by all. The City thanks the Hudson County Prosecutor Edward De Fazio and his command staff, along with Hudson County Sherriff Frank Schillari and members of his office, and the Police Departments from Jersey City, Union City, Weehawken, West New York, North Bergen, Bayonne, Secaucus, Harrison, and Kearny for their support and assistance. The Port Authority, NJ TRANSIT, and Stevens Institute of Technology police departments will all have an increased presence as well.

The City thanks the bars and restaurants who are voluntarily delaying their opening until 11am in the interest of public safety.

Residents are reminded that they remain the “eyes and ears” of the City’s public safety efforts and are asked to call the Hoboken Police Department at 201-420-2100 with any concerns. In past years, house parties have been the cause of significant quality of life issues including private property damage. Residents are asked to notify authorities as early as possible if they believe that a house party is not fully under control. Control issues including overcrowding, unreasonably reckless, disorderly or unsafe behaviors constitute a violation ofCity Ordinance 145-18 (Disorderly House), and the renter or owner of the apartment or house may face up to a $2,000 fine plus community service.

Unless a property is specifically zoned and approved for rooftop access, there is an absolute restriction on parties or gatherings on rooftops. Sitting or loitering on fire escapes, common hallways, or stairwells is also strictly prohibited. The Fire Department will be conducting occupancy inspections at businesses and private residences throughout the city and will strictly enforce all codes for the use of rooftops and other structures with a zero tolerance policy.

The City will be placing 60 porta-johns throughout Hoboken, 50% more than in past years. The City thanks the hospitality industry for continuing to assist in funding this amenity.

More Lepre con at the jump:

Feds raid HCIA in Jersey City for second time in recent weeks

The Hudson County Improvement Authority got another whack again yesterday, courtesy of the Feds.  They "came in... like gangbusters," for the Executive Director's computer and cell phone, according to a Jersey Journal story.

The HCIA Executive Director is Norman Guerra.

MSV sought comment from the Director but both he and his cell phone were unavailable.

Talking Ed Note: Godspeed.

February 19th, 2012

Fed Strike: Hudson County Improvement Authority Raided!

The FBI paid a visit, this time to Jersey City picking up computers
at the HCIA. Other law enforcement is believed to have joined them re: the
NJ Attorney General's Office.  Is a return to Hoboken next on their list? 

Talking Ed Note: They're baaaacccckkkkk.  The FBI has struck again with a raid on the Hudson County Improvement Authority in Jersey City last Wednesday.  Some believe the computers taken are in relation to no show jobs in a $13 million golf course boondoggle desired by County Executive Tom DeGuise and others think there's hanky panky in the issuance of bond monies for Hudson County friends to cover municipal bills.

One source says it's related to the Environmental Services contract in Harrison.
MSV will go with all of the above plus the unknown "other" category.

December 13, 2010

Let Them Eat Golf

Fore! The county hits Hoboken in the wallet again.
Hudson County hit Hoboken with a fat tax increase this year and even with our municipal tax decrease the mile square city gets to see a pet project of a golf course approved raising residents' overall tax burden.

Now the Jersey Journal reports the Hudson County Freeholders voted Thursday to approve a bond for the construction of a $12.7 million public golf course.

The site approved for the construction of a nine hole course cuts across Lincoln Park and Duncan Avenue on the west side of Jersey City and covers 60 acres.

Freeholder Bill O'Dea is quoted in the story stating, "Lincoln Park is the single largest amenity to Jersey City's West Side.  It's the crown jewel of the Hudson County Park system, and this will give people one more reason to live around there."

According to the Jersey Journal story, the bond will be repaid with fees for the course.  How long that will take is not stated in the story.  The completion date is expected for the fall of 2012.  

Think Hoboken will see any tax reductions from the County by then?  

Hoboken prepares for the Leprecon

The drink fest marketed as Leprecon is less than 48 hours from its invasion of Hoboken and bar owners are rubbing their hands with glee in the hopes that a forecast of rain will not impede the green and they are not talking t-shirts and shamrocks.

Hoboken is divided into several factions leading into the event.  At the City Council the public face was welcoming of the bar owner's efforts but not everyone is feeling swell about the annual takeover which has the feel of mardi gras without the New Orleans style music to go with it.

Venerating St. Patrick?  The true star of the Hoboken
St Patrick's Day Parade isn't the Irish Saint.  Just saying.

A priest at Our Lady of Grace is sympathetic to the Hoboken parade committee and used the pulpit to defend human rights noting two alleged rapes "didn't materialize" and blamed the mayor for not compromising with the parade committee which threatened to sue the City in December if the mayor did not capitulate to their demand for a Saturday parade.

That meeting went over with the mayor like a lead balloon.  The parade committee issued their attack on the mayor with anti-Irish and anti-Catholic overtones proudly signed off on by each of them saying they love Hoboken so much they wouldn't be insulted with a weekday parade and "lower (themselves) to the level of those who speak from a place of ignorance and ethnic/religious intolerance."

Can you feel the unity?

Last year the hospital saw a record day of admissions including one person with life-threatenging multiple head fractures.  Two City employees driving off Washington Street interceded in an attack on a woman from behind, (we'll leave out what they were doing to her clothing).

There's been no outcry from the public after the parade ended but stated sadness for those who marched with family are angry their "tradition" is cancelled.  The City is stepping up law enforcement efforts without the parade and there's some talk of the county jail being a staging point for those who are arrested.  No catch and release this time.

The public is mostly indifferent; tired of the destruction, tired of the town being overrun and fed up with the attitude they should remain silent and hostages in their own homes.  Even MORTe hasn't launched its typical partisan attack proving doing so isn't a winner.

Meanwhile the City prepares itself for the invasion of muffin tops and enough frat boys to bring joy to bars across town.  The voices of the Anti's are geared up to blame the mayor for another raucous event but may be disappointed as St. Patrick is anointing the town with rain for Saturday, meaning Hoboken will be seeing an army of wet muffin tops.

Let us pray.