Wednesday, March 7, 2012

City introduces $102 million 2012 budget

The 2012 Hoboken budget passed 9-0 on introduction last night, coming in at $102,360,982, a decrease of about $3.6 million from 2011.

Short strokes:

Taxes are down slightly from the prior year, basically flat.  The available surplus in cash is about $4.1 million with a target of maintaining a similar ballpark figure going into 2013.

60% of the budget goes to salaries.
MSV is trying to obtain the full electronic details of the budget and will look to post it later Thursday.

Remind you of anyone?
Talking Ed Note: Tax reduction?  MORTe succeeded in their sabotage last year flushing down the tubes $4 million in a potential refinance of the midtown garage.  Some of those savings could have gone to tax relief.

MORTe didn't succeed in bankrupting Hoboken by sabotaging the hospital but this is a win not discussed in the budget's introduction.  They have taken every opportunity to undermine the City and did so this evening.

Congratulations to Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, Michael Russo and Terry Castellano.  You can all take a bow and be proud of yourselves for those consistent efforts to harm the City.

Other items: The new food truck ordinance passed 5-4.  Its passage earlier looked better but due to MORTe crowing about a GPS it narrowed.  One food truck vendor thanked Councilwoman Jen Giattino for her efforts in the legislation.  Clearly MORTe didn't hear him.  Councilman Michael Russo expressed concerns about the food truck owner's privacy and joined with other MORTe members voting no but insisted the small non-truck food vendor legislation needed to be acted on right away.  Councilwoman Jen Giattino invited him to do so and he looked shocked with the notion he would have to do the work and he backed out.  Instantly.

Voting no is far easier than doing any work.

Land for a potential Southwest Park was discussed at length with many MORTe type obstacles arising before a unanimous vote saw total capitulation on extending offers for contiguous properties.  The legal process is coupled with a $3 million County grant, something the resolution co-sponsor Tim Occhipinti didn't seem to understand whatsoever.  Odd.

On a 700K emergency appropriation, an issue about a FEMA grant valued at 300K itself became intense when it was discussed 68K was needed as part of the emergency appropriation.  MORTe had voted the appropriation down including the funding for dozens of legal cases twice before and again refused to provide the sixth vote to push the package through.  Tim Occhipinti proposed to amend the resolution to only satisfy paying employees.  (This after a special meeting where not one legal case was deemed appropriate to abandon.)  Councilwoman Carol Marsh noted many things were not covered such as health insurance for employees, trash pickup, and Director of Finance Nick Trasente added more items not funded.  (Is this how you apply any professional funding standard for government services?)

Obstruction at its most obstinate with a full budget days from discussion.  MORTe once again sabotaged the emergency appropriation and voted it down ignoring the advice of Corporation Counsel to stop attempting to do a more limited appropriation and putting the City's operations in an untenable situation.

So why is it necessary to put the City in jeopardy on numerous issues in the appropriation?
MORTe offers no benefit at all whatsoever.  It's nothing more than sabotage for its own sake.

Former Councilman Tony Soares was re-appointed to a term on the North Hudson Sewage Authority in a 9-0 vote.

A pro-sunshine resolution presented by Councilwoman Mason in New Business caused an uproar with questions why such an item would be presented after midnight with no public notice and when the public could not offer any of the sunshine.  An amendment changing the political charge of transparency required by the Administration to the words Beth Mason created a tumult and didn't pass and out of nowhere Councilwoman Mason said "release the emails,"  - a reference to the emails under FBI investigation in the massive Data Theft Conspiracy looting from the mayor's office.  

Those emails have not been made available by the FBI.  Mason had made extensive attempts with MORTe to have those emails under the FBI's investigation released to the public.  MSV has covered that extensively and a clip is available here

Councilwoman Jen Giattino read a statement from Hoboken resident Laura Keating who was falsely accused by Hoboken411 of being under consideration for the Business Administrator position held previously by Arch Liston.  Keating's statement delineated why she was not qualified being in the software engineering arena and questioned why Hoboken411 would make such a harmful reckless charge.  Keating is the wife of former Hoboken BA and fourth ward councilman Michael Lenz who has not applied for the role.  The complete statement follows:

City Council: Intro to the budget, food truck ordinance on tap

Well away we go as the new budget is to be introduced at tonight's City Council meeting.  MSV is not privy to any of it and there's not been time to even try but that will all end tonight and we get to see how Mayor Zimmer tackles one of the biggest if not thee biggest annual challenge.  (Saving the hospital doesn't count as that was a one time event.)

So it's off to the races and the grandstanding which will be in plentiful supply - if not tonight then almost every day thereafter.  MORTe who has tried to bankrupt Hoboken by sabotaging the hospital sale will suddenly be crowing about saving taxpayers money for weeks on end.

Of course they will bring nothing to the table at the budget workshops nor any ideas on substantial savings with cuts to the budget.

Don't listen to what they say, watch what they do.

The only cut MORTe attempted was a second round of reductions to the mayor's and directors salaries this past year.  Worse, they sabotaged a simple refinance of the midtown garage that would have pocketed Hoboken an easy $50,000.  More importantly, it would have saved the town $4,000,000.  That's right four million dollars!

Tune in past 7:00 for the annual round of drama and utter fabrication, courtesy of MORTe.

Agenda is here and resolutions can be found here.

Talking Ed Note: After the piles of misinformation MORTe has been plying people with on the BoE election move to November, the false utterances won't end there.

At the BoE when the discussion broached substantial actions saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses, the audience burst into spontaneous applause.  Everyone except for MORTe (minus Tim Occhipinti) and the Old Guard who occupied the left rear of the room.

That should tell you all you need to know about Beth Mason, Michael Russo and Terry Castellano.

Da Horsey thought it was time to share that juicy nugget with you. No one else will.

City to the Shipyard: You got your buildings now keep your promises

City of Hoboken announces:

City also appeals Department of Environmental Protection Permit
The City of Hoboken today filed suit in the Superior Court of New Jersey to compel Shipyard Associates to construct three tennis courts, a tennis pavilion, a waterfront walkway and parking on a pier in the Hudson River east of the Hudson Tea Building. Shipyard Associates recently presented a plan for the “Monarch at Shipyard” to build two eleven story buildings on the pier, despite a development agreement which included the tennis courts and other pier amenities.

“In the past, developers have often made promises of givebacks to our City that have not been delivered,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “My Administration is committed to making the necessary investment in legal costs when agreements are reached and to fully enforce the promises made to our City.”

Shipyard Associates entered into a Developers Agreement with the City of Hoboken in 1997 for the construction of 1,160 residential units, commercial and retail use (63,200 square feet), approximately 1,460 parking spaces, open space, recreational use and various streets as part of a Planned Unit Development (PUD). The agreement required that the tennis facilities and walkway be constructed as a key element of the Planning Board approval. Shipyard has not constructed the pier amenities and is seeking to construct two eleven story residential buildings instead of the tennis courts, tennis pavilion, parking, and other amenities.

The lawsuit seeks to compel Shipyard to construct the amenities, an injunction to prevent Shipyard from proceeding with the eleven story buildings on the pier, and damages. The complaint for City of Hoboken v. Shipyard Associates, L.P. can be viewed

In building the multi building residential and commercial complex on the river, Shipyard Associates has only proceeded with the construction of the aspect of the Agreement that is financially beneficial to it, but Shipyard has failed and refused to provide the public amenities that are a financial burden to it.

In addition to filing the lawsuit, the City has filed a Request for a Hearing before the Office of Administrative Law to challenge the Waterfront Development Permit issued by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), which would allow the construction of the eleven story buildings. The City is challenging the DEP approval because it contradicts the original Permit issued by DEP in 1997 for the multi-building residential and commercial project.  The 1997 DEP Permit required that the tennis pier be developed and put into operation within two (2) years after the issuance of the last Certificate of Occupancy for the residential units.  Approximately 1,160 residential units were occupied more than two years ago.

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Hoboken411 - Fugitive from The Law

Hoboken411 sputters on while Perry Klaussen is on the lam with a warrant out for his arrest.  One commenter urges MSV readers to go out and track down the fugitive while another notes he may have conveniently skipped town.

No matter, Hoboken411 is still posting it's typical fare of inane material about garbage bags stacked up outside a business before pickup and attacking a private citizen and Hoboken resident by name not even up for a job at City Hall.  Hey, all in a normal day for "Krazy Shorts" Klaussen.

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 is a wanted man.  A NJ judge issued a bench warrant
for his arrest after he failed to appear in court for alleged criminal coercion.

Talking Ed Note: MSV is not certain where Hoboken411's ubermensch backer of all lies Beth Mason is but we can confirm our story yesterday he did not show up in court and neither did a lawyer on his behalf.

The question of who's job it is to bring him in on the warrant is one the Hoboken Police Department can answer if other local media will catch up and ask the question.  But some senior powers there are more likely to tip him off than arrest him  - when they aren't leaking stories to him for purely political reasons.

The local media has yet to write a word on this story and that's another matter.  How the Beth Mason Media Complex uses Hoboken411 for its political operations of pumping out pathological lies to the public while other local media stand down and never hold her accountable yet another.

Has one reporter/editor in town ever asked Beth Mason why she worked so feverishly to sabotage the hospital sale?  The action would have cost more than a thousand people their livelihood and bankrupted the City.  Instead they aided in a coverup when Beth Mason and her MORTe allies issued a press release claiming credit for saving the hospital minutes before a Sunday emergency council meeting.

Did anyone in the local media ever follow up to question that blatant falsehood?  No, but they had the unverified false information up barely minutes before the face saving reversal on behalf of MORTe.

The biggest story in Hoboken staving off bankruptcy and shutting down the hospital didn't see a word of truth written.

The corruption in this town; seems like it never ends.

Update: This story has legs and traffic continues to grow.  However MSV reaches thousands each week and we need to reach tens of thousands.  Again MSV is asking people to post this story to their Facebook and/or email to friends.

It's past time to get the truth out on the Mason Media Complex.  In order for us to do so, we need you to go directly to the people as the media ignores this and many other stories exclusively reported on MSV.  

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